Thursday, February 2, 2017

Is there really zero chance of being killed by an illegal immigrant?

There has been a much repeated story going around in liberal circles that someone has "proven" that the chances of being killed by an illegal immigrant is zero. Now, let's be clear... there are lot's of things that happen in this world where the chances are effectively zero of something happening.

For instance, statistically, the chance of being killed by anyone with a gun is basically zero (at least if you round off to the nearest whole number). The chances of someone without a criminal record being killed by a gun is almost non-existent. Yet, this doesn't stop people from wanting gun control.

Btw... what do you suppose the chances are that anyone reading this post will die from global warming?

According to the Government accountability office, 25% of all people in Federal Prison are illegal aliens (as of 2011). Of those illegals in federal prison, 8% of them are there for murder. So in other words, approximately 2% of our federal prison population is made up of illegal aliens who have killed someone on American soil. That's just the federal prison system. The same sort of percentage holds true for states like California where Mexican born "Pisces" (almost all illegal) make up the most feared prison gang in the California system.

How can both statistics be correct? Well because claiming there is a zero chance of something doesn't actually mean it hasn't happened or isn't going to happen. It's just a manner of using a semantic argument to imply something that isn't true. Yes, illegal immigrants kill people. They have been caught, convicted, and have served. But there would have to be an awful lot of deaths to in order to accurately claim that the probability would round up to 1% rather than 0%. In other words, zero (in this case) doesn't actually mean zero. It means closer to zero than any other legitimate whole number.

But that's not the only manner in which those falling for this statistic are being played for a fool. The reality is that murder is not the only crime committed by illegal aliens, and there are plenty of other reasons to secure the border, that fall well short of protecting people from being murdered.

Take drug trafficking for example. Approximately two million pounds of illegal narcotics are confiscated every year by border security. Two million pounds. Think about it. Now think about how much must actually get in through the border? Can anyone tell me why there is any good reason to allow these sorts of drugs to flood over our borders and into our countries? Is there not a legitimate reason to stop the flow of heroin and meth into our country?  How about rape, assault, theft, robbery? The 25% of the Federal Prison population made up of illegal aliens are not there stemming from aggravated jaywalking charges.

Reality here folks. Americans are killed by illegal immigrants, Americans are victims of other crimes committed by illegal immigrants,  and our porous borders cause real harm to our society. This whole "zero chance argument"  is just another dishonest talking point, being spewed by political grifters who know they have a captive audience who desperately "want" to fall for this sort of nonsense.


opie said...

Is there really zero chance of being killed by an illegal

About the same of being hit by CH, it running becomes you......LOL

C.H. Truth said...

- They claim that less than 30 Americans die each year year from lighting strikes.
- There are about 45,000 illegal aliens in Federal Prison "alone" who have been "convicted" of murder.

But go ahead and believe what you are told Opie... that sort or gullibility is what it takes to be a good "progressive" these days.

Anonymous said...

The GAO report does not say what the article claims. The GAO report is about ALIENS, not illegal aliens, in custody. Illegal aliens in custody are deported, so they don't stay in custody. The people in this report are either permanent residents or other valid visa holders who are not citizens.