Friday, September 2, 2016

Stupid Hillary?

Trump's new line of attack?

“She didn’t know what the letter C was.
Now, she did fail her bar exams in Washington D.C.,
 so maybe she wouldn’t know, I don’t know”

Yeah, I think this is the direction I would go with this, because, quite honestly after reading the latest release of information from the FBI, I am beginning to believe she is more stupid than evil genius. Giving her credit for lying her way out of an FBI indictment may be more than she deserves. Maybe James Comey was right when he said she was "not as sophisticated" as most people assume.

In other words:

  • Perhaps all of those "I don't recall" statements were not just her "playing stupid".
  • Maybe she really does believe that a letter "C" on a classified document is a declaration that the memo is being presented in some sort of alphabetical order. 
  • Maybe she doesn't know not to open links from unknown email addresses. 
  • Maybe she really didn't realize that memos regarding the specific military planning of drone strikes should have been classified.

You can fake a lot of stupid things in a criminal investigation, but it's hard to imagine she lost track of several of her electronic communication devises on purpose over her four years, so she could look stupid when the time came to sit down with the FBI.

I always believed her lack of success as First Lady, NY Senator, and Secretary of State was due to some sort of disinterest and entitlement. Perhaps it's a sign that she really just isn't a capable human being.


James said...

Play her up for stupid all you want.
Then sit back and watch the debates.

C.H. Truth said...

James -

Her handlers won't even let her host a press conference, and they have managed to make the first debate a forum where the two candidates answer questions separately (rather than appear on stage together).

Why would they do that James, if they were so confident in her abilities to excel and look smart?

Commonsense said...

Trump is already playing up that angle.

Either she's lying or she's too stupid to be president.

There's no third option.

Roger Amick said...

Let's put it this way CH. The last time we elected a Republican

1: Less than one year later, the United States was hit by the biggest terrorist attack in history. An administration discounted the warnings by experts in the field, who happened to work or Bill Clinton.

2: We invaded a nation that had no weapons of mass destruction that was used to get the approval from the Senate.

3: The instability of the middle east that is now providing a terrorist threat to every western nation.

4: We went through the deepest economic collapse since 1929.

5 Since then we have had more non farm jobs for over five years. Despite it isn't as strong a recovery as we wish, but there are many reasons that the recovery isn't as vigorous as we want, it's sure a hell of a lot better than the previous eight years.

6: Hillary Clinton isn't stupid.

Vamos a ponerlo de esta manera CH. La última vez que eligió a un Republicano

1: Menos de un año más tarde, los Estados Unidos se vio afectada por el mayor ataque terrorista de la historia. Una administración descuenta las advertencias de los expertos en la materia, que pasó a trabajar o Bill Clinton.

2: Que invadido la nación tenía las armas de destrucción masiva de Que se utilizó para obtener la aprobación del Senado.

3: La inestabilidad de la cola de Oriente Medio ofrece ahora a la amenaza terrorista a toda nación occidental.

4: Pasamos por el colapso económica más profunda desde 1929.

5 Desde entonces, hemos tenido más puestos de trabajo no agrícolas durante más de cinco años. A pesar de que no es tan fuerte la recuperación de lo deseamos, pero hay muchas razones Que la recuperación no es tan vigoroso el que queremos, es seguro que un infierno de mucho mejor que los ocho años anteriores.

6: Hillary Clinton no es estúpida.

KD, Don't know or too stupid to know said...

This is not the first time she used the "I don't recall" it is a dodge that lawyers use when found to be in trouble themselves, why, well it is not exactly a lie.

However, the trouble is the reason she gave for not being able to remember, head injury, remember a concussion is a bruising of the brain, she sustained brain damage.

Not playing up anything, Trump is just stating the known facts.

Facts that if you are going to vote for her you have to act like they don't exist.

Like her use of a computer white washing program called "BleachBit" , ask yourself this, have you ever put anything on your computer that you know is so damaging that you have to get ride of every trace?

C.H. Truth said...

Roger -

Stupid is as stupid does.

If you believe that the classification marking of a "C" is the alphabetical manner to label paragraphs, if you cannot hang onto your cell phones, and you didn't understand that documents about special access programs and military operations should be considered classified.

You are stupid.

What George W Bush did or didn't do have zero effect on whether or not Hillary Clinton is smarter than a bag of rocks.

wphamilton said...

Now you're finally coming around to my way of thinking. It's not just this FBI interview. She's been using the "I'm too stupid" defense since the Whitewater investigation. At some point it has to catch up with you, and people start to think maybe you really are that stupid.

Maybe we're at that point now. For a President, yes Stupid matters.

Roger Amick said...

Hook line and sinker

Roger Amick said...

You want to call her stupid.

I posted several reasons that we should not elect any Republican.

And my point on 3 is that a dim witted President ignored warning.In contrast to Trump she's Einstein.

C.H. Truth said...

Roger -

She thought the classification markings on a classified document was alphabetized paragraphs. She lost or broke 13 different devices in four years. She doesn't remember being trained on classification (when she had signed the paperwork stating she had).

You cannot defend that sort of stupidity, incompetence, and serious neurological problems.

So you blame it on Bush. Classic.

Roger Amick said...


One is a klutz.

The other was a birther.

One had a stroke, from which many recover completely.

The other has shown to be a liar on a regular basis.

One has 40 years experience in both domestic politics and foreign affairs.

The other was reality show star. He won't release his taxes. They may show that he wasn't nearly as successful as he claims it was.

James said...

If you want a case of stupid, ask the RNC how they felt about The Donald's STUPIDO handling of the immigtration-Mexican issue the other day. They were so enraged they didn't even issue a statement, but let him swing by himself in the wind.

James said...

...they have managed to make the first debate a forum where the two candidates answer questions separately (rather than appear on stage together).

Gosh, that sure is unfair to The Donald. Sorta cramps his shoot from the hip, personal attack, go for the cheap sound byte style, doesn't it?

:-) Watch her trounce him.

C.H. Truth said...

Roger - Hillary was the original "birther". She's got forty years of experience being a total failure. And is currently on her 3rd or 4th criminal probe.

Hillary believes that the classification markings of a "C" was alphabetized paragraphs, and didn't understand that documents with names of undercover agents and military plans are classified.

You are correct... she may (or may not) recover from her brain injury that creates both short term and long term memory loss. She may continue to not remember important briefings, important meetings, and lose her electronic devices as President.

We actually need someone who understand classification markings, understands what is and isn't classified, and doesn't have serious neurological problems that may or may not ever get better.

Whether or not Donald Trump is worth five billion or whether or not he has released his tax returns is irrelevant to what a total failure Clinton has been... and how stupid she reveals herself to be. Neither speak to his intelligence.

I guarantee you that he would understand a classification marking, would not confuse it with alphabetizing paragraphs. He will be able to keep track of his important electronic devices, he will remember the meetings he attends and what were discussed (and what he was supposed to have retained and learned).

The reality is that one of these candidates will literally have to be babysat like a person in the Alzheimer ward of an nursing home (because she quite literally was babysat by her aides when she was SS).

We cannot afford that in a President... just because you don't like her opponent's personality.

opie' said...

If you believe that the classification marking of a "C" is the alphabetical

If you believe a C is the proper methodology to note classified information, proving once again you have no idea what a classified document actually looks like. I have a global warming model for you to opine it's wrong LOL

C.H. Truth said...

Sure Opie...

The FBI, the inspector generals, and the entire intelligence community is wrong... and you and Hillary are correct.

Loretta Russo said...

Abbreviated classified markings are used ALL of the time, as anyone with the least of experience will tell you.

She was careless, or simply didn't care.

KD, must be Sunday, HB is lying again said...

I posted several reasons that we should not elect any Republican"

HB, the slightest of breeze moves your core beliefs.

During the primary you said their where 3 Republicans you could see yourself voting for , they were always the bottom of the rung Republicans with low real voters voting for them, but, my point is you said you could vote for them, no , never, we knew it was a LIE then and now well your true ALT-Leftism on full display.

KD, Every use "Bleachbit" ? said...

She signed a document assuring that she knew what classifications were and how to properly safeguard the Secrets of the USA, she either did not care or is too stupid to understand, to both I am sure she is so medically brain damaged that the best she has is a very legally defensible "I don't recall"

Roger Amick said...

Kevin Drum

If you read the entire report, you'll find bits and pieces that might show poor judgment on Hillary's part. The initial decision to use one email device is the obvious one, something that Hillary has acknowledged repeatedly. Another—maybe—is her staff's view of what was safe to send over unclassified email. But this is very fuzzy. It could be that her staff knew exactly what it was doing, and it's the subsequent classification authorities who are wrong. This is something that it's impossible to judge since none of us will ever see the emails in question.

That said, this report is pretty much an almost complete exoneration of Hillary Clinton. She wasn't prohibited from using a personal device or a personal email account, and others at state did it routinely. She's told the truth all along about why she did it. Colin Powell did indeed advise her about using personal email shortly after she took office, but she chose to follow the rules rather than skirt them, as Powell did. She didn't take her BlackBerry into her office. She communicated with only a very select group of 13 people. She took no part in deciding which emails were personal before handing them over to State. She had nothing to do with erasing information on the PRN server. That was a screw-up on PRN's end. She and her staff all believed at the time that they were careful not to conduct sensitive conversations over unclassified email systems. And there's no evidence that her server was ever hacked.

There's remarkably little here. If you nonetheless believe that it's enough to disqualify Hillary from the presidency, that's fine. I have no quarrel with you. But if the FBI is to be believed, it's all pretty small beer.

Loretta Russo said...

"The reality is that one of these candidates will literally have to be babysat like a person in the Alzheimer ward of an nursing home (because she quite literally was babysat by her aides when she was SS)."

Once it was known she'd suffered a concussion, at her age, she should have been monitored and confirmation of her mental health should have come from three different doctors.

Like it or not, "ordinary" old people are scrutinized more than younger people.

It was her obligation, AND Obama's) to make sure she was mentally (and physically) capable of doing her damn job.

wphamilton said...

The report said, literally, that Clinton didn't violate the law because she was too dumb to understand how to handle classified information. According to the FBI, if she'd had the average intelligence to understand what she was doing, there would have been "intent" and therefore a crime.

That isn't any sort of exoneration. Not complete exoneration, nor any other kind.

C.H. Truth said...

Roger -

She admitted she never asked anyone about using a personal server, much less got permission... or was told by anyone it was allowed. Nobody had ever used a personal server before... and never used it to send or receive classified information (which she routinely did).

Colin Powell warned her to be careful... saying if she used her personal device for work related email, then anything personal that was attached to that, was then part of what could be called for under the Freedom of information act. Powell used the secured system for secured emails, a public system for non-secured work related business, but did not use that for personal emails.

Lastly, she was the Secretary of State. She is responsible for everything that went on.

If she couldn't supervise that department well enough to know that those she put in charge of sorting her emails... missed by over 17000 emails...

Then she certainly cannot be trusted to be President.


But at the end of the day... You actually believe that Hillary Clinton and her aides were right, and the rest of the intelligence community was wrong about what should and shouldn't be classified. That's just downright scary Roger.

Oh, and if any of this 'exonerated her' they would not have dumped it on a Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend.


But hey... if Kevin Drum says it's so. It must be so.

This is how Roger's brain is led around by the liberal blogosphere.

Roger Amick said...

Read the whole thing.

You don't like some decision, tough,.I think that Donald Trump is far less qualified, for a dozen reasons, top few:
Pathological liar.

Personality: Impulsive, deeply angry, decisive, impulsive behavior

and incompetent.

C.H. Truth said...

Roger -

I read the report. I don't need to read Kevin Drum's take an a report "I" read myself.

Again, the big difference between someone like you and someone like me.

I go to the source, gather the information, and then garner my own opinion based on that information.

You skip all these steps, and move directly to reading people you know are predisposed to defend and support Clinton, and use their opinions as a substitute for creating your own.

C.H. Truth said...

Donald Trump has amassed a multi billion dollar corporation, has over 500 thriving businesses, and has become a National Icon.

Explain to us how this makes him incompetent?

opie' said...

C.H. Truth said...
Donald Trump has amassed a multi billion dollar corporation, has over 500 thriving businesses, and has become a National Icon.

While hiring illegal polish immigrants and forgetting to pay them and denying they worked for him. Declared bankruptcies multiple times and screwing those who provided services to him and he made millions in the settlements. All his trump lines of clothes made overseas since he could not find a source to make them here Yep. he's a lying icon we all wish to emulate. ... Just like his tax returns, trump is about as honest as you.

C.H. Truth said...

Opie -

The average start up business has about 50/50 chance of still being operational after four years.

By the laws of statistics a man with over 500 businesses should have had approximately 500 businesses that went under. You cite a hand full of bankruptcies (mostly chapter 11 reorganizations) as proof he is a bad business man.

Sort of like siting the fact that LaBron James missed shots in his career makes him a bad basketball player.

Bottom line, statistically speaking his business savvy is almost unprecedented. In fact I doubt you could name anyone with his business success. Almost every person richer than him did it through starting and owning "one" business (such as Microsoft or Apple). Bill Gates didn't start over 500 businesses to get where he is.

So you want to question his ethics. That's a reasonable question. But it has to be compared and contrasted to the ethics of the person he is running against. Donald Trump has been sued a few times, Hillary has been sued multiple times as well, and has been under criminal investigation multiple times (as was her Husband).

When you own 500 businesses you will have people who don't like you. There will be competitors and partners who will feel cheated. It's a dog eat dog world out there... both in business and in world politics.

Look at how Obama and Kerry bent over and allowed the Iranians to fuck them up the ass in the Iraq negotiations. We gave them what they wanted and they literally have balked at over half of what they agreed to do already. They have now put up a missile defense system around the underground uranium enrichment plant they agreed to shut down. Still believe that it's their intention to shut it down and allow inspections?

Maybe if any of them had any negotiation savvy, that sort of international mistake would not have happened. Maybe we need someone who can take charge of these situations and make sure our country's interests are not screwed over because we are afraid someone might be upset with us later.

Loretta Russo said...

"Donald Trump has amassed a multi billion dollar corporation,"

As opposed to scamming the people of Haiti....

opie' said...

You are drowning in trump's BS. When you are given a million bucks as a kid to do as you please, even you may be successful. Since you have no idea of the donald's actual wealth and how much he has earned except for what he tells you, My guess is he is not as great as your BS makes him. Ethics. you don't get to his stature by being nice and following rules. And I'll repeat, I think hillary is and awful candidate, but is not as bad as you think she is. The Iran deal is working in spite of your opinion and the only one taking it up the ass is the republicon' party and their stupidity in choosing trump. You should have had all 3 branches based on Hillary and are likely to loose the senate and a whole bunch of seats in congress and you have no one to blame but the 15million idiots like you who let trump in.

C.H. Truth said...

When you are given a million bucks as a kid to do as you please, even you may be successful.

Turning a million dollars into a multi-billion dollar empire speaks for itself. Whether than makes him a potential great President is anyone's guess. But if his Press conference in Mexico is any indication, he can both come across as warm and respectful as well as confident and in control.

The fact that the Mexican President is taking heat for allowing Trump to come in and make him look small and weak in comparison, is very similar to the criticism of our own President who often times looks small and weak in comparison to other world leaders. I think most people (even most liberals I talk to) are frustrated and done with the strategy of "leading from behind". Those who are, will see a confident man who turned a million into billions see "possibilities".

Neither candidate is a "good" candidate. The question is whether we decide to go with the Baseball manager who always leads their team to 110 losses every season, just because he has experience... or do we take a chance on someone who never managed before based on the argument that they can hardly do worse.

KD, The USA is more Divided then every said...

deeply angry, decisive, impulsive behavior

and incompetent." HB

You just "bundled" O'Hillary in a bow, well done , thanks

KD, Hillary caught again, old story of cheating, lying, corruption aka Clinton Way said...

Sorry, but I have to quote :

"CBS’s Scott Pelley asked Hillary Clinton if she ever lied to the American people. Her answer was less than forthright causing Pelley to comment it could seem she was leaving herself “wiggle room”. Even so, Hillary continued to avoid a direct answer by saying…

“You know, you’re asking me to say, ‘Have I ever?’ I don’t believe I ever have… I don’t believe I ever will. I’m going to do the best I can to level with the American people.”

Scoot Pelley, gave her a under hand slow pitch hanging curve ball and she totally Whiffed.

opie' said...

Seems donnie has made millions off Saudi princes renting apartments to them. I wonder if he would allow those dayum muslims in to use those rentals. LOL

C.H. Truth said...

Well Opie...

Since Trump was fighting in court to open a country club that accepted Blacks and Jews, while the Clintons were paying $20,000/year to be members of an all white Country Club.

I don't believe he would have an issue renting an apartment to a legal American resident who happened to be employed and Muslim.

opie' said...

Since Trump was fighting in court to open a country club that accepted Blacks and Jews, while the Clintons were paying $20,000/year to be members of an all white Country Club.

Tell me CH. how does that help the black's of detroit, or the impoverished living in coal mining districts? Yep, that donnie is the pied piper of R's leading them on with words and a big wall. brilliant commentary on your part CH. BTW, Trump was sued for not renting to black tenants in the 80's and paid a very large fine. I guess you could call them legal residents. Once again, you obviously have bought into the BS he's going to make detroit a safer place to live while he is in the NRA's pocket. LOL

C.H. Truth said...

Actually Trump was never fined. There was a lawsuit and a counter suit and an eventual "settlement" where Trump agreed to send the list of vacancies to a civil rights group.

What's interesting... is that you find that lawsuit to be proof of racism, while you discount the fact that the Clintons spent $20,000 a year for an all White country club membership... as not having anything to do with helping the impoverished living in Detroit.

Btw... the mayor of Detroit is a Democrat and nearly all of the members of the city council are black. Tell me, why it's still impoverished if they already have the trusted black Democrats watching their back?