Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Comment moderation...

First I apologize to those of you who follow decorum for posting comments, and are forced to wait to see comments appear. The truth is that I am to the point where we are literally down to one or two posters who require any moderation. Unfortunately one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch, so everyone suffers  because some simply have not shown the restraint necessary.

A few points:

  • Off topic comments are sometimes useful, if they are not too far off topic. Some have been used to start new threads (with hat tips). But don't be offended if a completely out of left field comment is not published. This is not personal. This is a matter of trying to be consistent. 
  • Repeating the same comments over and over is childish. Nobody wants someone tugging at their shirt sleeve looking for attention. If it wasn't a valid comment to be published the first time you posted it, it will be no more valid the second time, or the third, or the fourth.
  • On a similar note, please  make sure you are not simply repeating the same information offered by someone else in the thread. IE: When James brings up the new Survey Monkey poll and it has already been discussed... why does Roger sent me another cut and paste about the same poll two hours later? The existence of the poll is already noted and had been added to the spreadsheet prior to Jame's comments on it. If you have an opinion that follows the discussion, fine. Obviously in this case, it was more of the same tugging at the shirt sleeves trying to repeat information. 

Overall, the comment threads have been better in my opinion. Easier to follow and mostly on topic. There has also been several moderated threads that have had a great deal of comments with a great deal of substance. This is all I have been looking for. Not 100 comments of insults back and forth. If someone wants to engage in that, they can do so over at the legacy blog where Roger is quick to point out that he doesn't "censor". That being said, it doesn't appear that being able to call someone a name, or post multiple cut and paste stories is helping traffic over there.

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