Tuesday, August 30, 2016

New feature on sidebar polling spreadsheet...

I have decided to become high tech and offer the visual of an arrow. This will tell you not only what the latest poll results are from each pollster, but also whether those polls are going up or down.
  • For instance, this morning LA Times came out with a poll showing Trump up three points. This is now represented with a red three and a red arrow pointing up (since this is an improvement for the leader).  
  • On the flip side, there is a new weekly tracking Survey Monkey poll that came out showing Clinton up by four points. This is represented by a blue four. Clinton had been leading last week by five points, so there is a blue arrow is pointing down, reflecting the fact that her lead in that particular poll is shrinking. 
  • Lastly a PPP (D) poll came out this morning. Clinton's lead stands at five percent which is exactly as it was in the last poll. That would be represented by an arrow going off to the side. 
Of the past sixteen polls, only two of them moved in Clinton's direction, twelve of them moved in Trump's direction, one did not change, and one (Zogby) did not have a previous poll to compare to. This provides us with another manner to see which direction mighty momentum might be taking us. 


wphamilton said...

I cant really see the change numbers with the blue font on black background. Green would be good, or any lighter color.

C.H. Truth said...

How about "dodgerblue"

wphamilton said...

Looks good now. The red font is more blurry than the others, but that's more these old eye's fault most likely.