Monday, April 24, 2017

I am curious...

Why does the GOP (who holds the White House, the Senate, and the House) require buy in from the Democrats to pass a budget and fund the government?

Obviously the House can pass a budget without Democratic help. There is not filibuster and they have more than enough votes.  On the Senate side, isn't a budget bill specifically designed to be able to be passed through budget reconciliation (which only requires a majority vote in the Senate)? Wasn't that the original concept of budget reconciliation (that passing a budget was too important to be held hostage by filibusters).

Seems to me, that unless the Republicans cannot agree among themselves, that majorities in both chambers of congress should prevail. Even if the Democrats could filibuster a budget bill (and maybe then can), such a filibuster should put the blame squarely on them.


Commonsense said...

I think it is a media invention. The government was never in danger of a shutdown. The only weapon to obstruct the Republicans would be the filibuster and as you said, budget reconciliation would prevent that.

I don't see the Republicans unduly distressed by the "impending shutdown" so they will either pass a budget or a CR.

opie said...

, that majorities in both chambers of congress should prevail.

Ya think, CH????

opie said...

Brilliant strategery by our POTUS

Showdown looms over money for border wall as budget deadline nears
President Trump and his top aides pressed congressional Republicans to use the threat of a government shutdown to win funding for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, an effort that could lead to a standoff with lawmakers in both parties ahead of Friday's deadline to pass a spending bill.

Commonsense said...

Then again, I sometimes I think the Republicans are the party of stupid.

Rubio: Shutdown would have 'catastrophic impact' on global affairs

He does know who's in charge doesn't he?

rrb said...

Blogger Commonsense said...
I think it is a media invention.

it's ALL a media invention. the budget, trump's approval/disapproval ratings, all of it.

my only question is - do these media assholes actually believe the bullshit they're peddling?

they must be running a con. they can't be THIS stupid, but the can be THIS dishonest.

rrb said...

0linsky's iran deal was several orders of magnitude WORSE than originally reported.

Commonsense said...

they must be running a con. they can't be THIS stupid

Oh yes they can.

but the can be THIS dishonest.

I don't think it's either/or.

Indy Voter said...

In theory, you are correct, C.H. However, it would require:
(1) The Senate to actually pass a bill; and
(2) The GOP majorities in both houses to quickly come to an agreement on the reconciliation bill and to get overwhelming support from their members on it.

If it appears to Senate Democrats that the Republicans will try this, the odds of getting any bill passed in the Senate drop to nearly zero.

And Republicans have tried this trick before, and failed to reach consensus among themselves on a bill that could pass in each house. This occurred on the energy bill during the 2003-2004 session. Pete Domenici and his House counterpart tried to completely rewrite the respective bills each house had passed in reconciliation, and failed to produce a bill.

wphamilton said...

Because you have a large, irrational wing of the GOP who refuses to compromise, and who ultimately place their political standing with the wingnuts above considerations of governing. Unless they can be controlled, you're going to need at least some support from moderate Democrats.

Myballs said...

Respectfully wp, that also describes today's democrat party.

Nyukyukyuk said...

Knock "the media" all you want, but they don't get a vote in Congress. If Congress doesn't pass a spending bill, or a CR, the federal government will have a shutdown until they do. What, "the media" isn't supposed to talk about it?