Thursday, May 25, 2017

Pew confirms... way fewer refugees admitted under Trump

Seems that I was right once again when I suggested that the admission of refugees had been slowed considerably since Trump has become President. (although there is not a national breakdown on where they come from, Minnesota numbers confirm that there are almost no refugees coming here from the seven countries on the travel ban).

While there was already a downward projection in late 2016, you can see how drastically things were cut once Trump took over at the end of January. The March numbers are truly amazing compared to the October numbers of last year.

The reality is that it doesn't really matter what the "ceiling" is... there is no requirement to meet that ceiling, just a requirement to stay under it. So when the State Department raises or lowers that ceiling, it doesn't automatically produce neither more or less refugees. It's a guideline, nothing more.

Meanwhile, the concept that some judge can overrule the Administration on how many refugees are admitted into the country borders on the advocacy of a constitutional crisis of sorts. The "separation" of powers is such that certain matters are just not allowed to be determined by someone just because they wear a robe and are called "your honor".


opie said...

Pew confirms... way fewer refugees admitted under Trump

And that confirms what....the executive order is legal or you think like rathole.......

Loretta Russo said...

Looks like your "low information" friend was right about that one too.


rrb said...

joey fucknuts,

it confirms that the immigration order could be largely irrelevant.
if the beaners and moose limbs aren't coming because they fear trump and our law enforcement, that works for me.

opie said...

Blogger Loretta Russo said...
Looks like your "low information" friend was right about that one too.

He is always extremely right. The only thing proved is less people are trying to get in....he credits trump, I say bullshit it is not simplistic as his low brow analysis makes it . Jpey fucknuts, ratholes first cousin.

C.H. Truth said...


What it means... is that you focus on the wrong things. As in who gives a fuck what the headline reads.

The travel ban is still in court, but the reality is that the refugees from those seven countries are no longer flowing in. They are barely trickling in after going through "extreme vetting.

Just like focusing on the fact that Trump didn't get 1 billion for his wall... but instead got 1.5 billion for "other" border security.

Democrats believe they are winning battle of the politics, but they are losing the war of the tangible. Trump is quietly behind the headlines getting most, all, or even more (depending) of what he wants.