Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Gorsuch !!!

  • This was a very dignified introduction by the President. He took a backseat and allowed Gorsuch to be the star of the evening. 
  • If you watched the introduction, it would be hard to not be impressed with the man. He is well spoken, seemed to say all the right things, and quite frankly he comes across as a nice guy. 
  • I believe that there will be pressure from a broad cross section of Americans to confirm Gorsuch. Look for any polling to show pretty overwhelming support from conservatives and independents. 
  • Rumors are that there are already seven Democrats who are going to come out in favor of an up and down vote. This could suggest that a preconceived strategy has already been laid out, allowing the maximum amount of Democrats to distance themselves from an unpopular filibuster. Or it could suggest that they will have a great deal of trouble circling the wagons and keeping 41 members together.

Ultimately this is as close to a nightmare scenario as there can be for the Democrats. There really isn't any upside for them. If they allow the vote and he is confirmed, then they let down the hardcore left that has been putting in overtime in the public melt-down department. If they filibuster, then they will lose massive credibility with mainstream Americans and likely provide Trump with some much needed ammunition and possibly even some sympathy. 

But ultimately, if they play hardball, it's likely that the GOP will go nuclear on this. Not only would Gorsuch be confirmed, but you could be looking at the almost sure confirmation of any future Trump picks. Bottom line: there is a great deal of buzz about another Justice stepping down sometime later this year. (Possibly Kennedy?)  If that is the case, then the removal of the filibuster would allow Trump to look at someone more controversial (such as Pryor) as his second pick. 


KD, Sound solid mainstream pick said...

He was educated at Columbia, Harvard Law School and Oxford, and he began his legal career with prestigious clerkships at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit and later at the U.S. Supreme Court."

Nice looking guy with a fine supportive Wife.

He will sail thru , it was a good pick, nothing in his background that should give any one any kind of trouble. He is very main steam .

Confirmation on the grounds that he is a smart guy that believes in the US Constitution as written.

He will get a lot of Democrats. This pick was on Trumps pre-Election List.

KD, said...

From the Huffington Post.

Reflecting on the life and times of Scalia last year, Gorsuch told a law school audience how he viewed the role of judges and judging.

They are “men and women,” he said, “who do not thrust themselves into the limelight but who tend patiently and usually quite obscurely to the great promise of our legal system ― the promise that all litigants, rich or poor, mighty or meek, will receive equal protection under the law and due process for their grievances.”

That is a very mainstream middle of the road view.

Roger Amick said...

I don't know if it's worth a big battle. From my reading of his past and the speech he made, I got a feeling that he could very well, a relatively moderate justice. I don't think he will be a hard line original intent vote. Within limits, but no where near Scalia. I have not watched any coverage by the news, I wanted to back down and watched a quite shall we say, a difficult movie. "Eye in the Sky".

Even the hard line anti abortion web sites say that he's "leaning' that way, but I don't think he's the kind of person who will overturn precedent. He isn't going to revers Roe v Wade. I think down the line, the hard right is going to be disappointed.

I know the Democrats are going to raise hell, and considering he fact they wouldn't even hold hearings for Obama's nominee, I don't blame them. Republicans are born hypocrites. To get to 60 votes, there may be a lot of behind closed doors bargaining.

Roger Amick said...

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Loretta Russo said...

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Roger Amick said...

You are worthless. It's a legitimate letter, check it out. Google it, but to much work for your brain cells to handle.

The previous post was my opinion on the nominee.

I'm not going anywhere you obsessive compulsive disorder victim. Get some help. Seriously, you need it.

Loretta Russo said...

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Myballs said...

That would be the Mark Parker of the liberal state of Oregon. Got it.

KD , lowering wages on the poorest, nice job Barry said...

That is a nice letter, meaningless and full of nada.

You seem to think that letter speaks to what, be exact, don't run from the issues you bring here.

KD , More Poor Blacks In the USA today said...

VP Joe Biden.

In a year in which the President is a lame duck, a USSC opening should not be filed by him, it should wait for the incoming President.

The above in not verbatim , but it is close.

KD said...

Nike, omg, those are the people that run under waged sweat shops around the world, a lot late to be telling US Americans a thing.

Clean your own home first.

KD, Blue Wall Cracks again said...

Huffington Post reports:

Trump To McConnell: ‘Go Nuclear’ To Confirm Supreme Court Pick"

In other words, do as Ried did, just apply it to the USSC Pick.

So far 7 Dems have said they will vote for this USSC, just happens that most are UP for Re-Selection and are in States Trump Won.

Thing is , Dems are fighting, and in ever good fit, some one loses and some one WINS.

The WINS are stacking up, like President Trump said they would.

PNC said...

A Supreme Court nominee picked by a big government liberal and who was so inoffensive to the far left that they allowed him to be confirmed to his current position in a voice vote.

What could possibly go wrong?

rrb said...

It's a legitimate letter, check it out.

crafted by an asshat who runs one of the world's largest sweatshops.

yeah, legitimate.