Tuesday, January 3, 2017

But he's going to be terrible for Americans...

Ford to Build in America, Cancel Mexico Expansion Plans as ‘Vote of Confidence’ in Donald Trump
Ford will build a plant in Michigan instead of Mexico as a “vote of confidence” in President-elect Donald J. Trump’s incoming administration, its CEO Mark Fields announced on Tuesday.
Fields said his company’s decision to create jobs in America rather than in Mexico is a “vote of confidence” in Trump’s incoming administration and the pro-business environment it will create.
The investment, CNN reports, will be at the plant in Flat Rock, Michigan, and will aim “to produce more electric and self-driving cars” since “Ford believes electric vehicles will outsell gasoline-powered vehicles within the next 15 years.”
Trump’s success in keeping Ford jobs here is winning praise even from labor unions.
“I am thrilled that we have been able to secure additional UAW-Ford jobs for American workers,” Jimmy Settles, the UAW’s vice president, said.


Roger Amick said...

Ford is canceling plans to build a new $1.6 billion factory in Mexico and will invest $700 million in a Michigan plant to build new electric and autonomous vehicles.

Ford, however, still plans to shift production of the Focus small car to Mexico and will make the car at an existing plant. President-elect Donald Trump has been pressuring Ford to keep production of the Focus in the U.S.

The company made the announcements Tuesday at a factory in Flat Rock, Michigan, near Detroit. The factory will get 700 new jobs.

Among the new vehicles it will make are a fully electric small SUV with 300 miles of range.

Ford also plans a gas-electric hybrid version of the F-150 pickup.

You beat me to it

KD said...

Those are Union Jobs, like I said, Trump will be very good for Unions.

Only a 1000 % asshole can see it any other way then a Trump Win.

KD, Yuge Union Job Win, Trump Win, American First WIN said...

700 new UNION Jobs stay in the US, cool as Hell, Yuge Trump Win .

So as we know for every job saved or created it has a Obama-Math Multiplier of like so many, so this is really 37,000 jobs saved or created.

Taking Trump pre-Inauguration to 1.4 million jobs saved or created.

KD, Besting HB is not fun any more , yes it is, so easy said...

Like I pointed out earlier today, and the HB responded, now he has to eat #3 on my list.

1 – 7 of 7
Anonymous KD, President Trump said...
I hope you don't mind if I add a few of mine.

1, Tax payers, less going to government is always a good thing
2, Land Owners, the restoring of property/mineral/water rights to those that own the land.

3, Unions, they will see their ranks grow as more jobs are created.

4, Minorities may be the biggest winners, now they have a voice that reflects their faith, their work ethic and their love of the USA.

January 3, 2017 at 8:29 AM

"Blogger Roger Amick said...
The world's best liar.

January 3, 2017 at 9:35 AM"

Tell us how FORD is not a UNION SHOP, please HB, please do it you stupid old tired no back bone sissy.

Roger Amick said...

President Twitter will attack.

Fox News host Megyn Kelly is leaving the cable news network for NBC News, the network announced Tuesday.

Kelly will take on multiple roles at NBC. She’ll host a one-hour daytime talk show airing Monday through Friday and a Sunday evening news magazine show, and will contribute on breaking news stories and NBC’s coverage of major political and special events.

“Megyn is an exceptional journalist and news anchor, who has had an extraordinary career,” Andrew Lack, chairman of the NBCUniversal News Group, said in a release. “She’s demonstrated tremendous skill and poise, and we’re lucky to have her.”

The departure is a major blow to Fox News, where Kelly hosted a top-rated 9 p.m. show and was considered a key part of the network’s future.

In a Facebook post, Kelly said she was “incredibly enriched for the experiences” she had in a dozen years at Fox News.

Kelly significantly increased her national profile during the 2016 election as Donald Trump leveled personal attacks against her and feuded with the network over her coverage. She drew Trump’s wrath after asking during the first Republican primary debate about his history of misogynistic and sexist remarks. The following day, Trump suggested Kelly was menstruating at the time.

In July, Kelly joined colleagues in describing having dealt with sexual harassment from Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes, who resigned in disgrace soon after.

The Murdoch family, which runs parent company 21st Century Fox, has tried keeping Kelly in the fold. She is reportedly making $15 million for this final year of her Fox News contract, and the network was said to offer her at least $20 million annually to stay.

The New York Times, which first reported on Kelly’s move to NBC, noted she was also considering opportunities at ABC and CNN.

Roger Amick said...

Ford motor "The company said that Trump was likewise not responsible for its latest decision.

“We didn’t cut a deal with Trump. We did it for our business,” Ford CEO Mark Fields told CNN on Tuesday."

Roger Amick said...

Nope, Trump had nothing to do with the DJIA.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the stock market rally of the past month might be due to something more mundane:

The 6.7% rally since then, much of it since Election Day, has largely been attributed to the potential for tax cuts, looser regulation and fiscal spending under the president-elect. But the rise has also coincided with a fundamental improvement: U.S. companies'return to earnings growth.

"It's earnings growth that drives stocks over the long term," said Tom Cassidy, chief investment officer at Univest Wealth Management Division…Earnings for companies in the S&P 500 grew 3.1% in the third quarter from a year earlier, according to FactSet, entering positive territory for the first time since the first quarter of 2015, when they grew 0.5%. Analysts polled by FactSet expect the rebound to continue, and are estimating a 3.2% growth rate in the fourth quarter of 2016.

Wall Street Journal

Myballs said...

Right. Fields pointed directly to the tax and regulatory reform trump wants.

No deal cut, trump is untieing business rad tape.

rrb said...

geez rog, you must be filling in for the pederast pastor.

nothing but cut n' pastes.

rrb said...

MINORITY leader chuckles had something to say today:

"And we’ll be making proposals we hope our Republican colleagues will join us on.

As the year wears on, and it becomes clear that Democratic proposals are what the American people want and need, I hope many will.

But we are not in the majority. We cannot delude anyone that this Congress will start tomorrow taking up the priorities of the Democratic minority. But we can raise our voices to present an alternative way forward, and we can rally the American people to support this program."

so let me get this straight...

you couldn't rally the American people to vote for you, but you can convince them to support your programs?


you're the leader of the back bench, chuckles.

you don't matter.

Loretta Russo said...

Plagiarized spam.

Loretta Russo said...



Loretta Russo said...


KD, PNC left after losing to me again and again and again said...

OMG, HB again shows what an in-educated asshole he is ,,, FORD did not take a dime of Obama Bail Out money.

FORD, as Ballz pointed out, did make the decision on the coming tax cuts and coming lessening of Regulation.

Coming, wait, who is that that is Coming, oh Yes Hillary Rotten Clinton , the next President of the United States, right HB?

or in the real world, President Trump .

KD, Party With Trump Jobs, pay checks said...

Balls, this sums up HB and his ilk.

When Looking at a payroll check, do you sign the front, like I do, or have you only signed the back, like HB has.

Remember how the leftist here and those that lost, warned that TRUMP would kill UNION JOBS, yet, a short review of the facts and we find that they are meatheads.

Carrier Jobs, saved ,,, UNION JOBS, good news

FORD Jobs, saved, ,,,,, UNION JOBS, good news

Rubbing HB's little sissy nose in it is so much fun, but like the Mutt he is , too stupid to learn.

rrb said...

hey rog, here's the link to your "WSJ" story:

rrb said...

hey, how did that 60 second merritt garland USSC appointment go today?

anyone? rog?

after all, today WAS the big day.

KD, said...

Transition of Power
Ford cancels Mexico plant. Will create 700 U.S. jobs in 'vote of confidence' in Trump by Heather Long and Poppy Harlow @CNNMoney
January 3

HB, took his cut n paste from the link I provided, my god he is a dumb asshole. I have learned to vet every thing he posts, because of his failures.

KD said...

after all, today WAS the big day." LOL

Yes, and Hillary being elected in a landslide on Nov 8th was a done deal.

Keep rubbing HB's nose into his shit.

rrb said...

Washington (CNN)

Sen. Chuck Schumer lamented Tuesday the Democrats' move to diminish the number of senators needed to confirm Cabinet picks from 60 votes to 51, because the new rule now hurts his party.

"I argued against it at the time. I said both for Supreme Court and in Cabinet should be 60 because on such important positions there should be some degree of bipartisanship," Schumer, a New York Democrat and the incoming Senate minority leader, told CNN's Dana Bash. "I won on Supreme Court, lost on Cabinet. But it's what we have to live with now."

like i said chuckles...

you don't matter.

KD said...

I want the Republicans to shove the Ried Rule so far up the Progressive ass they need Obimbocare to have it removed.

rrb said...

The new Congress was sworn in on Tuesday, and the first thing it did was prepare to repeal Obamacare.

Senate Budget Committee Chair Michael Enzi (R-WY) introduced a budget resolution Tuesday that includes "reconciliation instructions" that enable Congress to repeal Obamacare with a simple Senate majority. Passing a budget resolution that includes those instructions will mean that the legislation can pass through the budget reconciliation process, in which bills cannot be filibustered.

That means Republicans will only need 50 of their 52 members in the Senate, and a bare majority in the House, to pass legislation repealing the Affordable Care Act. According to the Wall Street Journal, the budget resolution could be passed by both houses as early as next week.

ah, i love the smell of reconciliation in the morning. it smells like VICTORY.

KD, Companies just want to earn wealth and grow said...

, i love the smell of reconciliation in the morning. it smells like VICTORY." Rat

Yes, and to go further "this is a big Fucking Deal" Biden

The Ried Rule is going to be so good to watch as the Dems are in a pickle join the majority and get some credit , or get the fuck out of the way.

Remember all of those cute little Democrat Held Senate seats that are up for election , In 2018, let's see how they vote, given so many of them are in Trump Country.

Roger Amick said...

The "Intelligence" briefing on so-called "Russian hacking" was delayed until Friday, perhaps more time needed to build a case. Very strange!

Ari Melber
Now: Senior US intelligence official tells NBC News briefing was "always" scheduled for Friday, Trump incorrect, per @KenDilanianNBC …
6:12 PM - 3 Jan 2017

The Command In Tweet lie of the day.

rrb said...

hashtag for the next four years:


KD said...

why did the current sitting pResident not save the Jobs at Carrier and FORD?

Did he not know how to do it?

Roger Amick said...

I've been thinking about our President Elect. And I been contemplating my feelings over the last few days. I'm a lifetime observer of politics. I am seriously concerned.

He claimed that he will bring back the manufacturing jobs. He claims that Ford and GM are keeping jobs here because he was elected. The trouble is far bigger than this small victory. Manufacturing jobs are going to move offshore, so the blue collar workers, who's votes brought him the rust belt jobs, will be faced with the reality, and will feel betrayed. Global competition is the force that diminished the old industries and no new trade deal will change that reality.

Trump is no military genius, although he has famously claimed to know more than the generals. If he continues to conduct foreign and military policy via Twitter, he will diminish our influence world wide. His failure to understand the immense value of the NATO alliance. and his simple-minded admiration of Russian President Vladimir Putin could lead to a foreign policy and military disasters.

The experienced legislators know that the Republican party cannot unite behind a true, and viable replacement for Obamacare. If they simply repeal Obamacare, the backlash, may result a devastating backwash among the blue collar workers who put him in the (shudder) White House and the Republican majority in congress.

It's been written by many who once they are sitting behind the desk in the oval office alone, think, "now what?" From everything we have seen, since he won the election, he could very well be, the most dangerous man on the planet. Because he's probably not going to get beyond "The Commander in Tweet".

KD, HB wrong on FORD said...

SoftBank Group Corp. Chief Executive Officer Masayoshi Son told President-elect Donald Trump this month he would create 50,000 jobs in the U.S. "

$ 50 Billion in private investment in the USA is also part of the Deal.

Again, why did the current NO-HOPE-USA pResident do this deal?

KD, HyperBolic said...

HB's post lifted from a piece in the LATimes.

rrb said...

I'm a lifetime observer of politics. I am seriously concerned.

you mean like "by a landslide!!!11!" concerned, or just seriously concerned?

for a lifetime observer of politics your political prognostication skills suck, and suck BIGLY. especially if all it takes is a trump tweet to light the fuse on your tampon.

honestly rog, it comforts me that you're concerned, because that means that sane, rational, thoughtful and intelligent people have nothing to fear from a trump presidency.

KD, Reject Trump Tax Cuts said...

HB, when he cuts your Federal Income tax rate, do you plan on taking that cut when you prepare your 1040 ez form?

And when he doubles your personal standard deduction, will you be claiming it as well?

Let us know.

KD, Return of Pro-America Agenda said...

Hugh Hewitt show hosted an interview with Speaker of the US House Paul Ryan.

Ryan announced that he is going for a "5.5 %" on average, repatriation Rate on Business, this would be YUGE for the US Worker.

caliphate4vr said...

The pathetic end of the Obama era

The Obama administration has fallen far short of the soaring aspiration in which it began. The wars have not ended. Obama is the first two-term president to be in one war — the war in Afghanistan, the war that even his own "surge" could not end — for his entire presidency. And it's a war in which the Taliban has been making a comeback. Obama hands off American involvement in Libya, Yemen, Iraq, and a humiliating wind down of its five-year covert intervention in the Syrian civil war.

Other inaugural promises have come to naught as well. More people have health care, yes, but more people also pay more to get the health care they want. And American health-care costs have not gone down to meet the standards set by the rest of the world. Our education system still fails people at the same desultory rates as before. And our respectable allies feel more empowered than ever to denigrate us.

The political promise is spent as well. Obama was hailed as a genius and political savior. Now his own Democratic Party has fallen to new lows in the state legislatures and governors' mansions across the country. Instead of handing on the executive branch to an ordained successor, he is passing it onto the man who questioned his birth certificate.

If you had left your country and party in such a state, you'd be acting like a petulant jerk, too.

Loretta Russo said...

"I've been thinking about our President Elect. And I been contemplating my feelings over the last few days. I'm a lifetime observer of politics. I am seriously concerned."


Rich.....along with idiotic.

Loretta Russo said...


Another liberal drama queen, emphasis on queen....

opie said...

Loretta Russo said...

Another liberal drama queen, emphasis on queen....


Rich.....along with idiotic.

Additional rational reasonn why a moderator should be involved with such brilliant posts as these and KD trolling away. LOL. Oh well, my opinion counts for spit.

Loretta Russo said...

Stupid Opie.

opie said...

Loretta Russo said...
Stupid Opie.

How trollish, Loretta. LOLOL! Your intellect remains lost.

Loretta Russo said...

Stupid Opie.

rrb said...

Another liberal drama queen, emphasis on queen....

he probably lives in the perpetual fear of trump grabbing him by the pussy.

caliphate4vr said...


Loretta Russo said...


rrb said...

good catch:

opie said...

Loretta Russo said...
Stupid Opie.
Anonymous caliphate4vr said...
Loretta Russo said...

Wow, such an impressive string of posts that seem to be exactly why CH should moderate this slice of heaven. You really are a joke, loretta, keep up the trolling and spam, it is what you do best. As for rat, who cares.