Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Obama vows to...

do nothing after China openly steals an
 American Drone from international waters

 take action against Russian for supposedly
 hacking the DNC and Hillary Campaign emails

Begs the question:

Do his loyalties lie with his Country or with his Party?


Loretta Russo said...

Probably best if he continues doing nothing.....

rrb said...

Blogger Loretta Russo said...
Probably best if he continues doing nothing.....

i wish. he's busy commuting sentences of hardened criminals, and the latest is he's planning to transfer 17-18 ragheads out of club gitmo.

we are 30 days away from this asshole becoming history, yet he intends to do as much damage as possible on his way out the door.

Roger Amick said...

China returned the drones.

The hacking was real and prompted a red phone call.

You are the one putting party before the country.

rrb virus is immune to every medicine.

Roger Amick said...

The prospect of the American president retaining a personal security force that specializes in targeting dissenters is unsettling for fairly obvious reasons.

But the move is concerning even if one stipulates that the team will be used exclusively as an anodyne adjunct to the next president’s security detail, as it illustrates the depth of Trump’s preference for loyalty over expertise. In this context, that preference may threaten Trump’s personal security; in others, it threatens our national one.

The return of the brown shirts.

Seig Heil

caliphate4vr said...

But it's OK to sic the IRS on your political opponents

Loretta Russo said...

Brownshirts, LMAO.

Roger Amick said...

You are going back to that fake accusation?


C.H. Truth said...

Loyalty over expertise is why Christie, Giuliani, and Gingrich were given high spots in his cabinet, while ignoring the recommendations from Cheney, Rice, Schultz, and Baker to choose someone like Rex Tillerson as Sec of State.

Commonsense said...

Brownshirts, LMAO.

He never misses an opportunity to be an extreme drama queen.

The next four years are going to be fun.

Loretta Russo said...

"He never misses an opportunity to be an extreme drama queen."

LOL, he's out of his friggin mind.

His whacked out rant on the trash blog is about as pitiful as it gets.

KD, Greatest Stock Market Post Electon Bounce said...

The return of the brown shirts.

Seig Heil " The Mutt

Really, your team tried that, we the PEOPLE saw right thru it and voted in Trump.

Not in the last 100 years have more "faithless" Electors ran from a party,,, Hillary did it , Historic .

LOL @ The Mutt.

KD, said...

The hacking was real" The Mutt

What was Hacked?

KD, RIP HB said...

This is an image that was stolen from Obama/Hillary.

Think how historic this single moment was to be for the Wholly Owned Radical Democrat Party of today. Obama, First Black President after two terms hands over Power to the First WOMAN President.

OMG, that is enough to piss off a liberal.

Yet, back in real life, the failed out going first black president will be handing over power to a business man of great wealth (not a first , not even close, don't buy that leftist fake news bs) and of the people, Trump 45."

China had the drone for days, HB thinks it is a victory for Obama that they looked inside of it, stole secrets and then returned the stolen property of the US Navy.

Roger Amick said...

You might take a look at a visitor to the Trump Tower.

The representative of the Austrian opposition Freedom Party had a meeting with the transition team. The founder of the party, was an SS German Nazi.

This party is involved with Putin. The alt Right people in Trump's team, was ecstatic.

Roger Amick said...

Austria’s Far Right Signs a Cooperation Pact With Putin’s Party
December 19, 2016
BERLIN — The leader of the Austrian far-right Freedom Party has signed what he called a cooperation agreement with Russia’s ruling party and recently met with Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, the designated national security adviser to President-elect Donald J. Trump of the United States.

Word of the agreement with Russia was the latest sign that the Kremlin is forging bonds with political parties across Europe in what some European leaders suspect is a coordinated attempt to meddle in their affairs and potentially weaken Western democracies. Many of these efforts are murky and involve obscure groups, and it is unclear whether President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia has any direct involvement.

The Freedom Party leader, Heinz-Christian Strache, reported the signing of the agreement with United Russia, Mr. Putin’s party, on Monday on his Facebook page, where he also disclosed that he had visited General Flynn a few weeks ago in Trump Tower in New York.

“Internationally, the Freedom Party continues to gain in influence,” wrote Mr. Strache, a dental technician who has led the party since 2005.

The Trump transition team did not respond to request for comment on the meeting.

The Freedom Party, founded in the 1950s by ex-Nazis, surged this year to nearly capture the largely ceremonial presidency of Austria in May, but was defeated in a final runoff on Dec. 4. Still, its ascendance, alongside the rise of rightist parties in many European countries and with Mr. Trump’s victory, has raised new questions about political realignment across the continent.

Graphic | How Far Is Europe Swinging to the Right? Right-wing parties have been achieving electoral success in a growing number of nations.
Mr. Strache’s trips to New York and Moscow were clearly intended to convey the impression that the Freedom Party, which still leads all opinion polls ahead of the two mainstream parties that have governed Austria since World War II, has international standing and intends to continue vying for power.

A text of the cooperation agreement, published in Russian on the website of United Russia and in German on the website of an Austrian journalist, Claus Pandi, outlined plans for regular meetings and collaboration where suitable on economic, business and political projects. It said the accord was valid for five years, but was not legally binding.

Roger Amick said...

Roger Amick said...

If this keeps going the way it's going now, you will be quislings

K'putz say he's wealthy, he can be a Bald Eagle.

rrb said...

BERLIN — The leader of the Austrian far-right Freedom Party has signed what he called a cooperation agreement with Russia’s ruling party and recently met with Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, the designated national security adviser to President-elect Donald J. Trump of the United States.

LOL. i saw that big basket of ugly - joy reid - pimping this story on MSDNC last night.

somehow i just knew you would have something to say about it.

you never disappoint, alky.

Roger Amick said...

This is what happens when Republicans are in charge.

criminal investigation of Flint's lead-contaminated water turned to former key officials at City Hall on Tuesday as Michigan's attorney general announced charges against four people accused of keeping residents on a contaminated system that caused the crisis.

Darnell Earley and Gerald Ambrose separately were state-appointed emergency managers in Flint in 2014-15 when the city was using the Flint River as a source of drinking water. Ambrose also served earlier as a financial adviser to the troubled town.

They were charged with four crimes, including conspiracy and misconduct in office. Howard Croft, Flint's former public works director, and Daugherty Johnson, the former utilities director, were charged with conspiracy and false pretenses.

Attorney General Bill Schuette said Earley and Ambrose committed Flint to $85 million in bonds to join a new regional water pipeline to Lake Huron while at the same time using a city water plant that was not equipped to properly treat the river water before it went to roughly 100,000 residents.

They claimed that debt-burdened Flint needed to sell bonds to clean up a lagoon, Schuette said, but the money went as the city's share to Karegnondi Water Authority to build the pipeline, which still is under construction.

"This case is a classic bait-and-switch. ... The lime sludge lagoon was not an emergency," said special prosecutor Todd Flood.

During a news conference, there was no allegation by Schuette that Earley and Ambrose personally gained from the bond deal or by keeping the Flint River as the source of water for Flint while the pipeline was being constructed.

Flint's water system became contaminated with lead because water from the river wasn't treated for corrosion for 18 months, from April 2014 to October 2015. The water ate away at a protective coating inside old pipes and fixtures, releasing lead.

Schuette said the investigation has revealed a "fixation on finances and balance sheets" in Flint during that period.

"This fixation has cost lives," he said, noting that 12 people died from Legionnaires' disease, which has been linked by experts to the river water. "This fixation came at the expense of protecting the health and safety of Flint. It's all about numbers over people, money over health."

This is far to often when Republicans are in charge.

It's all about numbers over people, money over health."

This is another example, but there is more

"Why It's all about numbers over people, money over health." It's all about numbers

Republicans oppose health care for everyone.

I could go on forever, but this represents the current Republican party.

What happens when the Democrats are in charge.

The DJIA is approaching 20,000. It was approximately 7,100.

The economy has added jobs for a historic 76 months. It was shedding 800,000 jobs a month.

Approximately 20,000,000 have health insurance.

The unemployment rate is 4.6%. The U6 Republicans keep bringing up, don't mention that it includes people from 16 to dead. It could be better, but if President McCain had done this, you would have been lobbying to add him to Mount Rushmore.

We haven't suffered an act of terrorism from foreign forces.

To be fair, we haven't been effective in the ongoing humanitarian disaster in Syria.

But all things considered, the United States have been well served by President Barack Hussein Obama.

Roger Amick said...

rrb should change his online name, to rrq.

republican rat quisling

If you have actually read books on World War Two, you wouldn't need to use Google.

Roger Amick said...

I record Hardball, but when I saw it was Joy Reid, I deleted it from my DVR.

Instead I went to on demand and watched the first two episodes of HBO "Games of Thrones"

Then watched the almost 80 years old Jane Fonda on "Grace and Frankie" She is still a lovely woman.

I had a busy day. I had a consult visit to a cardiologist doctor. She was impressive. She's a Beaner, rrq would have freaked. We haven't met before. But she knew my case, and it was very useful.

They are going to do an "interesting" procedure. Thanks to the evil liberals Medicare advantage plan, my co pay was a huge $5.00.

Commonsense said...

Roger's meltdown is now complete. He's accusing everybody of being traitors.

But you want to know who the real traitors are?

Back in the 90's a big donor to the DNC wanted to sell missile technology to the Red Chinese President Clinton at the time tried to get the DOD to approver it (They refused), he then tried to get the NSC to approve it (they didn't) he finally got commerce secretary Ron Brown (who coincidentally later died in an airplane crash) to approve the sell.

Remember that with you considered all of the foreign money that was donated to the Clinton foundation as well as all of the weapons grade uranium going from the US to Russia as a result of those donations.

KD, Dear Mutt you lost, please get over it said...

The return of the brown shirts.

Seig Heil " The Mutt

LOL, what is next, ??

KD said...

Democrats and ACLU are outraged:

"SAN DIEGO — The U.S. Border Patrol says it's seized more than $3 million that was being smuggled from the U.S. into Mexico.

The cash was found Tuesday inside two cars in Escondido. It's the largest cash seizure ever made by the Border Patrol in San Diego County.

Authorities say they followed a speeding Kia Forte from a freeway and pulled it over. They found nearly $34,000 in vacuum-sealed bundles in the center console.

A second car, a Volkswagen Passat, raced away but was later found abandoned in a cul-de-sac and the driver was found hiding in some brush. Authorities say they found more than $3 million in cardboard boxes in the trunk.

The two drivers pleaded not guilty Wednesday to federal currency-smuggling charges."

I am sure they are just two hard working Americans that were attempting to assist the Poor in Mexico.

KD, Will the Lame Stream Media Report Accurately on Trump, Ever? said...

“You’ve had so much war on business in the last eight or 10 years — so much war on business, and I think that has really damaged the economy and I think that has held businesses back from investing and creating jobs and so forth. It will take a while to turn that ship around,” Kudlow told John Catsimatidis on his New York AM 970 radio "

That is why Mr. Kudlow is the perfect pick.

Remember to beat Obama's team on GDP only has to rise to 3.2 percent, that would be recorded by Liberal Media as a ROARIGN Economy.

caliphate4vr said...

Thanks to the evil liberals Medicare advantage plan

The law allowing Medicare Advantage or Medicare part C was passed in 1997.

Who was in control of the House and Senate then?

caliphate4vr said...

Another one bites the dust

Important Announcement about Evergreen Health Cooperative Inc.

BALTIMORE — Evergreen Health Cooperative Inc. (“Evergreen” or “company”) will not be issuing or renewing individual health benefit policies, both on and off Maryland Health Connection (“Exchange”).

“After many months of working closely with Evergreen management, leadership at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and outside investors to find a workable solution, we have run out of time to meet the deadline for a January 1 effective date. We remain committed to a viable, competitive insurance industry in Maryland,” said Commissioner Al Redmer, Jr.

Evergreen is a start-up health maintenance organization (HMO) organized as a not-for-profit Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan (“CO-OP”) under the Affordable Care Act and was licensed by the Maryland Insurance Administration on March 28, 2013. CO-OPs were sponsored by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (“CMS”) to increase competition among insurance companies.

This means that Evergreen Health plans are not available on Maryland Health Connection for the 2017 plan year (for policies effective January 1, 2017).