Wednesday, March 22, 2017

So either way...

Representative Nunes and Representative Schiff are having a little war of words over the latest revelation (which isn't much of a revelation) that communications of Trump and some of his campaign associates had communications intercepted and then widely disseminated.

Chairman Nunes apparently told the White House and the Press about the revelation before discussing the matter with other members of the intelligence committee. It's uncertain why Schiff believes that the White House should have not have been contacted or why the information should be withheld from the public, but he now has "grave concerns" about Nunes behavior as well as finding it "irregular".

Seems to me, that Schiff might be better served having grave concerns over the information, rather than grave concerns over the handing of the information. What we can be certain is that either way this is explained, it's not good.
  • Option one: if the information was intercepted because Trump and his associates were the target of monitoring, then it proves Trump's claims pretty much true, and would signal a major scandal.
  • Option two: if the information was intercepted because Trump and his associates happened to be no the other end of conversations with people that were the target of monitoring, then leaking the names of the Trump associates would be highly illegal, and also a major scandal. 
Either way, the law was broken by people within our Government... with the direct intent to hamper and discredit the incoming Administration. Perhaps the media could concentrate on the law breaking and real scandalous acts... rather than worrying about 140 character late night tweets.


rrb said...

you can tell how desperate and unhinged the left is becoming as the volume and frequency of the word "MANAFORT!!!11!!" increases.

in fact, the "M" in MSDNC has stood for manafort the past two nights.

rrb said...

in other news, chelsea clinton has earned herself a lifetime vagina award. for doing what, no one is quite sure.

KD said...

President Trump has a transparent Government, the left hates it, he does not move in secret with his friends, nor does he move against his enemies in secret, he comes at them in full view just to watch then wither and be publically defeated.

SO when does the DNC-Networks start to apologize to the President for being so wrong so often?

opie said...

Nunes wants to know where the leaks come from.....all he has to do is look in the mirror. Supposed to be a non-partisan what does he do, runs home to mommy to spill his guts trying to give donnie cover. Time for a special prosecutor to step in. Another cluster fuck perpetrated by the R's as their world continues to crumble and the approval ratings head for the shitter...