Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The left is starting to "blame the media" again...

  • Why can't the vast right wing conspiracy thinly veiled as "the media" report news regarding Hillary Clinton objectively? 
  • Why are they always picking on her? 
  • Why are they always keeping dead news in the forefront? 
  • Why are they always reporting right wing propaganda as fact.

Bottom line: Why is the media so "unfair" to Hillary Clinton?

That, in a nutshell, seems to be the new question swirling around the "progressive movement" now that Clinton's insurmountable landslide victory appears to be slipping into an actual competitive election. In the minds of these Clinton apologists, the idea that she gets a bad rap by the media is a foregone conclusion. Nothing is every her fault. Every scandal is made up. The media just is unfair to the Clintons.

Not only that,  but did you hear that the polls are biased as well?  Apparently CNN used a sample that included more than 23% Republicans (which is apparently what the Gallup poll on Party Identification says, so that is what pollsters should use).  Of course the fact that less than two years ago Republicans made up 37% of the electorate is irrelevant.  As is the fact that Republicans have not fallen below 32% of an electorate pretty much in our lifetimes. According to the left, they should still keep Republicans down around 23% just because.

Note: it's not the makeup of the CNN Poll that moved it by ten points. It was the shift with Republican and Independent voters from Hillary to Trump. Trump is now leading independents by 20 points.

But my favorite right now is the call from the Washington Post to "move past" the Hillary health conspiracy theories.  Because according to the author of the piece, her coughing fits are just normal everyday issues that nearly everyone (including him) goes through all the time?

Is that so? I am on the long side of 50 and cannot recall "ever" going four minutes without being able to stop coughing, and never once have I had to disengage from something so I could recover from coughing. Lord forbid, asking her to release her "full" medical records is uncalled for, and of course also very unfair. That would assume someone associated with the Clinton campaign actually "lied" and we can all rest assured nothing like that would ever happen. Ahem.

Bottom line: when all else fails, blame the vast right wing conspiracy. It's as good today as it was in the nineties.


Commonsense said...

The left blaming the media for Clinton's scandals is the very definition of cognitive dissonance.

The media is doing everything it can to not cover it.

KD, She is not play dumb, she really is that stupid, or you are if you believe her said...

The ALT-Left is seeing the Clinton Crime Family for what they are, from Hillary , to Bill the Rapist, to that widely acclaimed NEWS Reporterett Chel$$ee to her Hedge Fund Manger Hubby, it is always been about the MONEY.

She might not remember that day in September when she SIGNED a Secret keeping Document, But I Remember a day in September when she signed a document that she promised a bright line between the Clinton Foundation and the US Secretary of State Office. When asked about how the "Pay for Play" worked she said she could not recall, it was a time that her brain was Jello.

The Jello-Head said the following when asked about her Email server(S).

“I don’t know anything about that,” the corrupt Clinton told a reporter on her campaign airplane on Monday. “That was not something that I was aware of, and I think that the facts point out that there was no connection. It wasn’t something that, as far as I understand, that was related,” she claimed.

Right, Sgt Hillary Schultz reporting for duty.

Loretta Russo said...

" I am on the long side of 50 and cannot recall "ever" going four minutes without being able to stop coughing, and never once have I had to disengage from something so I could recover from coughing"

Me either! I'm on the long side of 60, smoked for 30 years!!!

She's either sick, or faking.