Saturday, July 15, 2017

Question of the day...

If someone from within the Government is willing to break their oath, not to mention break the law to leak information to the press because it is damaging to a politician that they do not like...

What's to logically prevent the conclusion that they would be willing to pass along bogus stories to the press for the same purposes of damaging a politician that they do not like.

Ultimately there is no honor in breaking an oath that is at the core of their profession, and certainly there is no honor in breaking the law. What makes you believe that someone who lacks credibility to this extent is always "telling the truth" when it comes to the information they peddle to the press?


Roger Amick said...

Let's start with this. If you work for a politician that is in your judgement causing the danger to the country why is it wrong to turn to the press and let it out in the public. Of course it's is a judgement call.

If you saw something totally illegal totally contrary to the interests of the country wouldn't it be patriotic to let it out rather than let the politician tell you what to do and shut up? Of course there are people that don't tell the truth but if you really look at the things have been released in the last few years and particularly in last 6 months. They are based on fact.

Of Cause you don't think that any of this information is come out about Donald Trump is true. To you it's all fake news. Despite the fact that more Republicans intelligent thoughtful columnists like George Will and Krauthammer have come out and said this isn't not right. And more will be following. He Is running an incompetent administration at this time. He is behind hundreds of appointments to various posts all over the government he's supposed to taken care of he hasn't done it. He's been more time watching television and yelling at the TV then studying the important things he has to say to work with foreign powers.

But let's put it this way if Hillary Clinton had won the election and somebody had leaked out major information on who knows Benghazi emails whatever that were not supposed to be released. I don't think you would be protesting this one little bit.

Deep throat sank Richard Nixon. Has Trump done impeachable Acts? I doubt it this time but he's just the most and incompetent president I've seen in my life.

You are very vocal about the fact that Barack Obama had limited political experience. But he did have some and in the end he didn't do a bad job even though you don't think you don't agree but most people think he did.. But Donald Trump has no political experience nothing it shows and in his actions and the way talks and the way he says things being unconventional as one one thing but not like this. His his impulsive speech.

The unconventional is one thing but his is not it. His lack of experience and politics foreign affairs even the history of the world of the last 50 years or 100 years he doesn't seem to understand at all. Does he understand what would happen if United States no longer takes the role as leader of the Free World?

We have evaded World War 3 for 85 years. Mostly As a result of the United States taking the lead. With NATO and other alliances we have avoided major wars.

That's my opinion if the other person sees the world that's releasing the stuff on the same line I have no problem with it. I think I'm consistent and my views are held by a vast majority of Security Experts around the country. Donald Trump movie throwing that out. You think that's a good idea? That's enough for tonight have a good evening and I have yours out have a good time. My recovery continues step by step and it's getting better every day.

Roger Amick said...
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Commonsense said...


Commonsense said...

You would not work for that politician, you would resign and go to Congress. That is the right and honorable way of dealing with those situations.

There's nothing right or honorable about sneaking around and torpedoing the current administration's agenda by leaking false and inflammatory rumors.

Myballs seeing America become great again said...

40 years experience as ceo far outweighs one year Senate.

Stupid headbaked.

rrb said...

hey alky,

snopes has written a column just for you:

The Lies of Donald Trump’s Critics, and How They Shape His Many Personas

An in-depth analysis of the false allegations and misleading claims made against the 45th President since his inauguration.

even the leftists at snopes have had enough of the bullshit propagated by assholes like you.

C.H. Truth said...

No Roger...

There is a reason why you take certain oaths to work in certain areas of the government, and there is a reason that breaking those oaths is a criminal act.

Coming down with TDS does not excuse you from that oath, and it does not excuse your actions from being criminal

rrb said...

in this regard roger is just a run of the mill, garden variety liberal - content to dispense with rules, laws, and cultural norms on a whim if it serves some self-defined "greater good."

Roger Amick said...

Remaining anonymous makes it possible to say something without going to jail but. Truth is if you really think that laws being violated and the nation is being put at risk why is it wrong to do that.? Are you willing to pay the penalty probably if it comes to that. The bottom line is if you seriously think this person is whoever it is is endangering the country then of course I think you have a moral obligation to speak out. Law or not pay the price if necessary.

These people swear an oath to the Constitution and the law and the rule of law not the president. If you want to loyalty oath. Make this is dictatorship ignore the Constitution. But you want to defend Trump no matter what and that's not right it's not right. The New FBI director said he swore an oath to uphold the Constitution and the rule of law not the president not loyalty to him what is wrong with that.? He said if they put them into a difficult situation he would just quit. Then he would come out and tell what happened. You'd want to throw them in jail of course because he attacked your friend and your hair hero Donald J Trump.

You really should try and get past child as insults I avoided them at all cause last night I did not want to incite and thought you I thought of it but I held back you didn't. Then there's rrb but he's a f****** idiot. I don't care what he thinks he's got the brain of a f****** rat

Roger Amick said...

I don't know if you left it up or deleted it again. But Charles krauthamer made a very strong case against Jr and the president himself. The intellectual right is distancing itself from this President why aren't you?

you're supposedly the smart guy. Joke about all you want. But the tests I took clear back in junior high and later on with the sat, gave me a very high score and I still have it I have not lost it yet. At times under medication, coming out of surgery well that's another story. But I'm not now.

It looks to me that you think loyalty to the President is far more important than the Constitution and the rule of law. Krauthammer tore your argument to shreds. You're never afraid to quote him when you agree.

Ch Nashville really bugs me. It appears that Donald Trump is more important to you than the Constitution and the rule of law. Maybe I'm reading you wrong but I don't think so. Everything I read here supports that idea.

Roger Amick said...

I don't know why it use the word Nashville. I'm speaking into microphone.

opie said...

The intellectual right is distancing itself

Even Peggy Noonan seems to have given up. Big jump of faith alluding to CH as part of that group.