Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Bottom line: Results matter!


rrb said...

i'm sure that captain gaslight can rustle up a mother jones copy/paste that gives 0linsky credit for this.

KD, said...

Fiat North America bought the stake from the United Auto Workers' employee medical benefit retirement trust (known as a VEBA) for $1.75 billion of its own cash, plus another $1.9 billion in Chrysler cash."

CptGaslight, more like Capt Gasbag.

WE know that the stock that the UAW Owned was gifted to them by Obama/Ried/Polosi, so they "sell" it to French Owned Fiat. This was business as usual under Obama/Ried/Polosie

No more.

KD said...

HB Can't , his own words will be used by me against him.

Remember Cpt Gasbag told us repeatedly that all the bad things that happened in 2009 was on Bush, because, well, Obama was not ready to do the job, not able to effect change, not able to make the deals required and was saddled like a stupid mule by the 2008 Budget, that Senator Obama had nothing to do with at all.

So, unless Cpt Gasbag wants to again look like a total used douche it best he continue to run from all the issues he has brought to this the Adult blog .

T/H to CHT for opening this tread.

Remember too CptGasBag put his money in the market thru the use of "puts" along with Fucktard Krugman and they both lost their ass as they bet against the People , for the 2nd time.

Roger Amick said...

A dangerous idiot in the White House: “The Trump administration has instructed officials at the Environmental Protection Agency to freeze its grants and contracts, a move that could affect everything from state-led climate research to localized efforts to improve air and water quality to environmental justice projects aimed at helping poor communities." Yes the bottom line matters. But not to the fucking President

KD, How long with the Leftist Be bitter said...

wow, that is all your going to do it be OFF TOPIC and curse about losing,OK have at it.

IS it because when Business leaders from most major UNIONs finished meeting with President Trump they came out and to the man/woman praised his leadership and they told of how they can work with him to get more union jobs and more worker working in the USA.

KD, said...

environmental justice projects " The Gasbag

I went over to my fav cite for economic terms and did not find this made up bs, please do tell us, what does that term mean and Gasbag, don't run off and hide, man up , if you know how.

KD, Next DeMedia Lie said...

This is so much fun playing wack the pundit.

Remember when the DeMedia was ranting almost to a point that only the dogs could hear them whinning, TRUMP DUMPS ON BOEING crashing stock price.

Yep, crash the fuck out of it.

:Boeing Co

NYSE: BA - Jan 25, 6:19 PM EST

167.36 USD Price increase Price $6.81 (4.24%)"

This ladies on the left is an all time HIGH, darn I hope those getting rich and richer as mad at President Trump for their increased wealth.

KD, Wealth is back in style said...

The link to GasBags rant above.

OPIE said...

No useful posts here. Been polluted by kd's spam. Don't you have a goat to molest?????

KD, President Trump is on the move said...

New York (AFP) – Local authorities approved the largest offshore wind farm in the United States on Wednesday, to be located near Long Island and capable of powering some 50,000 households.

Construction on the site, which could begin by 2019, is set to install an initial 15 turbines with a capacity of 90 megawatts.

The South Fork Wind Farm will be located some 30 miles (50 kilometers) southeast of the tip of Long Island off Queens and Brooklyn.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who announced the initiative alongside the Long Island Power Authority, said the turbines would not be visible off the island’s coast."

This is so cool, yes, we need this kind of energy too, so get to building it and lets get ever more people in the USA working.

Myballs said...

So Trump is dangerous because gas baked say so.
.whatta maroon.

KD, Trumped, i feel your liberal pain said...

Yet another UNION praises President Trump.

Border Patrol Union: Trump’s Border Plan ‘Gives Us the Tools We Need’

YUGE Win, or is it winning BIGGLY.

Hector Garza, a U.S. Border Patrol agent and the President for the Local 2455 of the National Border Patrol Council. As part of the union’s leadership, Garza is able to speak about issues affecting the men and women that he represents."

"“During the previous administration, we had a president that failed to acknowledge the problems on the border. Now, we have a president that not only acknowledges the problems, but is willing to give us the tools needed to address them.”

There ya go that was so easy, listen to the men and woman that have their boots on the ground, give them the tools to do the job and watch them succeed.

That is how we do it in Business and now with CEO Trump in charge of USA INC. let's get to building.

Roger Amick said...

Oh, my

Steve Bannon was registered to vote in both Florida and New York.

Roger Amick said...

Hypocrisy squared,

White House Senior Advisor Kellyanne Conway and chief strategist Steve Bannon are among the senior Trump administration staffers who have active accounts on a Republican National Committee email system, Newsweek has learned. Above, they are seen in the Oval Office as President Donald Trump meets with labor leaders at the White House in Washington,


Roger Amick said...
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Roger Amick said...

DJIA Obama took office.
Less than one week after leaving the office, it hit 20,000

Thank you Mr President Obama.


How much did you invest against the market on Nov. 9th, 2016?

you know the day you and that asshat you love Krugman where cheering the lower stock markets?

You can't have it both was GasBag.

Roger Amick said...

We are paying for the wall.

I told you so.

But I've been right almost every time. Kerry in a landslide was 17 years ago.

If the President believed that the sun revolves around the earth, CH would believe it. If the media started that he's wrong, it's proof of their bias.

caliphate4vr said...

But I've been right almost every time

WTF are you talking about??? Is cankles president, was the Trump defeat as epic as Goldwater's, did she win 320-350 ECV, are Donks in charge of the Senate?

You are drinking again.

Fucking embicil.

Roger Amick said...
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Roger Amick said...

He lost by almost 3.000,000 votes. He won by a few thousand votes in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

He lost by 4.000,000 in California.

The Democrats need to find put together a wide range of voters and find a way to sell them selves. It's not impossible, mainly because of the President of the United States is a narcissistic, sob story.

It looks like you are doing drinking just looks like.

Loretta Russo said...

Head on back to the trash blog drunkard.

Roger Amick said...

You are one pitiful angry old lady.

Roger Amick said...

Edition: United States
Wed Jan 25, 2017 | 11:38 PM EST
Investors pull most cash from U.S. stock funds since election: ICI
FILE PHOTO - U.S. one hundred dollar bills are seen in this picture illustration, August 2, 2013. REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji/Illustration/File Photo - RTSX1GG
FILE PHOTO - U.S. one hundred dollar bills are seen in this picture illustration, August 2, 2013.
Investors sold U.S.-based domestic stock funds at the fastest pace since equities leapt following the presidential election, Investment Company Institute data for the latest week showed on Wednesday.

Stock funds based and invested in the United States posted withdrawals of $3.7 billion during the week that ended Jan. 18, according to the trade group. That is the largest outflow for the funds since the election-week period ended Nov. 9, when outflows approached $6.4 billion.

President Donald Trump was sworn into office last Friday. He and his Republican party, which controls Congress, have touted potential new economic stimulus measures, such as tax cuts.

Those efforts could propel stocks, and investors on Wednesday lifted the Dow Jones Industrial Average .DJI above the symbolic 20,000 threshold for the first time.

But domestic equity fund sales have taken a pause since they totaled $23 billion in November as investors take stock of an unformed policy agenda.

Meanwhile, taxable bond funds added $3.5 billion in their seventh straight week netting cash. Including municipal bonds, U.S.-based bond funds took in $4.7 billion altogether during the week, ICI said.

U.S.-based fixed-income funds lost $13 billion to withdrawals in November as stimulus policies raised the prospect of bond-harming inflation. Yet bond funds have continued to attract money since then.

Commodity funds, included those that buy gold, netted their first week of cash in 10, attracting $231 million, the data showed.

(Reporting by Trevor Hunnicutt; Editing by Richard Borsuk)

Loretta Russo said...

Drunk again, eh?

Loretta Russo said...

Plagiarized spam by the drunkard.

rrb said...

But I've been right almost every time. Kerry in a landslide was 17 years ago.

uh huh.


...complete with "BOOM" & "DEVASTATION" was less than 17 weeks ago.

rrb said...

The Democrats need to find put together a wide range of voters and find a way to sell them selves.

you have got to be fucking hammered.

rrb said...

The Democrats need to find put together a wide range of voters and find a way to sell them selves.

“My job is to shut other white people down when they want to say, ‘oh, no, I’m not prejudiced; I’m a Democrat; I’m accepting,'”

Read more:

good luck with that "wide range of voters" that excludes white people, alky.

maybe you can identify as black like rachel dolezal or shawn "talcum X" king.

Commonsense said...

Gee and I remember when Mr. Gaslight would have one tedious post after another about a new stock market high when Obama was president.

Now --- silence.

Commonsense said...

I do like the phrase "Obama was president".

rrb said...

Economist: Stock Market Gained $2T in Wealth Since Trump Elected

rrb said...

now why would nbc "news" put this FAKE NEWS out there?

Harjinder S KukrejaVerified account


Dear @NBCNews, showing a Sikh man under headline about "radical Islamic terrorism" will add to more ignorance about the Sikh Turban & Beard

hey, i know. to imply that the man in the photo is muslim, so some ignorant imbecile might do him harm. so they can report on it. and blame trump.

fucking media scumbags.

caliphate4ve said...

It looks like you are doing drinking just looks like.


rrb said...

from the "liberals are so much smarter than conservatives" files:

placing a cover over a piece of university lab equipment is evidence of the existence of the KKK on your campus:

hey rog,

i suspect the democrats path to "put together a wide range of voters and find a way to sell them selves." should begin by dropping the daily self parody.

the first step towards selling yourself is to be taken seriously.

and cooch marchers wearing snatch hats was not your brightest idea.

caliphate4vr said...


Loretta Russo said...


rrb said...

another from the "liberals are so much smarter than conservatives" files:

Democrats hold lessons on how to talk to real people

this will be followed by a lesson on how to walk and chew gum at the same time.

opie said...

Economist: Stock Market Gained $2T in Wealth Since Trump Elected

IOW's the rich you support got richer while you toil away selling failed products. LOL BTW, seems that this has turned into what CH has been fighting against, stupid posts from stupid people. None of you can control the urge to crap on others to assuage your own short falls. LOL

KD, Hi HB how you been, Social Security Fruad Division said...

find a way to sell them selves" Mr. Gasbag

Well, they whored themselves out using OPM, that worked for 60 years and 20 trillion in National debt, 3 Trillion at the Fed and another 40 Trillion to keep the USS SSI a float and medicare/Medicaid, student loans and US housing that we under write. The OPM has run dry.

So President Trump is going to do it with business, hiring, getting people out of the hammock and off the couch and back to work.

Cutting the funding across the board, except for Law Enforcement and US Military.

Rat, 2 trillion in wealth creation by Trump is just a good start.
We the INVESTOR CLASS are going to BIGGLY.

KD, SSI Fraud Division said...

Opium, why are you against wealth and the creation of more by Americans?

And why are you tearing into HB for his 8 plus years of being a champion of the US Stock Markets?

KD, Jail for SSI Fraud and Yuge Fines said...


For those that missed it, two issues.

HB/Krugman lost a lot of money since Nov 9th when they shorted the US Markets

Ole Roger aka Gasbag already called the mid-terms , land slide victory in both US House and US Senate for the Liberals.

Myballs said...

Trump won MI by 12000, WI by 22000, PA by 680000, OH by nearly 400,000. That's a far cry from 'a few thousand'.