Wednesday, January 11, 2017

US intelligence has tried to verify Russian Trump allegations for some time...

Let's start with this: These memos that are floating around regarding Trump, Russian hookers, and possible blackmail have been out there for months. In fact they were around prior to the election. To the best of anyone's knowledge, absolutely none of it has been verified (despite the FBI and other intelligence organizations actually investigating then).

Right now a website called "4Chan" is taking credit for starting the rumors and they are pointing to when and where these rumors started. While none of this can be verified either way, it's probably fair to say that what little evidence that has been released regarding these memos, does actually point to this website as the instigator. (at least there are no other verifiable explanations). If so, and the current administration ordered their intelligence community to investigate what appears to be an internet rumor, it would be a very fitting end for what has been arguably the most partisan administration in history.

This is a wonderful exercise in how gullible people are when they become to emotionally involved in something. So many "truly" want to believe the worst about Donald Trump that they will latch onto even the most flimsy of allegations, simply because it provides confirmation bias for them. The fact that Trump denies these allegations, as do the Russians, and we have a third party who is taking credit for making them up... all just points to a conspiracy theory of denial in the minds of these Trump haters. The fact that the intelligence community cannot verify any of it just points to cover up.

Moreover... it can be expected that these Trump haters will attack "me" for providing this insight, call me an apologists, and demand it shows crazy partisanship on my part. All simply because I do not automatically accept an unverified internet rumor to be actually true. I guess the idea of due process falls to the wayside when it comes to Donald Trump internet rumors.


Commonsense said...

Not to mention journalistic ethics.

opie said...

First of what I anticipate to be many more stories about the entertainer in chief. Some will be true, some will be BS. Kinda like his presser today rife with half truths and pushback.

The Republican National Committee was not hacked because it had better defenses than the Democrats.

And the Republican National Committee's own network does not appear to have been successfully hacked, suggesting that its defenses were stronger. What Mr. Trump left out is that a contractor for the R.N.C. that stored older material was successfully hacked, suggesting that its defenses were incomplete.

— Scott Shane

PNC said...

The PissGate allegations are 100% true. If they weren't, Trump wouldn't have felt the need to lie ("germophobe") in the course of denying them.

Trump outed himself as a sexual deviant the moment he accused those criticizing his comments about Megyn Kelly of sexual deviancy. Projection is one of the defining characteristics of sociopaths: everything Trump accuses someone else of, you can bet he's doing it himself.