Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Ryan Lochte has a future in politics...

You're an Olympic swimmer who embellishes a story about a late night robbery and you lose millions in sponsorship and become a National disgrace.

You're a former Secretary of State who has embellished stories about Cattle futures, not being involved with criminal real estate fraud, and taking money from foreign donors. You lied to the public about classified information that put American lives in jeopardy. You lied in congressional hearings, and it now appears you lied to the FBI. You made up a lie to blame Colin Powell for breaking the law. And most recently it's been proven that you lied about whether or not you peddled State Department influence in exchange for donations to your foundation. And you get to run for President!


KD, Hillary to sell White House said...

I have come to the understanding that the Clinton voter is one that has no morals.

Yet, like HB, loves that Hillary is spending 3 times as much money as Trump (recall they used to hate Citizens United, now they love it) and has 10 times the paid staff as SOLDHillary.

Remember, Hillary said she left the WH "dead Broke" but now she owns two homes worth over 2.5 million dollars.

She blamed the servers (yes two of them , she lied when she said "one") on Sec of State Powell, Powell said she was full of BS.

Will she blame Powell for her selling the Sec of State's Office to the highest Foreign bidder?

Roger Amick said...

Don't quit your day job and try to become a comedy writer.

Sorry!! LOl