Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Two Football Teams...

So this is a hypothetical story about two football teams. The first Football team we will call Team "X" while the second will be called Team "Y".

Team "X" has a head coach who abides by some very fundamental football practices. His goal is to instill a set of values or principles up and down the chain of command. He hires an offensive coordinator, a defensive coordinator, and a special teams coach that all adhere to the same basic philosophy. Each of them, in turn hires similar thinking position coaches to push the general theme out to the players. The players are chosen, in part because they fit in with the overall philosophy, or because they have the temperament to learn and eventually fit in with the overall scheme.

Team "Y" has a head coach who does not necessarily believe in or preach any fundamental strategy. He hires his offensive, defensive, and special teams coordinators without regard for any such cohesive strategy. These coaches, in turn, hire position coaches with a variety of backgrounds and strategic philosophies. The running back coach likes big bruising backs, the wide receiver coach likes speedy down hill receivers, while the quarterbacks coach prefers a west coast offense. There are equally competing styles on the defensive side. Similarly, the players on the team come from a variety of different football philosophies and strategies. Most of these philosophies are ingrained in the players, and many of them are not willing to change.

Two questions:
  • Assuming the overall talent level is fairly equal... which team will be more successful and why?
  • What the hell does this have to do with politics or political philosophy? 


opie said...

This blog needs a moderator with posts like this..... Oh are the moderator.....LOL!!!

rrb said...

have either of the teams been hacked by the russians?

C.H. Truth said...

have either of the teams been hacked by the russians?have either of the teams been hacked by the russians?

Not unless you believe the fake news from the alt right. But there is no guarantee that one or the other teams isn't under investigation by the FBI.

Either way, let's assume that either both were hacked, neither were hacked, and the FBI is either investigating both or neither!

rrb said...

Either way, let's assume that either both were hacked, neither were hacked, and the FBI is either investigating both or neither!

which defensive coordinator prefers to tackle opponents by 'grabbing them by the pussy'?

wphamilton said...

For the sake of argument, at the highest level of play Team Y has a larger talent pool to choose from because they won't be restricted to players who only fit predetermined schemes. But, even it the talent levels are the same, as arbitrarily specified, one team has greater flexibility to devise schemes that can more fully exploit the individual capabilities, while the other will attempt to force every player to adapt to the predetermined scheme. When you only have a hammer (offensive or defensive philosophy) every problem (player) is a nail.

My money, on a pro team, is on Team Y who hires based on talent and record and not on Team X who is concerned on how well you fit the coach's philosophy.

caliphate4vr said...


rrb said...

My money, on a pro team, is on Team Y who hires based on talent and record and not on Team X who is concerned on how well you fit the coach's philosophy.

"The only way we're going to work with [Donald Trump] is if he moves completely in our direction and abandons his Republican colleagues. Ninety, 95 percent of the time, we'll be holding his feet to the fire and holding him accountable. But we're Democrats, we're not going to just oppose things to oppose them."

—Sen. Chuck Schumer

KD said...

Team Y, results will be more goal oriented, with open mindedness and a free thinking Staff and decentralized command. (Think Seattle Sea Hawks)

Team X is top down , guy at the top trusts no one and only he/she can make the right decisions, slow to react to changes in the game on both a macro and micro scale, (Think SF 49'ers).

C.H. Truth said...


You missed the part where I suggested that the each team would accumulate talent that was basically equal. You cannot change the parameters of the exercising by suggesting otherwise.

But apparently your argument is that individuals acting on their own are more successful than those acting as a team? Apparently there is an advantage to individuals being allowed to try strategies that others on the same team are not adept at (and not necessarily willing to learn).

An interesting philosophical argument... to say the least.

C.H. Truth said...

Opie - doesn't understand the point of this post.

But suggests he is smart enough to understand complicated multi-variable statistical models.


C.H. Truth said...

KD -

Seattle Seahawks have Pete Carroll and Darrell Bevell who have worked together for seven years. Pete Carroll has been running the same basic offensive scheme since he coached college.

The 49ers are a classic example of a team with a new coach, no direction, and a hodgepodge of players who don't fit in well together. They cannot decide on a quarterback, much less an offensive direction.

Or think about the Patriots... same coaches, same quarterback doing the same thing every year... hell Danny Amendola or Julian Edelman might as well just be Wes Welker. Same player playing the same game in the same system. Just a different name on the back.

I think you have this one backwards.

wphamilton said...

I didn't "miss" the arbitrary requirement that talent levels will be equal - note that I said " But, even if the talent levels are the same, as arbitrarily specified, one team has greater flexibility"

It helps to read the entire comment (I did keep it short to facilitate that). You would have realized that far from suggesting that "that individuals acting on their own are more successful than those acting as a team", I had invoked the greater talent and flexibility of coaches and staff chosen for their abilities and experience rather than their conformity to some philosophy.

KD, 80 Billion in new Pvt Sector Investment, Trump Wins. said...

Sen. Chuck Schumer, Socialist Democrat Minority

That is really how they look at this election and all others where they lost and badly.

The policies Hillary put forth lost.

I am glad that not a single past election haunts me like the Algore/Hillary loses haunt the leftist.

KD, More Fun then I ever thought, Thank You President Trump said...

"Make American Sick Again" Chuck Schoooomer

So , according to this Leader of the Dems, prior to ObamaCare we were a sick nation, since it passed, we got Well, illness was washed from the land, CDC was no longer needed and Obama gave them all bonuses.

I am so happy I do not live in that world.

When does the lame discredited media begin to report, the poor are back, homelessness is rising and the oceans are flooding Manhattan .

wphamilton said...

Speaking of teams, does anyone know whose team this newly sworn Congressman is on? It's from this article, Turmoil Overshadows First Day of Republican-Controlled Congress. Zoom in on the guy in the back row with his right hand raised and his left hand behind his back. He has his fingers crossed?!? Do you recognize him? Who elected this idiot?


C.H. Truth said...

WP - Your statement about the larger pool of talent is an assumption, rather than a standard.

Coaches like Nick Sabin or Urban Meyer run a tight ship and play a very disciplined system. They hire assistant coaches who mirror their attitudes and follow their schemes. Certainly they will pick players that will fit into their systems, but are also still willing to use the strengths of their players as seems fit. If they recruit the best running back in the country they will use that player. Likewise, if they recruit the best wide receiver in the country, they will make use of that player's skill.

(That being said, the best pro-set Quarterbacks generally end up in the same programs, and the best running backs end up in the same programs, etc...)

Yet, Alabama and Ohio State always end up with top five recruiting classes because their teams are successful and the best want to go to these winning organizations.

wphamilton said...

Or think about the Patriots... same coaches, same quarterback doing the same thing every year

Or the Cowboys, after a few years of signing the best offensive linemen they could find, the best running back they could get, a 4th round QB but still the most talented available that they could draft, and a NEW offensive scheme designed around these players. Equals number one seed in the playoffs.

At the highest levels, in football or anything else, talent and training wins but only if you can design your game plan to optimize the potential of the talent. Trying to force your best to conform to some preconceived scheme will leave you looking for that "missing piece" that's going to win "next year".

wphamilton said...

It's not an assumption, but pure logical fact. Restricting your choices must necessarily restrict the talent pool from which you draw.

You can no more specify "equal talent" while requiring certain specific physical attributes to fit your "scheme" than you can specify "equally visible at night" while requiring only black shirts. The same thing applies to coaches and their experience in certain schemes.

KD, President Trump Huge Win said...

You cannot change the parameters of the exercising by suggesting otherwise. "WP

Is that not what the Losers like Hillary/Jill Stien and others on the left which are the core of the Democrat Party try to do since Nov 9th?

rrb said...

Trying to force your best to conform to some preconceived scheme will leave you looking for that "missing piece" that's going to win "next year".

in a nutshell... how hillary and the DNC just got their collective asses kicked. all because of a preconceived scheme against bernie sanders.

Indy Voter said...

I'd hardly call the level of talent in SF equivalent to most teams this season.

KD said...

This is an example of a Team "I"

We can’t walk by a homeless man without asking why a society as wealthy as ours allows that state of affairs to occur. We can’t just lock up a low-level dealer without asking why this boy, barely out of childhood, felt he had no other options. We have cousins and uncles and brothers and sisters who we remember were just as smart and just as talented as we were, but somehow got ground down by structures that are unfair and unjust.

And that means we have to not only question the world as it is, and stand up for those African Americans who haven’t been so lucky — because, yes, you’ve worked hard, but you’ve also been lucky. That’s a pet peeve of mine: People who have been successful and don’t realize they’ve been lucky. That God may have blessed them; it wasn’t nothing you did. So don’t have an attitude."

That is not the message we really want to send to our best and brightest as they worked hard got a four year degree, no one gave it to them , they did do something, they earned it.

CHT, your right, I did have it backwards, ty.

KD, said...

The overlooked fly over KC Chief's.

Coach Ried has done them a world of good, his message is clear, WIN.

C.H. Truth said...

Okay WP...

Explain to me how Alabama, Ohio State, LSU, Oregon, Florida and others won so many game playing with the same coaches and the same system in place?

Explain how teams like Green Bay, New England, Pittsburgh, Seattle continue to win year after year with consistent coaching, consistent quarterback play, and consistent schemes...

While the teams that continue to change coaches and quarterbacks sometime win, but most often lose?

Indy Voter said...

Not sure what's meant by values and principles in the post. The 1970's Raiders had a cohesive value set, for instance. They didn't care what you did previously, or what you did off the field, as long as you did whatever it took to win. One handed catches due to stickem on your hands? Cool. Breaking an opponent's neck in a preseason game? Also cool.

If you mean football strategy, then a lot comes down to how good the coach is in developing one. If his strategy is to run 35 plays off tackle every game and have a defense that can stop the run cold (but is indifferent versus the pass) and your entire coaching staff feels the same way you might have been very successful in 1936 but wouldn't last long in 2016.

wphamilton said...

Their coaches and talent probably do not conform to your hypothetical adherence to a narrowly defined "set of principles", "philosophy" and sacrosanct "scheme".

Would your ideal coach force Tom Brady to throw only check-downs and screen passes, if his philosophy was a short-yardage ball-control scheme? Are you going to keep Odel Beckham in the slot permanently, running slants and such?

C.H. Truth said...

Your argument is long on abstract and very very short on tangible examples.

The Cowboys, btw... is another example of a long time Cowboy (Jason Garrett) playing for the Cowboys, being an assistant, and then becoming the head coach (a position he has had for some time). Scott Linehan is another offensive coordinator with a great track record, using running backs like Stephen Jackson and Ricky Williams in the past. (He got a lot out of Michael Bennett while in Minnesota). It's not a coincidence that they drafted Elliot.

C.H. Truth said...

Can someone explain to me why people insist that playing a particular brand of football (something all good teams at every level do) is somehow related to running the ball up the middle 50 times?

Again... The Packers have played a particular style of football behind McCarthy and Rogers... the Patriots have played a particular style of football behind Belichick and Brady... the Steelers have played a particular style of football behind Tomlin and Roethlisberger... the Seahawks have played a particular style of football behind Carroll and Wilson...

None of this has anything to do with running the ball up the middle 50 times a game.

caliphate4vr said...

Cold watch the video here

KD said...

how hillary and the DNC just got their collective asses kicked. all because of a preconceived scheme against bernie sanders."

We know that no coach would suggest spiking the ball on the 5 yard line as one is about to score, yet, HER did that very thing.

I just heard something funny and true, whom do you blame when you leave the engine running , with the lights on and a kid takes it on a joy ride.. Well, that is what Hillary/pediesta did with there computers.

KD, Stupid ass Monkey said...

President Obama has sent US troops to the Russian border with Lithuania amid increased military aggression by Vladimir Putin
AP:Associated Press Jan 4,2017"

This is no game, wtf does obimbo the chimp thinks he is doing?

caliphate4vr said...

the true Bumble legacy

caliphate4vr said...

My favorite part about the Obama era is all the racial healing.

Jon Gabriel

Indy Voter said...

I doubt Belichick would be considered a great coach if he hadn't had Brady as QB. And Roethslisberger was already a top flight QB before the current coach was hired.

OTOH, the guy that just got fired in L.A. was never going to be around long enough to completely load up his team with "his" kind of coaches and players. He just wasn't a good coach for 2016, even if he had been one with the same philosophy 10-15 years ago.

Roger Amick said...

Team T has a Coldheartedtruth lover with two enemies of the United States.

It's simply incomprehensible.
Vladimir Putin and Julian Assange are enemies of our country. But the President elect has tweeted his admiration repeatedly. They don't have our best interest in mind. They are enemies of the United States Of America.

The CIA, FBI and the NSA are dedicated to the security of the United States. They risk their lives every single day, to keep our nation safe. The Republicans have been able to claim that they alone are to be trusted on security issues. Now, with a few exceptions, not including our esteemed host, are standing side by side with The Commander in Tweet.

Donald Trump has no experience with the intelligence community. He has only had a couple briefings. His incoherent and incredible arrogance blinded him to only what he chooses to believe. He flat out lied about the timing of the scheduled briefing. Via Twitter, of course. He says that he knows more than anyone else.

Yet the alleged objective CH, has become a mouthpiece for the President elect. It appears that a serious case of cognitive dissonance has reached Stage Four. Unfortunately, there is no cure. It will be seen on every single political post on 2.0, for at least four years. Not once has he posted a non partisan analysis.

So sad.

Roger Amick said...

On the NFL.

The halfbaked projection is, drum roll.

New England Patriots and the Dallas Cowboys will meet for Super Bowl 51. I have watched every single time since game three.

Tom Brady will have one more victory, in his Hall of Fame career.

Would I wager $1.00? No, I learned long ago that I'm a terrible gambler. But because this is just in fun, you betcha, I'm certain.

caliphate4vr said...

With your storied prognostication abilities, that's great news for the Falcons and KC

Commonsense said...


Chicago investigators are questioning four African-Americans after a Facebook Live video shows a group of people torturing a white mentally disabled man while someone yelled “F*** Trump!” and “F*** white people!”


The Left’s insane hatred of Donald Trump has spun out of control, and there have been far too many instances of this sort of depraved violence. I don’t want to hear another damn word about “hate crimes” against minorities supposedly inspired by Donald Trump’s campaign or election, not unless they equal this level of depravity.

Silence from the sage of mahonegy ridge.

Roger Amick said...

President Tweet J. Trump goes on Twitter war.

Donald Trump, when he was done blaming not Russia but Hillary Clinton and the DNC for the collapse of American democracy, returned his attention back to Obamacare and it’s many alleged failings:

Tweets visually stunning.

These are constant themes in Trump’s attacks on the healthcare reform that, for the first time, gave many Americans a chance of seeing a doctor – and of not being denied needed care. The system is perfect by no means, but it is a lot better than what we had before, and to what Republicans want to return us to.

Media Matters for America provided 10 facts reporters should mention when they cover Obamacare, and none of them will be mentioned by Donald Trump or congressional Republicans, or indeed, by the mainstream media:

1. Passage Of The ACA Has Resulted In The Lowest Uninsured Rate In Recent History

2. The ACA Medicaid Expansion Provided Health Care Access For Millions Of The Most Vulnerable Americans

3. The ACA Tangibly Improved Women’s Health Care Coverage

4. The ACA Helped America Take Huge Steps Toward LGBTQ Equality

5. Contrary To Popular Belief, The ACA Extended The Solvency Of Medicare By Over 10 Years

6. The ACA Reduced The Budget Deficit, Reined In Medical Costs, And Reduced Economic Inequality

7. The ACA Improved Health Care Access For Minority Communities.

8. The ACA Banned Discrimination Against Those With Pre-Existing Conditions

9. The ACA Provided Crucial Insurance To Young Adults

10. The ACA Resulted In The Biggest Expansion Of Mental Health Care Services In Decades

These are just plain facts, and they are beyond dispute. Every American, whether they have obtained coverage on the marketplace or not, benefit from eliminating limitations based on pre-existing conditions and this list does not even include the elimination of lifetime limits which would render care of expensive medical conditions all but impossible.

The most dangerous Commander in Tweet went off the wall.

Loretta Russo said...

"Media Matters for America"

George Soros, lol.

Roger Amick said...

Donald J. Trump ✔ @realDonaldTrump
Republicans must be careful in that the Dems own the failed ObamaCare disaster, with its poor coverage and massive premium increases......
5:55 AM - 4 Jan 2017
9,813 9,813 Retweets 38,328 38,328 likes
Donald J. Trump ✔ @realDonaldTrump
like the 116% hike in Arizona. Also, deductibles are so high that it is practically useless. Don't let the Schumer clowns out of this web...
6:01 AM - 4 Jan 2017
9,841 9,841 Retweets 38,234 38,234 likes

Donald J. Trump ✔ @realDonaldTrump
massive increases of ObamaCare will take place this year and Dems are to blame for the mess. It will fall of its own weight - be careful!
6:26 AM - 4 Jan 2017
12,133 12,133 Retweets 45,618 45,618 likes

Every one is a great big lie.

Roger Amick said...

Here's some facts:
Keep in mind that approx. 15% of South Dakotans are uninsured, that's about 129, 000 people and as of June 2016, 119,350 were covered by Medicaid/CHIP (Child Health Insurance Program) and an additional 59,000 would be eligible if the state expands Medicaid.
Millions of Americans could lose coverage because they can't afford it
Here's why: Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, we've reduced the number of uninsured by about 10 million people, In the Marketplace, nearly 8 in 10 consumers can find coverage for $100 or less after tax credits. The House Republican repeal would eliminate those tax credits, leaving millions with the problem they faced before the ACA: unaffordable coverage.
Millions more could lose their coverage under Medicaid
Here's why: Under the ACA, 28 states and D.C. have expanded Medicaid. Medicaid now covers over 10 million additional Americans compared to the fall of 2013. Rolling back the expansion would leave millions of low-income Americans and children without the coverage.
Up to 129 million Americans with pre-existing conditions could be denied coverage because of their health
Here's why: The ACA requires insurance companies to provide coverage for Americans with pre-existing conditions. If Republicans repealed that requirement, the up to 129 million Americans, including 17 million children, with pre-existing conditions could be denied the coverage in the individual market.
105 million Americans could see the return of lifetime caps on their coverage
Here's why: Before the ACA, many insurance companies enforced lifetime limits -- a dollar limit on what they would spend for your covered benefits during the entire time you were enrolled in that plan. The ACA prohibits those limits. If repealed, 105 million Americans, including nearly 60% of those with employer-based coverage, could see the return of caps on their coverage.
76 million Americans could lose expanded coverage for preventive services, including vaccines, cancer screenings, and birth control
Here's why: The ACA even improved coverage for Americans who already had insurance, expanding access to preventive services at no out-of-pocket cost. The Republicans' repeal would cost 76 million Americans their eligibility for expanded preventive services -- including 30 million women and 18 million children.
Consumers would lose billions in savings
Here's why: Since 2011, consumers have saved $9 billion due to the law's requirement that insurance companies spend at least 80 cents of every dollar on consumers' health care and empowers states to review and negotiate premium increases.

This is not the health care system Americans want to return to.

For all their votes to repeal or undermine the Affordable Care Act, House Republicans have failed to offer a single alternative. Instead, they'd just throw millions of Americans back into the uncertainty of life without health coverage.
#Peoplebeforepolitics #Dontforgetaboutthepeople #Forthegoodofthepeople

Loretta Russo said...

Plagiarized spam.

rrb said...

Blogger Roger Amick said...
Here's some facts:

here's a single more important fact -

skeets got shellacked in not one but two midterms, and Donald J Trump is going to be your new president, largely because of the epic failure that is 0linsky-care.

america has effectively voted not once, not twice, but three fucking times in favor of its repeal.

deal with it.

Roger Amick said...

The Republican Plan to replace Obamacare.


KD, said...

These are just plain facts, and they are beyond dispute." The Mutt

LOL @ Roger

Are you on ObamaCare Mutt?

KD said...

I was almost sure Hillary won win, Obama had overspent the US Budget by 10 Trillion dollars, that is more then every other President, eva'.

FY 2016 the year deficit was over $1 trillion, the Mutt , told us it was in decline, he lied, nothing new.

She spent the most eva' on HER election. She promised ever more Free Tax payer funded stuff, IF only you make her the first Pussy.

And yet, she lost. In a Electoral Landslide, to who, Trump, wow, America is Great Again.

KD, UN-ACA cost Hillary HER pResidency said...

Pending Promises unkept to the American Public

1, You can keep your doctor (Lie of the Year)
2, You can keep your plan
3, You can keep your Hosipal
4, Every Year you will save $2,500
5, It will never cost more then $1 Trillion dollars (2.7 trillion fact)

Maybe Obama needs a Medal, you know like the one he orded Ashley Carter to give him.
President Obama Awards Himself Distinguished Public Service Medal

KD, 9 F, bring on the Gorebal Warming, Please said...

Please, someone, anyone, tell me HB is NOT really this retarded that he actually believes this:

"services at no out-of-pocket cost."

Really, I know his alky picketed brain has been damaged , but to believe that is just plain retarded to the progressive core.

Got some white Gorebal Warming over night and it is still falling.

Roger Amick said...

President Donald J Tweet will make America sick again.

Democrats can’t stop the Republicans from gutting the Affordable Care Act so they want to make sure Donald Trump and the GOP take the full blame for any blow-back of and when the health-care system comes apart.

Their message: Trump wants to Make America Sick Again.

Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) unveiled a new slogan Wednesday after an extensive closed-door strategy meeting with President Obama. Schumer and Pelosi plan to attack the GOP plan to repeal and replace Obama’s signature domestic policy achievement as an attempt to dismantle the entire health-care system, including Medicare and Medicaid, according to a copy of the memo obtained by the Washington Post.

“Instead of fulfilling their promise to ‘repeal and replace’ the Affordable Care Act, Republicans are going to make America sick again by offering no health care plan to the American people and actually dismantling Medicare, Medicaid as well as the ACA,” the memo reads.

Pelosi and Schumer outlined the new messaging strategy in a memo sent Wednesday to every Democrat on Capitol Hill. The memo provided an eight-point attack on the GOP plan, which Democrats say will exacerbate the opioid epidemic, increase insurance premiums and provide massive tax breaks for millionaires.

“Republicans are ripping health care away from millions of Americans and creating chaos throughout our whole economy,” a top talking point in the memo reads.

“Independent experts say this will take us back to the old days when insurance companies could discriminate against people, like individuals with pre-existing conditions.”

The memo reveals the first elements of a plan to call out Trump’s vow to repeal Obamacare as a violation of his campaign pledge to save Medicare and Medicaid “without cutting it to the bone.”

Is anyone surprised?

Roger Amick said...

Emerging from their final huddle with President Obama, congressional Democrats said their plan is essentially to leave it to the GOP to replace Obamacare. And they’re getting an unintended assist from Republicans, who to date have no full plan, only a vague timeline and very few details on how they intend to do it.

“They’re going to own it and all the problems in the health-care system,” Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) said at a news conference after a 90-minute meeting with the president in the Capitol basement on Wednesday. Republicans will discover quickly, Schumer said, that implementing their preferred market-based alternatives will be virtually impossible without a large source of revenue, which would probably require Democratic votes for approval.

“Now they’re responsible for the entire health-care system, and it will be on their backs,” he said. “And I believe, a year from now, they will regret that they came out so fast out of the box.”

It is a modified version of how Republicans treated Obama and congressional Democrats in 2009 as they began the early steps of crafting the ACA. After prolonged talks with three Senate Republicans, Democrats moved ahead late in the year to pass the legislation on party-line votes.

As a result, Democrats politically owned every mishap, including the system’s often-crashing website during the rollout and the decision by insurance companies to abandon some exchanges that ran Obamacare in the states.

Republicans have hammered away at Obamacare ever since and made the legislation very unpopular in conservative-leaning states, driving some Democrats out of office in those regions for supporting the law.

Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) are adamant that they will not go as far as Republicans did back then in opposing just about every early Obama initiative. They still talk about Trump’s position on a large infrastructure bill as a starting point for a bipartisan initiative, and the president-elect and Schumer have similar views on trade and alleged currency ma­nipu­la­tion by China.

Still, it is becoming obvious that Democratic leaders intend to give little early assistance to Trump or other Republicans as they try to undo much of the Obama legacy.

Republicans know the Pottery Barn rule well; Colin Powell invoked it when he was secretary of state to warn then-President George W. Bush that he would own a toppled Iraqi government precipitated by a U.S. invasion. They are very aware of the trap Schumer is trying to set and are working to portray Democrats as cheering for failure.

“I understand his political argument. He’s praying and hoping for failure, which means he’s praying and hoping for more pain on the part of the American people,” Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.), the No. 2 GOP leader, said Wednesday. “I would hope they would get past that and would agree to work with us, because a long-term, sustainable replacement for Obamacare is going to need to be done on a bipartisan, consensus-building basis.”

Roger Amick said...

This early Democratic strategy is the easy lift — do nothing. Democrats privately acknowledge, however, that the party needs to craft a broader agenda than they have relied on for the past four years, which resulted in terrible electoral defeats in 2014 and 2016.

That positive agenda is a work in progress, aides say, and will come in the weeks and months ahead.

Public opinion of the overall law is split evenly between those who support it and those who don’t. But it includes several very popular provisions, particularly one allowing adult children to stay on their parents’ insurance plans up to age 26, and another forbidding insurance companies from denying coverage to consumers with pre-existing health conditions.

With Republicans advancing a repeal, Democrats plan to blame them for trying to end those popular pieces of the ACA.

Republicans have tried to assure the public that the popular provisions will eventually become part of a replacement law. Cornyn described the adult childhood insurance issue and the pre-existing condition ban as “noncontroversial provisions, which I would suspect would be sustained.”

They are also promising that the new law will not throw the health system into chaos.

“The status quo will be maintained until there’s a replacement. So if people have what they have now, they’ll keep that until there’s a replacement,” Cornyn said.

Yet Republicans have not said publicly how long the transition period will be to replace the ACA. Nor have they explained how they would fund those expensive provisions without other portions of the existing law.

It is possible that, after several years of terribly explaining the health law to voters, Democrats are finally in position to make it a political success.

“It’s one thing to say to people this is what we can get,” Pelosi said. “It’s another thing to say this is what will be taken away from you. And that is a different case, and that is a case that we will make.”

opie said...

Yes CH, GW is propaganda for the right to ruin America and kill the economy, just like the ACA did..

The top weather story of 2016: Earth had its warmest year on record (again!) While the final numbers are not officially tabulated, 2016 appears certain to be the warmest year in every major dataset scientists use to track global warmth. The previous warmest year on record for Earth’s surface was set in 2015, which in turn broke the record set in 2014. The 3-year string of warmest years on record is the first time such an event has happened since record keeping began in 1880..

3 years is just fake data proving scientists cook the books to make a theory plausible. LOL...Yep, those models are all wrong.

caliphate4vr said...

Heed Piers Morgan's advice Roger, try to have some dignity

Obama’s messianic halo has crumbled, revealing just another politician who thought he could change the world and ended up changing not very much at all.

His America is not discernibly better than the one George W. Bush handed to him. It remains just as bitterly divided, racially toxic and economically unequal as it was before.

We know it, he knows it, and this election result proved it.

It was a repudiation of Obama as much as Hillary.

Now, as the final buzzer sounds, Mr Nice Guy is showing his true colours and morphing into the mean, nasty basketball player who hates the fact his team’s getting Trumped and is doing anything he can to stop it happening.

It’s too late, Mr President.

The game’s over.

Your team lost.

So get over it and start behaving with some of the damn dignity that your aides keep bragging about.

KD said...

Cali per normal is correct.

However, facts point to a different childish action.

alGore Lost to W Bush, they are still not over that and now Hillary who had it all, lost to Trump.

So I don't see them getting over it, not now, and not 16 years from now.

We have to stop treating the Progressives that Own the Democrat Party as Adults, they are not, clowns and children, they are those things.

Has Obama ordered his Volt yet, he promised he would.

Loretta Russo said...

Roger sure is busy taking care of his sick wife......


Loretta Russo said...

"Heed Piers Morgan's advice Roger, try to have some dignity"

Too late.

Loretta Russo said...

"Yes CH, GW is propaganda for the right to ruin America and kill the economy, just like the ACA did.."

Stupid Opie.

KD, Ried Rule Majority Rule said...

Is anyone surprised?" The Mutt

Nope, your team broke the US Health Care System, now you bitch about it ,,,, typical.

Did you win more US House Seats, US Senate Seats and the White House as you predicted?

KD, LOL @ HB said...

Roger sure is busy taking care of his sick wife......" Ette

He told us how she and him are getting pushed around by his insurance company, that is the same insurance company he has bragged about being UNION Provided for LIFE.

Roger Amick said...

Look folks.

The Republicans don't have a plan to replace Obamacare. Ryan claimed that the Republicans have a plan. But the truth is, they are deeply divided between the toss it out, and deal with it later and pass a . If they are dumb enough to do that, the blue collar workers in the swing states, will be leftover garbage. They will not be happy. It could easily cost them the congress in 2018, and the White House in 20

Trump to his benefit, he has been warning that they need a replacement in place before they repeal it.

But the "Freedom coalition" is not going to act. Let them hurry up and die ... before they vote before they vote for Democrats.

Loretta Russo said...

Republicans have several plans, idiot.

Loretta Russo said...

Honestly, we're all waiting for Obama's lie of the year to come true.

caliphate4vr said...

All I know is Bumblecare won't be woven into the fabric of our society.

all you repeatedly erroneously stated ad nauseam

I told all it's a hunk of shit rube goldberg contraption that is unsustainable

wphamilton said...

“The status quo will be maintained until there’s a replacement. So if people have what they have now, they’ll keep that until there’s a replacement,” Cornyn said.

If you like your plan you can keep it? Seems like I've heard that somewhere before ...

The GOP plan to re-establish high-risk pools renders the pre-existing condition moot. Sure, you will be able to get insurance if you can afford it, but you'll be in a high-risk pool which means the premium will be sky-high and the deductible so high it might as well be catastrophic.

They're also planning on dropping 18 million people from the Medicaid market by scaling back the federal Medicaid matching rate in 2019. Effectively punishing those states who had cooperated.

C.H. Truth said...

They will not be happy. It could easily cost them the congress in 2018, and the White House in 20

Pretty sure you suggested that if the GOP nominated Donald Trump that they would lose the Senate and possibly lose the House. When will you get tired of being wrong?

Loretta Russo said...

Plagiarized spam

opie said...

C.H. Truth said...
Opie - doesn't understand the point of this post.

I understand that you wasted a colossal amount of time making up a inane mind game, which others participated and I chose to ignore because it is a stupid premise. Oh well, keep making shit up, you do it so well like GW is propaganda. LOL

rrb said...

Blogger Roger Amick said...
This early Democratic strategy is the easy lift — do nothing.

what a coincidence...

that's exactly what the people voted for - for the democrats to do nothing.

so they left the dems powerless to do anything but exactly that - nothing.


rrb said...

It could easily cost them the congress in 2018, and the White House in 20

you mean, like...