Monday, January 2, 2017

2016 losers of the year

Honorable Mention: 

Barack Obama - The President boldly suggested that his policies were on the ballot, even if he wasn't.  His policies lost. While his personal  popularity increased, (not uncommon for outgoing Presidents) his legacy is doomed. Ultimately, Obama should be taking this election personally,  because ultimately it was.

Ted Cruz - Cruz literally played his cards about as poorly as he could.  Not only did he lose a winnable primary, he threw away any future chance of the nomination with his unexplainable  back and forth on his support  (or lack thereof ) for Donald Trump. A promising political career is now a question mark at best. Maybe a court nomination will save him?

GOP establishment and the NeverTrump gang - These folks lost not only the election, but also lost their credibility. The number one argument against the Trump nomination (for many) was the fact that he couldn't win. Turns out Trump outflanked and outsmarted the GOP establishment. He used all of the anti-Trump bias to his advantage, and it could be argued that the establishment and Never Trumpers encouraged the reputation of Trump being an outsider, ultimately helping him (more than hindering him).

Second Runner up: 

Media - Wow. Where to start. In a normal year, the media would have been sure winners, as they provided a long list of how "not" to cover a Presidential election. Moreover, they have (for the most part) shown no ability to understand their mistakes, much less learn from them. In fact, many of the worst offenders of the 2016 seem eager to double down on more of the same in 2017.

Runner up:

 Democratic Party - The Party had crumbled to the lowest electoral levels since the 1920's. Moreover, like the media, they really don't understand exactly why. Or perhaps, the better way to look at it, is to recognize that they don't really want to understand why, as this would force them to accept that some of their chosen policies are simply not popular and may have to go to the back of the line. The Democratic Party will have to rebuild from the bottom.. and that includes realigning policy priorities. This is a very tough pill to swallow coming from a group of self absorbed people who truly see themselves as right about everything.

2016 loser of the year:

Hillary Clinton - this was a nail biter with the Democratic Party, but ultimately Hillary pulls out the squeaker. For the Party, they have time to come back. For Hillary, time (one would hope) has run out.

In my mind the true reason why Clinton wins the loser of the year is because of her massive amounts of hubris, and the fact that there is no doubt her loss came as a complete shock. To watch her concession speech was to watch someone in deep amounts of pain. This is the sort of pain that can only come from being completely sideswiped. She did the unthinkable. She lost the Presidency to Donald Trump. That will forever be her legacy.


Indy Voter said...

I would add Cameron and the Remain leaders in the Brexit vote.

caliphate4vr said...

How about the Big 10?

All year long we were told it's the best conference in the NCAA and watching the eggs they laid this bowl season

KD said...

Brexit Was a Huge win, even after Obama openly attempting to Hack that vote, when like the Chicago Street Thug he is, he attempted to do a political/economic stick up.

The UK is going to be in the back of the queue.” The gansta' Obimbo

"UK economy up 0.5% since Brexit vote" Bloomberg News

I think Biden would be my biggest loser, he could have won this going away.

SF 49's for their support of coward Kapperneck, reward 2-14 , charma is a bitch.

C.H. Truth said...

How about the Big 10

Every year, there is bashing of the Big Ten come bowl time... They are 3-6 and have one game to play.

I will offer what I always offer. When you have a bunch of teams designed to win November/December games in Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, etc... you are always going to be at a disadvantage when you go play teams down south that don't have to recruit for the elements.

Make one of those Florida teams play Iowa or Michigan outdoors in TCF stadium at 28 degrees and you have a much different outcome.

caliphate4vr said...

FL beats Iowa's ass today if they had played on the moon. And the SEC east is way down.

Meyer is doing his best to build a program to compete with southern schools and got shut out for the 1st time in his carrier.

2 of Clemson's front 4 on defense chose Clemson over OSU.

Who is left with a natural playing surface in the Big 10?

KD said...

Shocking, The Kansas City Chiefs have the most wins in the NFL over two years, so given HB logic, the Chiefs have Two Super Bowl Wins, right?

Another loser.

C.H. Truth said...

Florida won their division. Iowa was unranked and at best the 6th best Big Ten school.

Commonsense said...

The Big 10 ain't got the horses. Their 5 star recruits are heading south.