Friday, July 7, 2017

California - land of the nuts and flakes...

California Closer to Creating Sanctuary State
Despite a May 25 raid in which ICE agents arrested 188 illegal immigrants in Los Angeles, total numbers of arrests of illegal immigrants are relatively flat in California and somewhat lower than during the Obama administration, according to U.S. immigration officials.
Many of those arrested in the May 25 raids had ties to El Salvadoran prison gangs such as MS-13. About 90 percent had previous criminal records for a variety of crimes including drug offenses, domestic violence, DUI, sex crimes, battery, weapons violations, assault, burglary, fraud, vehicle theft, arson, cruelty to a child, robbery, obstructing justice, property damage, larceny, escape, manslaughter, prostitution, trespassing, incest, and receipt of stolen property.
Under SB 54, virtually all of these individuals wouldn’t be transferred to ICE after serving time for convictions since the measure specifies “serious felonies” – which doesn’t include most of the crimes precipitating the May 25 raids.
So apparently the people of California would rather live with MS-13 central American gang members who deal drugs, steal cars, carry weapons, assault citizens, and even on occasion kill... rather than cooperate with federal authorities.

It's now official... "The Resistance" has become a mental disorder. One that predicates itself on seeing  just how idiotic and self destructive the afflicted can possibly be in following their quest.

All I can say is good luck to you. If you would rather live with released prison gang members than agree with conservatives on the need to deport criminals, then I think we may be crossing the outer limits of partisanship.

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