Sunday, August 14, 2016

Milwaukee riots

By all accounts, the suspect was armed with a stolen semi-automatic gun and had a long criminal history. It's coming to the point where every shooting of a black person (no matter how justified) is going to result in this. 


KD, Hillary IRS Deduction $1 million to HERselfishness said...

WhatLiesmatter, how do the left think this is a positive for their movement when so many get hurt both physically and damage of property.

President Trump is right.

The restoring of law and order in this Nation can not come fast enough and it sure as hell will not come if you elected FAT Hillary.

wphamilton said...

So the young man was running from the cops, refused to drop his gun, which he had stolen in a burglary, and the people of Milwaukee are burning gas stations because he got shot?

And someone in the "crowd" (aka mob of looters), shot a 16 year old girl with a "stray shot" - that is what they should be upset about.

KD said...

WP- Testify brother

Myballs said...

And Obama is silent. Nice.

KD, Hillary donated $1 Million to herself IRS tax Deduction said...

After Hillary has fulling thrown in against Law Enforcement and the rule of law, it is the people in Law Enforcement that are getting hurt, burned and Killed.

Hillary took the genie out of the bottle by being a thug hugger and breaking countless laws, when those at the bottom see the way she uses her Elite status to break laws and get away with it, they too say what the hell and burn businesses, cars, loot and injure the Police.

We do not want four more years of street riots.

Commonsense said...

No, he was shouting "Fore!!!!! Right!!!!!".

KD, Hay moving and selling said...

Yes, he is smiley and laughing doing a joint with his daughter and having a great time on the Public Dime.

Mean while, well, the economy is in the shitter, major cities burn and our enemies laugh at the USA.

rrb said...

and the people of Milwaukee are burning gas stations because he got shot?

yup. and this should surprise exactly no one who has been paying attention to the past 50+ years of democrats exploiting blacks with marxist/welfare state policies.

LBJ is heralded as a president who sought to fix poverty in america. in reality he couldn't have cared less. his singular goal was securing the perpetual minority vote for the democrats. when trying to understand the motives of democrats, cynicism is your best friend.

wphamilton said...

I don't think it is a political party that is rioting in Milwaukee, nor is a political party the cause of it. At some point you have to allow people to have responsibility for their own failings, and these riots are way past that point. It's not always the fault of your perceived political enemies.

KD, Why are they Looting in Milwalkee said...

OMG, " this should surprise exactly no one who has been paying attention to the past 50+ years of democrats exploiting blacks with marxist/welfare state policies."

I heard one of the rioter/blackliesmatter brothers tell the press he was angry cuz Obama promised better days and nut'n be'an happin'in, cuz white folks mak'n all that money aint given none to the blacks.

WP- wrong,,, wrong and wrong, the Progressives promise money/homes/food/phone/clothing every thing will be provided just keep voting stupidly ,,,,, the black, IF they really did take a look at their lives over the last 60 years they would clearly see how they have continued to fall behind, owning less homes today then when O'Hillary took office, have less of their skin color working -Fact.... and Have less Net Worth.

Facts are hard on some, but, they do not change because they are against the Progressive Party of O'Hillary.

C.H. Truth said...

WP - of course a political Party is not rioting. But you would likely be very hard pressed to see a lot of Republicans burning down buildings in Milwaukee, and wanting to beat down a whitey.

The reality (like it or not) is that the current administration has played into the hands of these sort of rioters by making them believe that every time a black person is shot, it's due to racism or police bias.

The most recent reports from Baltimore, which seems to concentrate on the amount of black people who are in contact with the police, without apparently any regard to whether or not these same people are finding themselves in police contact because they are in high crime areas... are a testament to that.

I think we will have to "agree to disagree" about whether or not there is a political reason for this and whether or not specific actions by a political Party has played a part.

While it's nice to practice personal responsibility, that's not exactly what his happening here. These people will burn down buildings, put local establishments out of business... and still be told that this is a "reaction" over unfair treatment of black people. It's a weak justification, WP... but justification none-the-less.

To pretend such a justification is not implied (if not outright provided) by the left is just that... pretending.

wphamilton said...

CHT how do we know that those rioters who are looting and burning aren't Republicans? Isn't that just an assumption on your part based on stereotypes? Sure, around 90% of that racial group who vote are democrats, but does that mean that the individual miscreants belong to one party? Are they acting out because of political promises? You know that isn't true.

I'd bet money that most of them don't give a flying flip who is president, and that those who give lip service to a political cause are just expressing excuses for their misbehavior. And. for all you know they are all Republicans upset about the false promises of trickle-down prosperity.

KD, Rioters/Looters/Protestors are Republicans said...

Two Groups cut of the same cloth and backed fully by O'Hillary have spoken out on Milwaukee. Those groups the New Black Panthers and the BLM.

WP, the best fence sitting on this blog, bar none.

"I'd bet money that most of them don't give a flying flip who is president, and that those who give lip service to a political cause are just expressing excuses for their misbehavior."

WP, wrong again, they are not making excuses, they have the full backing of O'Hillary and that ilk.

Let's take a minute and see what the Sister of the Suspect had to say to the police and to the "white" people, wait, Obama calls us White folks, so does Hillbilly.

“Burning down sh*t ain’t going to help nothing. Y’all burning down sh*t we need in our community. Take that sh*t to the suburbs. Burn that sh*t down. We need our weave. I don’t wear it, but we need it.”

Right, so attack the Suburbs, hit the "White" folks where "they" live.

8 years of O'Hillary race baiting has come home to roost.

C.H. Truth said...

WP - I believe you are being naive here.

The reality is that these sorts of rioting and looting may have existed throughout history, but they have now become almost the norm over the past few years.

A black man gets killed by a police (even a criminal sporting a stolen semi-automatic) and the knee jerk reaction is to riot, burn, and attack people. Meanwhile, the administration and the President will generally wait a couple of days, and then give another speech about how the police have to do a better job, and then will release a report saying that all of this is a matter of racism.

(and it doesn't matter what these reports actually say... if you don't believe that's what these communities hear - then you are delusional)

As far as accusing me of stereotypes? I think we better look at the numbers. in 2012 - 59 inner city precincts in Philadelphia gave Mitt Romney zero votes. In Cleveland, nine precincts turned out with zero Mitt Romney votes. While Obama got around 93-94 percent of the black vote, most of the analysis suggest he got 99 or better in most of these urban areas. That's a matter of fact, not a matter of stereo type.

wphamilton said...

If we're invoking numbers from Cleveland, what percentage of them even voted? Something under 30% I think, so the odds are at least 7-3 that the person doesn't even care.


C.H. Truth said...

Well WP... if something under 30% of them do not vote, then by nature 70% plus would not be "Republican" and considering of the 30% who do vote, almost no urban voters of color vote Republican...

I don't think there is anything (based on both your statistics and my statistics) that disproves my assertion that you would be hard pressed to find many Republicans rioting.

That doesn't mean that a "political party" is rioting. But if you want to make this out to be a non-partisan thing, or something that is not more advocated by one Party and more universally condemned by the other... then I would respectfully still say we can agree to disagree.

This sort of rioting is not universally condemned by the left as it is by the right. Those participating will be more liberal than conservative, and they will feel more justified due to the support (implicitly and explicitly) from members of the Democratic Party (like the President, like Eric Holder and Lorreta Lynch and Hillary Clinton who all express their solidarity to Black Lives Matter and other groups pushing this cause)

wphamilton said...

No, you have it backwards: 70% didn't vote.

You have no logical basis to reason that this large majority of people who don't vote are interested or even aware of partisan politics, let alone manipulated by it. So I guess we will agree to disagree about that.

C.H. Truth said...

Yes WP... 70% didn't vote.

However, I never stated that they were all Democrats. My statement was that you would be hard pressed to see a lot of Republicans rioting.

The fact that 70% didn't vote, would make my assertion (that there were not a lot of Republicans) even more intuitive...

Would it not?

C.H. Truth said...

That being said, if you do not believe that the Justice Department releasing reports about racist police forces... does not encourage this sort of rioting, then we do have difference of opinion.

I think you would have the same difference of opinion with almost all sociologists as well.

wphamilton said...

If you can find a sociologist weighing in on that I would entertain it. But seriously, there are a lot of factors involved and Justice Department reports about police forces are going to be way down the list.

Those rioters don't know and probably don't care about Justice Department reports. If you asked one he'd probably just say "that's what we've known for decades". I can sympathize with you; it would be nice if we could blame it all on some political policy, especially a policy of just one party, because that would be an easy fix. Just change the policy, vote someone else, done. But just take a step back from politics to get a clear look at it, and I'm sure you'll see that the problem is much deeper and more ingrained, and is going to take a lot of work to resolve.

C.H. Truth said...

Well WP, I do believe in cause and effect. I don't believe that things just happen for no reason.

The amount of rioting and street violence in response to these situations has escalated well beyond anything that would be considered a random statistical variance... especially considering there has not actually been any statistical rise in these types of shootings

The intuitive reasoning for this, is that the idea of police racism and discrimination has been deemed to be "factual" based on reports from the Justice Department... pretty much saying so. This provides some form of cover for these actions. Not only that, but the fact that BLM representatives have met with the President and with Hillary Clinton, does suggest that the Democratic Party is also on board with the same view of Police discrimination being the main cause of black shootings. (not to mention that the President himself has pretty much stated as such).

Now, this may be a "simple" way of looking at this, and it may very well be more complicated.

But I yield to Occam's razor here, WP... unless you can come up with a more obvious explanation that offers less assumptions... I think the most intuitive and most simple explanation rules the day.