Monday, August 7, 2017

Daenerys Targaryen goes full out Trump...

What if... Trump had a dragon of his own?

Bend a knee and I will help you defeat the Democrats


Indy Voter said...

Mad King Aerys with dragons.

Commonsense said...

Climate Alarmist Accuse Pramount of Sabotaging Gore Sequel

Gee I can't imagine why anybody would want to miss the opportunity to spend 3 hours being lectured by a pompous ass.

opie said...

Mad kings and monsters have taken over DC

Trump's view of US job numbers has changed now that he's in office and wants credit
One remarkable trend in US employment has been the stability of monthly gains
Weak wages, low inflation suggest things could still get a lot better
Donald Trump was quick to take credit for a solid July employment report, despite having cast doubt on the veracity of US economic data when it happened to point to strength under former President Barack Obama

The president took to his preferred medium, Twitter, to sing his own praises:

However, as my colleague Bob Bryan noted, the job market under Trump looks very much like it did under Obama.

Indeed, one remarkable trend of the recent economic recovery, which is on track to be the longest but also weakest expansion on record, has been the incredibly steady pace of job-market gains, which once fluctuated much more drastically from month to month.

"To our mind what is truly remarkable is the stability of this jobs growth, not solely its headline strength," said Rick Rieder, BlackRock’s chief investment officer, in a statement following the employment report.

"Not only is the persistence of this hiring incredible, but the simultaneous evolution and growth of a more service-oriented economy was once again on display with today’s numbers, with service jobs making up 88% of July new jobs, close to in-line with the five year average."

opie said...

Climate Alarmist Accuse Paramount of Sabotaging Gore Sequel
why anybody would want to miss the opportunity to spend 3 hours being lectured by a pompous ass.

Why would anyone post such a fake news story unless he was trolling......Good post numbnutz......I'm sure Al cares what you think...