Tuesday, February 21, 2017

RNC has record month of fundraising...

The rumors of the Republican demise are greatly exaggerated
The Republican National Committee filed a record setting $19.8 million January FEC report on Monday, The Daily Caller has learned. The $19.8 million makes January the best post-election fundraising month in RNC history. 
“I am encouraged by the historic support shown by Americans across this country as our Party unites under President Trump,” said RNC chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel. “It is clear our message of bringing change to all people is resonating, and I am committed to harnessing this momentum as we continue to build on the successes we earned in 2016. The RNC has never been better equipped to champion the Republican agenda and use these resources to grow our majorities in 2018.”

Republicans adults don't put on pussy hats, retreat to their safe places, or give speeches about "nasty women". They simply show their support in more mature adult manners, such as donating their hard earned cash to the Party.

As has been pointed out by several people including myself... those who feel like 2018 is ramping up to be some sort of "wave election" for the Democrats fail to see that the so called "Trump revolution" is just getting started. He's not losing any support from his base, and in fact he appears to be converting many conservatives who were once in the opposition.

Wave elections happen when one Party is motivated and the other is not. Now it's entirely possible that Trump will sometime in the future start to bleed support,  and it could lead to a wave of sorts. But anyone who believes that the "current" mood of the Country today is one of liberal motivation and conservative tepidness, is simply choosing to see an alternate reality to the one we live in.  


rrb said...

just the fact that democrats have to defend so many senate seats in states trump won should give them pause.

wave election in 2018 because history tells us the party out of power is "supposed to" win?

not so fast. not this time.

like you said, trump is just getting started. and if he can show us an economy approaching anything near 3.0% growth the democrats are going to have a problem...


Commonsense said...

The biggest anti-semite in Congress is the odds on favorite to win the DNC chair.

So tell us again Roger how the Democrats will bury the Republicans in a wave election.

KD, HD Winning with Trump Housing Boom said...

HyperBolic Roger likes to make things up, like a plunging stock market IF Trump becomes President.

He said he had the great game changing economic plan of Hillary's, yet when asked to produce it, just like her spending 1.3 Billion on lost election, NO ROI.

Still waiting HB, where is it?

opie said...

Milo finally takes one up the ass which came way too late. Yeah CH, the offers will come piling in for the pedophiles book......LOL