Friday, August 23, 2019

This is her third bout with cancer...

Second with her pancreas. Third most fatal cancer in the U.S. 

Public Support for Impeachment not improving for Democrats

Never been popular, but seems to have stagnated out at around just over a third of the country in favor... 

Even as Democrats in the House slowly but surely creep forward in their support of impeachment (nearing 130 Democrats now)... the general public has soured on the idea. This becomes especially true once people are reminded that "formal impeachment proceedings" are a complete waste of time because nothing will become of them. 

The 35% or so are likely Trump haters who are both angry that he is still President and figure that impeachment hearings or impeachment itself would likely harm the President's reelection chances. Of course, the main reason why House leadership is against impeachment is the belief within the old guard that impeachment hearings would do the exact opposite and actually help the President.

I am not sure if they would make much difference. Everyone knows that it is a partisan ploy and that nothing would come of it. Everyone has already settled into the collective positions on whether or not the President committed "high crimes or misdemeanors". After the Mueller hearing fiasco, I would think that smart Democrats would want to put this behind them. But I have a feeling that emotional ones will not let it fade without an ongoing fight. 

Were these Roger's last words?

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Another Trump policy is working

On the border, officials see dividends from Trump’s deal with Mexico
“We’ve been monitoring the apprehension numbers closely, specifically going back 70 days before June 10 and 70 days after June 10,” Chavez told Fox News. “And what we’ve seen here in Laredo Sector is a reduction in 30 percent in our apprehension numbers, southwest border-wide numbers are down 38 percent.”
Trump announced in May that June 10 was the date he would impose tariffs on Mexico if it did not help the U.S. combat the migration crisis. Trump ultimately suspended the tariffs days before after a deal was reached that included Mexico taking “unprecedented steps” to boost enforcement, including deploying its National Guard, while the “Remain in Mexico” policy by which asylum applicants were returned to Mexico for their hearings was expanded.
Results are being seen across the entire border. CBP said this month that it encountered 82,049 people in July, down 21 percent from June when there were 104,344 people and down 43 percent from May. The number of families and minors crossing the border also dropped.
Chavez says that, along with efforts by the DHS toward further collaboration with Central American governments, it is helping reduce the once-overwhelming flow.

I know this probably upsets certain liberals out there, who tend to like bigger numbers of illegal immigration, especially those who are trafficking guns and drugs. But for the rest of us, this is welcome news. And it happened because we partnered with Mexico and Central American countries, rather than just attempt to fix it ourselves.

Actually it happened because we are actually taking border security sort of serious now. No more looking the other way. No more catch and release. No more incentivizing border crossings. We actually are attempting to get to the root of the problem by addressing immigration from the home country and Mexico (where they go through), rather than just waiting till they get here, release them into the community and hope they show up for hearings and obey the judges ruling.

Bottom line is that this is working. When other things fall into place, you can look for even bigger improvements.

Fact vs Fiction

To have the media tell it, our consumer confidence is at some sort of all time low!
(And of course, it's all because everyone now understands that tax cuts are bad because CNN says so!)

Sorry to tell the NYT, WaPo, Politico, CNN, and MSNBC this, but the country is not in some sort of consumer confidence tailspin. We are also not headed for a recession in the next few months, nor is everyone taking their money out of the banks and putting it under their mattress because they are worried about the next great depression. 

Consumer confidence is quite literally approximately twenty points higher than when Obama got reelected to his second term. It has shown a dip here and there, but has remained consistently over 90 in the UOM Consumer Sentiment gauge (a standard in the industry). 

There is neither an economic crisis or a crisis in our consumer confidence. 

Michell Malkin blacklisted by Google

Triggering the Google Social Credit System
Armed with internal memos and emails, former Google software engineer Zachary Vorhies exposed how (online since 1999) was placed on a news blacklist banning my content from appearing on newsfeeds accessed through Android Google products. I do not advocate violence, publish porn or indulge in vulgarity or profanity (other than my occasional references to Beltway crapweasels). But I triggered the Google Social Credit System and there's no going back.
My apparent sin: Independently growing a large organic following of readers on the internet who share my mainstream conservative views on immigration, jihad, education, social issues, economic policy, faith and more.
Other conservative victims of the Google ban hammer include: Twitchy (a Twitter aggregation site I founded in 2012), FrontPage Magazine (founded by prolific conservative author and journalist David Horowitz), the Daily Caller (founded by Fox News host and journalist Tucker Carlson), Legal Insurrection (founded by Cornell University law professor and investigative blogger William Jacobson), NewsBusters (founded by Media Research Center in 2005), The Gateway Pundit (founded by grassroots social media pioneer Jim Hoft in 2004), the American Thinker (another of the veteran conservative blogs founded in 2003 by Thomas Lifson), (an independent, pro-life news site founded in 1992 by Steven Ertelt), the Catholic News Agency and The Christian Post.

Ironically my google, chrome, and everything else I open up these days sends lists of stories that include liberal blogging websites like the Huffington Post and Politico. These sites are literally the liberal counterparts to places like Hot Air, twitchy, and the FrontPage Magazine. The sole difference is the slant of the political content.

Now some people will argue that Google is a private business and can hold whatever views that they want. But the problem is that they continue to deny what they are doing, even as they provide no real explanation for how they come to these conclusions. The best they can offer is the self fulfilling prophecy that some of these sites that they link to have more overall activity than the ones that they ban. So they deem them to be more "credible" because they reach more people, even though they reach more people precisely because google and others choose not to bring up conservative sites via their search engines and feed designs.

I find it amazing that a site like Legal Insurrection (which has literally been awarded in the past for being objective journalist as it pertains to the law and other social issue) has been chosen to be banned. It would appear that this is entirely because Legal Insurrection decides to write about things like the Oberlin Gibson bakery lawsuit, when the rest of the MSM wanted to ignore it.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Trump rips on Tlaib

President Trump tore into Rep. Rashida Tlaib on Tuesday for her emotional press conference alongside Rep. Ilhan Omar in which they condemned Israel for blocking a planned trip, calling the Michigan congresswoman an anti-Semite and saying he doesn't "buy Rep. Tlaib’s tears."
Tlaib and Omar, D-Minn., a day earlier had called for retaliatory measures, urging Congress to “conduct oversight” regarding U.S. aid to Israel as Tlaib decried the conditions her Palestinian relatives live under.
“Sorry, I don’t buy Rep. Tlaib’s tears. I have watched her violence, craziness and, most importantly, WORDS, for far too long,” the president tweeted. “Now tears? She hates Israel and all Jewish people. She is an anti-Semite. She and her 3 friends are the new face of the Democrat Party. Live with it!”

Well this is a manufactured tragedy by The Squad.  If Tlaib really wanted to go see her poor old grandmother for one last time, then she was given permission to do so. The problem was that going to see her poor old grandmother was just an excuse to go to Palestine and offer political criticism of Israel. When given the choice between seeing her grandmother and grandstanding for political purposes, Tlaib chose her politics.

So Tlaib is not a family person. She is, first and foremost, a hater of Israel. That hatred trumps everything else she wants to do. In many ways this entire sequence of events is indicative of the bigger Muslim Jewish feud. The politics of religion drive most everything. There is nothing logical or otherwise reasonable about this sort of conflict where certain people (Palestinians and Muslims) will not be happy until other people (Jews) are driven from the region.

This removal of the Jewish state from the Middle East is not an American ideal, and American strategy, or an American policy... nor will it ever be. The idea that we elect a couple of Muslims into Congress and somehow this is going to change is wishful and dangerous thinking.

Julian Castro qualifies

10th Democrat to qualify for the debate(s) 

A few more candidates qualify and we still might see two separate debates again. That being said, we will likely only see as few as one more qualify, and probably no more than an additional four. If I had to guess, I might put the over/under at 12. That's a lot of candidates on a stage. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Misleading headline?

Well not really... but is the story misleading? 

 74% of economists in survey see US recession by end of 2021
A strong majority, 74%, of U.S. business economists appear sufficiently concerned about the risks of some of President Donald Trump's economic policies that they expect a recession in the U.S. by the end of 2021.
The economists surveyed by the National Association for Business Economics, in a report released Monday, mostly didn't share Trump's optimistic outlook for the economy, though they generally saw recession coming later than they did in a survey taken in February. Thirty-four percent of the economists surveyed said they believe a slowing economy will tip into recession in 2021. That's up from 25% in the February survey.

Well first of all, the questions asked of the NABE had nothing to do with whether or not they are concerned with Trump's policies. Everyone understands that recessions will happen in some form of a cycle, and that economic policies simply may not prevent them from eventually happening. The only real reference to his policies was a question regarding a possible trade deal with China, which economists were not confident of. Of course, that really isn't an economic question as much as it is a political and negotiation question.

The article implies that economist believe that tariffs and higher deficits are a concern (which seems odd since we have been dealing with tariffs since Trump has been President, and our deficits are running at a lower percent of GDP than they had just a few years ago). But those subjects were not actually addressed in this particular poll. The authors of the article just sort of tossed it in their for effect.

The breakdown:
  • Approximately forty percent see a recession prior to the 2020 election.
  • Approximately a third do not see a recession happening until 2021.
  • Approximately a quarter do not see a recession at all in our immediate future. 

What this represents is actually a slightly less amount of them believing it will happen prior to the election than did six months ago. In February the number was closer to forty five percent believing we would see a recession before the election. So quite obviously the strength of the economy "right now" convinced a few of these economists to push back their predictions.

This is obviously "at odds" with the media's increased attention to the possibility of the recession, since the media seems to act as if the chances have gone up dramatically. The reality is that the economists polled here see the economy as stronger than they did six months ago, and predictions of any recession have been pushed out further into the future.

As a whole, the business economists' recent responses have represented a rebuke of the Trump administration's overall approach to the economy.
Still, for now, most economic signs appear solid. Employers are adding jobs at a steady pace, the unemployment rate remains near a 50-year low and consumers are optimistic. U.S. retail sales figures out last Thursday showed that they jumped in July by the most in four months. 

Again, the idea that this survey is a "rebuke" of Trump's overall approach to the economy is not exactly as self evident as the article would like it to be. The economy at this point is still going plenty strong, and the "blue chip consensus" regarding the third quarter GDP is actually rising as the quarter goes on. These predictions are moving from under the two percent threshold to coming at least a couple tenths above that number. A recession (keep in mind) is defined as two consecutive quarters with negative GDP growth. There is a big difference between two percent and a negative GDP growth.

Things would have to change in a hurry.

So which is it?

So Omar condemns any effort to infringe upon LGBTQ while simultaneously supporting the Palestinian Authority (who are infringing on their rights). That would be a little like the President saying he would condemn any acts of white supremacist, while simultaneously supporting the KKK and Aryan Brotherhood.

Omar's first reaction was to simply attack the messenger, and confuse the situation by pretending there is some sort of false equivalency. Then later she provides the condemnation of the generic act of infringing on the rights of the LGBTQ while still not specifically condemning the Palestinian Authority.

The saddest part of all of this is that nobody from the media will really question or press Omar on this. Just like nobody questions or presses her on her various marriage scandals or tax violations or campaign violations, or pretty much anything. The hypocrisy is astounding, but necessary when the "big tent Democratic Party" wants to cater both to the LGBTQ community and the Muslim community (which as a matter of religious definition sees everything LGBTQ to be a sin). How long can they possibly balance this act before it comes crashing down?