Sunday, December 18, 2016

The hypocrisy of the left!

So you remember this little disagreement between Obama, Clinton, Lynch and James "I cost Hillary the election" Comey? How many calls from Democrats were there for James Comey to step down or be fired? How many different names was the FBI Director called for drawing and releasing conclusions that didn't shed the best of light on the Democratic Candidate for President. Do you remember how his judgement was questioned. Do you remember how reports from "officials" about many things (many that turned out to be true) were discounted by people as propaganda and lies.

You remember how the FBI was brought smack dab in the middle of a Presidential election? At one time or the other pretty much pissing off everyone involved? How the entire FBI was questioned and accused of having partisan interests.

Well apparently not everyone does... because the left seems to believe that somehow Donald Trump is behaving inappropriately for not accepting as gospel the claims that have been "leaked" to the Washington Post and Politico in regards to the CIA investigation. Not only that, but apparently they want to argue that the idea that Trump (as an important political figure) might not accept as "settled fact" stuff that is being leaked in the press... is "unprecedented".

I guess they must mean "unprecedented" for Republicans... because the Democrats (led by the Clinton camp) can hardly stop attacking and questioning the intelligence community even today.

The reputation of the Justice Department and the FBI has been tarnished over the past couple of years because they their actions bled into National politics. Perhaps it's only fitting that the CIA is now "leaking" information to well known liberal fake news organizations Washington Post and Politico to throw themselves into the political mix as well. They must have felt left out. Lord forbid we have any intelligence communities that can keep themselves out of the political muck.

According to the left. This is all Donald Trump's fault. And of course, in spite of not being able to throw a rock without hitting a liberal willing to attack the intelligence community... it's also unprecedented.


KD, 45 President Confirmed tomorrow said...


The Electoral College meets nation wide tomorrow and despite the cyber bullying, open protests at the homes and businesses of the Trump electors, they showing Real HOPE and Real Courage in the face of this illegal activity, this is not the kind of thing covered under the 1st Amendment, this is hate speech.

They , the electors will vote and we will get the President we voted for.

So dear liberals, go to your mom's basement, look for your big boy pants and put them on, get to work with us to build it, can you?

KD, LOL @ Liberal Diaper Baby Pin Wearers said...

I just visited Huffington Post as I do when I need a good laugh and by God they came thru again.

Did you know that a majority of Liberals want the Electoral College to delay voting,,, yep, delay till when, well until Hillary can Win.

I know they think that they won, and in part that is what makes the site so funny.

rrb said...

what a fucking asshole:

President Obama’s decision to appoint Debo Adegbile, a top lawyer for cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal whose nomination to the Justice Department was rejected by the Senate in 2014, to a federal commission was met with harsh criticism from Sen. Pat Toomey (R., Pa.) and a top official at the nation’s largest police union, who called it a “kick in the teeth to the cops.”

rrb said...

AUSTIN, TX—According to sources, local man Clarence Williams has urged his church’s lead pastor as well as local law enforcement to move forward with an investigation into Russian hacking, claiming that there was ample evidence to support the theory that malicious foreign agents infiltrated and influenced the outcome of a vote on the date for next month’s potluck at Second Baptist Church.

“The final vote tally appeared to show suspicious activity, with over 40 church members voting to hold the potluck on the January 11 date, and only 12 voting for January 18,” an agitated Williams told reporters Friday.

“I really wanted January 18th to win, and I thought it would win—but it did not. Considering these facts, I am confident the results were influenced by Russian hackers,” he continued, adding that Putin “needs to keep his commie hands” off of the sovereign Independent Baptist church’s affairs.

Given the new evidence and pending a thorough investigation, Williams is actively urging church members to consider a recount, or else protest the potluck by failing to bring a casserole to the event.

Myballs said...

More hypocrisy.

Podesta is now saying that the election was not free and fair. LOL. Maybe he should tell that to Sanders.

KD, Bye to Racist Obama's, and granny interloper said...

Maybe he should tell that to Sanders."

He did, when he, DebbiewasaMan and Hillary used emails to spell it out that Sanders was a useful idiot.

I tell you this has been more fun to watch the whole sale meltdown.

Chuck Todd a flaming liberal asked a few coal people if they voted Hillary, after the laughter died down, they said , no, issue, when she said she was going to put them out of work.

Remember Obama started this attack on voters that happen to work in the rich coal states with this line:

So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can; it's just that it will bankrupt them..."

Yep, those two wanted to take coal , a natural product produced by the earth and give away that energy advantage and what do we get in return, well if your a liberal you get to feel better for have hurting the US Economy and all those lives in all those coal states.

It is going to be refreshing on Jan. 20th, 2017 to get a real President that looks at America as one, one people with a common goal , to be the best in the World .

A President that does not hate.

wphamilton said...

You guys are looking at it from the wrong angle. The sole purpose of ALL of this is to attack the credibility of Trump's position as President for leverage in opposition to his agenda. Whatever that is.

There are no principles involved, no concern for the actual legitimacy of elections nor for the health of our Democracy, no intent to change the election, and therefore only hypocritical at the most superficial level. It is only a concerted propaganda effort to diminish Trump's effectiveness.

KD, Democrats have lost the Election, the voter and thier minds, to my enjoyment said...

Whatever that is." WP you have to be kidding, IF you don't know your just not paying attention, stop with the sour grapes already.

wphamilton said...

The devil is in the details KD, and if you're objective and honest about it you have no idea what exactly Trump is up to.

KD said...

ABC morning talking head show talked a little about how Hillary lost and in turn the loss of the Obama Legacy. They finally got around to assessing in my opinion a little honesty snuck into the one sided all liberals discussion, she lost because the Economy is so weak, so many people have not been lifted by the US Stock Market.

So again, it is the Economy, stupid Hillary, really how in the fuck did she miss that point of this election.

How, maybe because she believed the mainstream fake media stories of all is well in the ObimboeCONomy.

KD, WP dont be an ass, you lost said...

you're objective and honest "

I am , I have followed his plan since he began to run and win.

1, Job Growth
2, Tax cuts for All that Earn and Income (unearned income will be taxed lower too)
3, Deregulation of business so we can get this economy working.

My only other issue is the Selection of the USSC Justices.

He may get to appoint as many as 3 over his two terms.

KD , More Poor Blacks In the USA today said...

Trump Won , get over it, your team lost, so suck it

Roger Amick said...

In regards to the Legacy blog and the guy who pollutes the blog.

This sick little man, who has been posting on the legacy blog and prior to the establishment of this blog, posted on a Yahoo reply site called Bush Soars At The Polls. He notoriously racist comments calling for a border wall between the United States and Mexico were repeated often. The wall was to be modeled after the Berlin wall. It was to have manned armed stations. The guards were to be directed to shoot to kill, anyone including men, women and children. Their bodies were to be left to rot as a warning for anyone else who would be contemplating crossing the border. This and more racist comments on Muslims, African Americans and others who are not of northern European dissent have been seen far to many times.

The host of this blog, who claims to be a moderate Republican, who supports limited government, but moderate social views, has long granted posting permission. He and I differ on most political issues. We are going to disagree, such is life in a democracy.

But for reasons that escape me, continues to let this pitiful, angry and racist to pollute the political discourse on the Coldheartedtruth Legacy blog. It saddens me. I know that he is not a hate filled racist. He's a decent family man, who is engaged to a lovely woman of Asian descent. He is a hopelessly romantic man, who took this woman to Paris France to propose marriage. Yet he lets that pitiful example of a human being, the rights to pollute the blog he has in the past, been quoted on major web sites. I think that it's just sad. It could be seen as hypocritical.

wphamilton said...

Job Growth! Lower Taxes! Unnecessary regulations!

LOL KD, everyone including bleeding hearts say the same things, varying only on WHO is getting lower taxes, and WHICH regulations. And Trump hasn't even said that much. If that's your idea of Trump's agenda, you've proven that you don't really have a clue about what he's going to do. Trump himself doesn't have a clue about it, as much as he's changed his mind during and since the election.

C.H. Truth said...

Roger - Why not just shut down the whole legacy blog all together. Since it appears nobody thinks it is supplying anything meaningful anymore.

Commonsense said...

There are no principles involved, no concern for the actual legitimacy of elections nor for the health of our Democracy, no intent to change the election

So basically WP it's all a cynical ploy by the liberal Democrats to hijack the agenda in naked pursuit of power.

You're right. What the liberals are doing has nothing to do with principles.

C.H. Truth said...

WP - I think you are on point on this one. You can look at his cabinet picks and get some idea of how he views things.

It's clear that he focuses more on general "achievement" than political experience. He has pegged successful private sector people and Generals (who by definition have been promoted to the highest rank), and he does seem at least willing to try moving certain programs in completely different directions. (how far that goes is anyone's guess).

I agree to some extent with what Obama stated when he claimed Trump would be more of a pragmatic President than an ideological one. It's unlikely that he will be predictable.

Commonsense said...

The legacy blog is pretty much pointless now. Roger has run it into the ground.

Roger Amick said...

Since no one here wants to see negative posts on the Second Coming, they don't go there. The number of hits used to be significant. But since the racist posts on top, not even casual readers stay, they just move on.

Myballs said...

We stopped coming there because we're tired of making the same rebuttals to the same obnoxious threads.

Commonsense said...

Case in point Roger's stupid emolument clause argument was thoroughly destroyed on this blog but he then turns around and makes it a front page post on the legacy blog.

As if it makes his argument is more legitimate because he has front page privileges.

And he wonders why nobody responded. It's just that people don't want to be redundant.

Only Roger.

Roger Amick said...

It's patriotic to ignore Russia's hack.
Clearly irked by continued news coverage of Russian attempts to influence the 2016 election in his favor, Donald Trump’s team suggested that the patriotic thing to do would be to drop the subject entirely.
On Fox News Channel, Trump’s campaign manager and senior transition tea adviser Kellyanne Conway blasted White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest for his Thursday comments. Earnest had mentioned that, at Trump’s most recent press conference in July, then-candidate Trump had publicly asked Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails and release them.
Asked by host Martha MacCallum whether President Obama could muzzle Earnest, Conway called on him and Hillary Clinton to “shut down” questions about Russia’s role in Trump’s surprise victory.
“If you want to shut this down and love the country enough to have the peaceful transition in great democracy between the Obama administration and the Trump administration,” she said, “there are a couple people in prominent positions, one named Hillary Clinton and Obama, since people want to fight for her election, they can shut this down.”

Roger Amick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Indy Voter said...

"Pragmatic" isn't a term that comes to mind when I think of Trump. Neither, for that matter, is ideological.

Terms that do come to mind include narcissistic, egotistical, nativist, and bully. Hopefully, these characteristics won't lead to adding tyrannical to that list.

Roger Amick said...

Anonymous Myballs said...
We stopped coming there because we're tired of making the same rebuttals to the same obnoxious threads.

Well, let's take a look here.

1: Democrats are hypocritical and blind to reality.

2: Russian hackers that attracted our electoral system, but that ok.

3: Trump can't do anything wrong.


I try to point out, in my not so humble opinion, that the voters have probably made the worst decision since 1861.

I also post on stories like the Republican party in North Carolina, that stripped the incoming governor, who is a moderate Democrat of his authority. They also made it clear that they want to limit minority voters access to registration facilities.

Of course I'm not going post in favor of the second coming elect.

I know you don't want to be faced with the fact, that Hillary Clinton got almost 3,000,000 votes more than the second coming Elect.

Yes I'm being sarcastic, but it's fun.

I know that by the end of the day, tomorrow, that the second coming Elect will be officially elected, by what I think, is outdated. I hope he does well, but I don't have much faith in him.

Roger Amick said...

Note also that Indy and I are on the same page.

"Terms that do come to mind include narcissistic, egotistical, nativist, and bully. Hopefully, these characteristics won't lead to adding tyrannical to that list."

Given his public persona, I would add tyrannical to the list.

C.H. Truth said...

"Pragmatic" isn't a term that comes to mind when I think of Trump. Neither, for that matter, is ideological.

It was the term President Obama used to describe him.

Roger Amick said...

Pragmatic or self delusional?

Trump’s Electoral College Victory
Ranks 46th in 58 Elections

Members of the Electoral College will meet Monday to cast their votes for president. President-elect Donald J. Trump has claimed he won the electoral vote in a “landslide,” but he ranks below most presidents in the electoral vote and popular vote margins.

Electoral vote
46th of out 58 elections

Delusional is appropriate.

Roger Amick said...

Popular vote margin
47th in the last 49 elections

Self delusional.

Roger Amick said...

Percent of electoral vote won
1.George Washington (1789)
George Washington (1792)
3.Franklin D. Roosevelt (1936)
4.James Monroe (1820)
5.Ronald Reagan (1984)
6.Richard Nixon (1972)
7.Thomas Jefferson (1804)
8.Abraham Lincoln (1864)
9.Ronald Reagan (1980)
10.Lyndon B. Johnson (1964)
11.Franklin D. Roosevelt (1932)
12.Dwight Eisenhower (1956)
13.Franklin Pierce (1852)
14.Franklin D. Roosevelt (1940)
15.James Monroe (1816)
16.Herbert Hoover (1928)
17.Dwight Eisenhower (1952)
18.Woodrow Wilson (1912)
19.Franklin D. Roosevelt (1944)
20.Ulysses Grant (1872)
21.William H. Harrison (1840)
22.George Bush (1988)
23.Warren G. Harding (1920)
24.Andrew Jackson (1832)
25.Ulysses Grant (1868)
26.Calvin Coolidge (1924)
27.Theodore Roosevelt (1904)
28.Bill Clinton (1996)
29.James Madison (1808)
30.Bill Clinton (1992)
31.Andrew Jackson (1828)
32.Barack Obama (2008)
33.William Taft (1908)
34.William McKinley (1900)
35.Grover Cleveland (1892)
36.James K. Polk (1844)
37.Barack Obama (2012)
38.William McKinley (1896)
39.Abraham Lincoln (1860)
40.James Madison (1812)
41.James Buchanan (1856)
42.Benjamin Harrison (1888)
43.James Garfield (1880)
44.Martin Van Buren (1836)
45.Harry Truman (1948)
46.Donald J. Trump (2016)
47.John F. Kennedy (1960)
48.Zachary Taylor (1848)
49.Richard Nixon (1968)
50.Jimmy Carter (1976)
51.Grover Cleveland (1884)
52.George W. Bush (2004)
53.Thomas Jefferson (1800)
54.Woodrow Wilson (1916)
55.John Adams (1796)
56.George W. Bush (2000)
57.Rutherford B. Hayes (1876)
58.John Quincy Adams (1824)*
100% Popular vote
56.9% Trump

Roger Amick said...

Our host said that only the CIA and FBI are in disagreement, "Perhaps it's only fitting that the CIA is now "leaking" information to well known liberal fake news organizations Washington Post and Politico to throw themselves into the political mix as well."

Well known fake news organizations??? They are fake because like every reputable news organization that actually DARES to find fault in the second coming Elect. Breitbart, and the World Nut Daily aren't fake news.

I find that he's losing it. Seriously,I must.

Have they gotten into politics? Probably, but it's not unique. J. Edgar Hoover was deeply involved.

But, those two intelligence agencies are not alone in documenting the Russian government hacking into our electoral system. USA Today is also going with the story.

Yes, 17 intelligence agencies agree that the Russians were hacking in, to support Trump, and damage the Clinton campaign. Now she made enough mistakes that might have costs her the election, but, and it's a big but, the scheduled release of damaging information via Wikileaks.

. The USIC is made up of 16 agencies, in addition to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

"The U.S. Intelligence Community (USIC) is confident that the Russian Government directed the recent compromises of e-mails from US persons and institutions, including from US political organizations. The recent disclosures of alleged hacked e-mails on sites like and WikiLeaks and by the Guccifer 2.0 online persona are consistent with the methods and motivations of Russian-directed efforts. These thefts and disclosures are intended to interfere with the US election process. Such activity is not new to Moscow—the Russians have used similar tactics and techniques across Europe and Eurasia, for example, to influence public opinion there. We believe, based on the scope and sensitivity of these efforts, that only Russia's senior-most officials could have authorized these activities."

So the Coldheartedtruth truth, as described by our esteemed host, is not the real coldheartedtruth.

By a long shot.

rrb said...

Yes, 17 intelligence agencies agree that the Russians were hacking in, to support Trump, and damage the Clinton campaign.

yet not one of them has the balls to appear before the house committee on intelligence and share their findings, preferring to leak them to trusted liberal confidantes at the WaPo.

well alky, i'll give you this much - liberals are consistently and reliably cowardly. not one of these CIA asshats has the courage of their convictions to publicly stand by their claim.

KD, Clinton's Coup Attempt Today said...

1, Job Growth
2, Tax cuts for All that Earn and Income (unearned income will be taxed lower too)
3, Deregulation of business so we can get this economy working.

My only other issue is the Selection of the USSC Justices.

He may get to appoint as many as 3 over his two terms.

WP, sorry if I missed the times my taxes were cut and the lessening of regulation (aka needless paperwork to be filled out by me, kept by me , incase of audit).

Oh yeah the reason I missed it, is because it never happened under 8 years of Obama, I did see higher taxes, I did have new regulation.

This one piece of new Obama Regulation is one that really pisses me off.

His pen directed that me and my fellow food growers and animal raisers tell the US GOVERNMENT every time as little as $500 in cash (check or credit card, or barter) happens, we both have to fill a form out, one being the receiver of the goods or service or barter and the other being the one spending the money.

In the end what do the two parties get for this paper bullshit tornado, nothing, it does nothing ,,,, but, it does give the US Governement more intrusion into our private lives.


Today the Clinton Coup is in full view for all to see , bear witness to what it looks like when she spent $1 billion plus dollars , lost to Trump, she is not going down without being a true anti American Anti US Constitution Hack.

Today , all the world gets to see IF she can pull off this Coup?

KD, -9 below for 2nd morning in a row, GOREBAL WARMING said...

Great news, When Biden or Warren run in 2020, they will be running against four years of economic growth, a rising Labor Participation rate and lower taxes and lessening of needsless make work paper work.

When they run, will they follow the words of HB and go down the Road to win the Popular vote or will they go down the road to winning 270 Electoral College votes?

HB, will your side really get rid of the Electoral College in just 4 years?

Will you make good on your mental break down promise of election night and move from the USA?

Roger Amick said...

Fake news

There is no way the Electoral College will wrest the presidency away from Donald Trump when electors meet in 50 state capitals on Monday.

That’s according to The POLITICO Caucus — a panel of activists, operatives and strategists in 11 key battleground states.

Of the more than 160 Republican and Democratic insiders surveyed last week, only one thought it was likely that 37 or more GOP electors would defect to deny Trump a majority.

Trump’s status as president-elect isn’t certified until Monday, when electors will meet across the nation to cast their ballots officially. If electors vote according to their state tallies, Trump will earn 306 electoral votes, to 232 for Hillary Clinton.

But Trump’s critics have cited a number of reasons for electors to think twice about backing the president-elect, even if Trump won more votes in their states: Trump finished more than 2 percentage points behind Clinton in the national popular vote; his unprecedented, potential financial conflicts; and U.S. intelligence judgments that Russian state-sponsored hackers stole Democratic Party communications in order to help Trump win.

More than 70 percent of insiders said the number of so-called “faithless electors” will be fewer than 10.

That is in keeping with a Republican National Committee whip count that reported just one of the 306 GOP electors was planning to cast a vote against Trump.

A group of Democratic electors hoping to persuade their Republican counterparts to vote against Trump are urging them to unite behind a consensus GOP candidate. Most of these Democrats have said they will not cast their votes for Hillary Clinton, but their efforts are highly unlikely to succeed and it's unclear how many of them will follow through.

Despite the fact that the second coming is going to go down in history as the the biggest mistake in history this "fake news" source reports.

Roger Amick said...

The real fake Huffington Post news.

Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) on Sunday stepped up pressure for a bipartisan select committee to investigate Russia’s role in hacking emails related to the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta.

“We need to get to the bottom of this, and we need to find out exactly what was done and what the implications of the attacks were, especially if they had an effect on our election,” McCain said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“There’s no doubt they were interfering, and no doubt there was a cyberattack,” the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee added.

In separate remarks delivered in New York City, Schumer, who is the incoming Senate minority leader, called on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to form a select committee to investigate the hacks that may have influenced the presidential election.

“The fact that the Russians used cybersecurity to hack our infrastructure, our economics, our countries is well-known,” Schumer said. “The fact that they’re hacking our political system and trying to influence the outcome as it seems to be: That is serious, serious stuff.”

McConnell last week called reports of hacking during the election “disturbing,” but rebuffed requests for a separate panel and said the Senate Intelligence Committee is “more than capable of conducting a complete review of this matter.” That committee’s chairman, Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.), said Friday that he would lead an investigation of all “cyber activity” against the U.S. related to the “2016 Election and more broadly.”

But Schumer argued that only a select committee could adequately maintain jurisdiction across all government agencies, and that an investigation run by multiple committees could lead to “holes that no committee covers.”

“To send it just to one committee or a multiplicity of committees will leave things out, won’t reconcile contradictory information and because the existing committees are so busy in the new administration won’t get the focus that It needs,” he said.

In a letter addressed to McConnell, Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Jack Reed (D-R.I.), who also sit on the Senate Armed Services Committee, joined McCain and Schumer in calling for a select committee to investigate reports of Russian interference in the election.

“We share your respect for, and deference to, the regular order of the Senate, and we recognize that this is an extraordinary request,” the senators wrote. “However, we believe it is justified by the extraordinary scope and scale of the cyber problem. Democrats and Republicans must work together, and across the jurisdictional lines of the Congress, to address this unique challenge.”

This article has been updated with information about the letter from Lindsey Graham and Jack Reed.

Of course we should investigate. But my conspiracy theories think Trump may have been involved.

KD, Hillary Coup Attempt TODAY, Yuge said...


"There is no way the Electoral College will wrest the presidency away from Donald Trump when electors meet in 50 state capitals on Monday." The Mutt

So the Clinton Coup is not going to work, not any better then her campaign, you know the one, the ONE you said she had in a "lock" , the one that you said she had the wall, the Money and the Big names like obimbo, bill the rapist and Biden.

The Democrat party at the national level is insane ,,,,, they supported black lies matter, known COP Haters.

KD, said...

HB, a question you can answer in your own words.

Did the emails that were made public, did they change your vote?

Did you really vote FOR Trump?

opie said...

that the CIA is now "leaking" information to well known liberal fake news

And the funny thing is that the R's want to investigate the source of the leaks instead of who hacked the election. Yep, we are in deep crap.......

caliphate4vr said...

fatty the election wasn't hacked. The DNC was hacked because of their ineptness

Cankles lost BIG TIME, fair and square