Thursday, August 4, 2016

How Trump could use the media disadvantage to his advantage...

One of the major complaints from critics of this Administration and Hillary Clinton is the overall lack of accountability.
  • The media pretty much ignored the IRS scandal for the most part, and calls for an independent counsel to investigate were ignored and called Partisan by many in the media. 
  • While the Email scandal got more press, calls for an independent counsel to investigate were likewise ignored, and certainly there was no push back on that decision by your main stream media. Democrats in Congress did everything they could to derail congressional investigations, with the Press on their side the whole time.
  • Currently there is a little issue involving a $400 million dollar payment that appears to have been in exchange for Hostages. However, in a breathtakingly inconceivable show of messed up priorities, our main stream media seems more interested in following around a Pakistani Immigration Attorney who has been attacking Donald Trump on news show after news show... than reporting on a major international scandal. (no doubt for very partisan reasons). The chances that this will be investigated (by anyone other than Congress) is practically zero. 

The Argument:

You want another Administration that will have no accountability to anyone? Someone who will no doubt allow everyone to delete their emails, wipe servers, and stall any and all requests of the Freedom of Information Act. Someone who will operate with very little media oversight  and receive little or no media complaints if they decide to investigate any and all accusations "in house"... you should definitely vote for Hillary Clinton for President.

But if you want an Administration that will be challenged at every turn, have every motive questioned, have transparency demanded, be held accountable for even the slightest slip up, forced to be on their toes at every point in time, and never get away with investigating anything "in house"... then a Donald Trump Presidency is your answer.