Sunday, February 28, 2021

How propaganda works...

54% of very liberal and 39% of liberals overestimate police shootings by approximately 40 times or more

If you count those liberals who believe the number was closer to 100 (or nearly four times the actual number) that would mean that over 80% of liberals are way overestimating the amount of unarmed black people are killed by police. While it would "seem" to be a somewhat amazing statistic, it's not really all that surprising. 

More to the point it seems that about 15% of liberals believe that 10,000 or more unarmed black men are killed every year. When the actual statistic is 27 and you believe it is 10,000, that definitely begs the question where you get that sort of opinion from. Coincidently 10,000 in a year would literally be 27 a day.  

I would also venture a guess to say that the vast majority of those people who are so clueless about this, get their information almost exclusively from liberal news sources such as CNN, NYT, WaPo, and MSNBC. They may even be someone who reads national inquirer type blogs (such as Politicalwire or Dailykos) and is under the incorrect assumption that it tells them the truth. 

The correct answer (of course) would be closer to 10, which nearly half of conservatives and a third of moderates got correct. I guess the reason that they got it correct is that they are the sort of white supremacists who only watch news channels that tell the truth (aka disinformation), rather than getting their news from those outlets who spread the politically correct propaganda that is more socially acceptable and not censored by Twitter and Facebook.

Now we have a second allegation of sexual harassment against Gov Cuomo

To think some liberals thought he might step in and garner Presidential nomination?

Charlotte Bennett, 25, a former executive assistant and health policy adviser in the Cuomo administration, told The New York Times that when she was alone with Cuomo in his office, the governor asked her about her sex life, and if she “had ever been with an older man.”
Bennett is a survivor of sexual assault. “I understood that the governor wanted to sleep with me, and felt horribly uncomfortable and scared,” she told the New York Times.

So how deep can bias confirmation and cognitive dissonance run? Likely seen today as one of the least effective and lead credible Governors, just a few months ago Democrats were looking at Cuomo as the gold standard of how to handle a crisis. Many had suggested that Cuomo make a late play for the Democratic nomination. He even won an "Emmy" for his televised press conference, which might go down as the stupidest Hollywood award ever given.

The odd thing is that nothing has tangibly changed from when Cuomo was seen as someone with national aspirations, to today where Cuomo might be looking for little more than a soft landing. If anything, the numbers from New York were much "worse" when he was being praised, then they are today, as he is being fairly judged as an incompetent if not a criminal because of his response.

No, the difference is what the left was able to somehow gleam out of the situation back when they were looking for an anti-Trump to guide them. They were not only able to see leadership where none really existed, they were able to completely shut out the negatives as if they didn't actually exist. 

There was no real "leadership" - just criticism and finger pointing. But the left were able to convince themselves that this was what the country needed in a crisis. Someone to say it was someone else's fault. There was also an incredible amount of negatives out in broad daylight, including New York just simply having more people die than most of the rest of the country combined.  But for some reason, those negatives were completely drowned out by the media and liberal exclamations of how much leadership and crisis management Cuomo was providing.

I mean, if you want a classic example of media propaganda being able to convince a bunch of sheep that up is down and left is right, look no further than the rise and fall story of Governor Cuomo and his behavior during the Covid-19 crisis. Sheep were convinced by the media that probably the least competent Governor in the United States was the most competent. They were convinced largely by propaganda, as the media literally had no factual case to make. 

The charts speak for themselves....

Twenty years and three presidents. A comparison using tipp indexes

State of the country indexes

Presidential Index

The most obvious things to see are as follows:
  • At the time of their Presidencies, Bush inspired more confidence overall than either Obama or Trump with an average index rating of 49.8. There were a couple of indexes where the Trump years exceeded the Bush years, but overall people were more confident during the Bush years than during the next twelve.
  • Trump struggled with both Presidential leadership and morals and ethics, as people generally were not confident in either during his Presidency. That being said, his time in charge led to scores high enough in other areas to best Obama with an average score of 45.1
  • The scores from the Obama reign were not higher than the Bush era in any category, and trailed the Trump period in five of the seven categories. His Presidency had the most consistently low score, averaging 43.9 in all seven indexes.
The elevated score for the W era might come as a shock to some considering Bush went through both the 9-11 and the great recession. We can only imagine how much stronger he would have looked had it not been for the latter crisis which tanked his approvals down the stretch. Likewise, one has to believe that had it not been for Covid, that the Trump time probably scores higher than it did. Only having four years also makes those Covid years a larger piece of his puzzle. Obama, on the flip side got to take credit for bringing us out of the great recession and had no real major crisis to battle through. One would have suspected that people would have felt more confident under his leadership. But for whatever reasons, they didn't. 

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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Electorate continues to turn on Biden

Honeymoon appears all but over

A week after President Joe Biden stirred controversy by saying China has “different norms” toward human rights, half of voters view Biden’s China policy as worse than former President Trump’s.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 50% of Likely U.S. Voters say Biden’s policy toward China is worse than Trump’s China policy. Thirty-one percent (31%) say Biden’s China policy is better than Trump’s, while 11% rate China policy about the same between the two administrations. 

The bombing of Syria has also not been met with much praise and in general people are already questioning his strategy in the Middle East. Even liberals are criticizing the border security issue, especially when the Biden Administration started locking kids back into the same "cages" that they all complained about before. The lack of a $2000 check is a problem that is not going away and the fact that they appear to be caving on the minimum wage is upsetting a whole different set of people.  

The bigger problem is that Slow Joe sort of campaigned to appeal to everyone. He promised liberalism, moderateness, restraint, and that he would bring everyone together. But when you make promises to people with opposite wants and desires and attempt to please everyone, you generally end up pleasing nobody. 

With someone like Trump or Obama, you knew where they stood and that made for a rabid following from those they worked hard for. Biden has no such following because he really doesn't appear to stand for much. 

Meanwhile, Biden allowed himself to be interviewed recently. Well actually he allowed Dr Jill and himself to be interviewed and Dr Jill spent much of the time clarifying and cleaning up after Joes mumbled responses. When was the last time a President had to bring his wife along to assist with a media interview? Of course we can all agree that at least he got out in front of the camera. I was told he stayed up way past nap-time like a big boy.

I don't generally like this guy, but this is spot on!

Real or fake?

Friday, February 26, 2021

110,000 Covid deaths under Biden and counting!

Good thing he has that, you know, the thing, the plan thing


Look who's had a change of heart?

You win some and you lose some. McConnell lost the first round of his fight with Trump. Let's see if he throws in the towel or decides to come out swinging for a second round.


Biden orders military action already?

Well that was quick!
The United States conducted a military airstrike in eastern Syria along the border with Iraq on Thursday night targeting Iranian-backed militias in retaliation for a recent rocket strike in Erbil in northern Iraq that left several Americans injured, according to the Pentagon.
"At President Biden's direction, U.S. military forces earlier this evening conducted airstrikes against infrastructure utilized by Iranian-backed militant groups in eastern Syria," John Kirby, Pentagon spokesman, said in a statement issued Thursday night.

And here I thought it was Trump that was supposed to be starting WWIII? The reality is that from China to Russia to Iran our enemies have been escalating their behavior since Joe Biden took office. From Putin arresting political opponents, to China firing on ships in neutral waters, to Iran making military moves, everyone seems to suddenly want to test the boundaries of the new President.

So whether or not this was the correct response remains to be seen. Sometimes you do have to make a stand or draw a line. Hopefully this was the correct reaction at the correct time. But Biden and gang must also be prepared for an escalation of events moving forward and we have yet to see how our friends and allies are going to react to all of this. 

It's never good to be put into a situation to order military action. For what would seem to be fairly obvious reasons, Trump / Pence were not tested as much as I suspect Biden / Harris will be. Time will tell if our country reacts positively or negatively to reports of new military action (after a pretty damned quiet last four years).

Thursday, February 25, 2021

What happened to the SOTU address?

Is the President incapable of giving a speech without a teleprompter? 

lacking normal Presidential leadership

Generally first year Presidents give an “address to the joint session of Congress” rather than a state of the union. Obama gave his on February 24th, while Trump gave his on the 28th of February. The Biden team had at one time stated that Biden would deliver the speech on February 23rd. Obviously that didn't happen and there is nothing scheduled moving forward. 

The one thing about this sort of speech in front of Congress is that there is no teleprompter. Generally a President will have notes and things to read from, but not having a teleprompter does make it a bit more difficult. Of course, Slow Joe has also not given a solo press conference either. So he appears both incapable of reading a speech or answering questions.

The unofficial answer from Democrats is that Biden is waiting until the Covid relief package is passed, before giving any speech. But that seems more like a bad excuse. In fact, one might argue that it would be good to use that speech as an opportunity to rally for the bill.

Regarding Trump's tax returns...

Guess who else has always had his tax returns? The IRS
Guess who is tasked with determining if tax laws were broken? The IRS

To be clear, out of about 250 million tax returns filed every year, approximately 5000 people end up being charged with some sort of tax fraud. That is incredibly low number. Like most criminal acts, you must prove that a technical crime was committed, that there was specific intent to commit the criminal activity, and generally that there is an unwillingness to cooperate with audits and IRS auditors. Even after all of that, a lion's share of those charged are simply fined.

The amount of people who are audited, cooperate with audits, provide their information to the IRS, and are actually paying taxes, and are not actually hiding income, not defrauding someone, not destroying documents, not hiding money offshore, and then charged with tax fraud is almost zero. By common sense and the assumption of innocence in our legal system, the IRS will generally only bring egregious cases to court. Cases that do not rely on shades of grey or two different opinions about what something is worth.

The Manhattan District Attorney is doing exactly the opposite of what our system of Justice stands for. Rather than follow criminal actions, investigate who committed then, and then charge those responsible,  this D.A. is openly choosing a "target" and then openly admitting that he will go looking for a crime to charge his "target" with. The sad part about this is that there is so much open hatred of Donald Trump that there are plenty of angry, hateful, spiteful individuals (inflicted with TDS) who are literally applauding the move.

The fact is that Donald Trump files his taxes every year and most years he has been audited by the IRS. The IRS (who are the experts in tax laws) have not found any reason to charge Donald Trump with any criminal activity. I find the concept that a local New York District Attorney sees himself to be smarter about tax laws than the IRS to be silly. We all know why he is doing this, and it has nothing to do with any sort of justice. 

In a dangerous threat to our democracy, House Democrats to question election results

Sorry, I forgot. It's only a threat to Democracy if Republicans question election results!
The House Administration Committee gathered virtually Friday afternoon to finalize the process by which it will adjudicate Hart’s claim, which was filed under the Federal Contested Elections Act. The committee has been largely silent since Hart first made her contest in December, but the hearing suggests that it is preparing to review the matter further
In question is the outcome of just one district — but Democrats hold only a five-seat majority in the House, making even a small change in numbers significant…
“We are glad to see the House Committee on Administration taking action towards ensuring that every legally-cast vote is counted in this race and that all Iowans’ voices are heard,” Hart campaign manager Zach Meunier said in a statement. “Every legal voter in this country has a right to have their ballot counted and the remedy here is clear — count the ballots.”
Most observers believed that this was over and that Democrats would not touch the concept of "questioning election results" with a ten foot pole after the Capital Riot melt-down. In fact, because the Hart Campaign failed to exhaust their legal options within the State of Iowa, the Federal Contested Elections Act shouldn't even legally apply here. 

But now it appears that the power hungry Pelosi clinging to her ultrathin five seat majority might just do the unthinkable and actually "overturn" the legally certified election results in Iowa. At least they are mulling the possibility. Personally I couldn't think of a better GOP 2022 election campaign issue than being able to show that Pelosi and the Democrats literally overturned a Republican certified election winner to seat a Democrat who legally and officially lost.

At issue are a specific number of ballots identified by the Hart campaign that were deemed to be illegal under Iowa election laws. Hart is insisting that the ballots were improperly declared illegal, basically providing a ballot by ballot explanation as to why the ballots were turned in under unusual situations. In many cases providing affidavits from those who submitted the ballots. 

The bigger issue, of course, is that if you open up every election to start looking at rejected ballots, seeking out individuals to provide specific information, when does that end? If we allow these particular ballots to be counted (in spite of everyone being in agreement that they were technically illegal), how can we be sure that the hundreds of other ballots that were rejected for similar reasons do not have similar explanations. At the very heart of equal protection under election law is the idea that all ballots are treated the same way. 

So I might argue that short of Pelosi and gang looking at every single rejected ballot, calling everyone associated with those rejected ballots, allow those people to provide their explanations, and then taking everyone at their word, that the very concept of allowing any rejected ballots to count is unconstitutional. But more to the point, the constitution provides that States make their own election laws and must (under the constitution) follow those election laws. As long as those laws were followed, then Iowa followed the constitution, did what was right, and they certified the correct person as winner of that particular seat. 

So either way, such a challenge and any attempts by Democrats to overturn the certified election results of this Iowa race would make them complete hypocrites regarding any and all criticism of anyone associated with challenging the Presidential election results. If they follow through with this power grab, then they give up any moral or ethical high ground they act as if they have.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Sexual harassments allegations levied at Governor Cuomo

Will this be the straw that breaks the camel's back?

The hits just keep on coming!


Did Sweden's herd immunity approach work after all?

The proof is not in opinion, but in the actual numbers!

Many unfairly just compare Sweden to the other Scandinavian countries. But the truth is that Sweden has a population and specifically an urban population that is far more in line with your mainland European countries than with the lesser populated Scandinavian countries. As pointed out in other posts, the vast majority of Swedes live in what most would consider an urban environment. Much of Sweden is uninhabitable and the population is concentrated in a few major hubs. 

As it stands, their overall death rate per million continues to drop in comparison to many others. At one time Worldometer showed Sweden in the top five for deaths per million, and they currently reside just below France at 23 (the United States sits at #10). While these numbers are not magnificent, they are fairly decent for a country that allowed their citizens many more freedoms and choices than most other countries. 

Obviously Sweden's approach had many critics, both within Sweden as well as outside of Sweden. But ultimately those are simply "opinions" and "criticisms". The numbers tell a story much different than the one those critics are wanting to sell you. 

#Fire Fauci trending everywhere

Everyone is becoming a little disillusioned with the Doctor

If Fauci was an athlete on some field or court somewhere, I might expect the hypothetical post Covid crowd to start chanting the word "overrated" as they do with athletes with big hype that never lived up to is. The fact remains that Fauci was close to sainthood when he first came along. Everyone was on edge over Covid and the United States had the world's number one ranked epidemiologist to run the show. He was elevated to a standing generally associated with popular world leaders and Popes. 

But somewhere along the lines, the mixed advice, politicizing of the virus, and the blatant desire for attention, Fauci started to lose people. First it was just those who were skeptical in general of all of the hard line lock downs and mandates suggested by Fauci. But it has started to includes others who can no longer ignore or defend some of the competing advice. Don't wear masks. Wear masks. Wear two masks. It will be at least a year before we get a vaccine, if we can get one.  Oh, I guess we have one. Get immunized to become safe. But you are still not safe.

Much of this is probably just Covid fatigue and to some degree Dr Fauci will forever be the "face" of Covid. It would be inevitable that after a half million deaths (somewhere between double to ten times what was originally expected) a good many people would be disillusioned with the man in charge. Whether or not you blame him personally for the deaths, it's clear that he underestimated the scope of things and has not provided consistent leadership. 

I suspect that this thing will continue to linger for a while. Everyone is hopeful for a vaccinated population, herd immunity, and a sharp decrease taking place something in the near future. But at this point we are beyond ever suggesting that we were able to win the battle with mother nature. These sorts of viruses are built to infect, mutate, and infect some more. They are not generally derailed by Governor mandates, wearing bandanas over your mouth, of by epidemiologists who crave political attention. 

Liberals turning on each other!

How The White House Botched The Neera Tanden Nomination
At the time her nomination was announced, Democrats didn’t even control the Senate and Tanden’s history of sharp-elbowed politics and highly personal Twitter attacks had made her enemies on the left and right. But Biden and his team, headed by White House chief of staff Ron Klain, felt strongly that they could sway Republicans to back her. When Democrats won the runoffs in Georgia, their gamble looked more prescient.
Biden and his aides insist that Tanden’s prospects are not doomed. But her fate now hinges on Sen. Lisa Murkowski swooping in to save the nomination. Even if the independent-minded Alaska Republican were to do that, the saga would still mark one of the biggest missteps of Biden’s still-young presidency, one that raises questions about the White House’s political acumen and its ability to manage relations on the Hill. The president himself on Tuesday seemed to accept that the Tanden nom could end in defeat.
But those bets weren’t supplemented by an aggressive lobbying effort on Tanden’s behalf. One senior Democratic Senate staffer complained that even early on in her confirmation fight, the White House was lackluster in its advocacy for her and tone-deaf to the chillier reception she was getting on the Hill. There were questions about how many champions she even had at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

I think the term "lackluster" is one many Americans probably believe fits Joe Biden and his efforts so far. Love him or hate him, President Trump was a passionate fighter who would never back down on something he believed in. With Biden, one is uncertain exactly what he believes in (other than trying to revert everything back to how things were under Obama). Even that mundane strategy seems rather haphazard and muddled.   

At this point Joe Biden has mostly played Mario Cart, put a lid on his days before noon, and attempted to blatantly lie about the Trump Covid response while taking credit for what Trump had already put in place. While Trump had no honeymoon period, Joe Biden's honeymoon looks to be coming to a swift end. At this point it is time for Dementia Joe to step up and do "something" Presidential, before everyone starts to just discount him.

Either way, this is not just conservative criticism right now. Liberals are also concerned with Biden and he has been criticized by both the far left (Ocasio-Cortez) as well as moderates (Joe Manchin). Seems he is facing a difficult task of threading the political needle of a Liberal electorate and Democratic Congress that is quite literally all over the place politically, socially, and even morally. As of now, he has not shown that he can even pick up the needle and thread, much less get the thread through that little eye on the needle.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Is the media starting to become more "honest"?

Biden attempt to resurrect Iran nuke deal off to bumpy start
The Biden administration’s early efforts to resurrect the 2015 Iran nuclear deal are getting a chilly early response from Tehran. Though few expected a breakthrough in the first month of the new administration, Iran’s tough line suggests a difficult road ahead.
Having made several significant overtures to Iran in its first weeks in office, the administration’s outreach has been all but shunned by the Iranians. They had already rejected Biden’s opening gambit: a U.S. return to the deal from which President Donald Trump withdrew in 2018 if Iran resumes full compliance with its obligations under the accord.
Iran is shaping up to be a major test of the Biden administration's overall approach to foreign policy, which the president has said will realign itself with the kind of multilateral diplomacy that Trump shunned. Although there are other hot-button issues — Russia, China and North Korea among them — Iran has a particular significance for Biden's top national security aides. They include Secretary of State Antony Blinken, national security adviser Jake Sullivan and special envoy for Iran Rob Malley, all of whom were intimately involved in crafting the 2015 deal under President Barack Obama and may have personal stakes in salvaging it.

So this is an AP story being carried by Microsoft News (MSN). Generally you would expect to see more fluff pieces or stories designed to put the Biden administration into a glowing light. But this one is decidedly different and refreshingly honest (at least if you are willing to read between the lines).

The implications from this are fairly transparent, even if they are not entirely deliberate. The Biden administration (led by those holdovers from the Obama administration) are working hard to appease the Iranians in hopes that they will come back to the bargaining table and reengage the promises that they had previously made (but have not kept). The story points out that there is some sort of "personal stake" in it for those who are promoting this particular strategy.

In a nutshell the 2015 agreement put sanctions in place that would be lifted in 2020 as long as the Iranians kept their end of the bargain. By most every accounting, they have not kept their end of the bargain. UN inspectors have continued to find things that they shouldn't have found, and in response the UN has now agreed to limit their inspections (apparently so they do not continue to find these things). However, as these things generally go, most nations (at the bidding of China and Russia) decided to go along with the lifting of the sanctions as if Iran has kept their end of the bargain.

Some nations (led by the United States under Trump) had kept these sanctions in place. Of course Biden has decided to follow China and Russia because that is a better alternative than following what Trump did. Moreover, those at the helm of this have (as the story states) a personal stake in the deal being seen as successful. 

Either way, most of the world is being played by Iran, most of the world understands that they are being played by Iran, and most of the world doesn't care that they are being played. Iran has oil and stuff that they want, and these economic realities will trump peace and security in the Middle East. 

Merrick Garland troubling confirmation hearing...

HAWLEY: "Do you believe that illegal entry at America's border should remain a crime?" GARLAND: "I just haven't thought about that question...
Apparently Garland has not thought too much about border crime, because he was too busy thinking about the Capital "bombing" that took place (which didn't take place). While this is his biggest concern on the domestic terror front, for some reason Merrick Garland doesn't believe that Antifa attacking Federal buildings is a big problem, as long as it is done at night? 

The questions are whether Garland is confused, uninformed, partisan, or just not all that bright. But for whatever reasons, there were a lot of people who came out of this meeting very unimpressed.

Monday, February 22, 2021

The countdown to Biden Covid Failure!

100,155 deaths so far under Mario Cart Joe!

Because someone has to report this!

As if this wasn't to be expected?

Vaccination Rollout: Red States Outpace Blue States
Under Republican leadership, distribution has been faster and more efficient.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), for example, West Virginia has delivered twice as many full (two-dose)vaccinations per 100,000 residents than has California. 
West Virginia is no outlier. As of this writing, the CDC reports that, under the leadership of Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, Florida has delivered more full vaccines (6,896 per 100,000) than have perennial blue states like New York (6,004 per 100,000), New Jersey (5,746 per 100,000), Massachusetts (5,335 per 100,000), Illinois (4,422 per 100,000), Michigan (6,485 per 100,000), Minnesota (6,105 per 100,000), Washington (5,402 per 100,000), Oregon (6,302 per 100,000), and of course California (4,997 per 100,000). Only three blue states have managed to outpace Florida on vaccine distribution per 100,000 residents: New Mexico (9,289 per 100,000), Connecticut (7,595 per 100,000), and Vermont (7,214 per 100,000).
The best-performing state in the union is Alaska, the only state to exceed more than 11,000 full vaccines per 100,000 residents. This is no mean accomplishment considering its geographic and transportation challenges:
Bigger than Texas, California and Montana combined, Alaska is a vast, sparsely populated, and largely roadless state, with only a handful of main arteries. To distribute vaccines, doctors and nurses statewide have had to rely on a wide range of transportation modes.… Alaska’s vaccine process is distinct from other states, in that it’s built on an existing immunization program (used predominantly for flu and childhood vaccines) that allows the state to redistribute doses.
South Dakota’s GOP Gov. Kristi Noem, like her Republican counterpart in Alaska, began planning for the rollout early and didn’t try to reinvent the wheel. Instead of improvising a slapdash distribution system using the bureaucrats of the county health departments, or relying on federal “help,” Gov. Noem took advantage of the management expertise and decision-making processes already in place in its existing private health-care systems. Consequently, South Dakota has reached 8,559 complete vaccinations per 100,000 residents, far ahead of its upper Midwest counterparts.

Like everything else associated with problematic issues with Democratic leadership, the left will demand that things are always more difficult in those blue states, because of all that urban plight and minorities who apparently are harder to govern. Whether it be explaining away why states like New York and California top the list in Covid deaths (in spite of god-like Governors) or whether it be explaining away a huge employment gap between red states (where unemployment has not suffered nearly as much) and blue states (which average a full two percent higher unemployment rate) or whatever, there is always an excuse.

As President Joe Biden clearly told us, Blacks and Hispanic have a problem being able to figure out how to get on-line. If you are not technologically savvy enough to use the internet, then how can you figure out where to go to get immunized. Makes you wonder how we ever figured these things out before Al Gore invented the thing?  Obviously none of this is not the fault of Democrats running their state, even though technically those same politicians would be responsible for the schooling that these minorities are provided (which apparently does not include helping them with that new fangled internet thing). 

Either way, the fact is that once again your liberal Democrat heavy handed Governors are struggling to keep up with their Republican counterparts.

Another liberal media narrative debunked

Liberals demanded that Texas energy grid was unprepared for winter storm 

Let's just start with the criticism that Texas Grid was simply not able to handle the surge after the winter storm. This, according to everyone involved is not actually the case. They have and had the ability within the grid to handle this sort of surge, had they been able to increase their overall grid capacity by increasing their fossil fuel capacity.

But as it stands, there are Federal regulations that require Texas (and other states) to be using a certain percentage of alternate energy. In order to get around that, Texas had to make a special emergency request to the Biden Administration's Department of Energy. Texas made the request a week in advance of the storm, hoping to get a head start and keep ahead of this.

But the Biden Administration Department of Energy turned them down. They stated that it was more important to follow the Green Energy Standards than prepare for an emergency.

Had Texas (who has an independent power grid) been allowed to actually control their own power grid without Federal oversight, it is likely that none of this would have happened. It would appear that cause for these power outages had actually nothing to do with Ted Cruz traveling to Cancun or the fact that Texas was unprepared. It apparently has to do with the fact that they simply do not have control over their own power Grid.

Obviously many people on the left used this incident to make fun of the idea of Texas wanting to secede from the union, because their own power grid couldn't take on a winter storm. The reality is that this sort of thing actually fuels the concept that Texas would have been better off without Federal oversight. 

So far the Federal Government denied their request to up their fossil fuel capacity short term to avoid this, and then after the disaster took place, they denied a good portion of their emergency disaster requests (only a portion of the counties were approved by Biden).  This denial took place in spite of the fact that Federal oversight and an unwillingness to budge probably caused most of these problems.

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Ever notice that when there is a Disaster under a Republican President...

The press blames the President and expects the Federal Government to handle it...

But when we have natural disasters under a Democratic President that our media tends to question the local officials (especially if they are Republican). In the case of the Texas snow storm and power outage, the press has actually chosen a Federal Senator to apparently blame for everything, since apparently it was his duty to not leave the state for even a day.

On the flip side our President has barely been in contact with Texas, has only tentative plans to go down this week (now that the weather has turned and power has been nearly 100% restored).  It took the Administration until yesterday (a full week after the storm hit) to even issue the obligatory Federal Emergency to even start to get Federal help.

According to what we do know, the President has been playing Mario Cart and having his handlers "put a lid" on his days, many times before noon. This is how the new President handles a domestic crisis. Video games and nap-time. Where is anyone from the mainstream media as it pertains to demanding any accountability for what appears to be a complete lack of caring? I actually read a headline from the Washington Post that described his lack of interest to be a "low key approach" that has won praise? Won praise from whom and why? Apparently doing nothing during a disaster is actually a praise worthy "low-key approach" if you are a Democrat.

This are the dishonest times we live in. 

Extra funny!

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