Friday, December 23, 2016

The left still in denial...

Two more articles today on Real Clear Politics from liberals convinced that either the 2016 election was a fluke that ran counter to how liberal and Democratic the electorate really is, or that Democrats really only lost because the voters are too stupid to get that liberal policies are better for them. While they represent a couple different ways of seeing things, they still both miss the point.

Myth: Changing Demographics are turning the country more Democratic
Fact: The Democratic Party is struggling through their worst politically standing in nearly a century. Only once in the past six elections have Democrats increased their percentage of the electorate (when comparing Presidential year to Presidential year and mid-term to mid-term).

Myth: Legalization of gay marriage and corporate pressure on states who pass the wrong sorts of laws prove that the country is moving to the left.
Fact: Thirty six states had passed resolutions or amendments to ban gay marriage in their states. Only a handful had passed similar referendums to make it legal. The courts (not voters) made it legal. Corporations who have chosen to make political statements have come under fire for doing so and are learning that wading into politics only angers half the country. The 2016 election exit polls suggested that a rejection of over the top political correctness was a major factor in the Trump victory.

Myth: The Republicans are becoming a regional Party of southern confederate states.
Fact:  Donald Trump won 2623 counties to Hillary Clinton's 489. Over one third of the Democrats Congressional seats come from California, New York, and Massachusetts.

Myth: Republican voters are not aware that they benefit from the liberal income redistribution policies, and rather believe it goes to people who don't deserve it. If they only understood liberal policies better, they would be in favor.
Fact: Republican voters are more interested in making an honest living from honest employment, than garnering benefits from the Government. They would rather be rewarded for hard work, and believe that being rewarded for hard work has been and still "should" be an American value. This is why they were attracted to the Donald Trump message on jobs, rather than the Clinton message of entitlements and forced minimum wage increases.

Bottom line: The more that your liberals fail to grasp that they have a problem, the less likely it will be that they can resolve it. It really doesn't matter if Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, when we live in a Representative Democracy (or a Republic).  There are still 50 states and the District of Columbia, and Democrats only control a handful of them.

The rules are not going to change, and right now, only one Party seems to be playing the game to win by the rules in place. The other continues to barrel full blast ahead with a strategy that will continue to regionalize their support to pockets that will make it more and more difficult to win in any substantial way at the local, state, or Congressional levels.

Ronald Reagan was the last President to truly win in a landslide. He did so because he had a simple message that resonated everywhere he went. He didn't have one stump speech for California, another stump speech for Arkansas, and yet another for Ohio. Truth be told, if there is a real similarity between Reagan and Trump it would be in this basic fundamental principle of staying on a national message.

To take it one step further would be to suggest that in many ways there is a consistency to the Republican message (lower taxes, less Government, strong military, protection of Religious rights) that has been a staple of the Party since I can remember. There appears to be no such staple for the Democrats. Recently it feels like they are throwing stuff against the wall, trying to figure out what will stick. The problem with "Identity politics" is that it's always fluid. (especially when you literally make up new classes of aggrieve people as you go along). You have to constantly be changing your position and adjusting your strategy as new issues come up. The problem being that those who you once advocated for, feel betrayed when you (and your limited political capital) move on to the next group of oppressed Americans.

There is no simple solution for the left. They appear stuck in their own arrogance that they are right about everything, and all they have to do is wait for the Country to come to them. So they continue to argue shifting demographic, young people, etc, etc. rather than focus on any tangible change. Problem is that this is nothing new. We've been hearing about shifting demographics and young people for decades.

Isn't the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over and over and expecting a different result?


Roger Amick said...

As usual. Hack

President-elect Donald Trump on Friday morning escalated his calls for a stronger U.S. nuclear arsenal, saying he was fine with an “arms race” if it puts the U.S. in a stronger position against foreign adversaries.

“Let it be an arms race … we will outmatch them at every pass and outlast them all,” Trump told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” during an off-air conversation on Friday.

But you still love him.

C.H. Truth said...

Someday Roger... you will finally get it.

Trump beat the Bush dynasty, the Clinton dynasty, the GOP establishment, the DNC establishment, and the media... and you still belief he's a clueless buffoon.

I wonder how you reconcile the former reality with your opinion?

In the simplest terms. It was suggested that Trump critics demand that he be taken literally, but not seriously... whereas the people who understand him take him seriously, but not literally.

When your genius level IQ can get a firm grasp on that concept (assuming your genius level IQ has the ability)... when you both understand and accept it... then you will be able to better judge the reality of what's actually happening.

Until you do, you live in a constant state of missing the point... and will continue to look foolish doing so.

caliphate4vr said...

“Let it be an arms race … we will outmatch them at every pass and outlast them all,” Trump told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” during an off-air conversation on Friday.

Bumble started one in the ME

Iran to begin gas injection into new, advanced centrifuges

Tehran insists move is permitted under 2015 nuclear deal which allows R&D on IR-8s, capable of enriching uranium 20 times faster than previous machines

cowardly king obama said...


hb posts that the WSJ calls Friedman a dangerous and reckless pick. He posts a selected comment and leaves out their conclusion:

"Mr. Trump was elected by the American people on a platform of change. Those who bring change, by nature, shock the system. The world of diplomacy—in the Middle East and elsewhere—could use more of them. Which is to say, it could use more David Friedmans"


Loretta Russo said...

"President-elect Donald Trump on Friday morning escalated his calls for a stronger U.S. nuclear arsenal, saying he was fine with an “arms race” if it puts the U.S. in a stronger position against foreign adversaries."

Which was in response to Putin's comment about Russia expanding Russia's nuclear arsenal.

Loretta Russo said...


rrb said...

roger's brain is in a race with his liver to see which one fails first.

rrb said...

Charles Krauthammer:

"Obama has never appreciated that the role of a superpower in a local conflict is not necessarily to intervene on the ground, but to deter a rival global power from stepping in and altering the course of the war. That's what we did during the 1973 Yom Kippur War, when Moscow threatened to send troops to support Egypt and President Nixon countered by raising America's nuclear alert status to Defcon 3. Russia stood down. Less dramatically but just as effectively, American threats of retaliation are what kept West Germany, South Korea and Taiwan free and independent through half a century of Cold War. It's called deterrence. Yet Obama never had the credibility to deter anything or anyone.

In the end, the world's greatest power was reduced to bitter speeches at the U.N. 'Are you truly incapable of shame?' thundered U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power at the butchers of Aleppo. As if we don't know the answer. Indeed the shame is on us for terminal naïveté, sending our secretary of state chasing the Russians to negotiate one humiliating pretend cease-fire after another."

Myballs said...

Mormon Tabernacle choir is performing at Trump's inauguration. What a stroke of genius. It promises to be beautiful.

Halaluia chorus maybe? (spelling?)

KD said...

C.H. Truth said...
Someday Roger... you will finally get it." CHT

I see you have hope for him, I do not, this Election Loss had not only devastated him, but look at the reports coming from Obama at Hillary, Biden at Hillary, DNC at Hillary.

I love Bernie Sanders.
He believe he could have beaten Trump.

He also laid out that Hillary sucked, did not work in the Election against Trump and thought she had it in the bag.

I love the post election dart throwing.

Have a very Merry "Red" State winning Christmas , you'all

KD. LOL @ HB ever harder said...

Obama won the Catholic vote by 4 % over Romney,

Yet, Trump won it by 7 % over the c@nt.

Seems like many her pro- baby killer policies where turning off voters.

Trump WON, liberals get the fuck over it, grow up and

KD, Hillary is out in the wood crying said...

Dear Socialist Democrats, you have again painted yourself in with your mindless hackery.

On the one hand you paint with a brush as you back into the corner that Putin and Trump are the bestest of Friends.

On the one hand you paint with a brush as you back into the same corner that Putin and Trump are going Nuclear.

Tell us which it is and no it can not be both, like the so called lady you ran for president, this is not a participation trophy matter, I know she got one, but not here on CHT.

wphamilton said...

Hillary Clinton has one big accomplishment that everyone seems to overlook. She did shatter that glass ceiling. No she didn't win. No one is entitled to win It takes more than equality; the nature of the Presidency is that the superior candidate, the superior person, wins.

But Clinton did at last prove that a woman has the same opportunity as does anyone else. We now know that the next woman who runs, if she is the better candidate, has the same chances as any white man, or black man, or anyone else. It's not going to matter what gender the candidate has.

KD, Let Hillary Be in charge of Drapes and Carpet said...

Agreed, she did that, hopefully the next woman to run does not make the race all about HER.

It was a elitist thing to do "I'm with HER",,, really .

I notice three days or more into this, asking HB to give us his list of "Better Policies", has resulted in a net ONE - ObumbledCare.

Post election polling shows some interesting things about Kankles, she lost on this issue to the Trump plan, she also lost Catholics by 7 % to the Devil Trump. She spend over $1 billion dollars putting an end to any kind of debate from the Socialist Democrat Party and how they say they hate Citizens United .

Oh, and what happen to the bricks in the Clinton Wall?

Did trump move that wall to the border.

wphamilton said...

Consumer protections, Democrats put them in place and Republicans knock them out. That's another policy that helps working class Americans.

KD, Freedom of Economy is Protection by Republicans said...

I disagree, Republicans protect and defend consumer rights and protection of those rights by continuing to defend those freedoms in the US Constitution.

Example, IF I don't want to provide a service to a group I might have lower sales, or if I produce a product that is unwanted, I might go out of business, but , If I do it right, a needed product, say my beef and eggs, for a fair price, one determined between the seller and the buyer then both are protected.

Where it goes to shit is when the government of every level gets involved.

My God WP, when did you become so dependent upon the Government to protect you?

KD said...

But you still love him." The Mutt

so emotional all of the time.

I have never loved person I have voted for, clearly you have, sad you have so little love in your life that you project your sick twisted need onto people you don't know and will never met.

caliphate4vr said...

so one of the Milan police officers that killed the German truck driving terrorist is named Christian...

KD, Liberals are NanciBoys said...

It is good to see that some Officers know what to do and are supported when they do what a vast majority of citizens could never do, kill the fucking murdering son of a bitch.

DOA, good

caliphate4vr said...


Roger Amick said...

WASHINGTON ― The hotel workers who fought President-elect Donald Trump in Las Vegas for the past two years emerged with a union contract on Wednesday, in a victory that helps open the door for their colleagues at Trump’s new hotel in Washington, D.C., to unionize as well.

According to the union, Unite Here, the Trump International Las Vegas agreed to a four-year deal that brings to a close an ugly fight in which federal officials accused Trump’s team of union-busting. Without releasing details, the union said the contract includes annual pay raises, pension contributions and family health care for the hundreds of housekeepers and food service workers at the Vegas site.

In a separate agreement with the union’s Washington, D.C, local, the new Trump International in the nation’s capital said it would permit an “orderly organizing campaign” at the site, according to Unite Here. Such an agreement suggests workers in D.C. might have an easier road toward unionization and a first contract if they pursue it.

After an acrimonious public battle, the union applauded the Trump International in Las Vegas for coming to the table, saying they look forward to a “mutually productive and peaceful” relationship. Eric Danziger, the chief executive of Trump Hotels, issued a statement alongside the union saying Unite Here is “an important partner” in D.C.

“We share mutual goals with the Union, as we both desire to ensure outstanding jobs for the employees, while also enabling the hotel to operate successfully in a competitive environment, and to establish a reputation as one of the finest hotels in the world,” Danziger said.

It isn’t clear what role, if any, the president-elect played in the dispute or its resolution. The Vegas workers and their union roasted Trump throughout his presidential campaign, arguing that his hotel’s stonewalling on a first contract ran counter to his claims that he was worker-friendly. The Vegas hotel is a partnership between the Trump Organization and Trump’s friend Phil Ruffin, a casino mogul.

As The Huffington Post reported in July, Trump’s hotel spent over half a million dollars on consultants whose job is to dissuade employees from unionizing. The general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board filed charges against the hotel alleging that management retaliated against pro-union employees. Some of those charges were later settled, and any outstanding ones would presumably be put to bed now that workers have a contract.

Roger Amick said...

The buffoons are those who were persuaded by the best con man in the history of the United States to vote for him. Not with a majority, but our antiquated slave state Electoral College.

opie said...

Denialism...... That GW is a hoax and all the models are wrong.

Climate Reanalyzer, Climate Change Institute, University of Maine, USA.
Last month, temperatures in the high Arctic spiked dramatically, some 36 degrees Fahrenheit above normal — a move that corresponded with record low levels of Arctic sea ice during a time of year when this ice is supposed to be expanding during the freezing polar night.

And now this week, as you can see above, we’re seeing another huge burst of Arctic warmth. A buoy close to the North Pole just reported temperatures close to the freezing point of 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 Celsius), which is 10s of degrees warmer than normal for this time of year. Although it isn’t clear yet, we could now be in for another period when sea ice either pauses its spread across the Arctic ocean, or reverses course entirely.

But these bursts of Arctic warmth don’t stand alone — last month, extremely warm North Pole temperatures corresponded with extremely cold temperatures over Siberia. This week, meanwhile, there are large bursts of un-seasonally cold air over Alaska and Siberia once again.

It is all looking rather consistent with an outlook that has been dubbed “Warm Arctic, Cold Continents” — a notion that remains scientifically contentious but, if accurate, is deeply consequential for how climate change could unfold in the Northern Hemisphere winter.

Seems to me, things are close to a tipping point which is not a good thing...Maybe we won't have to worry with trump's finger on the button.

rrb said...

Blogger Roger Amick said...
The buffoons are those who were persuaded by the best con man in the history of the United States to vote for him.

yep. and his reign of error is almost over.

Myballs said...

So now it's confirmed that Obama is the most anti-Semitic, anti Israel president in history.

Some legacy.

Commonsense said...

HuffPost Syrian Refugee Columnist: 'Women Are to Blame' for Refugee Sex Attacks in Germany

The Huffington Post prides itself on being a progressive and pro-feminist “news” outlet, so when it came to light that a teenage Syrian refugee columnist who writes for their German website made egregious comments on his Twitter account, namely blaming women for last year’s New Year’s Eve sex attacks in Germany, the Huffington Post has practically remained mum on the issue.

Raheem Kassam at Breitbart reports Aras Bacho is the 18- year-old Huffington Post columnist that tweeted the ridiculous claim, writing:, tweeted that women should not be out alone at night.

This is the crap Roger reads and believes and he calls us buffons.

Commonsense said...

Suffice to say there is not going to be any Barack H. Obama monuments in Israel.

Nor in the US either.

Roger Amick said...

Radio City Rockettes to perform at Trump’s inauguration under threat of being fired.

No one else will appear. #heisnotmypresident

Roger Amick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Roger Amick said...

The full comments our racist rodent bastared fails again.

I have been wondering how he won, despite running a campaign the wrong way.

Racism: the "Birther" movement was racist at it's core.
Ethnic discrimination: Mexicans sent the drug dealers and rapists.
Grab them by the p***y.
More documented lies than anyone else in history.
Displayed a deep ignorance of foreign affairs.
Repeatedly called into question the CIA and the intelligence infrastructure.
Showed admiration for a brutal dictator, Vladimir Putin (Reagan is rolling in his grave)
Claimed that he know more about how to defeat ISIS, despite the fact that he has no military experience of any kind.
He is a classic con man, Trump University is a prime example.
This is just a few of the reasons that every other man or woman who ever ran for the most powerful office on the planet. He also won because Hillary Clinton was unable to get past her email issue, nor dis she understand that the election was about change, and she represented the establishment.

The ultimate irony is that Trump has assembled a cabinet and staff consisting of almost every position from the Republican establishment. I really do wish he would succeed, because if he does, and I mean by getting the middle class good jobs and fair salaries. And hope he doesn't act out impulsively on life and death issues the President faces almost every day in office. I don't think he will succeed in any way, because he is deeply flawed and unqualified for the most difficult job on the planet earth.

Commonsense said...

Fake News: Radio City Rockettes to perform at Trump’s inauguration under threat of being fired.

True Facts:“For a Rockette to be considered for an event, they must voluntarily sign up and are never told they have to perform at a particular event, including the inaugural,” MSG said in a statement. “It is always their choice. In fact, for the coming inauguration, we had more Rockettes request to participate than we have slots available.”

KD< LOL @ HB Daily said...

LOL @ HB Daily, attacks by Obama and Holder and that little sniveling grunt Loretta Lynched don't bother you in the least.

But , our RRB, he owns you.

KD, Trump Won said...

I have been wondering how he won, despite running a campaign the wrong way" The Mutt

Wrong to you and your pack of lies, others have pointed out, your team lost and you had it ALL, yet still lost to TRUMP, It is clear you will not ever get over HER loss , like you are not over the Loss by ALGore.

You look as hopeless as Moochelle . Good.

KD said...

cabinet and staff consisting of almost every position from the Republican establishment."

Really, I thought your complaint was too many real world leaders in business and too many Generals, real war fighters.

Did Moochelle the hopeless one put out a parrot point memo to change your low IQ alky brain?

Trump Won, Have a very Merry Christmas, under my political tree is this win and the retaking of American and the US Supreme Court.

opie said...

The irony of the fake news has its origin in rats favorite site....PJ Media. Too funny even for me. LOLOLOL

Union says Rockettes must perform at Trump Inaugural - PJ Media
18 hours ago ... Union: Radio City Rockets Can't Boycott Trump Inaugural ... must perform at Donald Trump's inauguration, says their union, the American Guild of ... at our country's Presidential inauguration, as they were in 2001 & 2005.

You really are the joke, menstral child.

rrb said...

Blogger Commonsense said...
Suffice to say there is not going to be any Barack H. Obama monuments in Israel.

i find it interesting and wildly hypocritical that while the left shrieks about their conspiracy theories of putin and the russians maybe interfering in OUR election, skeets really did interfere in israel's last election, and the asshole even used taxpayer $$$ to do it.

care to address that rog?

rrb said...

Myballs said...
So now it's confirmed that Obama is the most anti-Semitic, anti Israel president in history.

Some legacy.

yup. a crown he managed to wrestle away from jimmy carter.

rrb said...

In eight years President Barack Obama has accomplished no singular good for the people who gave him his caveat to power. His entire presidency has been a giant, ongoing, Machiavellian lie. Our own sanity was tested when he received the Novel Peace Prize. Then when he dumped on the Copenhagen Climate Summit, our silence further empowered. BP almost killed the Gulf of Mexico, and his Coast Guard command under Admiral Thad Allen lied and covered up the extent. Having sworn to close the black stain on America in Guantanamo, he lied there too. Even the Fukushima disaster bears evidence of Obama administration cover-ups and impropriety. The list of Obama disasters is too lengthy to begin to list here. Arab Spring, Libya, Syria, the Saudi massacres and ISIL support, a resurgent Taliban in Afghanistan, back stabbing the Russian, NATO forward, spying on allies, Obamacare, insult, injury, and America fracked, fragmented, and on the edge of being a Godless oligarchy.

From Solyndra and “Fast and Furious” to direct aggression against Russia and his so-called “arm twisting”, what the world has witnessed the last eight years is not the work of someone to be respected. Barack Obama is one of those rare people one meets who is deserving of a slap across his face. A fist is always reserved for someone respected enough to give due. Obama is beneath America, beneath us all if the truth be told.

rrb said...

impeachment fodder. Politico has a YUGE scoop catching trump in a lie... BIGLY:

rrb said...

Roger Amick said...
Radio City Rockettes to perform at Trump’s inauguration under threat of being fired.

perhaps your new year resolution should be to quit the fake news posting, alky.

just a thought.

KD, LOL @ Opium the polluter said...

Opium, you lost, and for that alone I am thankful this year.

I know you believe, really believe that your actions and those of your family and friends are destroying the earth, why is it you don't stop and get them to stop too?

Looking up the top issues this past election, from the leftist leaning Pew Group, your dear earth ranks 12th, does not make the top 10.

Top issues
Foreign Policy
HealthCare cost spiking
Socialist Retirement Security ( Obama said SS is a retirement system)

KD, Hillary WON, no really just ask The Mutt said...

perhaps your new year resolution should be to quit the fake news posting, alky." RRB

First off, Sir, I am happy to see you pissing off HB at every turn.

2ndly, it is all they have, lies, fake news and the belief that they WON.

KD, said...

i find it interesting and wildly hypocritical that while the left shrieks about their conspiracy theories of putin and the russians maybe interfering in OUR election, skeets really did interfere in israel's last election, and the asshole even used taxpayer $$$ to do it.

care to address that rog?"

And while he is at it he can Address Obama's speech in which he threatened ONE of our closest Allies, the UK, when he said, prior to the Brexit vote,,,, "The US president used a keenly awaited press conference with David Cameron, held at the Foreign Office, to explain why he had the “temerity to weigh in” over the high-stakes British question in an intervention that delighted remain campaigners.

It took Barack Obama to crush the Brexit fantasy

Jonathan Freedland

Jonathan Freedland

Read more

Obama argued that he had a right to respond to the claims of Brexit campaigners that Britain would easily be able to negotiate a fresh trade deal with the US. “They are voicing an opinion about what the United States is going to do, I figured you might want to hear from the president of the United States what I think the United States is going to do.

“And on that matter, for example, I think it’s fair to say that maybe some point down the line there might be a UK-US trade agreement, but it’s not going to happen any time soon because our focus is in negotiating with a big bloc, the European Union, to get a trade agreement done”.

He added: “The UK is going to be in the back of the queue.”

Obama for 8 years has sold out Israel and Our Allies and bend over and taking a very public schlonging from our Enemies.

Good that this is over.

rrb said...

Obama came into office convinced that the Israeli-Palestinian issue was the key to Middle East peace. Never mind that on his watch the Middle East has become an abattoir over issues that have little to nothing to do with Israel or the Palestinians, possibly his last overture to the region before he heads out the door is to screw Israel for no other discernable reason than that he can finally get away with it.

Read more at:

rrb said...

What happened today is that the United States joined the jackals at the U.N. That was a phrase used by Pat Moynihan, the great Democratic senator, the former U.S. ambassador who spoke for the United States standing up in the U.N. and to resist this kind of disgrace. To give you an idea of how appalling this resolution is, it declares that any Jew who lives in the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem, the Jewish quarter, inhabited for 1,000 years, is illegal, breaking international law, essentially an outlaw, can be hauled into the international criminal court and international courts in Europe, which is one of the consequences. The Jewish quarter has been populated by Jews for 1,000 years. In the war of Independence in 1948, the Arabs invaded Israel to wipe it out. They did not succeed, but the Arab Legion succeeded in conquering the Jewish quarter. They expelled all the Jews. They destroyed all the synagogues and all the homes. For 19 years, no Jew could go there. The Israelis got it back in the Six-Day War. Now it’s declared that this is not Jewish territory. Remember, it’s called “the Jewish quarter,” but it belongs to other people. And any Jew who lives there is an outlaw. That’s exactly what we supported. The resolution is explicit in saying settlements in the occupied territories and in east Jerusalem.

In 2012, running for re-election, Obama spoke at the meeting of AIPAC, the big Jewish lobby. He said, “Is there any doubt that I have Israel’s back?” That’s why he didn’t want do it while he was in office. That’s why he didn’t want to do it in 2016 so it would injure Hillary and show to particularly American Jews, who tend to be Democratic, that it was all a farce. He does it on the way out, and that’s part of why it’s so disgraceful. He didn’t even — he hid it until there would be no consequence. Now he is out the door and the damage is done for years. That resolution cannot be undone.

Read more at:

KD, Economic Robust WIN said...

Number ONE Issue and the Issue that Trump Won on, The Economy.

So you all know that this is the largest post Election rise in stocks ever.

And then their is this.

"Gallup Daily: U.S. Economic Confidence Index"

Nov 8th, 2016 = - 8
Dec 23, 2016 = + 1

Yep, No matter if you voted for the Winner Trump or not, your out look for the US Economy is UP.

KD said...

Gallup Daily: U.S. Economic Confidence Index"

The index stands at a plus 8 percent, that is the highest level in 9 years, never, ever during the 8 years of Hope where the American People this Confident in the US Economy.

Trump Effect, get used to winning, a lot.

I think he said, we are going to win so much we will get tired of Winning.

KD, Old Tired Roger Imadick is an special kind of stupid said...

Gallup Vault: Putting the "Executive" in the Executive Branch

by Lydia Saad

Americans' desire to bring business thinking into the management of government stretches back at least as far as 1939, the tail end of the Great Depression when Franklin Roosevelt was midway through his second term as president. Gallup asked the public whether the "ideas of big businessmen" or "the ideas of the Roosevelt administration" would be better for creating new jobs and reducing unemployment. Although Roosevelt's job approval rating was over 50% at the time, the majority of Americans, 55%, thought ideas from big businessmen were the way to go."

So with Trump , adding Businesses People to his Staff, you would think that the idiot leftist would be for it now, or is it different because Trump has a (R) and not a (d) behind his name?