Monday, December 19, 2016

Electoral College Votes today...

Update: Trump over 270 !!!

256- Trump
143 - Clinton
3 - Powell
1 - Faith Spotted Eagle 

The last gasp of the disgruntled Democrats? Perhaps... but if the intimidation and hate speech directed at the electors was any indication, they will just move on to the next step. 

I wonder... how many different reasons can they come up with to "impeach" the President? 

Democrats now feel entitled to be poor losers

The Democrats lost and they lost big. Lost across the board. Have been losing. Will likely continue to lose. They are the people's Party of losers right now. The saddest thing about all of this is that they have suddenly become not only the Party of losers, but the Party of poor losers.


Indy Voter said...

Doubt they will continue to lose. With a Republican president they should gain House seats and governorships in 2018.

Indy Voter said...

Interesting to see how many electors bail today. Probably more Clinton electors than Trump electors, but my guess is fewer than 10 total.

KD, Clinton Coup Attempt Today, Odds? said...

The Clinton Coup attempt will play out today, will she be able to pull it off?

HB, a question you can answer in your own words.

Did the emails that were made public, did they change your vote?

Did you really vote FOR Trump?

Roger Amick said...

Santa Putin is coming to town.©

He knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you're awake, so be glad for goodness sake, so be glad I bought you a Donald J. Trump. You better no weep, you better not cry, because Santa Putin will be smiling at you.

KD, Hillary Clinto Coup Game Plan said...

Today, on HOPE and CHANGE, the Dow might go over 20,000, further helping us that take risks to be rewarded with further wealth creation.

I have always said it is not how much one earns (the average dolt earns more then $1 million dollars ), it is how well you make your earned money work for you.

It has been easy for me, I was educated by two parents that instilled in all us kids a great work ethic, the meaning of a dollar and financial wisdom on how to make money from earned and retained assets.

Dad always taught us to buy things that go up in value, let others buy the adult toys , like cars, trucks and other depreciating items. He taught us to buy land, cattle and stocks .

KD, Hillary Clinton Coup zerO hour said...

Will everyone do as I do and continue to Laugh out loud at HB.

Since the morning of Nov. 9th, 2016, he is more and more, less and less in touch with reality.

caliphate4vr said...

A new report finds that ObamaCare's subsidy costs will climb by almost $10 billion because of higher premiums. (AP)

Health Reform: Cost overruns are endemic to government health programs, and ObamaCare is turning out to be no different. Not only are its Medicaid expansion costs exploding, skyrocketing premiums are now pushing insurance subsidy costs through the roof.

A new study from the Center for Health and Economy finds that because of the double-digit premium increases across the country, federal spending on ObamaCare's insurance subsidies will shoot up by nearly $10 billion next year

That's because the amount of the subsidy is directly tied to the cost of insurance in any given market. The Obama administration treats this as a cardinal virtue of ObamaCare, because the subsidies largely shield eligible enrollees from premium rate shocks. In fact, the administration has argued that higher premiums are a good thing, because they make more people eligible for those subsidies.

But team Obama conveniently overlooks the fact that the money to pay these subsidies doesn't grow on trees.

The Center for Health and Economy finds that, even if enrollment for next year is relatively flat — they predict the number getting subsidies will go from 9.4 million this year to 9.7 million, which given current enrollment trends seems reasonable — ObamaCare's subsidy costs will still climb from $32.8 billion this year to $42.6 billion next year. That's an increase of 30%.

In case you're wondering, the Center for Health and Economy is not an Obama-hating right-wing, fake-news outfit. It's a nonpartisan research group founded two years ago by many of the leading health care economists in the nation.

President Obama has often bragged that ObamaCare ended up costing less overall than anticipated, but that was only true because half the number of people signed up for insurance than he'd expected. With premiums spiraling out of control, this supposed advantage won't last long.

Spiraling subsidies come on top of news that ObamaCare's Medicaid expansion is costing far more than expected per enrollee — 49% more, to be exact. That figure comes from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the government agency that runs ObamaCare.

CMS found that those newly eligible for Medicaid under ObamaCare had average medical costs of $6,366, instead of the $4,281 it had expected. Plus, millions more are signing up for Medicaid than predicted.

These cost overruns are in keeping with every other government health program, which is why it's imperative that ObamaCare be repealed as soon as possible.

The good news is that Trump and the Republican Congress have put repealing ObamaCare at the top of their to-do list.

The better news is that, according to Politico, several Senate Democrats — many whom will be in tight re-election rates in 2018 — are now saying that if ObamaCare is repealed, they'll work with Republicans on a replacement plan.

This gives Republicans an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enact free market reforms that will do what ObamaCare only promised. They better not blow it.

Commonsense said...

Doubt they will continue to lose. With a Republican president they should gain House seats and governorships in 2018.

You are just repeating conventional wisdom that says the party in power loses seats in an off year election.

However CW hasn't worked very well with Trump and if the Democrats keep going the way the have been then the Democrats will be slaughter in 2018.

Providing of course Trump has a minimally successful first two years.

One other tidbit. Democrats are defending far more senate seats in red states than Republicans in blue state in 2018.

Convention wisdom once again may prove to be wrong.

rrb said...

Anonymous Indy Voter said...
Doubt they will continue to lose. With a Republican president they should gain House seats and governorships in 2018.

at this point larry sabato is predicting the distinct possibility that with all the senate seats they're defending, the dems might be in serious trouble in '18, and the GOP might just grab a 60 seat super majority.

rrb said...

The Democrats lost and they lost big.


the word you're looking for isn't 'big' but "BIGLY."

Indy Voter said...

Rat, I left out the Senate on purpose. Democrats have overperformed in the 2018 class for several cycles now. Even in a bad year for Republicans the Democrats might fail to win any of the current Republican seats. I doubt eight Democratic seats would be lost unless 2018 turns out to be a very good year overall for Republicans.

rrb said...

understood. i was surprised that sabato would be talking about it this early.

Roger Amick said...

Why the delegates will vote for Trump, is they have no conscience.
Axelrod: David Axelrod, a former top adviser to President Barack Obama, has “grave concerns” about the impending administration of President-elect Donald Trump.

But he has even greater concerns about what could happen if the Electoral College were to vote against Trump on Monday.

"Look, Alexander Hamilton conceived of the Electoral College and the founding fathers as a buffer against democracy run amok, as a safe guard against someone who was unsuited for the office to take the office. But it's never been used in the history of our republic,” Axelrod said Monday morning on CNN’s “New Day.” “To have it happen now, despite the fact that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote and all that's swirling around with Russia and so on, I believe would split the country apart in a really destructive way and it would set this mad cycle in which every election the electoral college vote would be in question.”

Axelrod said he was confident that Trump would get the necessary electoral votes to certify him as the nation’s next president despite the fact that a handful of electors, including one Republican in Texas, have called on the Electoral College writ large to go against the election results from last month. It is unlikely that more than a handful will do so though, and even if the Electoral College were to deny Trump, the question of who will become the next president would then go to the GOP-controlled House of Representatives.

The argument in favor of electors voting for some alternative to Trump is based largely on conscience and concern that the Manhattan billionaire is considered by some to be unfit for the office of president. But a vote based on conscience should factor in much more than just Trump’s fitness for the presidency.

rrb said...

oh for chrissakes, put a sock in it alky.

if all you have is mental masturbation and cut n' pastes, go soil the legacy blog.

rrb said...

this is absolutely awesome:

President Obama said in an interview broadcast Monday that he wants to build up the Democratic Party by helping to develop a "whole new generation of talent" after he leaves the White House.

skeets is putting himself in as coach of the democrat farm team.

thank you GOD.

KD, Clinton Coup is she winning yet??? said...

this is absolutely awesome:

President Obama said in an interview broadcast Monday that he wants to build up the Democratic Party "

yes like he has while he has been in office that last 8 years?

God I hope they follow his lead, what a dumb ass .

KD, Clinton Coup, looks to be failing said...

HB, you are a dumb ass.

She lost, no one cheated her, no one stole it, she lost, in my opinion because of two things, no economic plan and her poor health.

Get over it, please do not let it eat your rotten brain like Gore loss has.

rrb said...

"As a practical matter, we can't depend on a constitutional amendment to eliminate the electoral college. ... Instead, it's up to the Supreme Court — and a properly framed lawsuit — to do away with a system that not only never functioned as the framers intended but blatantly violates the court's 'one person, one vote' principle."

—Kenneth Jost in the LA Times

every time they get their panties in a twist over something liberals go running to the courts.


KD, Alky go back to drinking you were less of an asshole said...

I have noticed that since the major sweeping win by Trump and the Republicans that Indy and WP are a lot more Clinton like and a lot less independent.

Fence sitting is hard on them, I guess I should be more understanding.

Commonsense said...

Somebody should give Jost a lesson in constitutional law.

C.H. Truth said...

As a practical matter

The courts are supposed to uphold the constitution...

and since the Electoral College is part of the constitution, it's a little difficult to call it unconstitutional.

There is no practical in this particular manner.

Indy Voter said...

Democrats don't have much choice about bringing up a new generation. The party's current generation committed political seppuku seven years ago. Just took them this long to notice their entrails were hanging out.

Commonsense said...

I don't think they've notice it yet.

Commonsense said...

For all the noise of liberals pleading with the electoral college to deny Trump the Presidency, it was Hillary Clinton who lost the most electoral votes.

How's that for irony.

Latest totals with 42 states:


wphamilton said...

It's funny, I remain opposed to all of these EC vote shenanigans, because I believe that the purpose of them is to destabilize the new government. Yet, were I an Elector I'd be very tempted to vote away from either Trump or Clinton. I believe that those few which have become "Faithless Electors" actually are acting out of conscience and not for the political machinations of the Clintons. So let's not go too hard on them.

rrb said...

the amish are at it again -

i've got this narrowed down to workplace violence, a man caused disaster, or the throttle stuck on one of santa's helpers' delivery rigs.

rrb said...

i cast my ballot for 'liver spotted al-qui'

wphamilton said...

Compared to Trump, EVERYONE is "more Clinton like".

KD, Stop Crying the Clinton Coup Backfired said...

Somebody should give Jost a lesson in constitutional law. " CS

He learned his Con-Law from the Con-Man Obama.

As for Clinton Coup,,, One Faithless Trump Voter and wait for it

4 Clinton faithless voters, omg, that is too funny

KD, If you are Anti-Trump Then dont take the tax cuts said...

i've got this narrowed down to workplace violence, a man caused disaster, or the throttle stuck on one of santa's helpers' delivery rigs."

Yep, towel heads are scoring big today around the free world, I see that the Russian Embassy guy got killed, wonder if it was a video that provoked it?

rrb said...

the american society of sore losers and liberal asshats has sent our president a letter:

President Barack Obama

The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington, DC 20500

November 29, 2016

Dear President Obama,

We are writing to express our grave concern regarding the mental stability of our President-Elect. Professional standards do not permit us to venture a diagnosis for a public figure whom we have not evaluated personally. Nevertheless, his widely reported symptoms of mental instability — including grandiosity, impulsivity, hypersensitivity to slights or criticism, and an apparent inability to distinguish between fantasy and reality — lead us to question his fitness for the immense responsibilities of the office. We strongly recommend that, in preparation for assuming these responsibilities, he receive a full medical and neuropsychiatric evaluation by an impartial team of investigators.

Sincerely, Judith Herman, M.D. Professor of Psychiatry Harvard Medical School

Nanette Gartrell, M.D. Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry University of California, San Francisco (1988–2011)

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School Dee Mosbacher, M.D., Ph.D. Assistant Clinical Professor Department of Community Health Systems University of California, San Francisco (2005–2013)

Read more at:

KD, Hillary Clinton Coup said...

I don't think they've notice it yet." CS

nope , they are like the guy that is getting cut into pieces in the Monte Python Movie, the radical leadership of the Dems keep yelling
"It is but a scratch"

KD, Electoral Trump Victory, Clinton Coup Failed said...

Huffington post is passing out, coloring books, crayons, baby diaper pins and opium to help the Hillary Coup True Believes cope.

"Trump hit the necessary threshold of 270 electoral votes after Texas’ representatives cast their ballots."

So HB, Opium and RIP Jane, it is official your dear sweet Hillary Coup failed.

KD, Clinton Coup fails said...

Joe Biden, has to be looking at the idiot in the Mirror and wondering, why did he sit down for Hillary to run and lose.

Historic, Hillary loss , Obama failed to get his replacement elected.
Historic, the Sitting VP did not run for President.

Now for Joe, their is one more job he has to do, certify Trump's victory.

Oh how sweet this is, really, sweet and fun.

Just like this moment in history was so sweet:
In a remarkable moment on the floor of the House in January 2001, Vice President Gore presided over the certification of the Electoral College vote – and repeatedly rejected attempts to block the certification by Democratic House members"

Yes, they wanted the sitting VP to violate the US Law and not Certify the victory of Bush.

SO , for those that think this is a new game from the sore Losers, it is not, baby liberals that own and run the Democrap party can not take defeat.

I am raising money to commission and present a Participation Trophy to Hillary Clinton, it will be in a shape of a schlong.

Roger Amick said...

The second coming doesn't want to have just Secret Service protection. He wants to have his own SS security, to "Carry them out on stretchers" if they dare disagree with the second coming President at his seminars.

Donald Trump won’t content himself with the standard-issue presidency — he’s going to have his customized. Daily intelligence briefings are out, along with the norms that prohibit the appearance of corruption. “Victory rallies” are in — as is the private security force that policed dissent at Trump’s events throughout his campaign.

Politico’s Ken Vogel reports that Trump has retained his private security detail as president-elect, and he’s expected to carry on doing so even after inauguration — a move that’s both unprecedented and, in the eyes of some Secret Service agents, dangerous.

“It’s playing with fire,” former Secret Service agent Jonathan Wackrow, who worked on Barack Obama’s protective detail during his 2012 reelection campaign, told Politico. “It creates greater confusion and it creates greater risk … you never want to comingle a police function with a private security function.”

Trump’s use of private security was aberrant long before he won the White House. Most presidential candidates drop outside security the moment they’re provided Secret Service protection. But the president-elect actually increased his spending on private security after he was provided such protection in November 2015: Even as Hillary Clinton outspent the GOP nominee by nearly 75 percent, Trump spent nearly three times as much on security contracting. In total, his campaign doled out more than $1 million on private security through the end of last month.

With that investment, Trump assembled an anti-protester intelligence squad, tasked with identifying people at his rallies who didn’t look like they belonged. Shockingly, this security team wracked up dozens of accusations of racial profiling and the use of undue force.

But while this ragtag group of former New York cops and FBI agents has excelled at removing black protesters — and the occasional Indian-American Trump supporter — from the GOP standard-bearer’s rallies, they’ve proven less adept at securing their boss’s physical safety.

Former NYPD officer Keith Schiller has worked security for Donald Trump since 1999. He is the president-elect’s personal body guard and “consigliere,” and is expected to serve as his “full-time physical gatekeeper” in the White House.

But according to Vogel, Schiller’s relative inexperience at providing security for politicians caused occasional problems on the campaign trail.

Roger Amick said...

In March, when a 32-year-old man jumped a barricade and rushed toward the stage as Trump was speaking at a rally in Dayton, Ohio, Secret Service agents immediately descended on Trump from opposite sides of the dais, encircling him in a human shield as a handful of other agents tackled the man before he could leap onto the stage. About a second after the first two agents reached Trump, Schiller leapt onto the stage and moved to position himself between the scrum and his boss … Schiller’s reaction was panned as too slow, and was the subject of disapproving conversation among agents, according to a law enforcement source briefed on the conversations. The source said one agent described Schiller as the “JV trying to keep up in a varsity game.”

Specifically, the source said that Schiller came from a position on the dais that the agents would have used to evacuate Trump if that were to have been necessary. “If that happened, they would have run right into Keith. He was about three seconds too late,” the source said.

The prospect of the American president retaining a personal security force that specializes in targeting dissenters is unsettling for fairly obvious reasons.

But the move is concerning even if one stipulates that the team will be used exclusively as an anodyne adjunct to the next president’s security detail, as it illustrates the depth of Trump’s preference for loyalty over expertise. In this context, that preference may threaten Trump’s personal security; in others, it threatens our national one.

KD, Hillary Clinton Coup attempt failed said...

No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA!" and "No treason, no Trump!"

"Don't let Putin Pick Our President,"

What does the Democrat party supporter sound like, well, it sounds like HB aka the Mutt. Cry baby sissy bitches.

KD, Reject Trump Tax cuts , keep your moral high ground liberals said...

More found to be Faithless -- in Hillary (4)

Less found to be Faithless -- in Trump (1)

She even lost this, priceless, here Hillary have a good cry and your Schlong participation Trophy.

KD, Feckless Hillary Failed Coup said...

Several Democratic electors in other states tried to vote for protest candidates but they either changed their votes to Clinton or were replaced."

Oh oh, so the Dems that wanted to abandon Hillary were stopped , by being removed and replaced with a faithful Hillary shill, what happen to letting the voices of decent be heard, or is that only for the voices against Trump.

This fell in on Clinton and the Democrat Leadership a weak feckless bunch.

Roger Amick said...

K'putz is as usual, is a plagiarist.

Follow that link to what he stole without attribution.

rrb said...

Blogger Roger Amick said...
K'putz is as usual, is a plagiarist.

says the hack who posted stories from politico i had already read hours before he posted them.

KD, LOL @ HB said...

HB aka The Mutt.

All you do is crybaby about everything, are politics really that much of your life, I mean really.

She wanted to be the President, to continue to damage the US Economy, put coal workers out of business, cause energy to cost more, kill more jobs, make more people dependent on others and nominate left wing radicals to all the courts.

She , in your words had Biden, Moochelle , Obimbo, Bill the Rapist, Warren the Not-Native Indian and so many more, she had the fake news media and she had the MONEY, OH did she have the MONEY, the very thing RIP Jane and you bitch about.

She was a star, she had a cunt, that alone was reason for many men hating liberal woman to vote for HER.

She made the campaign about Obama's Third term (that was rejected).

She made the campaign about HER,,, "I'm with HER".

It was her turn, right.

Only problem, those Voters.

Cite "the internet, tv "

KD, Do not be bought by Trump said...

Trump wins Electoral College vote as insurgency fizzles"

USA Today

Mutt, I notice that you did not attempt to refute my facts, good choice.

As for the Hillary Coup, this is the funniest part, HER tried to pull off this Coup, and what is the result.

President Elect Trump

Hillary lost more Electors then did Trump, Trump wins over Stupidity.

Mutt, to be true to your little stupid liberal loser heart, when Personal Exemption double under TRUMP, do not take that larger deduction and WHEN tax rates drop, do not pay the lower rate.

Be true to your CONvictions and don't keep more of the money you have coming in, save some of it, and then after you file next years taxes , write the check.

Mutt pay higher Obama tax rate here, keep your word for once

KD, Hey Mutt does this post piss you off, stupid silly sissy said...

This is an image that was stolen from Obama/Hillary.

Think how historic this single moment was to be for the Wholly Owned Radical Democrat Party of today. Obama, First Black President after two terms hands over Power to the First WOMAN President.

OMG, that is enough to piss off a liberal.

Yet, back in real life, the failed out going first black president will be handing over power to a business man of great wealth (not a first , not even close, don't buy that leftist fake news bs) and of the people, Trump 45.

KD, Mutt does this piss you off? said...

Barack Obama hands over Democratic baton and his legacy to Hillary Clinton
Chidanand Rajghatta

| TNN | Jul 28, 2016, 09.12 PM IST

PHILADELPHIA: The American Dream is an unfinished project that no wall can contain, President Barack Obama said on Wednesday in a rousing endorsement of Hillary Clinton — and put-down of Donald Trump — as he handed over the Democratic baton, and possibly the White House keys, to the country's first female presidential nominee.

In what was virtually a valedictory speech, the United States' 44th President, himself the first of mixed race, ''signed, sealed, and delivered'' his legacy to a putative female successor, saying she is eminently suited to lead a ''big, bold country that we love,'' whose challenges cannot be met in one term, or one presidency, or even in one lifetime.

But, he asserted, ''I can say with confidence there has never been a man or a woman -- not me, not Bill Clinton, nobody -- more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as President of the United States of America.'' Poor Judgement but a nice guy Obama