Saturday, April 30, 2022

Does anyone believe she meant Zuckerberg?

Last time I checked Zuckerberg was not having dinner with Tucker Carlson...

Liberals should be off the rails upset with the new Federal Misinformation Governance Board

I have seen liberal after liberal attack state laws that ban CRT and other social political issues from being "taught" in school as "against free speech"

Liberals pretend to be against Government "censorship" of information when it comes to preventing teachers from teaching gender and sexual issues to 6 year olds. But when it comes to the Federal Government "literally" putting together a Government agency that is set up to determine what is and is not "misinformation" I am sure they are perfectly in favor of it.

After all the person leading the board is someone who is openly against free speech and is one of those who labeled the NY Post story about Hunter Biden's laptop to be a planted Russian disinformation. Nothing like putting a proven "fraud" as the head of an agency that is supposed to control our speech. 

But liberals "will" be perfectly acceptable of a Government agency that will work hard to be more like Twitter was and less like Twitter will be. There is no question that this agency will be about political censorship and controlling anti-Biden and anti-Government speech. This is where countries like Nazi Germany and Stalin's or Putin's Russia go right before they becomes a dictatorship. 

The Biden Administration states (from what we can tell very dishonestly) that this is something that was started in the previous Administration. But of course, like all things in attacking Trump, there is no actual evidence that such a board was announced, reported, funded, or anything of the sorts under Trump.

But had Donald Trump "actually"  had the audacity to put together a Government agency to control the media reporting on his family and any negative reporting about his policies or any disagreement with the "experts" he has chosen on the subjects of the time, I am pretty sure the left would have gone bonkers. But when it is Biden doing the same thing...

Again... liberal cry about free speech... but what they really want is full control of speech. Their endless hypocrisy allows this to seem logical for them.

Please be careful if you must cut and paste...

Reason number 14 why cut and paste is silly and unuseful

Try not to include anything that is html. In other words just save text and not go linking an entire story. We have had two threads damaged by something being posted into the comment with obvious opened ended html. We had a thread the other day where everything was italicized and now one is all bold. This comes from sloppy cutting and pasting and I am not sure how to "fix it". Not without deleting comments.

If I have to I will start deleting long cut and pastes (especially those that are in bold or italicized font) and those that show things like "advertising" or "links to other stories"..  which makes it obvious that the person is just lazily pasting a whole story.  This is not a censorship of opinion, but rather a censorship of comment posting that is literally damaging to everyone involved. Besides it is not your "opinion" being censored. It is a copy of someone else's.

It is obvious that nobody really appreciates (and rarely reads) long drawn out C&P comment ons the threads. If there is something about a story you want to repeat, then pick the portions you are most interested... copy it. Link it. And for god's sake provide a semblance of your own opinion on the subject.

Friday, April 29, 2022

A new found faith in humanity?

Had a rough night last night back in Minnesota

Have you ever lost your wallet or purse? Few things are quite as disturbing as losing your wallet. You might have lost your ID, your credit cards, and even cash. You don't know if the wallet is innocently sitting out of the way where nobody notices it. You don't know if someone is using your credit cards or using your ID for identity theft. If you were traveling (as I am) you might wonder how you get back on a plane to get home without your ID.

Luckily I did not lose my wallet last night. But my 19 years son did at the Mall of America. We believe it was likely dropped in a changing room as he tried on some dress cloths for the funeral we went to today. Either way, he noticed he didn't have it as we left the mall, but thought he may have left it in his car. But when we got there he couldn't find it. We made a couple of calls to the stores we were in,  but all but one had closed and the one said that they would have probably turned it into Mall Security had they had found it. Mall security said that it would have turned it into Guest Services who was gone for the night. Either way it was a long shot. People rarely turn in wallets. 

On top of his Driver's license, two bank cards, and a Visa card, he had gone to the bank earlier where he pulled out $550 for his portion of the rent and still had it in his wallet. The perfect storm and the worst possible time to lose a wallet. We went to bed believing it was gone. He had already canceled and ordered new cards and filled out a preform application to get a duplicate license. We had planned on going to the DMV to finish that request today.

On the way to the funeral he called gift services and asked just to make sure. I could hear the man say that someone had turned in a wallet that matched the description of his wallet with his ID in it. Whew!  At least there would be no need for a temporary license and we knew his wallet was not in the hands of a identity thief. Even if he lost the money, money can be replaced over time. But the peace of mind cannot be.  After the funeral we went to the mall and picked it up. As the security person walked up and handed to guest services I could already tell.... 

The wallet was fat. The money was still in it. Well not all of it. The person who turned it in looked to have helped themselves to one of the $50 bills. But there as $500 left in the wallet. That takes an honest person not to help themselves to $500 cash.  On top of that, my son learned a serious lesson. He will not be careless in the future about two things: carrying large amount of money on his person and making sure to check for your wallet when you come out of a dressing room.

About that negative GDP number

So we are halfway to a recession... way to go Joe! 

So this was the fear. When you start bumping up interest rates, the economy slows down. Because inflation is still a big problem today, we will likely see more rate increases, which will lead to an even slower economy. 

You have to basically decide which problem you want to address and which you want to let get worse. Not a great position to be in, but as they say... you reap what you sow. How many economists warned that dumping trillions into the economy was going to eventually backfire? How many Democrats were unwilling to listen? 

Democrats run into these problems nearly every time they gain power. Then the public slaps them down. Then they bitch and moan from the sidelines until they get their shot again, and they prove (again and again) to be incompetent once they are in charge. 

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Yeah baby!

At the airport SEA TAC

I would offer that about 30% of the people here are wearing masks. Nobody in the food court is wearing one (eating or not).

Recently someone here posted  a link to a "poll" that suggested a large majority of Americans were unhappy with the lifting of the mask requirements at the airport and that that same majority would "choose" to wear a mask at the airport. 

Well I don't need an alternate poll to prove to myself that it was nonsense. Sort of figured as much when I read it. If there are this few people wearing masks in Seattle (the mask wearing capital of the world) then I suspect there would be even less in places like Florida, Texas, and even Minnesota. There is no way a "majority" of Americans still favor the mandate that is not in place, and I can see with my own eyes that a "majority" are not choosing to wear masks.

Anyways... wish me luck. I fly coach (nothing else available when you have to catch a flight for a funeral). I am hoping for a 120 lb woman sitting next to me rather than 220 pound man.   

Danger Will Robinson Danger!

Well that is if Will Robinson was a metaphore for Democrats.

Polling Data

PollDateSampleRepublicans (R)Democrats (D)Spread
RCP Average4/10 - 4/25--45.942.1Republicans +3.8
Quinnipiac4/21 - 4/251409 RV4542Republicans +3
Politico/Morning Co4/22 - 4/252004 RV4243Democrats +1
Insider Advantage4/21 - 4/23750 LV5139Republicans +12
Harvard-Harris4/20 - 4/211966 RV5050Tie
Trafalgar Group (R)4/18 - 4/201077 LV4839Republicans +9
Economist/YouGov4/16 - 4/191260 RV3843Democrats +5
Rasmussen Reports4/10 - 4/142500 LV4739Republicans +8
Might want to take a real close look at these polls. What about those giant numbers strikes you as different? What does the Insider Advantage (+12) the Trafalgar Group (+9) and Rasmussen Reports (+8) all have in common? 

Well they are all Likely Voter polls. The rest are all Registered Voter polls. The difference being that Politico, Quinnipiac, Harvard-Harris, and YouGov are not bothering to ask any questions about the likelihood that these people would vote. They are just asking who they would vote for.
  • The average of the Registered Voter polls shows Dems up by just under 1%. 
  • The average of the Likely Voter polls shows the GOP up by just under 10%. 
That is a disturbing difference if you are a Democrat. Especially considering that Democrats nearly always underperform their generic ballot polling by generally 2-3 points and sometimes even more. Things better change and they better change in a hurry. By mid summer most Americans have already made up their minds about how things are going and it takes quite a bit to change that narrative in just a few short weeks. 

Do we have a "red wave" a coming?

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Will the Jan 6th investigation be more of a let down than the Mueller report??

Hard to say... the expectations were so great during the Mueller probe. This one has almost nobody's interest...

Maybe is just too dumb to remember where the five mil came from?

EXCLUSIVE: Joe's missing millions! Financial records reveal Biden had $5.2million in unexplained income
But the president's financial filings reveal that he declared almost $7 million more income on his tax returns than he did on his government transparency reports, an analysis by of the president's financial records shows.
Some of that difference can be accounted for with salaries earned by First Lady Jill Biden and other sums not required on his reports – but still leaves $5.2million earned by Joe's company and not listed on his transparency reports.
The 'missing millions' – combined with emails on Hunter's abandoned laptop suggesting Joe would have a 10% share in Hunter's blockbuster deal with the Chinese – raise a troubling question: did Joe Biden receive money from the foreign venture?

The Irony of Musk, Twitter, and the liberal meltdown...

It's actually flat out disinformation to claim that Musk will allow disinformation... 

Let's be serious here folks. If your psyche is so fragile that the very existence of disagreement troubles you and the idea that this disagreement might have a forum to be seen or heard makes you cry (among other things) then the issue is not with others... 

it's with you. 

If you realistically look at the disinformation that has been allowed (and is still allowed on Twitter) it becomes obvious that disinformation is not what is being censored. You can still post about Trump being a Russian asset. You can still claim that masks work and attack anyone who claims otherwise. You can still tweet about how there is no evidence of any 2020 election issues. You can offer that someone is QAnon if they don't believe that Jan 6th was an "insurrection".  But you could be banned for bringing up Hunter Biden's laptop, citing statistical election anomalies, or citing a legitimate international medical study about Covid. 

Ironically liberals demanded that there as no shadowbanning  of conservatives for quite some time before Twitter basically out and out admitted it and then justified it over "disinformation". So even Twitters own lack of honesty on their own oversight was disinformation. 

Bottom line: It's not disinformation that has been banned and censored. It has been disagreement with the liberal status quo beliefs that has been banned. To be clear, if they were really banning just "disinformation" then why are only conservatives taking issue? Since conservatives have been proven correct about Trump and Russia, proven correct in regards to many Covid issues, and have been validated on many of their election fraud claims (even if Twitter deletes tweets that link you to a Judge's ruling because Judicial ruling is disinformation apparently).  The true disinformation on the 2016 and 2020 election, Covid, QAnon, and a slew of other things resides almost exclusively from the lying left. 

Yet nobody has censored their lies?

I just want to go to Twitter and post the truth. I don't want to worry that someone will be offended and that the Twitter police will come and suspend my account and claim it is about purging QAnon as they did when I went from nearly 12,000 followers to about 5000. I believe Elon Musk will do his best to make Twitter a forum that people can openly engage in without fear of being persecuted for a "non-woke" idea that upsets the snowflake left.  You know what else? I don't care if the left lies on Twitter. I really don't. They openly lie everywhere else, why try to stop it on Twitter.

And let's be clear... anyone from the left who leaves Twitter will do so voluntarily, not because they will be banned for disagreement with Elon Musk or anyone else.

BIden sits at 42.7 as the incumbent? Against Trump?

It is one thing to be down in the polls but it is another to not even hit 43%

Polling Data

PollDateSampleMoETrump (R)Biden (D)Spread
RCP Average3/18 - 4/23----45.742.7Trump +3.0
Insider Advantage4/21 - 4/23750 LV3.64743Trump +4
Harvard-Harris4/20 - 4/211966 RV--4543Trump +2
Emerson3/18 - 3/201023 RV3.04542Trump +3

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Monday, April 25, 2022

More good news!

Federal Judge Blocks Biden From Ending Title 42 on Southern Border

Twitter deal imminent?

Twitter poised to accept Elon Musk's 'best and final' offer, sources say
The deal would come just four days after Musk unveiled a financing package to back the acquisition. This led Twitter’s board to take the deal more seriously and many shareholders to ask the company not to let the opportunity for a deal to slip away, Reuters reported on Sunday.
The sale would represent an admission by Twitter that its new chief executive Parag Agrawal, who took the helm in November, is not making enough traction in making the company more profitable, despite being on track to meet ambitious financial goals the company set for 2023. Twitter’s shares were trading higher than Musk’s offer price as recently as November.

So ultimately it was the "real owners" of Twitter who are demanding that this deal go through in spite of the President and the board being dead set against it. The issue seems to be a realization that the Twitter executives simply do not have a legitimate plan to make money and have probably been advised that they would be opening themselves up for legal action if they refuse this deal. 

Moreover, pretty much everyone knows that if this deal falls through and Musk sells off his stock that the Twitter Stock will nosedive back into the $30s. While this scenario might make the board and other liberals with no financial interest happy, neither really has that option of saying they would rather see the same people running a company at $33/share than selling one at $54/share.

What happens next (after Must takes control) will be interesting to say the least. Twitter has about 4000 employees and it is likely that a lot of them will not be happy with the changes taking place. Those in charge of "moderation" and such will likely be resistant to change. So how far and how hard Musk pushes the "free speech" angle is going to be interesting. People will likely quit or some may actually be let go. 

But it would be nice to tweet again without having to walk on eggshells worried that your next tweet will get you suspended or banned because some liberal snowflake got triggered. Triggering liberal snowflakes is half the fun of being on Twitter!

This has changed

Just a few weeks ago we had Democrats at +12 and Republicans at -6

So this has changed quite a bit over the past few of weeks.  We are down to three states left after some lawsuits were settled in favor of the Republicans. There are fourteen states still in litigation that show as complete on this map, but it is very likely that most of these map (if not all) will stand.

The New York map got dinged again this week, as the appeals court agreed with the first judge and rejected the NY map claiming it violated the laws on gerrymandering. That map had cut the projected GOP seats down to four out of twenty six. Even the original map was a form of gerrymandering, so if these rulings stand and a non-partisan map is drawn by a third party it is possible that the GOP might even pick up a seat rather than lose four. 

All in all, Democrats and the GOP both gained seats in five different states. The vast majority of states had little or no partisan change. After how it "looked" at one time, the fact that we are down to Democrats only picking up 6 potential seats overall is a serious difference. There is a possibility that the gerrymandered NY map still makes it through and that could change things again. But it will still be better than it was or looked like it was going to be.. 

Sunday, April 24, 2022

The McCarthy attacks another big fat liberal lie!

Why would the President forgive McCarthy after McCarthy suggested he was unfit and should resign? Because McCarthy never suggested he was unfit and should resign!

Same words, but a different understanding. The conversation here is whether or not the President should resign if he faced some sort of impeachment or 25th Amendment challenge. McCarthy believed at the time that this would pass the House and possibly even the Senate. We now know that impeachment passed the House, but not the Senate, so McCarthy's initial estimates of how many Republicans would go along with these attacks on Trump was a significant overestimation. 

Obviously many Congress critters were upset by the January 6th riot in their own backyard. Rather than use this to better empathise with how the rest of the country has had to deal with riots, crimes, and such... many of these cowards demanded that this was "different" because this was an attack on "them" and thus some sort of constitutional crisis. Was McCarthy guilty of this as well? Might even have lashed out at easy targets up front? Possibly. But there is nothing in these tapes that suggests McCarthy himself thought that Trump was unfit or even that he would support the 25th amendment (he did not support impeachment). 

The suggestion otherwise is..... well a lie. 

Here is what Legal Insurrection had to say:

There’s no word yet on whether or not that proposed conversation between President Trump and minority leader McCarthy ever took place, but if it did, it probably went just as he said. Hey, Mr. President, it looks like the 25th Amendment resolution will pass at least the Pelosi-run House, that’s bad. It may be best if you resign rather than go down in history as removed from office for being “unable to discharge the powers and duties” of office. No? Oh, okay, I thought not
What is also notable about this released/leaked audio is what we don’t hear. We don’t hear McCarthy conspiring with Cheney to remove Trump from office; we don’t hear him state that he personally believes Trump is unfit or that he would support the 25th Amendment resolution they are discussing; we don’t hear him state that he would be upset or angry if Trump refused his advice to resign in the face of 25th Amendment removal; and we don’t hear what he’d “do” if Trump refused his advice.
In other words, this is a great big nothingburger. We already knew that McCarthy, like many in GOP leadership, was (too) quick to condemn President Trump in the hours and days immediately following J6, and we also know that he, like many in GOP leadership, very quickly changed his tune. We also know that President Trump was gracious enough to forgive him his emotional outburst and accept his apology.

Most conservatives are ignoring the latest crazy rantings of people who seem to be capable of nothing other than their latest crazy rant. But those who are addressing this are in the same boat. Pretty much every adults agrees that the attacks on McCarthy are simple more red herring that attempts to conceal the fact that Democrats are slowly destroying America with their hate and anger. McCarthy has nothing to do with anything of substance and it likely will not harm McCarthy's standing in the Republican Party at all. 

Sorry liberals. But you are barking up the wrong tree again and nobody but other hateful crazed lunatics care about this. But I hear CNN+ will devote most of their airtime on this, so make sure to sign up and send them your money!

The difference in the investigations... for dummies...

Let's explain this like we are talking to a six year old 

This is not rocket science!

So it seems like some of the country is very interested in the Durham Special Counsel investigation while others are very interested in the Jan 6th commission. I would offer that most of the American population has only a passing interest in either, but so goes the limited attention span of the general population. What are the major differences here between the two investigations?

The Scope:

- The Durham investigation is a criminal investigation where people have been indicted, there is a real trial scheduled for a prominent Clinton figure, there are immunity deals being offered, made rejected, and there are likely more indictments to come. It is being run by prosecutors and criminal investigators. 

- The Jan 6th commission is a political investigation where there is no power to indict anyone, they are not bringing anyone to trial, they are no cutting deals, and they are doing little more than rehashing the same events for political reasons. Ultimately these are politicians who are planning on writing a political report where they will argue that the probable 2024 Candidate for President broke the law even though he has already been investigated and not charged by our law enforcement.

The underlying issue:

- The Durham special counsel is investigating the Russian collusion investigation of Donald Trump. At issue is whether or not false information was reported to Law Enforcement and to what degree people within the FBI and other law enforcement knew that the information was false. At a low level,  if you falsely accuse someone of a crime and file a false police report that is a crime. Depending on what level of crime you are accusing someone of, it can be a felony. The level we are seeing here involves people within the Clinton campaign paying a variety of people to manufacture false evidence against Donald Trump and then feeding the false evidence to the FBI. According to legal analysts such as Andrew McCarthy we are looking at more than just a false report. He is one of many who believes it is a conspiracy to defraud the Government. The second issue here is to what degree the FBI might have known the evidence was false, but used it anyway. That sort of abuse of power is also criminal and it could all be tied together in a broader scheme.

- The Jan 6th commission is investigating Donald Trump's attempt to delay the counting of the electoral college votes in order to buy time for lawsuits and such to work their way through the courts. They are also investigation any involvement Trump might have had in the Jan 6th riot. For all practical purposes, the "overturning" of the election is political rhetoric. Unless it was done under corrupt pretences (such as attempting as Clinton did to manufacture evidence of fraud) - all of what he did was either perfectly legal or a murky constitutional question that ultimately would have been settled by the Courts (not law enforcement). While there was no crime in trying to "overturn the election" the riot was obviously against the law. The politicians (again) are attempting to prove that Trump "incited" the riot. But rather than attempt to prove it in a legal manner (which they cannot), they are politicizing it. At best for both allegations, the commission can "recommend" that the A.G. prosecute something that he has already investigated and already refused to prosecute.  

Bottom line:

There is a reason why Durham has a Special Counsel and is running with the full power of a legal prosecutor. There is also a reason why the Jan 6th commission does not have a Special Counsel and why it is being run by a bunch of Democrat with two never-Trump Republican politicians. 

Think about it. 

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