Tuesday, July 25, 2017

When the Democrats are done looking for collusion...

Maybe they can help O.J. find the real killer?

"Whoever wore these had small hands... you know, like Donald Trump."


good old decent democracy minded james said...

Too scared to put up a thread on Today's vote?

Obama's [healthcare law] was enacted in 2010 over unanimous Republican opposition. Since then, its expansion of Medicaid and creation of federal insurance marketplaces has produced 20 million fewer uninsured people. It's also provided protections that require insurers to provide robust coverage to all, cap consumers' annual and lifetime expenditures and ensure that people with serious medical conditions pay the same premiums as the healthy.

The law has been unpopular with GOP voters and the party has launched numerous attempts to dismantle the statute. All until this year were mere aspirations because Obama vetoed every major one that reached him.
Ever since 2010, Republicans have been largely united on scuttling the statute but divided over how to replace it.

Those divides sharpened with Trump willing to sign legislation and estimates by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office that several GOP bills would cause more than 20 million people to become uninsured by 2026. Polls showing growing popularity for Obama's law and abysmal approval ratings for the GOP effort haven't helped [the GOP either LOL LOL LOL].

Commonsense said...

2018 is looking more and more gruesome for the Democrats.

Loretta said...

"good old decent democracy minded james"

Doesn't exist.

No pedophilia to swoon over yet today Pastor James Boswell?"

good old decent democracy minded james said...

A single payer system is on the way, Jimmy Carter predicts.

Loretta said...

"good old decent democracy minded james"

Doesn't exist.

No pedophilia to swoon over yet today Pastor James Boswell?"

cowardly king obama said...


HEY , look at that squirrel over there !!!

Not a strong debate tactic.

Boehner said...

Former House Speaker John Boehner: Republicans will 'never' repeal and replace Obamacare

Republicans have long vowed to "repeal and replace" the Affordable Care Act, commonly called Obamacare, but have faced several defeats in their efforts to do so.
On Friday and with another Senate vote on the horizon, former House speaker John Boehner predicted GOP lawmakers will continue to fall short, according to a video obtained by the Washington Post.

Speaking at a private event in Las Vegas, Boehner said, "Here we are, seven months into this year, and yet they've not passed this bill. Now, they're never — they're not going to repeal and replace Obamacare."

He continued, "It's been around too long. And the American people have gotten accustomed to it. Governors have gotten accustomed to this Medicaid expansion, and so trying to pull it back is really not going to work."

President Trump has, nonetheless, continued to push for a full Obamacare repeal and replacement.

Among his recent tweets on the matter is, "ObamaCare is torturing the American People. The Democrats have fooled the people long enough. Repeal or Repeal & Replace! I have pen in hand."

Trump also tweeted, "This will be a very interesting day for HealthCare. The Dems are obstructionists but the Republicans can have a great victory for the people!"

The New York Times noted Monday, "Senate Republican leaders, keeping alive their push to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, are barreling toward a showdown vote on Tuesday to begin debating a repeal of the health law."

Loretta said...

"good old decent democracy minded james"

Doesn't exist.

No pedophilia to swoon over yet today Pastor James Boswell?

PNC said...

It's incredible just how much Trumpcare and Obamacare are alike in every way, even down to the tactics being used to get it passed.

Like Obamacare, Trumpcare codifies big government intrusion into healthcare.
Like Obamacare, Trumpcare is broadly unpopular with the American public.
Like Obamacare, Trumpcare is being rammed through Congress via reconciliation because it doesn't have the votes otherwise.
Like Obamacare, Trumpcare is zombie legislation that keeps getting rejected and then brought back from the dead by party leaders.
Like Obamacare, Trumpcare depends on a razor-thin, party-line margin.

Most telling of all, both Trumpcare and Obamacare necessitated bringing out a terminally ill Senator to cast the deciding vote.

It's downright eerie.

If the pattern holds, Trumpcare, like Obamacare, will be an albatross around the party's neck from now until the midterm election, when the American people will summarily toss the Republicans out on their asses for ignoring their very clearly expressed wishes.

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.