Saturday, December 24, 2016

The anti-Semite President delivers parting shot against Israel

Proudly sticking it to the Jews on the way out the door! 
President Obama is facing widespread backlash from Republicans and some Democrats after the United States abstained from a vote on a United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlements, allowing the resolution to pass.
The United States has veto power in the Security Council and has used it for similar resolutions in the past. The Obama administration’s decision to abstain represents a break from the longstanding U.S. policy of shielding Israel from U.N. reproaches.
“Today's passage of an ill-conceived resolution on Israeli settlements marks another shameful chapter in the bizarre anti-Israel history of the United Nations,” Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said in a statement Friday. “The abstention of the United States has made us complicit in this outrageous attack, and marks a troubling departure from our nation's long, bipartisan history of defending our ally Israel in the United Nations.”
Incoming Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) called the vote “frustrating, disappointing and confounding” and said it will move Israel farther from peace.
Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) also slammed the vote and expressed disappointment in the White House’s decision. "I am deeply disappointed that the administration set aside longstanding U.S. policy to allow such a one-sided resolution to pass,” Wyden said in a statement. "Actions like this will only take us further from the peace we all want to see."
In a statement released by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office, Israel said it looks forward to working with Trump and members of Congress to “negate the harmful effects of this absurd resolution.”

This action is bizarre. While we expect the UN (and their anti-Semite views) to continue to side with Palestine on these issues, it's been the United States that has continuously defended Israel on these issues. The Israeli settlements are in an area that has been part of the Jewish community throughout the last ten centuries. The land was forcefully taken by an Arab army in 1948 and then forcefully taken back by Israel a few years later. Now Jewish citizens living in the "Jewish quarter" can be legally arrested for simply maintaining their life long residence.

The President waited till there were no consequences to himself or his Party (short term). But he clearly exposed himself for what he is: an anti-Semite who would prefer to side with the Palestinians and Arab Muslim community than our long time ally in the region. If he had any guts, he would have made his stance and intentions known some time ago. Shameful.


KD, Thank God for Trump Win said...

This is very fitting for this kind of president, "abstained"

It has been his style to no lead, not take on tough issues and to attack our Friends and bend over to our enemies and be Publically Schlonged.

KD, Obama last Failure ( I hope) said...

Huffington post is Cheering this, in their own words, Obama won over the people of Isreal and Bibi.

rrb said...

This action is bizarre.

ya think?

i don't. when i heard about this i was not surprised in the least. all the guy did was confirm to the world for anyone who had any doubt that he is a virulent anti-semite.

shocking it was not.

if i where trump i would react in three ways -

first, keep the promise of putting our embassy in jerusalem.

second, cease any and all US funding to the UN. period. not one fucking red cent for the duration of his presidency.

in 2016 we gave those worthless shitstains just under $3 BILLION, comprising just over 20% of their total budget.

no more. full stop.

moynihan was right - the UN is a den of jackals. for us to continue to fund it is a travesty.

third, throw the UN out of NYC. turn the complex into a mix of residential and commercial space. use it to actually MAKE money as opposed to pissing it away while pissing on our allies.

Indy Voter said...

Ummmm. No. The West Bank and all of Jerusalem were part of the land assigned to the Arabs in 1947. By the conclusion of the war that followed independence, the Israelis had captured the western part of Jerusalem and the lands between Jerusalem and Gaza originally assigned to the Arabs.

Israel did not occupy the West Bank prior to the 1967 war.

caliphate4vr said...

Female IDF soldier fights off 23 terrorists after being shot

And easy on the eyes

Loretta Russo said...

Only the latest display of contempt Obama has for Israel.

C.H. Truth said...

Indy - By your own description of the situation, that land (which had been occupied by Jews for a thousand years) was taken by force in 1947. The fact that it was "assigned" to the Palestinians in the 20th century seems somewhat irrelevant in the grand scheme. I don't believe that many people have enough respect for the objectively of the UN (in this situation) to take their "assignment" with anything but a grain of salt.

If you go back over the past thousad years, Palestinians have occupied that land for about two decades. The Jews have been there for the other ninety eight decades, including past five.

It would seem logical that the twenty years in question where it was controlled by the Palestinians was the true "occupation"... not what has been going on for the past fifty.

caliphate4vr said...

How do say the Wailing Wall isn't Jewish?

Indy Voter said...

Ummm. That land had been occupied by Arabs in Mohammed's time. With some short exceptions during the Crusades, when Christian invaders occupied parts of it, it remained under Arab control until it came under Ottoman control, where it remained until World War I. The Ottomans considered it Arab lands, and so did the British and French under the postwar protectorate they established.

The Jews were largely dispersed by the Romans sometime before their empire collapsed. They weren't allowed to legally return to Palestine until Israel was created seven decades ago. Many did, illegally, as part of the Zionist movement. The Zionists largely settled in the north (near Haifa and Tel Aviv) and south (south of Jerusalem), not in the West Bank.

It is the Palestinians that have been there for centuries, not the Israelis.

Indy Voter said...

Roger Amick said...

First things first.

Indy is correct on the timeline.

Secondly, his historical accuracy, makes your unbelievable accusation of Obama being Anti-semantic is outrageous. You are in a way of claiming that Barack Hussein Obama, of being a hate filled bigot. This is as ridiculous as Trump's Birther nonsense. It appears that you underneath, believe that Obama is really a Muslim, who would have would have been in support of genocide.

opie said...

To CH, the atheist......Keep the X- in X-mas......happy holiday to the fake headline news king.

C.H. Truth said...

Roger - the Jewish community has lived in the Jewish quarter for a nine hundred and eighty years out of the last thousand years, regardless of which historical group claimed ownership of the area. Neither Indy (or anyone else) can dispute that.

You want to go with the idea that it's been in the correct hands for approximately two decades, and the rest has been an occupation... so be it.

As far as Obama is concerned: at the end of the day, actions speak louder than words:

The administration screwed Israel.
They overturned our policy that has been in place for fifty years (including the first seven years and eleven months of his administration).
They have overwhelming criticism coming from both Parties.
He did this at a time when it could not hurt himself politically and when it would do the least amount of damage.

The only other possible explanation other than taking sides with the Muslim states in the Middle East, is that he is so petty that he would reverse our policy because of some pissing contest with Donald Trump.

Commonsense said...

Actually it's not either/or.

He has always been an anti-Semitic bigot. He has been pretty consistent on that level.

And he's engaging in a petty pissing contest with Donald Trump.

It's pretty much "ring and run". He's doing as much damage to country as possible before he leaves.

The same country that honored him with the presidency.

Like much of his actions as president he will suffer no personal damage but the damage to his own party will last for generations.

Roger Amick said...

You are confused. This is the reaction of the current government in Israel. To disagree with the government, is NOT anti-Semitic.

Clinton came within inches of getting the two state solution. The Palestinians backed out of the deal, that might have settled a centuries old problem.

The settlements are political, and worse, may mean we will never find a solution to the centuries old problems.

Opposition, in your partisan thought process, leads you to a totally outrageous reaction. Calling the President, anti-Semitic is just the worse thing I've ever seen you say.

Roger Amick said...

The source of the insane comment was easy to find. Guess who?
Prior to the vote at the UN Security Council, a senior Israeli official told Breitbart News that President Obama had pushed the anti-Israel resolution “behind Israel’s back”:

President Obama and Secretary Kerry are behind this shameful move against Israel at the UN. The US administration secretly cooked up with the Palestinians an extreme anti Israeli resolution behind Israel’s back which would be a tailwind for terror and boycotts and effectively make the Western Wall occupied Palestinian territory. President Obama could declare his willingness to veto this resolution in an instant but instead is pushing it. This is an abandonment of Israel which breaks decades of US policy of protecting Israel at the UN and undermines the prospects of working with the next administration of advancing peace.

KD. said...

Obama being Anti-semantic is outrageous" The Mutt wrong as normal.

Yet, many high profile leftist have been digging Obama for this last act against the People of Israel.

This will be a hard thing to overcome for the Socialist Democrat Nominee in 2020.

KD, LOL @ HB even today, bless his heart said...

The source of the insane comment was easy to find. Guess who?" The Mutt

Well I found it at THE AP.

C.H. Truth said...

So Roger, how do you explain the loud opposition from Schumer and other Democrats?

How do explain why he chose now to make this move? They have vetoed similar resolutions during his presidency.

Roger Amick said...

Politics. They have their own contingencies to keep happy.

The change in direction, is because he wants to follow the path Clinton did. Because he is not running again he can get something done, that for political reasons, would have cost him dearly.

It's not anti-Semitic as you believe. I would understand why you would oppose him for political reasons. But my God, your charges of anti-Semitic beliefs are simply outrageous.

rrb said...

Richard Fernandez on Facebook:

The most instructive thing about Obama’s Security Council abstention is he didn’t have the guts to do it earlier, when he stood to lose something by doing it. Only after he calculated there was nothing more to squeeze from that particular quarter did he run up the Jolly Roger. Had it cost him it would have meant something, even as a gesture.

But even more interesting was his willingness to damage the Democratic party who he’s leaving with political bill, not to mention the fact that the policy his abstention represents makes little sense.

Israel is likely to emerge as a linchpin in the region, after Obama’s power vacuum bomb reduces the nearby countries to waste. If Turkey and Iran fall apart, which is not inconceivable, then Obama will have antagonized the last man standing.

It was bad timing and pointless, like a punch thrown by a fighter lying on the canvas — at the referee. That would leave his legacy a consistently dysfunctional whole: conceived in delusion, executed in incompetence.

no clear thinking individual can label this move as anything OTHER than anti-semitism.

KD, Shall all whites leave the USA? liberal logic says yes said...

HB, time for you to go full blown back into denial.

Schumer called Obama on this, against Israel's people.

Then their is this stone cold socialist"

Actress and comedian Roseanne Barr excoriated President Obama on Twitter for abstaining from a UN Security Council vote that passed on Friday demanding a halt in Israeli construction in the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem and referring to those lands as “Palestinian territories.”
Barr compared Obama’s abstention, which allowed the anti-Israel resolution to pass, with “Nazis” who “enacted anti-Jewish laws on the eve of Jewish holidays-exactly as @POTUS has done on eve of Hanukkah.”

Linking Obama as a Nazi, that has got to be a deep dig.

HB, Admitting that Obama did this because he can not be damaged politically is really sad, you see everything a political and forget the people of Israel, those peace loving people that just want to be left the hell alone to grow and become wealthy.

Give us the top three contributions by your Pals ?

Car/Truck Bombing
Rockets into Israel
The Capture and killing of Isreal's youth, there, those are my top three from the side you and Obama love to stand with.

Great news is Trump understands and will roll this shit back, supporting The People of Israel, much to the dismay of sore loser leftist like HB.

rrb said...

Great news is Trump understands and will roll this shit back, supporting The People of Israel, much to the dismay of sore loser leftist like HB.

trump is powerless to roll back this UN resolution. that's why 0linsky allowed this to happen in the first place.

trump SHOULD however throw the UN out of NYC and stiff them in the $3B we pay them annually to prop up the den of jackals.

and as for schumer? at least he's consistent as in consistently an idiot when it comes to things like this. it's impossible that he didn't know he was hitching his wagon to the most anti-semitic president since jimmy carter. he's enough of a lowlife as to betray his faith in exchange for political power.

C.H. Truth said...

Roger... Clinton didn't let one of these resolutions pass while he was President. This was clearly unprecedented.

It's being criticized by everyone (including Democrats) because it's both wrong and politically unpopular.

Bottom line is that Obama spent time as a child atending schools that had Muslim teaching. It would be nearly impossible to be indoctrinated at that age and not be effected.

KD, Bi Bi, just hold on for a few more weeks, Help is on the way said...

HB, piece of advice , Obama failed, just admit it and move on. To fight this is fighting your own team and Obama is on the wrong , very wrong side of history, again.

What He did to the Dem party as pointed out in the RRB post, is clear.

Only a special kind of stupid socialist would defend Obama.

KD, Obama trade attack on Isreal too, omg what a POS pResident said...

The resolution that passed thanks to Obama’s anti-Israel UN Vote also asks UN member states not to use Israeli products that were created in the disputed territories.

The details, so Obama's view is that the UN is right on boycotting Israel Made Products, hurting the men , woman and their children by making them economically poorer. Well, Obama did that to the blacks in the USA.

rrb said...

i'm old enough to remember when roger told us rush limbaugh was on his way out with shrinking listenership due to advertiser boycotts:


Premiere Networks and Cumulus Media announced today a renewed and extended affiliation agreement that will keep The Rush Limbaugh Show on 33 Cumulus stations through 2019. On the heels of the program’s 28th anniversary in national syndication, the multi-million dollar deal represents Limbaugh’s increased power and audience appeal as the most-listened-to national radio talk show host in America.

In the last year, The Rush Limbaugh Show experienced combined audience growth of +49 % with Persons 12+ and +23% with Adults 25- 54 on Cumulus-owned stations in Chicago (WLS-AM), Detroit (WJR-AM), Washington, D.C. (WMAL-FM), Dallas (WBAP-AM) and San Francisco (KSFO-AM). Nationwide, the program has experienced significant year-over-year audience growth in 2016 with Persons 12+ (+21%), Adults 25-54 (+13%), Adults 18-34 (+12%) and Women 25-54 (+17%). (Sources: Nielsen Audio, JAN-NOV Avg 2016 vs 2015, PPM Exact Times, AQH - Combined AQH; Nielsen Audio, JAN-NOV Avg 2016 vs 2015, PPM, Exact Times, AQH).”

KD, Winning is so sweet said...

RRB, years ago When Obama first starting to attack Rush, HB told us all that RUSH would be gone, well, Obama the failure is being escorted out.

Rush is still doing his job, making millionaires and making a positive difference in America.

Recall too, all of those so called "Listening Tours" Hillary did, makes me wonder what or who she was listening to?

Roger Amick said...

You should remember your comments on calling Trump a neo-Nazi, and how that is not persuasive. The same thing applies here, it's just ridiculous. I thought you were better than that.

So sad.

KD, Bye Bye Obimbo said...

"We believe the borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines ..." Obumble
May 19, 2011
He has a history of dumb shit.

opie said...

It's being criticized by everyone

Everyone CH? I think it's about time that bebe gets a little slap.

opie said...

BeBe should count his blessings instead of riling up his people. What an ally he is.

But with the clock ticking down on Barack Obama's presidency, a possibly more amenable Republican Donald Trump due to succeed him on Jan. 20 and a $38 billion U.S. military aid package to Israel a done deal, it's all a calculated risk for the four-term, right-wing Israeli prime minister.

Netanyahu, after what critics are calling a stinging defeat on the international stage, is already maneuvering to mine deep-seated feelings among many Israelis that their country and its policies toward the Palestinians are overly criticized in a world where deadlier conflicts rage.

He has tried to rally Israelis around him by portraying the anti-settlement resolution as a challenge to Israel's claimed sovereignty over all of Jerusalem.