Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Report: Leak sources identified
People to be fired

According to Trey Yingst of One America News Network, Team Trump has identified three sources of the leaks flowing so liberally from the White House. He also reports that “multiple people” will be fired when President Trump returns from his trip abroad. Yingst also says the possibility of criminal prosecution is on the table.
This is obviously an unsubstantiated report at this point, but unlike many of the unsourced stories out there, this seems more than plausible. If you assume that even a fraction of the leaked stories are true, then identifying the source of the leaks would be a matter of simple deduction and process of elimination. I would suspect that they are fairly certain about three, wonder about others and will no doubt fire "more" than they should rather than "less" than they should.

As far as criminal prosecution goes, I see no problems with putting some law enforcement into the mix. As pointed out by the Powerline, leaking embarrassing information is not a crime. Reading the contents of classified documents to reporters would be.  Certainly there is enough investigating of things currently going on that are nearly impossible to prove and may or may not even be crimes. We can afford to actually investigate a known crime with a limited amount of people who could possibly be involved. If it can be proven, then they should prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. The incoming FBI director should be making a similar pledge to the country that they will fire and prosecute leakers as well.

Now here is my prediction surrounding all of this.

Assuming all of this goes down as suggested and Trump fires a bunch of people and orders investigations... the media will be besides themselves with indignation. After all, where would they be without their "unnamed" sources? So they will offer one of two narratives (or possibly both).
  • That the firings somehow represent more evidence of obstruction 
  • That they are being done to simply deflect attention from the Russian collusion narrative
Anyone think I am wrong?


rrb said...

3 is a drop in the proverbial bucket compared to the thousands of 0linsky loyalists who are burrowed in like deer ticks inflicting their own political lyme disease -

Congressional Republicans are warning the departing Obama administration against moving any more political appointees into career-service government jobs, a practice known as “burrowing in.”

Government auditors found 69 Obama political appointees who moved into career jobs from 2010 to 2015, and 17 of them didn’t receive the required approval from the Office of Personnel Management. With President-elect Donald Trump preparing to fill about 4,000 political appointments, Republican lawmakers say there is more motivation for Democratic appointees to try to latch onto protected career positions.
Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Ron Johnson, Wisconsin Republican, has asked acting OPM Director Beth Cobert for weekly reports on all conversions or attempted conversions, including the names, titles and salaries of federal employees who have switched from political appointments to career positions since June 30.

“With the results of the presidential election, there could be an increase in attempts by the nearly 4,000 political appointees across the federal government to convert to career positions,” Mr. Johnson wrote in a letter last week. “I am concerned that, due to the seniority of political appointees at many agencies, there could be pressure to approve these conversions outside the standard merit-based approach to federal hiring.”

every single holdover from the previous administration needs to be summarily fired immediately.

wphamilton said...

I don't think we'll see either of those two reactions. Unless those fired are ALSO material witnesses in the investigation(s) and Trump seeks to silence them.

KD, said...

What is the committed Crime?

One is in no way "silenced" by being fired from a job.

A Federal Job is not a right.

For the love of GOD, get over the loss by Hillary.

Is this really how you want the next Democrat President to be Treated?

rrb said...

Is this really how you want the next Democrat President to be Treated?

trust me when i tell you that democrats never think that far ahead.

exhibit A: harry reid's nuclear option.

Roger Amick said...

You are 100% wrong.

wphamilton said...

KD do you not understand how the words "Unless" and "Also" work, to distinguish between two different things? Do you understand what I'm writing here? I'll devote another post to you, if it's necessary.

wphamilton said...

Unless you weren't referencing me specifically in asking those questions, KD, in which case I apologize.

opie said...

Power line blog now the source of fake news for CH. Great news for unbiased hypocrites that live here. Desperate sources for desperate supporters. It gets uglier every day. Now Sessions has been accused of lying about data he provide on not dealing with the russians....Maybe he should be fired and sent back home.