Saturday, December 24, 2016

Rockettes will perform at inauguration in spite of beautiful snowflake throwing a fit....

More Rockettes volunteered to perform at the inauguration than they have slots for

I want to start with a little bit of common sense here. Miss Phoebe "beautiful snowflake" Pearl signed a contract that included performing at the inauguration. Unless she is not very bright, she had to realize that the person "she" voted for might not win. Of course, as a liberal millennial, she probably isn't all that bright.

In my humble opinion the company should have stuck to it's guns, and allowed Ms Pearl the option of opting out of her contract if she didn't want to follow through on her commitment. After all, they have more than enough volunteers and apparently more than enough part time Rockettes who would most certainly be willing to abide by the contract and take Ms Pearl's spot as a full timer. Instead they changed their position to allow full timers to opt out.

As this does is reinforce the belief that "beautiful snowflake" millennials are allowed to have the world revolve around them, and have their own personal feelings be more important than... well pretty much everything else.  A much better life lesson would have been learned for all parties had the "beautiful snowflake" had to make a tough choice between her job and her millennial sensitivities.


KD, Rocking it said...

It is nice to see woman being woman and men being men , again.

After 8 years of metrosexuals being in charge.

Home Creation, that is men marrying woman and having children is at a historic low, that is harmful to a Society.

KD said...

OT, For CHT eyes ONLY

(Reuters) - The Minnesota Vikings endured a scary moment on Friday when their team plane slid off the runway while taxiing following a safe landing in Appleton, Wisconsin.

“While taxiing after a safe landing, the team plane slid off the runway and became stuck,” the team said on their Twitter page. “Back at the team hotel, the #Vikings are nestled, all snug in their beds,” they added."

All is well.

caliphate4vr said...

“The New Little Ice Age Has Started.” This is the unambiguous title of a new study from one of the world’s most prestigious scientific institutions, the Russian Academy of Science’s Pulkovo Observatory in St. Petersburg. “The average temperature around the globe will fall by about 1.5 C when we enter the deep cooling phase of the Little Ice Age, expected in the year 2060,” the study states. “The cooling phase will last for about 45-65 years, for four to six 11-year cycles of the Sun, after which on the Earth, at the beginning of the 22nd century, will begin the new, next quasi-bicentennial cycle of warming.”

Roger Amick said...

Heh, they say no, " You're Fired!"

The Reality Show White House.

Myballs said...

Politico's absurd headline is 'Trump's unpopularity threatens to hobble his presidency'.

Lol. His popularity is higher than ever with the nonliberals across the country. The media still doesn't get it.

opie said...

Anonymous caliphate4vr said...
“The New Little Ice Age Has Started.” This is the unambiguous title of a new study from one of the

Idiot.....maybe cha chi will show up and entertain us. Oh well, seems to me that trump been snubbed and pauline's been duped by fake news. Great day ain't it.

caliphate4vr said...

Fatty you got a thing for Scott Baio?.

I'm not surprised.....


Commonsense said...

Roger's willful stupidity is such that he tells the same embarrassing lie in the light of conclusive proof that it was a lie.

Roger Amick said...

It's true. They pulled down the original plan to fire them if they didn't show up.

Roger Amick said...

Just as it was starting to seem like no one would agree to perform at Donald Trump's presidential inauguration Jan. 20, it was announced that the Rockettes would be dancing at the event.

Some of the renowned dancers and other allies have started to post online about not wanting to perform for a man who has openly objectified women and has been accused of sexual assault.

In response, the Rockettes' union, the American Guild of Variety Artists, was reportedly forcing all full-time Rockettes to perform at the inauguration, saying that boycotting the event would be "invalid."

"It is a job, and all of you should consider it an honor, no matter who is being sworn in," an email sent to the Rockettes by the American Guild of Variety Artists read.

Then, the Madison Square Garden Company, which produces the Rockettes shows, released a statement late this morning explaining that only those who choose to perform may do so.

.@MSG says "it is always their choice" in new statement on #Rockettes performing at Trump inauguration

— Jackie Strause (@jackiedstrause) December 23, 2016

Mikyl Cordova of the MSG Company sent a statement to Mashable to further clarify.

"Women are never compelled to perform whether for regular performances or inaugurations…we had more Rockettes request to participate than there were spots," he said.

SEE ALSO: 'P*ssy grabbing' threats are now a thing in Trump's America

The change in stance might have been brought about by the increased attention to outspoken Rockettes voicing their protest to work the event on social media.

Rockette Phoebe Pearl wrote an Instagram post expressing her disdain about being forced to perform at Trump's inauguration.


Her post reads:

While Pearl says she is only speaking for herself, she implies that many of her fellow Rockettes feel similarly.

A former Rockette wrote an open letter, tweeted out by Ani Maeme, about how devastated she was to hear that Rockettes are being forced to perform.

Roger Amick said...

Like I said. The union got them protection. But originally, they were going to get "You're Fired".

Commonsense said...

No Roger. It's not true and never was true. According the MSG, participation in the inauguration was always on a volunteer bases.

And they had no shortage of volunteers.

Commonsense said...

One wonder why Roger would believe a drama queen instead of solid facts.

Well, not so much.

Myballs said...

Roger is talking out his ass again.

Roger Amick said...

Well, unlike any other wonderful posters here, I will admit that the early stories about "You're Fired" were false.

Merry Christmas to all of you.

KD, Money does not win Elections, put that to bed said...

IF HB posts it, it is pure bullshit, HE is still pissed algore lost, now he has this tragedy, A Trump Landslide WIN with a Yuge Mandate.

Too good.

opie said...

Anonymous caliphate4vr said...
Fatty you got a thing for Scott Baio?.

Merry X-Mas.....idiot. LOL

Roger Amick said...

And Merry Christmas to one and all.

opie said...

Looks like Kid Rock and the paulies favorite, the Ramones will be the headliners at the inauguration. These replace Cha Chi as the stars. Maybe someone of note will show charlton heston and his flintlock as a ghost. LOL

Aaron_in_OR said...

Same problem occurred at the RNC.

I wonder why they just don't dig deep into Nashville? I would think a goodly number of country performers would be willing, along with the washed out classic rockers of the world like Nugent.