Monday, September 5, 2016

Trump's low bar strategy...

I was reading some stories over the weekend coming from the Clinton camp about how they are becoming worried that Donald Trump's expectations are so low, that even a marginally adequate performance in a speech or an event can be played off as a success.

The fact that he simply stood next to the President Nieto was seen as a political success by almost all pundits from all sides of the spectrum. Apparently all it took for Trump to look "Presidential" was to stand there and not act like an ass. Many of his recent speeches have been similarly deemed successes, because he has not drifted off script and by nature looks more Presidential.

The much publicized illusion that Clinton is Presidential and Trump is not, has been a major part of the Clinton strategy.  But now the concern coming from the Clinton camp is that simply standing next to Hillary Clinton in a debate and being treated like an equal, will ultimately play into his low expectations game. In other words, simply participating in a Presidential debate will make people believe he is a serious Presidential candidate.

Go figure... it's almost as if Trump wants you to believe he is a major Party nominee?

Such is the problem when your main campaign strategy is to tell Americans that your opponent does not have the temperament or intelligence to be President. If you get up on stage with them, and they hold their own... then either your criticism is wrong, or you are also lacking the temperament and intelligence to be President.

Sort of puts a ton of pressure on Hillary Clinton to put up the goods, come debate time... doesn't it?

So what happens to the mindset of the American public if Trump looks competent and Hillary Clinton looks no better than average? What happens if Clinton is not able to throw Trump off his game and make him look like a person without the temperament to be President. What happens if Trump has a handle on the issues of the day and does not look uninformed or unintelligent? What happens if he comes across as Hillary's equal?

Suddenly he's not so temperamental and unintelligent.

Lord knows what might happen if he gets the better of her.


Commonsense said...

It must be supremely embarrassing to have a strategy to paint your opponent as not temperate and intelligent enough to be president and then have the FBI published an interview with you that proves you're not temperate or intelligent enough to be president.

Indy Voter said...

Not acting like an ass is a big improvement for Trump. And if that means he's set the bar low, so be it.

Clinton has also managed to set the bar low for herself on the honesty/competency scale with her use of a private email server, her ridiculous excuses for why and how she used it, and the "coincidental" disappearance of its contents as soon as the server became public knowledge.

Loretta Russo said...

"Not acting like an ass is a big improvement for Trump"

Yup. I had the same thoughts about Cruz.

rrb said...

so let's see...

she needs a posse to haul her fat ass up a short flight of stairs...

...just about everytime she opens her mouth and the lies start tumbling out she breaks into a 4-5 minute coughing fit...

...AND fully two thirds of America think she's a pathological liar.

so to the garden variety imbecile she's clearly qualified to be president.

ok, got it.

KD, HB thrilled Hillary sometime does not need assistance said...

Did you see her climb the stairs entering the airline? HB

LOL, so now that can be put on her resume' of accomplishments, can walk up stairs by herself sometime unaided by the US Secret Service.

Rat, HB let the about dumbshit slip out, like her going up some stairs, not assisted is some big accomplishment.