Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A case in point...

Earlier I wrote a blog post regarding Trump Derangement Syndrome and how the effects have hindered the ability of those suffering to put together a cognitive argument. As luck would have it, we were blessed with an absolutely perfect example of how someone suffering from this disease actually thinks.
But I find a fatal thaw in the post. Donald Trump's outright lies and distortions of reality cannot be ignored by someone who is rooted in reality. The prescient of the post is that any and all negative comments on Donald Trump, that are not positive, they are based on false new and a mental disease. Leaders around the world are well aware of how incompetent this man is. An increasing number of Republicans are falling into Trmpism as our formerly esteemed host we hate Trump swamp. He is going to take the US out of the leader of the free world, that for has avoided World War in 75 years. I didn't think that CH would sink into the rrb world. But he has and it's very sad.
So, let's start with the obvious. None of this rant addresses anything that is being discussed in the post. Yet, this particular TDS victim has made a determination (in his mind) with what was wrong with the post... without addressing the post.

The fatal flaw is simply Donald Trump. The argument as to why the post is flawed is "entirely" built on his feelings about Donald Trump and everything he believes Trump has done wrong. He offers nothing else.

In other words, the tangible content of the post is actually irrelevant. Completely 100% irrelevant.

As are all debates and arguments about politics in 2017. You simply cannot have a debate with someone suffering as acutely as this person is. For them it's always irrelevant and always wrong.

Because in the mind of someone suffering from TDS, nothing matters other than the blind hatred of Donald Trump. There are no alternative arguments, debates, or logical conclusions about "any subject" that includes Trump that can even possibly exist. So there is no need to address the actual merits of any opinion other than "Trump sucks". Such opinions can never be validated. It's a complete non-starter to even offer such an opinion. It's wrong even before it is formulated. No need for a TDS victim to even read them. They only need to react to them.

And apparently, the more they insult, the better they see their argument.

So ultimately (according to the comment) what is wrong with the post is the fact that it exists "outside" of the narrow parameters of what is being allowed. The actual post offers fact. The post offers examples. The post offers a logical argument that comes to a conclusion. None of this is allowed  according to someone suffering from TDS. If it's not allowed, there is no reason to ever address it.

Bottom line: If the argument does not revolve around a hatred of Donald Trump and drawing only negative conclusions, then it's wrong. Plain and simple. That's the only argument they understand, and the only conclusion they are capable of drawing.


Roger Amick said...

So there is no evidence at this point that Veselnitskaya has any real ties to the Kremlin. She is not a Russian agent, or a Russian official, and she certainly isn't a Russian spy. She is an international lobbyist. By definition, that means that Donald Trump Jr and gang did not meet with a Russian Agent, a Russian Official, or a Russian Spy. Donald Trump Jr and gang met with an international lobbyist who actually has "no tangible ties" to the Kremlin. That is the reality.

That is your assumption you take her word for it the Russians are not known for being truthful. If you look at the chain of events that I've published on their very carefully and we show that there's obvious connection between the times of the meetings and all that stuff to me that there was Russian involvement early on in the anti Clinton campaign. It was there. About anymore nobody that has a brain and a working brain some people don't anymore. Come on you've got to get realist realistic realistic realistic realistic come on. You call this a rent okay it is rant rant. I'm talking it. But you take her word for that her word only her word. Nothing to back it up nothing nothing nothing at all. The chain of events show the Donald Trump Junior knew that the Russians had some dirty stuff on Clinton and he was very happy to get it did he inform the president we don't know. But it doesn't mean that it was not incorporated into the campaign you don't know that you just assume that they wouldn't do that because Donald Trump is without fault. My God you think you can do nothing wrong. He lies he distorts he twists turns and you following right down the goddamn path every f****** day

You are operating under the pretension that I am mentally ill or not confident at this time I have been tested in every way shape perform and every way I have performed excellently they have checked me for memory function logic everything they have to do that as part of the therapy. I'm not mentally ill the president is you idiot not me well. He's not an idiot he's a jerk and incompetent son of a b**** and you still stand beside him every f****** day no matter what he says no matter what he does no matter how bad it contradicts what he said the day before you just say yes he did yes yes yes yes yes you are mentally ill sir not me

caliphate4vr said...

From the land of fruit and nuts

BART Withholding Surveillance Videos Of Crime To Avoid ‘Stereotypes’

CNN said...

Mueller Didn’t Know of Donald Trump Jr. Emails

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators “plan to examine the meeting and email exchanges disclosed by Donald Trump Jr. as part of the broader Russian-meddling investigation,” CNN reports.

“The details of the interactions between Trump Jr., Goldstone and Veselnitskaya weren’t fully known to federal investigators until recently… Now, Mueller’s probe will look at the meeting and email exchanges that Trump Jr. disclosed as part of its investigation.”

Roger Amick said...

June 3 email to junior from Rob Goldsgstone.

"The Crown prosecutor of Russia met with his father Aras this morning in in their meeting offered to provide the Trump campaign with some official documents and would incriminate Hillary and her dealings with Russia and would be very useful to your father. This is obviously very high level and sensitive information, but is part Russia and it's government support for Mr Trump. "

June 3 reply: "If it's what you say, I love it".

The ethics lawyer for George W. Bush said that he should've instantly sent this email to the FBI.

C.H. Truth said...

Roger - She lived a life. She has a history. She has a private sector job in a law firm. She has been an attorney of record on several high profile cases. She heads a global initiative as a lobbyist.

Do you seriously believe that all of that was a big giant front, so that one day she could meet with the son of an American Presidential candidate as a secret agent of the Russian Government?

I can be skeptical of Donald Trump Jr's story.
I can be skeptical of the story provided by the woman.

But I am going to be equally skeptical of the "theories" that this is somehow tied to leaking of email documents. (it has to be the email documents because as a matter of fact, there was no other damaging information that otherwise can be connected to Russia).

So once again, we go back to Occam's Razor. The theory with the least amount of assumptions is nearly always the correct theory. This one isn't even close.

One theory doesn't require you to make "any" assumptions. The other theory requires you to make assumption on assumption on assumption.

Roger Amick said...

That is how the Russian people how they work. They put up somebody that in front to give him deniability but they don't stop them from getting that data out. Junior got that stuff. He got that email and he did not report it to the FBI he should have. You assume she is telling the truth from her point of you maybe she is but she was being used by the Russian government. You can't seem to see that why? Your theory is full of assumptions coming out your backside let's put it that way you assume she was telling the truth she may be but you don't understand that she maybe just the front for the intelligence services for the Russians look at their history. Putin is a smart cookie far beyond Trump.

But these keep coming out bits and bits and pieces and pieces and this is just think about it one second well I know two things one. Why is The West Wing silent no tweet no nothing. Second Donald Trump could clear it up in one minute tell everybody to come out and say what we knew and who we knew or what we was and make it honest take it out all out there but he won't do that because it will show that he participated in it somehow and you scared to death and you can't seem to understand that that's about the most likely possible. My assumption.

Commonsense said...

There's no such thing as a "Crown prosecutor" in Russia.

They haven't been a monarchy since 1917.

Commonsense said...

Roger - She lived a life. She has a history. She has a private sector job in a law firm

She's also met with Obama's ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul 2 days after meeting with Trump.

C.H. Truth said...

Roger - it's not an assumption that this women does not work for the Government in any official capacity. She doesn't. It's a fact. It's not an assumption that she works for a private law firm. It's a fact. It's not an assumption that she is lobbyist who heads a global initiative. It's a fact.

Those facts do not require any assumptions. They are not in dispute. She undeniably lives a private life in the private sector. There are absolutely no known direct ties to the Russian Government. Period.

Everything you speculate is entirely assumption and has zero available evidence of being true. The best you can offer is that it could be "possible" and that based on your own personal experience with Russians and Vladimir Putin (as well as your self described near genius IQ), you are quite obviously in the unique position of being able to tell us all exactly how the inner workings of Russian election meddling is done.

Btw... this is all still a "criminal investigation" and so far pretty much nobody of any real credibility is offering that there was anything "illegal" about Don Jr taking this meeting. Even the CNN legal expert on Wolf Blitzer admitted as much (albeit reluctantly).

As for those who want to pretend that this is some ethical lapse... we already know that Clinton and the DNC accepted foreign help from Ukraine, as well as actually "paying" a British operative to go to Russia and dig up dirt on Trump.

Using foreign operatives and foreign business people to garner opposition research is apparently not very uncommon.... and being these are politicians, I think there are some people in desperate need of "growing up" taking a breath and realizing that this isn't exactly ground breaking stuff here.

Roger Amick said...

Junior was ignorant and gullible. A bigger problem as with Kushner. He was at the meeting and wasn't in the email string the new they're going to provide dirt on Clinton. When Kushner filled out his security clearance he did not mention that meeting was just supposed to done because meeting with a foreign power. He could be facing 5 years. The form you filled out said on the top lying on this form is felony.

Roger Amick said...

Nice try breaking news is going to blow you away.

Roger Amick said...

He was in the email string. He did not note it on the security clearance form. And it's just going to get worse. There is mounting pressure on Republicans to step up and not stand behind the president. We don't have a Barry Goldwater to go to the Nixon White House but it will happen. You are trying to over simplify something that seems to be over your head. I'm making you not making false claims. I leave that to you.

Roger Amick said...

In the email thread Junior says that the lawyer is connected with the Kremlin. He was mistaken but that does not change a thing. He went to the meeting to get dirt on Clinton.

KD said...

So there is a couple of Photo's of the Russain Lawyer with Obama staff, got to love the left.

rrb said...

The ethics lawyer for George W. Bush said that he should've instantly sent this email to the FBI.

and the ethics lawyer for hillary clinton said he should've deleted the emails and wiped the server, like with a cloth or something.

KD, the Russian Lawyer Blew up in Alky's stupid financially broke face again said...

"dirt on Clinton" alky parrots Huffpo and dizzy cuz

HB assures the nation, the Clinton's , never met with a soul to get dirt on Trump, nor did her campaign, she ran a clean campaign and won, only those are not the facts, but, it does not matter to the gin soaked mind of the leftist.

back in the real world the US Economy on export sales is getting more in balanced, it will take a long time to unwind the shit deals and cornholing this nation took during the lost years.

Coal and oil and food are the drivers of better trade balances, deals made by President Trump for the workers in the USA, including me, a rancher as beef starts to flow back into China after nothing was done to make it happen during the lost years.

We export LG gas to Poland, and the Russian bear can only sit on his hands and take it, that is money flowing to US Union Workers and None Union Workers and not to Putin.

That is how President Trump Leads, boldly , with real world action and money flowing to those that want to work.

caliphate4vr said...


NY Times: Hey, Blaming Sarah Palin For That Shooting Was “An Honest Mistake”

Fake news since.....whenever

Commonsense said...

In a just world, Sarah will own the New York Times before all is said and done.

rrb said...

The Code of Federal Regulations makes the law immunizing Trump Jr.’s actions precisely clear:

any foreign national individual may volunteer personal services to a federal candidate or federal political committee without making a contribution. The law provides this volunteer “exemption” as long as the individual performing the service is not compensated by anyone on the campaign. See 11 CFR 100.74. For example, as the Federal Election Commission advises all, “an individual can provide volunteer services to a candidate or party without considering the value of those service a contribution to the candidate or party.” Section 30121 of Title 52 does not apply to voluntary activity or services.

The thing “of value” must be actual money, or its transferable equivalent, not a volunteer of services or information. Otherwise, if volunteering information in coordination with a campaign constituted donations, everyone from John Harwood to Chuck Todd (and maybe all of CNN) made millions in donations to the Hillary campaign, as WikiLeaks emails disclosed.

Hence, legally, Donald Trump Jr. taking a meeting at the request of a family friend, to hear someone wanting to volunteer information about your Dad’s adversary, can legally be no crime. He did what a loyal son, honorable friend, and smart advocate would do — hear them out. Anyone who thinks that’s a crime is the one who needs to have their values checked.

so alky, what you're left with is perhaps lil donnie did not include this meeting on some form he filled out. in other words, your prospects of a merry fitzmas frog march continue to dim.

but hey, if i were you i would continue to bitterly cling to this thinnest of threads. it's all you have. at least until you get to your next holy grail:

the "mounting pressure on Republicans to step up and not stand behind the president."

never forget alky that if you manage to take down trump, you don't get hillary. in fact, you'll never get hillary.

you get pence.


opie said...

Commonsense said...
There's no such thing as a "Crown prosecutor" in Russia.

How come the idiot spawn donnie Jr didn't know that?????? He went for the dirt and has now brought the campaign into the cross hairs...I'm sure daddy is pissed. lOLOLOL

Commonsense said...

Actually the question should be why didn't Manifold stop it.

Junior and Kushner are political neophytes. The one political professional there who should have known better didn't say "Don't take the meeting.".

opie said...

Commonsense said...
Actually the question should be why didn't Manifold stop it.

Because he wanted the dirt also......And your neophyte defense is naive as the idiot son in law lying that he never met any russian....

Commonsense said...

It's politics 101 that you never let high level officials take a meeting until you confirmed the people in question are on the up and up.

This smelled of setup from the get-go.

Manifold committed political malpractice.

opie said...

Manifold committed political malpractice.

He was the ring leader and wanted the data....He is guilty of stupidity....the emails were clearly marked as to subject....Woulda shoulda coulda is not a defense of his treasonous intentions. As to came from the brilliant don jr. who had a source they did business with....I'm sure manifold knew that also. Yep, just more excuses from the die hard supporters.

Roger Amick said...

President Trump reportedly signed off on the initial statement his son, Donald Trump Jr. issued in response to a New York Times story claiming he met with a Russia-linked lawyer who allegedly promised damaging information about Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign.

A small group of Trump's advisors met privately while Trump was flying back from Europe on Saturday to try to craft a statement to give to The Times, according to a report from the newspaper.

Citing people familiar with the discussions, The Times said Trump's advisers debated how transparent to be about the situation.

However, the finished response, approved by the president, "was so incomplete that it required day after day of follow-up statements, each more revealing than the last," The Times' Peter Baker and Maggie Haberman wrote.

Trump Jr.'s initial statement said the meeting "primarily discussed a program about the adoption of Russian children," without mentioning that he was offered damaging information about Hillary Clinton, Business Insider reported. Trump Jr.'s statements evolved as The Times published more information on Trump Jr.'s communications.

It culminated Tuesday in tweets from Trump Jr., showing what he said were the emails he received and sent about the meeting. He was told in his email correspondence that the crown prosecutor of Russia "offered to provide the Trump campaign with some official documents and information that would incriminate" Hillary Clinton. The information was allegedly offered as a direct help from the Russian government to the Trump campaign.


The president of United States was aware of the email string and also the meetings with the lawyer offering dirt on Clinton yesterday. The President is not a victim of media conspiracy to get him, it's his own fault he signed off on all the strategy including the Russians.

My thanks to rrb for providing the specifics on the form, that may put Kushner in prison for up to five years.


My son Donald did a good job last night. Was open transparent and innocent this is the greatest witch-hunt in political history. Sad

Say hello to President Pence.

Commonsense said...

Woulda shoulda coulda is not a defense of his treasonous intentions.

If it's treasonous to "want the data", Hillary Clinton would have gone to the gallows long ago.

KD, Trump Winning is more fun then Hillary Losing said...

Alky this is your 58th "sure to take trump down" rant, and yet he is still in the office, still increasing oil, gas and coal sales abroad and still getting jobs for those who want to work.

SO keep up your female voices and hit higher pitches, the rest of us are paying your bills and the bills of your interloper low life wife.

opie said...

If it's treasonous to "want the data"
It is when the data is associated with foreigners interfering with an election. And remember, hillary is not the subject. And remember, they all denied meeting with the russki's, a felony. Nice try, though, it is all you got.....

rrb said...

Say hello to President Pence.

works for me, alky.

the guy's squeaky clean and best of all...

he's NOT hillary.

let me put it into terms your brain-damaged ass can understand.

either way, WE WIN.

"My thanks to rrb for providing the specifics on the form, that may put Kushner in prison for up to five years."

keep clinging to that glimmer of hope. even if true, i'll enjoy the president pence swearing in ceremony.

so to repeat:

let me put it into terms your brain-damaged ass can understand.

either way, WE WIN.

Roger Amick said...

We win?

Don't put your house at risk.

The divisions in the Republican party, are not going away.

Brain damage you're wrong. Part of the rehab program is to have evaluations. I passed them flying colors. Some transplant patients have problems I don't. My recovery is ahead of schedule from home almost anybody else. I underwent six to seven evaluations and there's no problem. Physical issues are problems. But regular exercise and time to let the body heal in a few months I'll be great. I am 100 pounds lighter than I was when into surgery. Most of that was fluid because of Edema. The fact that I was released after only 5 weeks after surgery which is very rare rare as an indication of my condition overall.

On politics one more thing. Max Boot who is no liberal by any way you want to look at it very very very upset with a trump Administration. He said I'm a lifelong Republican I don't recognize the p

the Republican party that I grew up with it's gone. Donald Trump has stolen it. Unlesss you get rid of him your party is just going to just blow up.

C.H. Truth said...

Max Boot is a former pro-Bush neo-conservative along the same lines as Bill Krystol. He strongly opposed the Trump candidacy from the beginning.

I know this keeps escaping your memory (if you were as mentally sharp as you say you are, this wouldn't keep confusing you)... but pretty much everyone associated with former President Bush and especially those who consider themselves to be neo-conservatives have always been (and will continue to be) hostile to Trump.

I would ask you to stop pretending that these are pro-Trump people who are suddenly turning their back on him.... But I honestly don't think you are pretending. You just can't keep up.

rrb said...

I would ask you to stop pretending that these are pro-Trump people who are suddenly turning their back on him.... But I honestly don't think you are pretending. You just can't keep up.

that's gonna leave a mark.

rog, you might want to ask one of your nurses to put some ice on that.