Thursday, August 18, 2016

Sources: Clinton Foundation hacked

So when Wikileaks founder (and Hillary hater) Julian Assange suggested that he has "lots of interesting" things to reveal in the upcoming weeks, I am not sure exactly what people expected. But if someone actually have hacked into the Clinton Foundation email system and provided Assange with the goods, one might expect that "interesting" would be an understatement. 

What do you mean hacked? Like with a machete or something?

The fact that the foundation hired a cyber-security company after signs of hacking is probably an exercise in being a day late and a dollar short. Apparently the former Secretary of State is not only incapable of understanding how to load two email systems on one device, not sophisticated enough to understand our classification system... but she may not be wise enough to "not" click on the email link declaring you a guaranteed winner.

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KD, Obama lets them drown down south, BURN out West said...

So now we know, Hillary can not be trusted to safeguard any Secrets, Her private email server that she had set up was hacked, her DNC was hacked and now this,,, she is a disaster already and some want to promote her, wtf is wrong with those people?

Side bar, FLOTUS asked the "Final Five" gold medal women's team gymnastics what they eat to power them selves to the gold.