Saturday, August 27, 2016

Yet, Trump just keeps hanging around...

Like the monster you just can't seem to kill or get away from in the horror film...

  • Hillary Clinton accuses Donald Trump of being a dark evil "birther" - The birth certificate issue was originally brought up by the Hillary Clinton camp during the 2008 nomination.
  • Hillary Clinton accuses Donald Trump of being a racist - While Donald Trump was fighting to put a country club in Palm Springs that would allow membership for Jewish and Black people. Bill and Hillary were paying thousands of dollars a year to be members of an All White Country Club in Arkansas. 
  • Hillary Clinton accuses Donald Trump of being in bed with the KKK - Hillary Clinton has received $20,000 in campaign contributions from KKK members, has the endorsement of at least one Grand Wizard, and has claimed that a former KKK member was her "friend and mentor".  

Look, we all understand that hypocrisy is the bedrock of liberalism. We also understand that no matter what Clinton states about Trump, most of the MSM will gulp it up as gospel with little or no fact checking, while everything Trump says will be reported by the MSM as dark unwarranted attacks, and a promotion of hate and division.

But at the end of the day, the "facts" simply don't matter. When it comes to politics, people are stupid. They will believe whatever it is that they want to believe. They will discount and disbelieve everything that makes them uncomfortable.

This is why someone might believe that Hillary Clinton (who fucked up everything she did as Secretary of State and left the world a much more chaotic and dangerous place due to her policies) is suddenly capable of "destroying terrorism". Seriously.  The fact that a prediction such as "Hillary destroying terrorism" was provided as objective "analysis" from our own liberal "voice" is proof positive how mind boggling unrealistic people can really be. I'd otherwise be embarrassed, but at this point this sort of rhetoric fits in with the rest of the crowd, so why not?

The truth is that one has to wonder how many bullets are left in the chamber to be fired at Donald Trump. Seems to me that he has taken everything (so far), been out advertised by around 40,000 ads, has been outspent by tens of millions... but is still hanging around, very much in contention.

You can only go back to the same well so many times, before you run out of water. How many different ways can you call a man a racist, and how many different groups of people can you lump into the KKK to make this point. How expansive does this get before you are calling nearly everyone something that ends with an ist or ism? At what point does insulting average Americans for holding mainstream political views become an exercise in self destruction?

The problem is that once you have fired all your rounds, there is only one thing left to do. We may not "quite" be at the point of Hillary throwing her gun at the monster, but it's getting close.


KD, Hillary falls said...

Hillary has dropped many points in the polling over the last few days, you know the ones that she could not be troubled to go to Louisiana and still has not gone there, why, it is a unforced error.

Hillary medical issue is rising ,,,,, the studdering, the coughing , the stubbles and the long rest periods and then there is the Help the US Secret Service has to give her, helping her up a very short flight of stairs, putting out a step stool so she can get into the suv.

We are not ALL Racist, just because we are not Alt-Left wacko's, just like we are not all going to HELL because we will not vote for her.

Her calling everyone that is not with HER a Racist was a very stupid move, unforced error the is YUGE.

wphamilton said...

It seems like a misuse of Secret Service personnel who should be paying attention to external potential threats. Clinton can afford to hire a personal valet to help her up stairs.

Roger Amick said...

He keeps sticking around because he has a loyal base. His biggest trouble is that he's unable to expand the base, without alienating his original base. Immigration is his biggest problem on that.

Another issue is that he does not have headquarters in the swing states. Clinton has get out the vote headquarters in every swing state, and a few that she might pick of like Georgia and Utah.

The Trump campaign is being run by people with zero experience at this level, and the candidate has less. It is a mess. They have been cancelling events, and he keeps bouncing around on immigration.

His 'campaign chairman', was on Raechel Maddow last week. She was not prepared for Maddow's questions. She's very smart and won't let them spit out spin and gets answers that can be embarrassing.

CNN has two way and four way polls. Clinton leads by 10 in both.

C.H. Truth said...

Roger - sounds like you have it all figures out. Trump is doing everything wrong and according to your hero over at the Talking Points memo... She's leading by an overwhelming 3.1%

I guess you better hope he doesn't figure it out over the next 70 days or so... since she cannot seem to pull away in spite of all his incompetence, blunders, mistakes, miscues, and otherwise just being the all time worst candidate in the history of politics.

Roger Amick said...

Why isn't she pulling away? There are many reasons.

1: She is perceived as dishonest. There is some truth to that, but not nearly as bad as Trump.

2: There is the angry minority, that Trump has locked. But he faces a conundrum. He has to address immigration. I's a lose lose problem. If he continues to keep the path to citizenship he will alienate the female, educated suburban voters. If he leaves the door open, he will lose some of his supporters. They won't vote for Clinton, but they may just sit it out.

3: One of the reasons he can't seem to match the TV adds.

4: I think the debates will be critical. If he uses the same attack and insult, he's going to fade into history.

5: I have to take this old body to the gym. The back problems can only be improved with core exercise.

6 Your Vikings took it to San Diego in the new wonderful, union labor built stadium.

opie' said...

Interesting did bit I heard on a talking head show this a.m. concerning the huge amount of new republicon' voters being registered. Seems it is not all good news for the right in the increases are from demo's changing parties to vote in the primary and this group was already voting R. Seems the new dem's are actually new voters and not misfit R's. Good news especially in floriduh and NC which could be very close and have significant hispanic populations that has been alienated by Trumpf's rhetoric. Toss in he has christies aid who was fired because of bridge gate, another on going story that has never been resolved, but donnie thinks is not big deal and roger is correct, his base like you will believe whatever malarky spews from his mouth.

C.H. Truth said...

One of the reasons he can't seem to match the TV adds.

Right, wrong, or indifferent... Trump chose not to run any ads until the past week or so. Originally, there was buzz that they were going to hold off on any advertising till after Labor Day.

Again, not sure why that should be considered good news for Clinton? She's been advertising almost unopposed, and appears to have seen her lead drop by about a third over the past two weeks.

While that may or may not project that Trumps first round of advertising is actually working... it certainly points to the reality that those 40-50 thousand unanswered ads didn't put him away.

At some point the advertising is going to equal out... running tens of thousands of ads runs into the laws of diminishing returns. Clinton may be at the point where her returns are not just diminished, but closer to non-existent. That may be the reason she has upped her attacks on the racism angle. What she had been doing was no longer working.

She's not going to run out of money... but she may run out of lines of attacks.

opie' said...

but she may run out of lines of attacks.

Highly doubtful since he can't keep his mouth shut. My guess, there was a major bus crash that killed a bunch of people with an illegal alien driver without a drivers license. Wanna bet he blames it on Hillary?????? There are plenty of things to attack, he's like the battery that keeps on going. LOL

Myballs said...

She's not perceived as dishonest. She is dishonest.

KD said...

44 % of Americans now live in a home that has a gun owner in it.

Hillary's ALT-Left Rant really made her look stupid. Dishonest, yes she is, no one is even close, that is a fact , jack.

What will be her next Scandal ? You know there is at least one more out there.

Hillbilly has spent more money by three times that of Trump.
Hillbilly has 10 times the paid staff .

And yet this is a dead heat.

Roger Amick said...

I can see a minor drop in the vote numbers.

But, the swing states, for the part, stay in the Clinton cabinet. Even if Trump picks off Florida, the other big number EVC stay in Clinton's cabinet, there could be a repeat of 2000 in reverse. It's not a normal election, so???????? Trump would shout FRAUD!

KD, Blacks Youth 51 % unemployment said...

This is a very normal Election, you buy every single ALT-Leftist spin line.

Trump is under spending yet, staying neck and neck with the drunken sailor spending of Hillbilly , why is that?

HB when did you become a big fan of Citizens United, can't have it both ways, you are either for Hillary's drunken sailor spending or your not?

As for the GDP, oh that was not good, nope, not good at all, it came in below half of what O'Hillary projected.

KD, 51 % black youth unemployment , Obama at his very Best said...

Repeat of 2000, well, HB again ,did you just admit that this race that you once said is over in favor of ALT-Lefist Hillbilly, is now tied?

What is abnormal about the campaign Hillbilly is running, IT has been a long,long time since she has given a presser, nothing new there, she is spending like the drunken sailor, nothing new there, she is far left, extreme , shrilly and she has played the race card, again and again, nothing new there.

About the up coming debates, Shrillary is wanting a chair to sit in , or at least a stool to rest her ever increasing medication induced fat ass on, she wants a break ever 1/2 , is she really that physically weak and sick that she can not stand and debate for 90 minutes straight?

"Operation Taco Bowl" a Hispanic funded and ran operation to Elect,,,,, wait for it........................................................................................................................................................................................................................ Trump.

Oh and for those that are so ill informed as not to see it, there are more and more blacks backing ....... Trump.

Why, well they are sick and tired of burying their children.

Has Hillary made it to Louisiana, YET?

Roger Amick said...

When I said Trump isn't studying for the debates. Laura Ingram was standing in for Clinton. Well no she's not

He has been especially resistant to his advisers’ suggestions that he take part in mock debates with a Clinton stand-in. At their first session devoted to the debate, on Aug. 21 at Mr. Trump’s club in Bedminster, N.J., the conservative radio host Laura Ingraham was on hand to offer counsel and, if Mr. Trump was game, to play Mrs. Clinton, said Trump advisers who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the debate preparations were supposed to be kept private. He declined.

C.H. Truth said...

Well if an anonymous source quotes an anonymous source then it must be true.

David St. Hubbins: I believe virtually everything I read, and I think that is what makes me more of a selective human than someone who doesn't believe anything.