Friday, March 17, 2017

Would Donald Trump be favored for reelection at 43% ?

So 93% of Trump voters support him as President, while 93% of Clinton voters do not. If we want to split hairs, 4% of Clinton voters now approve of President Trump, versus only 2% who now disapprove.

This certainly plays out much differently than many in the media would like you to believe. Most of those people are aghast that President Trump has followed through on much of what Candidate Trump campaigned on. Surely his voters didn't actually want him to do what he said he would?

But as turbulent as his first few weeks have been in office, it hasn't dissuaded those who voted for him to regret their choice. Common sense suggests that if the same people came out and voted again, primarily in the same manner that they voted the first time Trump ran... the results would be pretty much the same.

So logically, things would have to "go downhill" from here for the pundits to realistically start to declare the President as vulnerable. Of course, when it comes to President Donald Trump, pretty much everyone tosses their logic out the window.


Indy Voter said...

So 51% of all voters disapprove of Trump, according to your graphic, while only 43% approve. That would be an impediment to reelection.

Commonsense said...

Not if 10% of those who disapprove don't vote.

CH doesn't say it but I suspect it's a poll of registered voters rather than likely voters.

The spread is considerably narrower in Rasmussen's poll of likely voters.

C.H. Truth said...

Indy - the title of the post acknowledges that the overall approval is 43%.

opie said...

Not if 10% of those who disapprove don't vote.

Typical idiot republicon' hope people don't vote to further your bigoted cause.....The angry old voters are not getting any younger......LOL