Thursday, December 31, 2020

Happy New Year!


Winners of 2020

Well it's the end of the year, and that means it's time for our 2020 Winners and Losers of the year. Now given that 2020 was pretty much a lost year in general, and we all got to deal with destruction, sickness, and death, I find it hard to make a real solid list of winners. But I figure it's worth a shot, at least in an unconventional somewhat tongue in cheek manner! So heeeeeeeerrrrrreeeee we go! 

Third Runner Up: Killer Hornets - They were actually as much rumor as they were real. Yeah, they existed, but they way more attention than they deserved. But hey, what creature ever got such status by doing so little? Which is why in the year 2020, Killer Hornets are our third runner up!

Second Runner Up: Chaos and anarchy -  What a year, Chaos and anarchy had? Chaos was not only able to thrive in 2020, but Chaos got a much needed lift from our media and elected officials. We had riots, looting, destruction of property, and attacks on the police! All the while your Democrats at all levels of government, CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo and gang cheered them on! 

Anarchy also made a huge comeback with Chop/Chaz in Seattle, which morphed into smaller "autonomous zones" across the country. If you live to destroy something for the pure sake of destroying something, then 2020 was your year! Congrats! 

First Runner Up: Mask Manufacturers - Boy, if one could go back in time just a year or so ago with some money to invest. The manufacturers of paper and cloth masks would have been the way to go! Probably could have retired to a beach house, bought the car of my dreams, and lived happily ever after! 

Honorable mention: 
  • Hypocrisy was sooo close to making to a runner up status after really, really expanding it's overall influence in 2020.
  • Election fraud had a big year. 
  • Media bias was at the top of it's game in 2020. 
  • Kamala Harris quite possibly found a loophole to become President without winning anything or having to drop to her knees.
  • Manufacturers of cardboard cutouts had a big year filling football and baseball stadiums. 
  • Manufacturers of mail in ballots made buck. 
  • Doordash, Amazon, and other delivery services took home the bacon.
  • Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Facetime are here to stay.

2020 Winner of the year! Kicking everyone's ass and forever changing the world in the process!!!! 

Wasn't this obvious?

This one is for Roger!

My latest tweet from this morning... (8 16 retweets and 9 17 likes so far)


A post about Covid

Covid Updates:
  • Largest single day of casualties with 3882 dead
  • Joe Biden December prediction to fall about 174,000 short of 250,000
  • Blue states increase their lead in deaths per millions 1084 to 1012 
  • Some people completely loosing their shit over pace of vaccinations.

The reality is that the more we "try" to do the safe thing by keeping people cooped up inside, having people breath breathe through dirty cloth masks when they are out, and basically putting more alcohol on their hands than they put down their throat... the more it seems people are dying?

The definition of insanity is what exactly? 

But let's assume that our overall additional vigilance in following these measures is not the reason why cases are going up. That could arguably be seen as logical. But then we have to sort of admit that there are things in this world (like preventing a cold during cold and flu season) that cannot be accomplished by just having a Governor give an order.   

But what we cannot do is somehow make the argument that the reason we are having more cases even as states are shutting down, requiring more mandates, people are being more vigilant... is because we are not doing "enough" to shut down, we do not have enough mandates, or people are not being vigilant enough. That simply makes no sense what-so-ever. 

But if it makes you feel better and you have no real care about logic or honesty, then you can just blame the "bad orange man" and be done it.

This one is spot on!


Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Miller-Meeks will be sworn in... for now!

Pelosi to seat Iowa Republican as Democratic challenger contests election results
A spokesperson for Pelosi said in a follow-up statement that the speaker will seat Miller-Meeks “provisionally” and that she will ultimately take into account a review by the Committee on House Administration.
“Every vote counts and that’s why the Committee on House Administration is conducting a thorough and fair review of this election to make sure every vote was counted and counted as cast. Pending the outcome of the Committee’s review and consistent with House practice, we intend to provisionally seat the Republican candidate on Sunday,” said Drew Hammill, the spokesperson.

So provisionally is the key word here. Some people are confused that this means Pelosi is rejecting the Hart plea, but that is not actually what it means. But then, some people are just confused a lot.

The rhetoric from the Pelosi spokesperson suggests that they are still looking to possibly overturn the results of the election (or at least try). If there is an election phrase that has been overused and means something other than what it states, it is Democrats suggesting that "every vote must be counted" or that we must "count every vote". Generally that is simply a code for some sort of legal challenge or some concept that their candidate would have won if not for some silly voter laws, voter suppression, or the mundane idea that the other candidate got the most legal votes.

The issue at this point is that there are at least a few Democrats who are currently stating anonymously as being against any attempt to overturn the certified election, believing that what could go around could come around. In fact, there are even one or two on record. I read a quote from an actual Democrat in the House who seemed to believe that winning an election within the confines of the state law was actually important. Go figure.

So ultimately this might not go anywhere if Pelosi does not have the solid votes to overturn. With a very thin majority and a tough 2022 coming up, it may end up that this will not amount to anything. I was possibly thinking that challenge might be heard and voted on before the new session was in play, giving some outgoing members a chance to lash out before being replaced. But with the new smaller majority (and three Democrats leaving their seats vacant to join the Biden administration) there may not be the support needed. Without those three seats, they go from 222 seats to 219 seats versus 211 or 212 if you could Miller-Meeks who may actually be allowed to vote on her own race? Either way they have a very low tolerance for defectors. As few as four or five Democrats with integrity would be all that is needed to stop the coup.

Biden prediction of 250,000 December deaths...

It's going to be a tight one?

It looks as though President elect and intellectually challenged Joe Biden's first major prediction as President elect might just come up short. After telling everyone that we would see a quarter of a million dead Americans (due to the Thanksgiving gettogethers), it turns out that he will likely end up just a weeee bit short.  As in about 175,000 deaths short of 250,000 in December. 

Now I don't want to speak too soon. After all, we could end up with 89,500 deaths today and tomorrow and end up proving the incoming moron in chief correct. But I think the odds are not great for that happening. But what a way to start out his legacy! Must be going for the dumbest President of all time! I think he's off to a great start!

This is classic!

After demanding the President was nuts for predicting a vaccine by end of year, the media now is upset that the pace of delivery is too slow 

Pace of vaccinations falls short of estimates, prompting alerts
As recently as mid-December, the Trump administration touted an ambitious goal: 20 million COVID-19 vaccinations by the end of the year.
But now, days before the end of the year, it appears that the actual number of vaccinations will fall significantly short of that mark.
A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tracker shows only about 2 million people have been vaccinated so far. That figure is likely an undercount, given there is a lag in reporting the data, but it is still well short of 20 million.

Ironically the CDC was one of the sources the media kept relying on by suggesting that the vaccine would not be available until summer or possibly next fall. Now the same media is upset that a vaccine that is several months ahead of schedule might not hit the end of year mark in vaccinations? 

What possible "alert" could we have in being several months "ahead" of schedule? 

Whether we end up with 3 million, 5 million or 20 million, however many people actually vaccinated by the end of the year, it will be exactly that many "more" than the CDC, experts, and media speculated that it would be. The goal may have been ambitious and perhaps having such an ambitious goal will get more people vaccinated faster than otherwise would have happened.

Much of the problems appears to be once again about regulations. There are apparently many private facilities (including current Covid testing facilities) that could and would be willing to take on vaccinations. But the vaccination process is being run almost exclusively through hospitals, which might be fairly prudent until we get a better understanding of the side effects. 

While the President might have been overly optimistic in his figure. I believe it is better to be optimistic, than to suggest to the American public that a quarter million Americans were going to die in the month of December. Scaring people with baseless claims of massive deaths, seems way more irresponsible than giving people hope. But that is just me.

NY 22 Recount update

Staying in the New York state of mind 

Oneida County has reportedly finished its canvass and will be sharing final numbers likely today. Go figure. After all, this is actually a "portion" of one county and included about 100,000 ballots overall. Is it any wonder it has taken 57 days to complete that count. Most "states" are able to file complete final counts within days.

Meanwhile the Tenney campaign (GOP) is claiming that those numbers are good for her and that she will be in the lead by 27 votes once those are included. The Brindisi campaign has remained mum.

But, of course... the actual court review is on hold till next week. Nobody seems to know for sure how many ballots have been ruled on or left to rule on. From what is being suggested, these "running totals" being provided by the two campaigns (who only seem to want to bring them up when they are in the lead) is including what they do know from the Judge's rulings so far. What we do know is that he has made his way through six of the eight counties. What we don't know is whether or not there are still ballots from the other six counties that he has ruled on, but that the campaigns are unaware of the rulings. 

Perhaps it's just me, but there seems to be a better way to do this. As we appear to get more sophisticated in pretty much every sense of the term in modern day society, we seem to have a 19th century manner in how to process and count our election results. The more we modernize and improve the voting "methods" the less effective and more outdated the vote "counting" seems to be. More to the point, there is a definite appearance that certain people "like it this way" are not in any hurry to change things.

Killings and shootings pretty much double in New York City?

'Dark period': Killings spike in NYC amid pandemic, unrest
Heralded as the safest big city in America in recent years, New York City is closing out its bloodiest year in nearly a decade, grappling with a surge in homicides and a pandemic authorities say has helped fuel violence.
The city had recorded 447 killings as of Tuesday, a 41% increase over last year and the largest number since 2011. The number of people shot has more than doubled last year’s total, nearing a 14-year high.

Yet the New York Governor got an Emmy for his wonderful leadership as Governor of New York. Not only does his state lead the nation in dead Americans from Covid, he is apparently working hard to restate New York as a leader in gun violence as well. 

It makes you wonder how this happens when everyone is locked down and in their houses? Apparently criminals are no more likely to follow Covid restrictions than they are to follow gun laws or pretty much any law (including those making shooting people and murdering them illegal). 

Oh well, at least in in comparison the murder rate is a fraction of the dead New York Covid number.  

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Donald Trump is Gallup's most admired man for 2020!

Must come as a shock to to those who would have expected it to be Joe Biden, given his tremendous vote total? But just because you get 80 million votes, doesn't mean anyone admires you.

Well this is certainly a disconnect from  how the media played out the Fauci v Trump story or how they make it out as if dementia Joe is everyone's favorite grandpa. At the end of the day twice as many people admire Donald Trump than Fauci and Biden put together.

What is even more interesting is that this is the 10th time that Donald Trump has been on the list, meaning he was admired and popular long before he became President. Of course Barack Obama made the list for the 15th time and ended Obama's 12 year streak. 

Odd that this happened in the same year that everything seemed to haywire? 


Twitter sued by computer repair shop owner who turned in Hunter Biden's laptop to FBI

 Asking for $500 million in damages for defamation!

So what did Twitter do to John Paul Mac Isaac to cause him to sue over defamation? Well when they accused him of hacking Hunter Biden's laptop to garner information, they were actually accusing a private citizen of a federal felony with absolutely zero evidence that it was true?

So it does seem relatively serious when a company as large as Twitter decides to accuse a computer repair shop of illegally hacking into the computers. Might as well accuse of auto mechanic of purposely cutting break lines of the cars people bring in for oil changes.

In the case of the Hunter Biden computer, access to his hard drive was permitted based on what Hunter Biden brought is computer in for and because Hunter Biden would have signed a waiver to allow it. Now whether or not the information within the hard drive should have been used as it was is an ethically murky area, but not a matter of criminal question.  

Now what prompted this accusation from Twitter? Well they had to come up with some "reason" to ban the information on Hunter Biden in order to "stop the spread" of this harmful political story to their personal favored candidate. But as a "public forum" living under the rules of section 230, they are not allowed to edit tweets based on politics or simply because they don't like a story. They can only do it if the story violates one of their policies (which are also limited by section 230).

But the Hunter Biden story did not otherwise qualify to be censored for any of the normal reasons. They did not have any proof that it was untrue (it was true). It was being reported by a reputable media source who has been in business for over 200 years. So they were left in a quandary as to how to stop the spread.  

So they determined that the story could not be tweeted because it was "hacked information" and thus illegally acquired by the source in question. They had no evidence that the information was "illegally" obtained from the repair shop, but they used the pretense to censor the story and prevent anyone from tweeting about it.

Since Twitter later recanted all of this and eventually allowed the story to be tweeted, they have already provided an admission that they were wrong. But yet, they still accused a small business owner of being a Federal felon and have neither retracted or apologized for doing so. I certainly don't believe that Twitter did what they did out of spite for Mr Isaac. But they did it none-the-less and in doing so misused the massive power they wield as arbitrators of possibly the most influential public forum ever in existence. 

More to the point, this exposes exactly what sort of issues that might come up as Twitter continues to try to censor and otherwise control the Section 230 public forum that they created. They are treading the legal and ethical boundaries every time they decide to censor something. Any time they do it could be a violation of the law, first amendment, or common decency. Would have been so much easier for everyone involved if Twitter stuck by the same hands off approach that they had for the first 13-14 years of existence. There is simply no need (and quite frankly no legal means) for them to start censoring, fact-checking, and whatever else they want to start doing. Why they suddenly felt this need becomes the question at issue.

One of those perspective things

This one has been making the rounds over the past couple of days... 

So Joe Biden obviously has an issue either understanding how "planets work" or he has an issue explaining his position in a manner that makes sense. Even if carbon emissions were to substantial change the eco-system, the planet itself would still orbit the sun. 

But it sort of begs the question as to what "actual" effect that carbon emissions, greenhouse gases, climate change, etc... will actually have. The reality is that (at worse) there will be an adaptation of life as we know it. Not a big change, but the sort of change that takes place with any evolution. Some species might go away, or morph into something different. That might be sad or just part of nature, depending on your outlook. 

Certainly the human race would survive. We have the technology to inhabit, engage in forms of agriculture, and even race livestock in controlled environments. Things would change and be different. Perhaps we would see some famine and perhaps even a culling of our numbers for a couple of generations. At least until things calmed into the most comfortable state given the circumstance The reality is that overpopulation is a problem that will only be resolved by having less population, one way or the other.   

But things on this planet have already changed substantially. Technology has changed us over the past few decades in manners that climate change could never do. 

Either way, climate change itself is natural. The only unnatural thing (if you deem human existence to be unnatural for some reason) is that our technology has changed the eco-system for better or worse (most would say worse). But we do not exist on a planet that is stagnant and unchanging. It has always been changing and will always change. Ice ages, mini-ice ages, periods of warming, etc. Eventually our sun will supernova and the entire solar system will cease to exist. 

But until that day, the idea that combustible engines and aerosol spray cans are threatening the "existence" of the planet earth is quite Bidenish and the goofy old codger of a man should be made fun of unmercifully .


Monday, December 28, 2020

Daily update for morons!

I now currently have ten different memes in my "funnies" folder in anticipation of the Sunday Funny thread that is almost a week away. I am curious as to how certain people believe that all of these memes must have been "plagiarized" from a Saturday post from a different blog that has not yet been created? Here is a sneak preview of one I just got in my email! 


Fauci now admits that the percentages regarding herd immunity are all a "guesstimate" ?

This plays into everything that has gone wrong with society because of this pandemic..

So there is an article out today that suggest that disinformation about Covid, the election, and other 2020 issues forced Twitter, Facebook, and the internet to become "arbitrators of the truth". While this might sound on the surface to be a fine idea, the reality of the situation provides us with a fairly significant problem with that. Nobody really knows the truth and thus providing authority to social media to arbitrate or decide for is simply a matter of elevating certain opinions over others.

Take Dr Fauci for an example. His opinions have been all over the place and in many cases have directly disputed themselves. 

  • Claiming in March to not needing to change any travel plans, to advocating total lock downs a few weeks later.
  • Not wearing masks because they don't work to wearing masks everywhere, even while outside.
  • Herd immunity requiring as little as 60% versus now claiming it will take 90%.
  • Demanding that no vaccine would be available at least until next summer, fall, or even beyond that. Obviously wrong.
  • The entire thing being over by Memorial day, then suggesting 150,000 dead, and now saying that the worst is still to come, even as we passed up 300,000 deaths. 
Meanwhile the CDC projected 200,000 deaths in December due to a Thanksgiving day spike that never happened. Now they are projecting that might be even worse for January (due to a Christmas day spike that will likely never happen) in spite of overstating December deaths by about three times. 

If we cannot take Fauci or the CDC at their word (and obviously we cannot) then how are we supposed to arbitrate the "truth" when we are relying entirely on opinions from people who have largely gotten most everything wrong. We still have no evidence that much of what we take at face value is actually "the truth" and we likely will not know the real truth for some time.

This is the general reason why most every generation of the human species has understood that there is a difference between fact and opinion and allowed for a different manner to judge both. But in what seems to be a major shift in reality is that 2020 has helped usher in a growing sentiment that fact is less important than opinion and that the correct opinion might not always be what was once considered factual. 

What Facebook and Twitter are doing is not arbitrating "truth" in any conventional use of the term. Generally I would associate "truth" with "fact" much more than I would associate "truth" with "popular opinion of certain people". But that is exactly what social media is doing. They are simply picking and choosing which "opinions" can be considered "truth" while demanding that opposing "opinions" be censored and or otherwise flagged and called out as not being the correct "truth". 

Take the general issue of the vaccines. There was obviously a dispute between the President and Dr Fauci on the time period needed to create a working vaccine. The President said he was working closely with several private companies and expected a vaccine to be delivered by the end of the year. Dr Fauci demanded in a variety of media settings that such a vaccine would not be ready until at best next summer and possibly not until later in the fall. He demanded that the President was pretty much out to lunch and nothing short of a miracle would prove the good doctor wrong.

So who do you suppose was provided with the tags of "fact" or "truth"? 

Obviously not the President who was working closely with the private company people working on the vaccines. Rather the "fact" or "truth" was allocated to Dr Fauci, who in spite of getting most everything else wrong was provided the benefit of the doubt on something he was quite obviously woefully underinformed about. 

The actual "truth" or the "fact" in this case was that Trump was correct and Fauci was wrong.

The bigger truth or fact in this situation is that predictions were just that, predictions. They were opinions whose ultimate judgement would only be arbitrated when the vaccine was completed and provided. It was literally "impossible" by ANY and ALL standards for anyone to advocate that there was something factual or truthful about either opinion. But yet, they demanded that they as the arbitrators of truth and fact could find a truth and fact in this situation, because they would simply disagree with Trump in favor of someone "they" trusted more. More to the point, they apparently felt it necessary to tell us what opinion was ultimately the truth, as if we are not to be trusted to think for ourselves or do our own research on the subjects. 

But the bottom line was that they were wrong. Their arbitration of the facts and of the truth in this situation is that Trump was being factual and truthful, while Fauci was being unactual and may or may have not been totally honest in his assessment. 

The simple concept of real actual factchecking would never allow a factchecker to every be wrong in this manner (or any manner). In a real factchecking situation only widely known, established, and universally recognized realities that were static and unchanging would be considered facts. No "opinion" (regardless of who it came from) could ever be considered a "fact" because the simple definition creates a difference between the two words (fact vs opinion).

Our media and especially our social media needs to get out of the fact checking business, since they are obviously more interested in choosing opinions over actually checking facts. We are supposed to be the land of the free and the home of the brave. A society where people come to America for freedom and hope and opportunity. We should be mature enough to handle an opinion we disagree with and we should be smart enough to make up our own minds about these opinions. 

If social media wants to flag someone who says 2+2=5 or that the Holocaust never happened, I have no problems with that. But to flag an unpopular opinion or even a popular opinion that is disliked by certain people is not what our country is about. In fact, I might go so far as to say that it's not what the human species in general is about. 

Trump signs the $2.3 trillion funding and pandemic relief bill

Now you have to wonder what all the fuss was about?

Apparently all of the hand wringing and stories of apocalypse over Trump refusing to sign the relief and funding bill were all for naught, as the President chose to sign the bill last minute to avoid all of the horrifying things that would happen if he didn't. 

Foreign nations from across the globe as well as Broadway entertainment facilities were applauding last night as they will now be getting their much needed relief at the expense of the U.S. tax-payer. I am glad my money will go to fund gender programs in Pakistan and the international threat of wildlife poaching. That was exactly what I am worried about as a U.S. taxpayer. 

Sunday, December 27, 2020

This sort of reminds me of the modern day liberal!

No, I didn't write Willie Wonka, create the video, create, or create the internet (that was Al Gore) and I am otherwise not taking credit for anything other than the comparison between Veruca Salt and liberals. For all I know someone else has possibly made the same comparison because it's so damned obvious.

So what is the motivation?

Minnesota lawmakers say coronavirus deaths could be inflated by 40% after reviewing death certificates 

State Rep. Mary Franson and state Sen. Scott Jensen released a video last week revealing that after reviewing thousands of death certificates in the state, 40% did not have COVID-19 as the underlying cause of death.
“I have other examples where COVID isn’t the underlying cause of death, where we have a fall. Another example is we have a freshwater drowning. We have dementia. We have a stroke and multiorgan failure,” Franson said in the video.
She added that in one case, a person who was ejected from a car was “counted as a COVID death” because the virus was in his system.
Franson said she and a team reviewed 2,800 “death certificate data points” and found that about 800 of them did not have the virus as the underlying cause of death.

I am not sure where they get the 40% number from, as 800 out of 2800 is about 29% (not 40%) - but the underlying question remains. Why are freshwater drownings, car accidents, or strokes (heart failure) being listed as a Covid death?  Even if we reduced the number of deaths by 29% - that accounts for nearly 100,000 of our current national deaths not actually being Covid deaths. That means we are overstating everything (including the casualty percentages) by around that amount. 

Certainly there is financial incentive for Hospitals to list Covid on a death certificate. Medicare, Medicaid and many private insurers provide larger payments for treatments associated with Covid (even if the treatment is the same). While that might explain why there are cardiac deaths or heart related deaths with people who have those underlying conditions that are chalked up to Covid, it doesn't explain why a drowning, a car accident, or a sudden stroke would be listed (when Covid wasn't listed as the cause of death). 

This is certain to be a thing "after" the Covid hysterics dies down. Someday, somehow, those who want to know the truth will be allowed to see it. Right now, we are being snookered, lied too, mislead, and controlled by the people we elect to serve the population... and even by those appointed to run point on these things. 

And no... copping to lies after the fact does not make a liar any more honest.

Are the good guys winning finally?

“UT agreed to disband its absurd PC police and end policies that suppress speech on campus.”
The University of Texas has agreed to dismantle its Campus Climate Response Team after an ongoing legal battle concerning the right to free speech on campus, according to an opinion piece from the Wall Street Journal.
The UT website states the team was enacted to help students report hateful comments, prejudiced behavior or other incidents of alleged bias. Examples include derogatory graffiti, verbal harassment, hostile classroom environments or hateful written comments in regard to topics such as citizenship, race, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Sure, what could go wrong when you put a bunch of liberal whiny ass students in charge of "policing" political correctness? Apparently The University of Texas will need to move out of Texas if they want to continue with this sort of selective censorship.

Senate Bill 18 was passed in 2019, which required public colleges and universities across Texas to develop more uniform policies on free speech. It states that they must allow anyone to engage in free speech on campus and create disciplinary sanctions for students who interfere. It also asks that school leaders develop a process to address complaints of potential free speech violations, but it also allows them to put restrictions on the time, place and manner of these free speech activities.

What does it tell you when a states has to create laws that allow free speech in our public colleges and universities? It tells us that our secondary education situation is in dire need of repair. It also tells us that we have an upcoming generation of children who believe that the entire world not only revolves around, but caters to their own personal opinions.

Remember Veruca Salt from Willie Wonka and the chocolate factory? The one who demanded that her father buy her everything because she wanted it and wanted it NOW? That is pretty much the poster child of our upcoming generation of children.  They are just looking for the right sucker to come along and provide everything to them.

Full disclosure for the daft who don't get it:

  • I did not personally file this lawsuit. I am just writing about it.
  • I did not personally create the University of Texas. 
  • I did not personally create the Campus Climate Response team. 
  • I did not personally design the Campus Climate Response team logo.
  • I did not personally write the Texas Senate Bill 18.
  • I did not personally create the state of Texas where this issue exists.
  • I did not write any of the print in blockquote.
  • I did not personally write Willie Wonka 
  • I did not personally create the Veruca Salt character.
  • I did not personally create the concept of politically correct. 
  • I did not personally create  the First Amendment of the Constitution.
  • I did not personally create the concept of free speech.

Note: I sincerely apologize if I missed anything or if there are any grammatical issues that anyone takes issue with. I wouldn't mean to offend. Actually full disclosure. That's all a crock of shit. I don't care if anyone is offended, or takes issue with the grammar. 

Only sure things in life are death, taxes....

 And Democratic voter fraud! 

Just in case anyone has forgotten! 

Sunday Funnies


Saturday, December 26, 2020

Texas will also vaccinate the elderly and those with preexisting conditions as first priority...

 How many others will follow suit?

Florida Governor decides to listen to science and defy CDC order to be woke

Gov. DeSantis Breaks With CDC; Will Vaccinate Elderly Before 'Essential Workers'
There are more than three million Florida citizens over the age of 70 and Governor Ron DeSantis doesn’t believe they should have to wait to get protected from COVID. He announced plans to defy the CDC guidelines on who should get priority treatment in vaccinations and will inoculate older Floridians ahead of “essential workers.”

“In Florida, we’ve got to put our parents and grandparents first and that’s what we’re going to be doing,” DeSantis told reporters. “And we’re going to work like hell to be able to get all the vaccines out to elderly who want it.”
“For us in Florida, we’re making clear the executive order… is to vaccinate people 65 and up,” Gov. DeSantis told reporters during a vaccination demonstration at Ascension Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola. He added that elderly residents, who face a greater risk of death from COVID-19, should take precedence over younger essential workers.
The order requires vaccine providers in the first phase to administer vaccines only to long-term care facility residents and staffers; those 65 and older; and health care staffers with direct contact with patients.

I have to wonder out loud how many other Governors will make similar decisions in regards to providing the elderly and vulnerable priority in terms of vaccinations. Not even the CDC is claiming that their recommendations will save the most lives.  So it sort of makes it up to the Governors to decide what comes first in their list of priorities... lives or politics.  

Who knows how this recommendation will affect the number of dead Americans as we continue to compare red vs blue states. 

Friday, December 25, 2020

Here is another celebration

Dr Fauci celebrates Dr Fauci Day (which used to be Christmas Eve) with a few close strangers who happened to stop by in a crowd larger than six with more than two households and sing for Fauci and give him a birthday banner!

You can see Fauci in the middle of the crowd, social distancing with that six feet inches that is required and making sure that there no more than um, 1,2,3,4... well nevermind. He does have a mask on, however, so I suppose that is something! 

Meanwhile, make sure none of you gather in groups larger than six and make sure that only two households are celebrating together today. Merry Christmas and happy Dr Fauci day as well.

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Merry Christmas everyone!


About that Dominion (Smartmatic) defamation lawsuit


Biden sticking to his guns!

Hunter Biden investigation is still just "Russian disinformation" according to President elect Biden

Who is dumb enough to fall for this nonsense?

Well who is dumb enough... other than the Reverend, bwaaa, nursing home dude, and apparently Indy Voter (who according to nursing home dude is in cahoots with and agrees with the three stooges on everything). 

Did Brexit actually just become a done deal?

UK and EU reach a trade agreement. That means something, right?