Friday, February 10, 2017

Lawsuit on behalf of corporations "right" to save money by hiring foreign workers for less money moves forward?

9th Circuit Court rules against restating travel ban.

Do Democrats really intend to win any more elections? 
From the court:
"The government has pointed to no evidence that any alien from any of the countries named in the order has perpetrated a terrorist attack in the United States." 
Never before have I seen a case where the Justices are arguing the political (not legal) merits of a case... based on basically completely on factually incorrect information. There have been literally dozens of cases in recent years where aliens of these countries have been "convicted" of terrorist activity. In fact, we have convicted an alien from these countries (on average) every 90 days since 9/11.  

My god, the guy who knifed the nine people at the St Cloud Mall a few months ago here in Minnesota was a Somali refugee. It begs the question: do any of these Justices even read the news?? 

The President of the United States leads the executive branch, and has the FBI, CIA, NSA, Dept of Homeland Security, and all of the branches of the military answering to him, briefing him on security concerns on a daily basis.

The people overruling him have "fake news" where they read somewhere that none of the countries have any terror activities. Quite literally this is how they are openly coming to their decision.  


caliphate4vr said...

More Bumblecare fail enrollment came in well below what was anticipated last month. After running very slightly ahead of last year’s numbers in December, January brought the news that about 400,000 fewer people had enrolled on the federal exchanges than did so in 2016. Those are scary numbers, not so much for the absolute size of the decline -- it’s roughly 4 percent -- but because any backwards movement is very bad news for the exchanges.

As many readers will recall, 2016 brought hefty premium hikes to make up for years of losses on the exchanges. Going into this year’s open enrollment period, there seemed to be a significant risk that we’d see what economists call “adverse selection”: People who were getting good value out of their insurance (because they used a lot of services) would keep paying the premiums, even if they grumbled a bit, but people who didn’t use a lot of health care would decide that at those prices, they might as well go uninsured. When those people exited the market, the average cost to cover each person remaining in the pool would be higher … and insurers still wouldn’t make money, forcing them to raise premiums again next year. This process is known as the “adverse selection death spiral.”

December’s numbers seemed to indicate that people were still willing to buy insurance at the new, higher prices. January’s numbers suggest that maybe they aren’t. Most worryingly, young people, who don’t worry that much about the health insurance they rarely use, tend to sign up fairly late in the game, so a rise in December and a decline in January means that the pool could end up substantially older and sicker than last year’s.

But the left will claim taking it away will mean 500 million will lose coverage.....

Loretta Russo said...

The government screwed up royally.

Hopefully, he'll issue a new EO.

rrb said...

It begs the question: do any of these Justices even read the news??

i suspect they do but at the end of the day the justices on the ringling bros. - barnum and bailey 9th circus suffer from the same affliction as so many of the liberals around here -

the invincible ignorance syndrome.

ultimately ALL of the politics on this issue work in trump's favor. this speaks directly to one of the two main tenets of his campaign - immigration. for chrissakes, this might even get overturned by an 8 judge USSC. this ruling is THAT retarded.

the usual suspects were ejaculating all over themselves on MSDNC last night. it will be fun in the near future to watch them cry about this reversal like they cried on election night.

rrb said...

Blogger Loretta Russo said...
The government screwed up royally.

indeed. bigly. the lawyer who represented the trump administration so poorly should be hearing the words "YOU'RE FIRED" today.

trump needs to fill the solicitor general position quickly. judge andrew napolitano would be my choice.

Loretta Russo said...


Myballs said...

There's a scotus case knauff vs shaughnessy that specifically states that the potus has the authority to limit entry by aliens as part of his foreign policy and national security responsibilities.

Not to mention two prior presidents using the same statute before him.

This is a slam dunk.

opie said...

But the left will claim taking it away will mean 500 million will lose coverage.

LOL at you pauline. You got the senate, congress and potus and still no plan to repeal and replace other than some rhetoric. . Whose fucking with you now, eh? I want them to do it now!!!!

rrb said...

oh hey d0pie,

i see they let the stroke unit patients into the computer lounge early today.

rrb said...

gee, i wonder what they know that we haven't realized yet?

Europeans Most Negative Toward Immigration

you'd think they've suffered a high number of deadly mass casualty attacks or something.

Loretta Russo said...

"Europeans Most Negative Toward Immigration"

Took them long enough.

I'm STILL certain they learned nothing from WWII... was just a matter of time before Germany went crazy again.

Roger Amick said...

President Trump: Job Ratings

See also: Gallup tracking

Approve Disapprove

Click poll name for details:

% %

Quinnipiac U. RV
- 9


- 8


- 9

1/31 - 2/2/17

- 6

1/27 - 2/2/17

Quinnipiac U. RV
- 8


Roger Amick said...

"Never before have I seen a case where the Justices are arguing the political (not legal) merits of a case."

You should apply for the job for the President's media lying to the media job.

I'm impressed that you have become a lawyer and legal expert.

Drudge Report and a dozen other wonderful right wing nuts sites support your argument.

Google is just wonderful.

rrb said...

that's nice, alky.

did you have a point?

now would be a good time to make it.

you see, here's the thing...

TRUMP WON. the election's over, rog.*

and those on my side of the argument have been winning every day since.

even yesterday with the barnum and bailey three ring circuit ruling.

*h/t - skeets 0linsky

Loretta Russo said...


Roger Amick said...

Trump calls ruling on travel ban a 'political decision'

Associated Press
WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump said Thursday's federal appellate court ruling against reinstating his refugee and immigration order was a "political decision" that jeopardized national security.

"We have a situation where the security of our country is at stake and it's a very, very serious situation so we look forward ... to seeing them in court," Trump said. "We're going to win the case."

Trump, in a brief, impromptu appearance in the West Wing, did not specify what his administration's next legal steps would be and said he had not yet conferred with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who was sworn into office earlier Thursday.

The president said he did not believe the decision undercut his presidency.

In a unanimous decision, the San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals declined Thursday to block a lower-court ruling that suspended the executive order preventing travelers from seven Muslim-majority nations from entering the U.S.

The Justice Department said it was "reviewing the decision and considering its options." It could appeal the judge's restraining order to the U.S. Supreme Court or it could attempt to make the case for the travel ban in the district court.

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway suggested the next step would be to argue the merits of the executive order.

"The statute provides a president ... with great latitude and authority to protect the citizens and to protect the nation's national security," Conway said. "This was not argued on the merits. Now that we'll have an opportunity to argue on the merits we look forward to doing that. We look forward to prevailing."

The ruling represented a setback for Trump's administration and the second legal defeat for the new president in the past week. Trump's decision to sign the executive order late last month has sparked protests at airports around the world as authorities barred scores of travelers from entering the country amid confusion over how to implement the details.

The appellate decision brushed aside arguments by the Justice Department that the president has the constitutional power to restrict entry to the United States and that the courts cannot second-guess his determination that such a step was needed to prevent terrorism.

Shortly after the ruling, Trump tweeted, "SEE YOU IN COURT, THE SECURITY OF OUR NATION IS AT STAKE!"

You are just following orders..

Yes Sir!!!!!

Stage Four.


rrb said...

“[The] problem is that it was such an ass-kicking up and down the ballot that no one knows who is right anymore.”

hey rog, you were saying? something about trump's popularity or something, right?

rrb said...

Stage Four.



what's that? your liver failure?

rrb said...

impossible. we've been told by some of the greatest legends in their own minds around here that this SIMPLY DOES NOT HAPPEN.

URBANA — A Mexican national who has lived in Urbana since 2005, allegedly using a stolen identity, was arraigned Thursday on seven federal counts, including four related to voting by an illegal immigrant.

rrb said...

and another -

DALLAS (CBS11) – The family of a woman convicted of voter fraud is speaking out after a Tarrant County jury sentenced her to eight years in prison.

Prosecutors say the reason officials at the elections department in Dallas didn’t stop the voter fraud from happening is because Rosa Ortega claimed she was a citizen on her application.

Now the Tarrant County D.A.’s office is calling for those claims to be verified before handing out registration cards.

Ortega’s attorney said the mother of four will undoubtedly be deported.

Roger Amick said...

I don't have liver cancer. If I was stage four, I would be in the hospital. I'm at my Kaiser Permanente dermatologist. I have white man Brasil Cell Carcinoma. But one weird growth, so meeting with my gorgeous dermatologist. :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

rrb said...

no, but your asshattery is at stage 5.

Roger Amick said...

Although our jurisprudence has long counseled deference to the political branches on matters of immigration and national security, neither the Supreme Court nor our court has ever held that courts lack the authority to review executive action in those arenas for compliance with the Constitution. To the contrary, the Supreme Court has repeatedly and explicitly rejected the notion that the political branches have unreviewable authority over immigration or are not subject to the Constitution when policymaking in that context.
The court then explained that the government “has not shown that it is likely to succeed on appeal.” It focused on two specific claims: that the executive order violates due process, as guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment and that it discriminates against Muslims, in violation of both equal protection and the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause.

“The Government has not shown that the Executive Order provides what due process requires,” the court noted, “such as notice and a hearing prior to restricting an individual’s ability to travel.” Instead, the government argued that “most or all of the individuals affected by the Executive Order have no rights under the Due Process Clause.” But the court found that this assertion is incorrect under established precedent, as well as under the plain language of the clause, which speaks of “person[s],” not citizens. The court then held that the ban presents serious due process concerns and that “the Government has failed to establish that it will likely succeed on its due process argument in this appeal.”

rrb said...


nice try 9th circus.

it's too bad that there are literally dozens of prominent legal scholars - many from the left like alan dershowitz - who vociferously disagree.

prepare to be overturned... again.

perhaps even by an 8 member USSC.

KD, Winning keeps going under Trump, Keeping Promises said...

Do Democrats really intend to win any more elections? " CHT


They continue to assault and insult the voters.

Federal Arrest Warrants are being issued for those that assaulted Sec of Education Devos as she went to a school and after she left.

IT is still against the US Federal Laws to detain, delay or otherwise interfere with a Public Official as they carry out their work.

NEA is an on going criminal enterprise .

Democrats Hating on Voters will., Keep going.

I saw the Front Runner for President in 2020 is Dizzy Lizzy Warren.

She did an epic meltdown rant on twitter because she was slapped in her high cheek bones for violating of US Senate Rule.

KD, liberalism is a metal disorder said...

Opium/HB are you having a great afternoon?

Good to see the both of you , hope all is well.

rrb said...

Federal Arrest Warrants are being issued for those that assaulted Sec of Education Devos as she went to a school and after she left.

thus the stupidity of the left.

the goonion scumbags will attack her at every turn, making her decision to crush them easier by the day. the smarter move would've been to try and make peace with her and reach a compromise.

act like an asshole, get treated like an asshole.

the left never learns that most fundamental lesson.

KD, Wealth Creation IS Booming, Warren has to stop that said...

The market value of Goldman Sachs soared by $4 billion last Friday as President Trump signed an order to begin the process of dismantling Dodd-Frank, with former Goldman president Gary Cohn standing behind him."

So the freedom to invest in the USA has to be taken away, such is the message from Front Runner for President in 2020 is Dizzy Lizzy Warren.

"Now, Senator Elizabeth Warren wants Goldman Sachs to explain just how much "influence" the bank has over Trump's economic policies.

"Dismantling Dodd-Frank would be a financial boon for large banks, including Goldman Sachs," Warren and fellow Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin wrote in a letter sent on Thursday to Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein. " Fake Indian

Loretta Russo said...

Spam by the drunkard.

Roger Amick said...

Gallup Daily: Trump Job Approval

42% trending down.

opie said...

More republican denial of science.

The Associated Press

An Idaho House panel has approved new K-12 science standards, but only after striking key references to climate change caused by human behavior.

This is the third year the Idaho Legislature has struggled to agree on science standards for public schools. Previous efforts that included references to global warming and the origin of the universe have been rejected by Republicans unhappy that the language didn’t offer alternative views.

Climate change can still be taught in schools, even if they are not part of the state standards. Standards are only a minimum of what students are expected to know.

Read more here:

Menstral child should live in idaho....he would fit right in .. LOL

rrb said...

Roger Amick said...
Gallup Daily: Trump Job Approval

42% trending down.


the election's over, rog.



thanks skeets. that line never gets old.

opie said...

Loretta Russo said...
Spam by the drunkard.

Tripe from our kansan. LOL

opie said...

rrb said...
oh hey d0pie,
i see they let the stroke unit patients into the computer lounge early today.

Our ag school flunky proffers another attempt at acting big.....yeah right....asshattery at its best. LOL!!!

KD, HB you idiot learn to read a chart said...

The Home Depot , a stock that I have owned for more then 4 years hit a All Time High today, they also pay out a quarterly dividend of .69 cents.

Making it a very good stock to own as one continues to grow wealth.

CCA a stock that 4 months ago was at 20 and I bought it on a tip from a guy that works there, is now at 30.29 today, nice stuff. I will have to take my friend out to a nice dinner for his advice.

Hey ALCU Barbie you having curser malfunction again, I went to your Gallop Link and it shows President Trump at 52 % approval and a 42 % disapproval, the only trending down is the Disapproval.

Thanks for the link.

opie said...

We will soon have trump care and will see how many are tossed off the rolls. That's just fine, You will declare victory and will own the whole shebang. Good.

KD, Trump beats Dems Biggly said...

Rat, I went to old tired drag queen Rog's link, the only thing trending down is Trumps Disapproval numbers, his Approval is at a steady 52 %.

Stupid HB, can't even read a simple graph correctly

KD, Dems Loss again to Trump said...

IS this too much fun or what.

"Schumer: 'Very good chance' Price won't be confirmed

By Jordain Carney - 01/17/17"

Today : "Price Confirmed"

KD, Trump Winning Biggly said...

Opium, for years you have told of your love for ObamaCare, a few questions if you will.

q, are you on it
q, IF , not why not
q, is it every thing you hoped it would be

KD, The issue that really Matters in the USA said...

The Problem will be how to get those that don't want to work off of their welfare collecting ass and back to being productive.

February 9, 2017
Majority in US Now Optimistic About Job Market

"WASHINGTON, D.C. -- For the first time since Gallup began tracking the question in 2001, a majority of Americans (54%) say it is a "good time" to find a quality job. This is up slightly from 50% in January, which was then a new high."

opie said...

Federal Arrest Warrants are being issued for those that assaulted Sec of Education Devos as she went to a school and after she left.

Really???? Just another attempt at humor, I presume. LOL

opie said...

q, are you on it
q, IF , not why not

ESAD, idiot. NOYFB.

I want it repealed, now, just like you.

Roger Amick said...

Another lie of the day, by...guess who??

President Donald Trump falsely insisted again Thursday that widespread voter fraud in New Hampshire cost him and former Sen. Kelly Ayotte the state in the November election.

Trump made the comments in a private meeting with Ayotte and a group of senators that was meant to be a bipartisan discussion to build support for Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court.

According to a source briefed on the discussion, Trump told Ayotte that she would have won re-election had she not been critical of him during the course of the campaign. He then alluded to thousands of people who supposedly went into New Hampshire illegally to vote against both him and Ayotte, saying they both would have won “if there hadn’t been voter fraud” in the state. The source called the exchange “uncomfortable.” It was first reported by Politico and independently confirmed by The Huffington Post.

Though he’s been president now for three weeks, Trump remains preoccupied with the idea that he was robbed of a win in the popular vote. He has mentioned it with senators before, and his spokesperson, Sean Spicer, has confirmed it is a genuine belief of his. There is no evidence at all to support the claim, as confirmed by state authorities across the nation.

“I can say that the number of election related matters coming out of the general election is relatively ordinary and does not indicate a widespread scheme to bring thousands of voters from out of state,” Brian Buonamano, an assistant attorney general in New Hampshire, said in an email. “We have no evidence or indication that there existed a scheme to bus in thousands of people to illegally vote in NH.”

Trump has claimed voter fraud in New Hampshire before. In November, weeks after his electoral victory, he tweeted that there was “serious voter fraud in Virginia, New Hampshire and California.”

Though they lack validity, Trump’s claims are still harmful. They stoke distrust in the nation’s political system and provide lawmakers with a basis ― however specious ― for taking steps to make it harder for people to vote.

I'm shocked!

Roger Amick said...

Andrew Sullivan nails it.

Then there is the obvious question of the president’s mental and psychological health. I know we’re not supposed to bring this up — but it is staring us brutally in the face. I keep asking myself this simple question: If you came across someone in your everyday life who repeatedly said fantastically and demonstrably untrue things, what would you think of him? If you showed up at a neighbor’s, say, and your host showed you his newly painted living room, which was a deep blue, and then insisted repeatedly — manically — that it was a lovely shade of scarlet, what would your reaction be? If he then dragged out a member of his family and insisted she repeat this obvious untruth in front of you, how would you respond? If the next time you dropped by, he was still raving about his gorgeous new red walls, what would you think? Here’s what I’d think: This man is off his rocker. He’s deranged; he’s bizarrely living in an alternative universe; he’s delusional. If he kept this up, at some point you’d excuse yourself and edge slowly out of the room and the house and never return. You’d warn your other neighbors. You’d keep your distance. If you saw him, you’d be polite but keep your distance.

Loretta Russo said...

Spam by the drunkard.

Loretta Russo said...

Spam by the drunkard.

Commonsense said...

The only mental health issues observed are from the left who can't cope with their election disappointment without bullying a 10 year old boy, beat people in the street or destroy property.

Commonsense said...

Stupid HB, can't even read a simple graph correctly

He's always been graph reading challenged. :)

opie said...

He's always been graph reading challenged. :)

Just like you and the economic growth in the last quarter of busch's reign of terror????? LOL

KD, Opium got egg on face again said...

In the last two weeks you made a mistake similar to that mistake and I pointed it out, yet I let it go .

KD, Trump Repairing the Economy said...

All Three US INDEXS are below the levels of Obama's on Nov. 9th, 2016, just like Paul Krugman and HB said they would be, Right?

Or are Investors both small and large enjoying a historic Run up thanks to the Trump Bump.

rrb said...

queen andrew, alky? really?


i thought you two broke up.

KD, Winning Biggly Continues said...

Crying Chuck was so sure he could stop the Price Nomination.

He fought really hard, lied his ass off , got unlimited press coverage that never check his lies and in the end poor chuck was reduced again to running into the arms of Fake Indian Warren's arms for comfort.

Imagine having an actual Doctor of Medicine at Health and Human Services.

Commonsense said...

Just like you and the economic growth in the last quarter of busch's reign of terror????? LOL

You're so easy. Just like flashing a red cape at a bull.

KD, Stupid Lard Ass Opie said...

For those of you that missed it, and since Opium brought the subject up , here is his fuck up.

Anonymous KD, Opie Got Data? said...
And that 700k loss in Feb. 2008 ......?????" Opie

Where did you get that number?

BLS shows a job loss of -84 for Feb. 2008.

February 4, 2017 at 7:42 AM

Anonymous opie said...
Where did you get that number?

Google it like I did."

So I did Google it, he was wrong.

rrb said...

Democrats Are Losing Their War With Trump:

Leaders in the Democratic Party probably should have thought twice before deciding to mount a scorched-earth campaign against President Trump. So far, they’ve failed to stop any of Trump’s picks, or gain public support for their cause. They have, however, succeeded in making themselves look unhinged.

As we write this, not a single Trump Cabinet pick has withdrawn or failed to secure confirmation, which puts him well ahead of President Obama, who was forced to withdraw several of his initial appointments due to scandals. That included Tom Daschle, Obama’s pick for Health and Human Services, who’d failed to pay taxes, and his Commerce pick, Bill Richardson, who was being investigated for allegedly doling out government contracts in exchange for campaign contributions while governor of New Mexico.

The best Democrats have been able to accomplish was to force Vice President Pence to cast the tiebreaking vote to confirm Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

They’ve also failed to convince a majority — or even a plurality — of the public to oppose any of Trump’s executive orders, according to a Morning Consult/Politico poll, which asked about 11 of his most controversial ones.

In fact, the orders Democrats invested the most time and energy in attacking get the strongest public support.

Fully 55% approve of Trump’s executive order putting a temporary hold on visas and refugees from terror-prone countries. Only 38% disapprove it. (The IBD/TIPP poll found that 51% support Trump’s order on refugees.) The same share approves of Trump’s order to revoke funding for sanctuary cities. A majority (54%) also back Trump’s call to freeze all federal regulations.

This is a stunning failure on the part of Democrats to sway public opinion, despite having the full support of sign-wielding activists, several corporate executives, most celebrities and the entire mainstream press.

As for the press, their unrelenting campaign against Trump — and their determination to label just about everything he says as a lie — has backfired as well. An Emerson College poll found that the public views the Trump administration as more truthful than the news media, with 48% saying Trump is truthful, compared with only 39% who say the media are being truthful.

so while queen andrew quibbles over deep blue vs. scarlet, trump is kicking ass and taking names.

keep on keepin' on rog.

the adults are in charge now.


opie said...

So I did Google it, he was wrong.

You really are as dumb as a goat. I said that the number I posted was wrong and you continue your harangue like the dumbass you are since that is all you got. Even an idiot like you know busch left the economy in shambles and left office shedding millions of jobs. Again, I do appreciate you again mentioning the error that I admitted to. IDIOT Of MAJOR PROPORTIONS WITHOUT EQUAL. As rat says, the adults are in charge now fabricating lie after lie....Seems like the latest flynn lie is going to be a long term affair. Good, they can tell us again about voter fraud, like donnie did in NH yesterday. LOL

opie said...

BTW asswipe, the number was correct, the year was wrong. LOL

opie said...

Finally, a new word that describes what goes on here!!!!!

At the close of 2016, the Oxford English Dictionary declared “post-truth” its word of the year. The adjective is defined as “relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief.” But Earth and its breath — the climate — paid no heed. Nature had its own declaration, ending 2016 as the hottest year in the global record, the third consecutive record-breaking year.

Or there were millions of fraudulent votes or I would have won.....

Roger Amick said...

The the evidence against Flynn mounts, entangling others officials up to the vice president, it seems likely that the Trump administration will throw him overboard. But sacrificing Flynn will not remove the cloud of suspicion hanging over the Trump administration and Russia.

Even before America's 17 intelligence agencies concluded that Putin had ordered Russian intelligence to launch a campaign to influence the American election and help Trump win; even before we learned about a secret dossier put together by a respected former British intelligence agent claiming (without confirmation) the Russians had compromising information on Trump -- long before that, Trump's statements and his campaigns actions regarding Russia ranged from startling to shocking.

KD, Trump Keeping a Promise to deport Illegals said...

The Democrat Party HATES the Voter, that is settled.

Now what about this.

ICE is back to doing its job, arresting and deporting criminals (all illegals are criminals) and those on deportation orders.

What is the natural reaction of the left, well, riot of course against the laws of the USA.

And who is their with money to defend the Illegals, yep, the tax payers in the Fringe-State of CA, NY and Washington State, the ACLU parachuted in on the wings of Soros Money.

Roger Amick said...

This is going viral.

Infested. Or.. is as credible as the World Nut Daily

Right wing lunacy. Just like you.

Roger Amick said...

Pence was told Flynn didn't discuss sanctions, aides say
The vice president defended the National Security Adviser in January when questions first surfaced about Flynn's contact with Russian ambassador.
By MATTHEW NUSSBAUM and KYLE CHENEY 02/10/17 11:35 AM EST Updated 02/10/17 05:06 PM EST
Reports that national security adviser Michael Flynn may have discussed U.S. sanctions with the Russian ambassador before President Donald Trump’s inauguration has revived concerns about Flynn’s relationships with Moscow—and threatens to entangle a member of the administration who has so far mostly dodged controversy: Vice President Mike Pence.

Pence said in a Jan. 15 appearance on CBS’ “Face the Nation” that Flynn’s conversations with the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak were “strictly coincidental” and had nothing to do with the Obama administration’s decision to punish Russia for meddling in the November election, which U.S. intelligence agencies agree was intended to help boost Trump's prospects. “They did not discuss anything having to do with the United States’ decision to expel diplomats or impose censure against Russia,” Pence told CBS.

The lies by the "grown ups" just get juicer every day.


Roger Amick said...

The grown ups are in charge!!!!!

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Roger Amick said...

The grown ups are in charge!!!!!

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Loretta Russo said...

Spam by the drunkard.

KD, Consumer Confidence SOARS said...

the cloud of suspicion hanging over the Trump administration and Russia."

We know IF not for the FBI, the Russians, WikiLeaks, Hillary's Fainting on Tape repeatedly, IF not for, she would have won.

Back to Reality, she lost except for the Fringe-States.

So bathe in it, defeat looks good on you.

Trump Wins Biggly - For those of us that bet on the USA/Trump Economy, well, making 14 K in four months because I went with Trump and with the US Economy and against the strong advice of HB and Paul Krugman to dump US Stocks NOW (panic mode of Late Nov. 8th and the morning of Nov 9th, 2016, my family is ever richer.

HI Hb, how you doing, is your liver all better?

"Trump’s two-year presidency" The Washington Post Kathleen Parker
Good news: In two years, we’ll have a new president. Bad news: If we make it that long.

My “good” prediction is based on the Law of the Pendulum. Enough Americans, including most independent voters, will be so ready to shed Donald Trump and his little shop of horrors that the 2018 midterm elections are all but certain to be a landslide — no, make that a mudslide — sweep of the House and Senate. If Republicans took both houses in a groundswell of the people’s rejection of Obamacare, Democrats will take them back in a tsunami of protest.

Once ensconced, it would take a Democratic majority approximately 30 seconds to begin impeachment proceedings selecting from an accumulating pile of lies, overreach and just plain sloppiness. That is, assuming Trump hasn’t already been shown the exit."

I love it, Landslide when Dems win. OK, Kathy your on the clock.

rrb said...

Roger Amick said...
This is going viral.

here's what else is REALLY going viral -

democrat irrelevance.

how you guys making out on that whole impeachy thingy, rog?

KD, Jobs returning to rust belt said...

Dizzy Lizzy and MaxiePad Waters are forming a committee to Impeach The President.

Dizzy Lizzy is still pissed off over being made to sit down and shut the fuck up. She went on an epic tantrum rant on Twitter.

I enjoyed every letter of her meltdown.

She is the front runner for President in 2020, Hillary said so.

opie said...

democrat irrelevance.

Just like you and this little slice of extremist heaven who will soon know the wrath of the people. LOLOLOL

KD, TrumpBump said...

Key economic indicators due in the coming week include NFIB's small-business confidence index for January on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday, the January consumer price index, retail sales, industrial production, and the New York Fed's February manufacturing index come out. On Thursday, housing starts for January and Philly Fed's business survey are due."

I believe that most of these will be on the plus side. US Housing still sucks from what Obama did to it and throwing millions of blacks out of their homes and into public housing.

"soon know the wrath of the people" Opium ,,, so what happened on Nov. 8th, 2016, where the people you speak of asleep?

KD, Winning Biggly said...

California tech firm will move HQ, create 300 jobs in downtown KC

Feb 10, 2017, 12:08pm CST "
AutoAlert, a California-based leader in software solutions for auto dealers, has been offered a state Missouri Works grant of as much as $9.2 million for moving its headquarters to downtown Kansas City"

The company, which is headquartered in Irvine, Calif., is expected to create more than 300 high-paying tech jobs at the new location."


Roger Amick said...

The principle of civilian control of the military has been deeply internalized by the US military, which prides itself on its nonpartisan professionalism.… But Trump … [is] thin-skinned, erratic, and unconstrained — and his unexpected, self-indulgent pronouncements are reportedly sending shivers through even his closest aides.

What would top US military leaders do if given an order that struck them as not merely ill-advised, but dangerously unhinged? An order that wasn’t along the lines of “Prepare a plan to invade Iraq if Congress authorizes it based on questionable intelligence,” but “Prepare to invade Mexico tomorrow!” or “Start rounding up Muslim Americans and sending them to Guantanamo!” or “I’m going to teach China a lesson — with nukes!”

It’s impossible to say, of course. The prospect of American military leaders responding to a presidential order with open defiance is frightening — but so, too, is the prospect of military obedience to an insane order. After all, military officers swear to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, not the president. For the first time in my life, I can imagine plausible scenarios in which senior military officials might simply tell the president: “No, sir. We’re not doing that,” to thunderous applause from the New York Times editorial board.

Needless to say, when I wrote this, it didn’t occur to me that anyone could construe it as a call for a military coup. Perhaps this should have occurred to me, given the current state of American political discourse, but it didn’t. I received a couple of polite email messages from readers who argued that I shouldn’t have even raised this as a hypothetical possibility, but most initial comments came from readers who took what I wrote in the spirit in which it was intended: What might happen if the US president gave an order that was truly, frighteningly unhinged, and all normal checks and balances had failed? Could we imagine a military refusal to obey the commander in chief? Should we imagine it?

Those are serious questions.

Regardless, a few days passed quietly by after the column’s publication. Then, on Thursday morning, Breitbart — the “news” site previously run by Steve Bannon, now Donald Trump’s top political adviser — ran a story about my column, headlined “Ex-Obama Official Suggests ‘Military Coup’ Against Trump.”

By mid-afternoon, I was getting death threats.

Probably from the racist rodent.

Roger Amick said...

k,putz ignores the truth about Kansas.

From bad to worse for Sam Brownback’s Kansas
03/18/16 04:39 PM
By Steve Benen
Not long after he made the transition from senator to governor in late 2010, Kansas Republican Sam Brownback boasted about his grand ambitions. The far-right Kansan, working with a GOP-led legislature, would cut taxes far beyond what the state could afford, in what Brownback described at the time as “a real-live experiment.”

He was optimistic, though the Republican governor added at the time, “We’ll see how it works.”

We sure will. In his first term, Brownback’s “experiment” led to debt downgrades, weak growth, and state finances in shambles. Perhaps the jobs picture is more heartening? Guess again. The Kansas City Star’s Yael Abouhalkah reported today on the state’s latest job numbers.

Let this stunning news sink in: The Kansas jobs report released Friday shows the state lost another 1,900 jobs in February and now has 5,400 fewer jobs than it did one year ago.

That’s right: The Sunflower State had a “growth” rate of negative 0.4 percent from February 2015 to February 2016, the first time that’s happened in more than five years. That negative employment rate is one of the worst in the nation.

The same piece noted that, just a year ago during his re-election campaign, Brownback set a goal of 25,000 new jobs, per year, for a total of 100,000 new jobs in his second term. Eighteen months later, Kansas has created 1,600 jobs.

Put another way, the GOP governor set a projection of over 2,000 jobs per month. Since then, Kansas has created about 90 jobs per month.

It’s possible Brownback and his allies might want to blame President Obama’s economic policies, but at a national level, the job market looks very strong and unemployment has dropped to an eight-year low. The governor might be tempted to say his policies need more time, but his “experiment” started five years ago.

After Brownback signed the largest tax cut in state history, the Republican governor declared, “My focus is to create a red-state model that allows the Republican ticket to say, ‘See, we’ve got a different way, and it works.’”

When GOP officials control the levers of power, and they’re able to implement the exact agenda that Republicans dream of, it’s certainly true that the “red-state model” represents a “different way.”

Why anyone would believe it “works,” however, is a mystery.

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Spam by the drunkard.

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Works grant of as much as $9.2 million

Such a deal. 9.2 million for 300 whole jobs....wonder how long before 30k per job equal the give away. LOL

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KD, A broken clock is more often right then opium/ACLU Barbie said...

AutoAlert Salary, way over $30,000 a year , tech jobs, the kind that grows an Economy, moved from CA to KC.