Friday, August 5, 2022

Why is Liz Cheney using her dad to attack Donald Trump in her campaign ads?

There is stupid and then there is I cannot help it stupid!

So seriously Liz? What on god's green earth are you thinking? First and foremost, most of of Wyoming disagrees with you about Trump. Secondly, while Dick was always considered a conservative's conservative this is probably doing more to tarnish his image than it does to tarnish Trump's. He looks like an angry old man.

But last and not least... your personal hatred of Donald Trump has literally nothing to do with your congressional race. Wyoming (just like the rest of the country) is dealing with a recession, runaway inflation, supply chain problems, and lord knows what else. Meanwhile instead of working to solve any of it for the people of Wyoming, you are leading the fake hearings that are obviously extremely unpopular with the people who voted you in.

This is the epidomy of TDS!