Monday, January 9, 2017

Why Liberals are still missing the point...

"Hey! Look over there!"  Seems to have become the new long term strategy for the new progressive alt-left liberal elitists. I am not sure why they believe the "control the narrative" strategy will work. It seems to be only marginally different from the "we need a better messenger" strategy that they employed for the past 20 years or so.

New liberal strategy!
There can be no question that the liberal elitists and their cronies in the media completely missed the boat through much of the 2016 election. Actually, it would be more accurate to say that the liberal elitists and their cronies completely missed the boat with the heartland of America through much of the 2016 election. They were probably spot on with California flakes, and the rest of the coastal crazies, which is probably why there were (and still are) confused by why they lost. But here they are, sans election losses, going right back to the same well again and again. They couldn't convince the American heartland that Hillary Clinton was a better option that Donald Trump during the election, but apparently they seem convinced that they can convince them of that now. All it takes is a few celebrities who make videos telling us how horrible Trump will be. If that doesn't work, they can have those same celebrities tell us during an awards show that Trump is horrible.

Meanwhile, the left is still tossing around excuses. Apparently it wasn't the fact that Hillary Clinton was the least trusted candidate "ever" and that she was in the middle of an FBI criminal investigation into her behavior as Secretary of State. It wasn't that the world found out that the DNC pulled strings for her against her opponents in the nomination process, or even that the media colluded with her about debate questions. Apparently that was not the reason she lost. The reason she lost was that all of her and her Party's corruption got exposed. Had it stayed secret she wouldn't have lost.


So rather than focus on what was exposed... the liberal elitists and their media cronies want you to focus on the fact that this information was exposed by corrupt means. Apparently the most important question is not whether or not the information exposed was true (it all was) or whether or not the DNC and Clinton campaigns did nothing to protect themselves from being hacked (they didn't)... apparently the most important question we have to answer is "who" did the hacking and "why" did they do it. In other words, "Hey! Look over there!" 

Putin enjoying increased popularity*
To whatever degree it has been successful, and there is no question that the left has successfully changed the subject with their adoring media... it doesn't seem to be actually changing anyone's mind about anything. Trump's approvals are creeping up, and Hillary's are still where they were prior to the election. (He's improved to a minus four, while Clinton is still minus fifteen). As much as they tried through recounts and concerted efforts to sway electors, Trump will still be sworn in as President in eleven days. Whatever their grand plans were hoping to accomplish. I would offer that they came up well short.

If there has been any changing of the minds, it's that this has all allowed Vladimir Putin to take the high road, mock the President's attacks, and basically see his overall approval level rise in both his country and ours. Not exactly what the liberal elitists probably had in mind when they started this crusade. But then again, they missed the boat during the entire 2016 campaign. Why would anyone believe that they righted any ships since then?

* Caution: pictures of Vladimir Putin smiling is said to cause extreme
   nausea and uncontrollable emotional outbursts in liberal elitists.  


Commonsense said...

Michael Goodwin's column in the post was spot on. This has been one big infantile temper tantrum from the left ever since they lost.

By politicizing the intelligence, the left and their allies in the media (I know I repeat myself) actually help Putin accomplish his goals.

By compromising the intelligence for political purposes they erode the confidence the public have in their intelligence agencies.

Which is exactly what Putin wants.

Thanks to the Democrats American foreign policy is handcuffed simply because they couldn't take responsibility for losing an election.

Roger Amick said...

Have you ever read about the historical ambitions of Russia to dominate European and global control over everything?

Obviously, no.

You might Google it. I read books on that and much more.

Putin is going to get his way, because Donald J Trump has no experience in the field of foreign affairs. Neither did George W Bush, and look where that took us.

Grow up

C.H. Truth said...


You should ask the President that question. It was on his watched that they invaded and annexed another country. It was on his watch that they continued to fund and help leaders that we were working to oust. It was on his watch that Putin and Russia became a legitimate world player, and arguably displaced the United States as the most influential country in the area.

He let all of that go for nearly eight years...

Kicking out diplomats because we think they hacked the DNC and Clinton campaigns is a little bit of a day late and dollar short reaction, wouldn't you agree?

C.H. Truth said...

As for Trump. I think we should at the very least allow him to become President before declaring his Presidency and his foreign policy a disaster. I think we might owe even Trump that much...

wouldn't you agree?

Loretta Russo said...

We wouldn't be in this position had Obama stood up to Putin when he FIRST flexed his muscles.

This is exactly what happens when a feckless foreign policy is implemented by a damn worthless community organizer.

We shouldn't be in this position in the first place.

Roger Amick said...

I'm having fun in a Twitter discussion with Grover Norquist.

Commonsense said...

Then you do realize that under Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Putin went a long way towards accomplishing one of Russia's historic geopolitical goals.

Control of the Bosphorus and unimpeded navigation to the Mediterranean.

That's what your bright boy gave Putin by leading from behind.

caliphate4vr said...

don't forget they shot down an airliner and Bumble said nothing

Commonsense said...

Of course this assumes Roger knows what the Bosphorus is much less where it is.

Roger Amick said...

CH, we have no choice but to watch Trump be a complete disaster.

I thing Obama's foreign affairs was a mixed bag. I still agreed that the withdrawal from Iraq was correct. As is the Iran deal, and the Paris agreements.

On Syria, no. But seriously their realty wasn't much we could have done without a major military action. As you know, almost all our military interventions in the middle east were a disaster.

Roger Amick said...

Oh sure. Access to the Black sea is a secret.


C.H. Truth said...

Roger - you are reflexively assuming that Trump will (because he has offered some praise for Putin) roll over for him? By that logic, Putin (who has offered strong praise for Trump) will roll over for Trump?

Seems to me like there is a bit of posturing by the two world leaders. I am interested to see how it turns out. I certainly will not make the mistake of underestimating Trump moving forward. You can do so at your own peril.

The reality is that it cannot turn out any worse for us than it has over the past eight years. We quite literally did not stand up to Putin till the final hours of the Obama Presidency... and his actions got him mocked and ridiculed by Putin. It quite literally has had no real effect in real time, and most certainly won't long term.

Loretta Russo said...

Out of your league.

Roger Amick said...

We have no choice.

But this should even make you nervous.

CNN and other media outlets should judge Donald Trump based on “what’s in his heart” rather than “what’s come out of his mouth,” incoming counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway said Monday morning, arguing that the president-elect is too often denied a benefit of the doubt that is readily handed out to others.

Loretta Russo said...

"got him mocked and ridiculed by Putin"


Loretta Russo said...

"Of course this assumes Roger knows what the Bosphorus is much less where it is."

You're assuming a lot.

rrb said...

I thing Obama's foreign affairs was a mixed bag.

mixed bag?

iran is poised to go nuclear with some fresh US approved uranium, skeets stabbed israel in the back, libya is an ISIS/alqaeda playground, the rest of the middle east is on fire, alleppo is one of the worst humanitarian tragedies in my lifetime and putin has been doing donuts on the white house lawn for 0linsky's entire second term.

rrb said...

Blogger Roger Amick said...
CH, we have no choice but to watch Trump be a complete disaster.

actually we do have a choice. we may watch him succeed.

just because trump gave you a wicked case of diaper rash doesn't mean the rest of us aren't keeping an open mind.

it takes a certifiable hack to declare the man a disaster before he's even been sworn in.


KD said...

KD, Liberals get Louder, Thank God said...
HB, you have it wrong, all of us here want you loons on the left to be ever louder, tell us ever more and protest everywhere.
What ever happened to Occupy WallStreet, was it purely Political?
What will happen to BLM was it too , purely Political?

Are you still fighting to get the care from the Specialist for you wife, and that World Class UNION Health Care you have, for Life?

rrb said...

Blogger Roger Amick said...
I'm having fun in a Twitter discussion with Grover Norquist.

yeah, and he's cleaning your clock on forced and compulsory union dues.

rrb said...

We shouldn't be in this position in the first place.

and we will be in this position again...

in about a generation.

that's how long it took for us to forget carter. just long enough to elect his second coming.

KD said...

Jack Ma (R), founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group, and President-elect Donald Trump pose for the media after their meeting at Trump Tower January 9, 2017. 
Alibaba's Jack Ma says job creation will focus on small business
4 Hours Ago | 03:31

President-elect Donald Trump said he had a "great meeting" with Alibaba executive chairman Jack Ma on Monday, when they discussed 1 million new U.S. jobs.

Ma said that Alibaba's expansion would focus on products like garments, wine and fruits, with a special focus on trade between the American midwest and southeast Asia.

"We're focused on small business," Ma told reporters. "We specifically talked about ... supporting 1 million small businesses, especially in the Midwest of America. Small businesses on the platform selling products — agriculture products and America services — to China and Asia, because we're pretty big in Asia."

We are moving from a Community Organizer Economy to a Successful Business Man Economy.

Fiat/Chrysler is moving 2,000 jobs to the USA.

I can not wait for the low tax on Re-Patrioted Money to happen.

January 9, 2017 at 3:23 PM

(((CHT Please Delete my previous post-Sorry)

Commonsense said...

Oh sure. Access to the Black sea is a secret.

Guess Roger should read a few more of those books he keep bragging about reading.

Starting with geography.

rrb said...

clown schumer and his merry band of asshats are planning a talk-a-thon for this evening...

On Monday night, Senate Democrats plan to stay up late, delivering floor speeches and Facebook Live broadcasts attacking the Republicans’ drive to dismantle President Barack Obama’s signature health care law. They will also pressure Republicans over their push to defund Planned Parenthood and to make significant cuts to entitlement programs like Medicare and Medicaid.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) organized the effort, which will include multiple conference calls with a range of groups from Families USA, to Planned Parenthood, to the Service Employees International Union. Several dozen Democratic senators are expected to participate.

good timing chuckles. you rant while americans are enjoying this -

rrb said...

(((CHT Please Delete my previous post-Sorry)

you can delete it yourself. just click on the trash can icon at the bottom of the post.

Roger Amick said...

Oh my. Trump lost Opie.

Ron Howard rips Trump fans’ hypocrisy over Streep: Trump was a reality TV star spouting birther lies.

Commonsense said...

Assange blasts 'embarrassing' US intel report, insists Russia not his source

Bottom line is that Assange deny Russia had anything to do with the leaks but does not offer anything more than a flat denial.

Commonsense said...

Ron Howard rips Trump fans’ hypocrisy over Streep: Trump was a reality TV star spouting birther lies.

Does he? Was that before or after he said "Please watch my movies."

Not too bright these Hollywood types.

Roger Amick said...

The Bosphorus or Bosporus is a narrow, natural strait and an internationally significant waterway located in northwestern Turkey. It forms part of the continental boundary between Europe and Asia, and separates Asian Turkey from European Turkey.

The Russians only access to the Mediterranean and the Atlantic ocean via the Black sea.

Yes, dumbbell, I'm well aware of it.

Roger Amick said...

No he's not. He can't justify non dues paying workers getting full benefits. He had no answer.

Commonsense said...

Google almost makes you look halfway intelligent.


KD, Obama is BLM said...

Typical Day in ObamaNation, another COP , shot and killed.

rrb said...

A visit from a plumber left ThinkProgress senior editor Ned Resnikoff “rattled” due to fear that the plumber may have voted for Donald Trump.

Resnikoff stated his fears in a November Facebook post, a screenshot of which is now making the rounds on the Internet.

The plumbing visit, which came four days after the 2016 election, became a harrowing experience for Resnikoff even though the plumber was “a perfectly nice guy and a consummate professional.”

“He was a perfectly nice guy and a consummate professional,” Resnikoff shared. “But he was also a middle-aged white man with a southern accent who seemed unperturbed by this week’s news.”

Resnikoff said his fear was rooted in the chance that the plumber knew he was Jewish.

“While I had him in the apartment, I couldn’t stop thinking about whether he had voted for Trump, whether he knew my last name is Jewish, and how that knowledge might change the interaction we were having inside my own home,” he said.

The “uncertainty” of the situation left Resnikoff “rattled for some time.”

“I have no real reason to believe he was a Trump supporter or an anti-Semite, but in my uncertainty I couldn’t shake the sense of potential danger,” he wrote. “I was rattled for some time after he left.”

Resnikoff says that he is does not often have a “sense of danger” because he is “still a straight, white guy who can phenotypically pass for gentile” and his “first name is pretty WASP-y.”

Resnikoff used his experience to explain how “ambiguous social interactions now feel unsafe and unpredictable in a way that they never did before.”

“Even if Trump is gone in four years, I don’t expect to ever reclaim that feeling of security,” Resnikoff concluded. “That’s just one more thing you voted for, if you voted for him.”

good gawd...

KD, CA, Rain and Snow Event said...

CS, darn it I spit my Orange Crush drink.

HB will protest that he used google to understand this issue.

Commonsense said...

He's getting his well deserved ridicule on twitter.

rrb said...

Not too bright these Hollywood types.

it's temper tantrums like streep's and howard's that's a big reason why the last film i saw in the cinema was 'american sniper.'

i just have no interest in enriching these assholes whose sole purpose in life if playing make believe, but insisting that they actually matter in real life before the clapping seals of their mutual admiration society.

i'll bet they dined on a delicious meal last night. most if not all of which was provided by the flyover state rubes they despise.

rrb said...

when it comes to pissing away other people's money, no one does it better than a learjet liberal -

Hillary Clinton and her supporters spent a record $1.2 billion for her losing presidential campaign — twice as much as the winner, Donald Trump, according to the latest records.

Loretta Russo said...


What a PUSSY.

KD said...

Obama always has an excuse, first he called the ISIS Killers, the JV Team, then he said he did not get briefed properly by intel agencies, then he said, they flew under his radar.

Now, the excuse on why he got the Clinton Loss on his watch. "the Bubble is the Bubble" Obama said

"“I think we’ve done a pretty good job staying in touch with the American people. But at a certain point, you can’t help but lose some feel for what’s on the ground because you’re not on the ground.”

“You didn’t think Donald Trump could win,” pointed out George Stephanopoulos.

“Case in point,” Obimbo

Right , you never stop campaigning, did a shitty job of being the Prez and now Hillary lost because you got stuck in a bubble, for the love of God, man up boy.

KD said...

What a PUSSY. "Ette

Be nice he has PTVD (post traumatic Vote disorder),, we must give him a safe place to feel better , about losing.

KD, HB raked over coals by his UNION INS COMPANY said...

Trump contributed $66 million from his own pocket, $34 million less than he estimated he would shell out."

Trump beat Hillary , staying under budget.

That is how it is done in the real world, not in the fake believe world of the O'Clintons.

opie said...

Hillary Clinton and her supporters spent a record $1.2 billion for her losing presidential campaign — twice as much as the winner,

She still won more votes than the donnie.....but they don't mean count. And what does having spent half as much prove? A tax break for drunkards?

Commonsense said...

Keep spewing that bitter BS. That an a quarter won't even buy you a cup of coffee at starbucks.

caliphate4vr said...

Fatty Is gonna have another stroke. He's probably try to eat his way comfort, his A1c is In double digits

C.H. Truth said...

And what does having spent half as much prove?

The simple difference in how a conservative business person thinks, and how a liberal political slave thinks. Conservatives prefer we get more done with less money. Liberals believe the goal is to spend as much money as you possibly can and if you don't like your results, just claim you didn't spend enough. (Paul Krugman style)

opie said...

The simple difference in how a conservative business person thinks,

How would you know, CH....are you a business man too???? I thought you were a IT guy, statistician, lawyer, pundit and know it all. The rest of you post is pure guano. I'm sure you'll soon be in line for a pulitzer for punditry. LOLOLOL

caliphate4vr said...

. Liberals believe the goal is to spend as much money as you possibly can and if you don't like your results, just claim you didn't spend enough. (Paul Krugman style)

It's not just Krugman, the idiot Drum thinks Bumblecare would have succeeded if we just doubled spending

opie said...

Commonsense said...
Keep spewing that bitter BS.

Spoken by someone whose retirement is based on SS and medicaid which will be cut by the guy you support. Good for you. LOL

opie said...

would have succeeded if we just doubled spending

Yep, he's the idiot.....what's the GOP plan?????

opie said...

Anonymous caliphate4vr said...
Fatty Is gonna have another stroke.

Dayum you are a big man, pauline......Keep up the sophomoric idiocy since it makes you feel important. LOL!!!

opie said...

Another piece of crap from our megalomaniac potus to be

While that might be true (it remains to be seen), one thing that definitively is not is his follow-up statement. To further prove that the Jan. 20 event will yield a huge turnout, he claimed that “all the dress shops are sold out in Washington. It’s hard to find a great dress for this inauguration.”

Dress shops sold out in DC because of him.....COMPLETE BULL!!!!

Martha Slagle, vice president and general manager of the Neiman Marcus store in Friendship Heights, said a ball attendee has “more than a thousand evening gowns to choose from” and the store is “stuffed with beautiful gowns.”

C.H. Truth said...

How would you know, CH

Well I do have a B.S. (Computer Science with Math and Business minors) I did run several retail businesses (Three shoe stores and about ten Jewelry stores) when I was younger. I have a pretty good understanding of P&L spreadsheets, budgets, and how to make a net profit.

But seriously, Opie...

Are you really so daft as to not understand that the purpose of business is to make money? To spend less than you bring in? To economize?

If politicians ran a business it would be bankrupt in weeks. You think any bank is going to let a business go into debt... I don't know, 8 trillion or so?

opie said...

Well I do have a B.S.

So, I have an Associates in chemistry, BS in accounting, and a masters in finance. I have been a comptroller for a small manufacturing plant, financial analyst for a major corporation, and worked on major DOD programs including classified jobs. That and a buck will get me a cup of coffee, just like your mediocre creds in business. You do understand, seriously, that trump did run a business to billion dollar losses which you think is just fine. Keep digging, CH, as the congress in your control will run the debt to new highs with the magic infrastructure funding and mexico not paying for the billions for a wall. LOL

C.H. Truth said...

So, I have an Associates in chemistry, BS in accounting, and a masters in finance. I have been a comptroller for a small manufacturing plant, financial analyst for a major corporation, and worked on major DOD programs including classified jobs

And you still don't understand that spending less for a better result is what you want to strive for?

I guess you must be one of those people who might be considered "book smart".

Loretta Russo said...

"And you still don't understand that spending less for a better result is what you want to strive for?"

I don't call him stupid for fun.....

Roger Amick said...

Nepotism? Is It Legal?

President-elect Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, will be named senior adviser to the president, the campaign announced Monday.

This is a staff appointment so it does not require congressional approval.

There are serious questions on if it's legal.

(b) A public official may not appoint, employ, promote, advance, or advocate for appointment, employment, promotion, or advancement, in or to a civilian position in the agency in which he is serving or over which he exercises jurisdiction or control any individual who is a relative of the public official.
An individual may not be appointed, employed, promoted, or advanced in or to a civilian position in an agency if such appointment, employment, promotion, or advancement has been advocated by a public official, serving in or exercising jurisdiction or control over the agency, who is a relative of the individual.

Reading that, it's questionable. He has said he will separate himself from his financial interests. He is going to leave his job and will not take a salary.

I don't think an individual could challenge this, because he would not have standing. Perhaps the Department of Justice might be able to challenge this, but that's very unlikely.

The question that matters, is what qualifies him for the job, other than his father in law will be the President in eleven short days.

Unless Mike Pence emerges as the one who can talk to the President and say, "This just isn't the right thing to do." Otherwise, we will have the impulsive, strong ego President making decisions. Some here have no problem with it. I differ. But that's no secret. I've been watching this since the Birther BS started and his obviously whack job tweets.

We shall see.

caliphate4vr said...

So, I have an Associates in chemistry,

And a PhD in how to squat to piss.


It's FDU, they have to pay retards to attend

Roger Amick said...

If a person who "has an Associates in chemistry, BS in accounting, and a masters in finance" would be a person who is qualified to make intelligent analysis on most issues. You think the ability to be analytical is "book smart" but incapable of thinking something out in an analytical way.

I see that is far more with you CH, than I see it with Opie. You are strongly affected with Cognitive dissonance. You often hold deeply conflicting opinions on the blog. Example? You have said "i don't give a damn" about what Trump says. But then you take a strong stand, agreeing with what he says.

Loretta Russo said...

"I see that is far more with you CH, than I see it with Opie."

There's a shock.

Donald Trump said...

Believe me, he's fake. So bad!

opie said...

caliphate4vr said...
So, I have an Associates in chemistry,
And a PhD in how to squat to piss.
It's FDU, they have to pay retards to attendSo

So our drunken salesman again avers his superior wit and jealousy as I sit in my second home in georgia that I own, while he hopes for an inheritance. What a shallow little man you are Paulie. Just a question, where did you get you masters? Tillies bar and grill???? LOL Very impressive as loretta sucks you in.

C.H. Truth said...

Well Roger...

Since I can tell you exactly what Opie is going to argue... before he even argues it... it obviously doesn't take much thought.

You, on the other hand, don't even really understand half of what you state. Cognitive dissonance? You obviously don't really understand what that means.

Bottom line Roger. When it comes to politics. You may not "agree" with my positions or my predictions. But ultimately I sure am right a lot and you and Opie sure are wrong a lot.

I will take being "right" and not gaining your respect, to being wrong and having you hero worship because you are told what you what you want to hear.

opie said...

And you still don't understand that spending less for a better result is what you want to strive for?

You need to take a macro economics class. You seem not to have a grasp on the big picture do you CH as your simplistic example again shows a complete lack of reality in the real world, not in your limited mind games you love. BTW, I am very impressed with your retail experience which does not size up very well. LOL

opie said...

Blogger C.H. Truth said...
Since I can tell you exactly what Opie is going to argue

And you are prescient to boot!!!! Making stuff up is all you got, CH LOL What am I thinking now, genius????

C.H. Truth said...

Well Opie....

Since you "claim" to have the same business background as I do in college, do you really believe that I could garner a minor in business without taking macro economics? Perhaps you can also suggest I take an accounting or marketing class too, not realizing they would be prerequisite for the degree you claim to have.

My simplistic example in retail allowed me to increase profits in every store I ran, including doubling store profits in one case, and led me to a promotion to regional designate in charge of 13 stores.

I guess your idea of spending "more money and garnering less" is an attractive option to those businesses who hire people with business degrees from schools that do not require macro economics.

Roger Amick said...

No wonder he was rejected before.

Alabama is nearly 30 percent black, but only three African American judges have ever sat on a federal bench there. Advocates for judicial diversity in the state say that in recent decades, that's thanks largely to Jeff Sessions, the Republican senator from Alabama whom Donald Trump has nominated to be his attorney general. During his 20 years in the Senate, they say, Sessions has used his perch on the judiciary committee to block nearly every black candidate for a judgeship in his state.

"The senator has a problem putting African Americans on the federal bench in Alabama," says John Saxon, a Birmingham-based attorney who served on a committee in the 1990s that recommended nominees for judgeships in the state. "And the people need to know that."

The Senate will hold confirmation hearings over Sessions' nomination for attorney general on Tuesday and Wednesday. If it votes to confirm him, Sessions will wield significant influence over issues of particular importance to African Americans and other minorities, such as the application of the nation's civil rights laws. Sessions has a troubled history on race relations that, along with his far-right views on immigration and other issues, has aroused strong opposition from civil rights leaders to his nomination. In 1986, the Senate failed to confirm Sessions, then a federal prosecutor, for a federal judgeship after witnesses at his confirmation hearing claimed Sessions had called a black colleague "boy," labeled civil rights groups including the NAACP "un-American," and joked that he used to like the Ku Klux Klan before he learned that its members smoked marijuana. Sessions has denied the first charge and said the other comments were taken out of context.


rrb said...

Advocates for judicial diversity in the state...

so it's come to this - affirmative action diversity quotas for federal judgeships.


i'm old enough to remember when it was the content of character and not the color of skin that mattered.

may i live long enough to see complete morons appointed to important positions in our society based solely on how many special interest group boxes they can check off on the application form.

that's when we get to full idiocracy.

Roger Amick said...

President Tweet "Overrated"


Highest Rated: 100% Everything Is Copy (2016)
Lowest Rated: 27% Lions for Lambs (2007)
Birthday: Jun 22, 1949
Birthplace: Summit, New Jersey

Sydney Pollack -- one of Meryl Streep's collaborators time and again -- once proclaimed her the most gifted film actress of the late 20th century. Most insiders would concur with this assessment. To avid moviegoers, she represents the essence of onscreen dramatic art. Like Hoffman (and De Niro), she demonstrates a transcendent ability to plunge into her characters and lose herself inside of them, transforming herself physically to meet the demands of her roles. A luminous blonde with nearly translucent pale skin, intelligent blue eyes, and an elegant facial bone structure, Streep sustains a fragile, fleeting beauty that allows her to travel the spectrum between earthily plain (Ironweed), and ethereally glamorous and radiant (Manhattan, Heartburn).

Born June 22, 1949, in Summit, NJ, Streep took operatic voice lessons, and subsequently cultivated a fascination with acting while she attended Bernards High School. Upon graduation, Streep studied drama at Vassar, Dartmouth, and Yale, where she appeared in 30 to 40 productions with the Yale Repertory Theater. With a five-star education and years of collegiate stage work under her belt, Streep headed for the New York footlights and launched her off-Broadway career. Streep's performance in Tennessee Williams' 27 Wagons Full of Cotton, for which she received a Tony nomination, constitutes a particularly strong theatrical highlight from this period. She made her television debut in Robert Markowitz's The Deadliest Season (1977). That year she also appeared onscreen for the first time in Fred Zinnmann's Julia (1977) as Anna Marie, opposite heavyweights Jane Fonda, Vanessa Redgrave, and Hal Holbrook. The following year, Streep picked up an Emmy for her performance in Marvin J. Chomsky's miniseries Holocaust. She first teamed with De Niro in Michael Cimino's The Deer Hunter (1978).

Around this time, Streep became involved with the diminutive performer John Cazale, whom she met on the set of the Cimino film. Tragically, this marriage was ill-fated from day one, Cazale's frail body ridden with bone cancer. Forty-two at the time, he passed away in March 1978, nine months prior to the premiere of The Deer Hunter. Streep later wed Don Gummer, who was not associated with Hollywood in any capacity.

Roger Amick said...

Streep next appeared as Woody Allen's ruthless lesbian ex-wife in his elegiac comedy drama Manhattan (1979) and Alan Alda's Southern mistress in the scathing political satire The Seduction of Joe Tynan. Her shattering interpretation of the scarred and torn Joanna Kramer opposite Dustin Hoffman in Robert Benton's heartbreaking divorce saga Kramer vs. Kramer (1979), earned her a Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 1980 -- which she famously left on top of a toilet at the festivities -- alongside a plethora of L.A. Film Critics Association, New York Film Critics Circle, and Golden Globe Awards for the Allen, Benton, and Alda films.

Streep continued her ascent over the next decade by establishing herself as Hollywood's top box-office draw and a critical darling. Her double performance in the innovative Karel Reisz/Harold Pinter triumph The French Lieutenant's Woman (1981), her gut-wrenching interpretation of the titular Holocaust survivor in Alan J. Pakula's haunting adaptation Sophie's Choice (1982), and her thoughtful evocation of Karen Silkwood in Mike Nichols' drama Silkwood were highlights of the period. In the latter, she portrays a real-life victimized nuclear-plant worker who mysteriously disappears just prior to turning in crucial evidence against her employers.

Streep's decision to headline Sydney Pollack's lush epic Out of Africa (1985), as Karen Blixen, sustained her reputation. She would go on over the next decade to appear in projects like but Ironweed, Heartburn, She-Devil, Postcards from the Edge, and Death Becomes Her. In 1994, she again surprised her fans when she appeared as a muscular expert whitewater rafter who must fight.

rrb said...

copying and pasting an honorarium to a person who makes a living in the world of make believe.


in the world of reality, every single one of trump's cabinet appointees will be confirmed.




what's next rog? a chuckles the clown schumer anthology?

you might want to start compiling that in advance of the epic levels of butthurt ol' chuckles is going to experience this week.

it's almost as if harry reid left a flaming pile of dogshit in the MINORITY leader's office for chuck to stomp out.

remember, 51 is the "magic" number.

Commonsense said...

You need to take a macro economics class. You seem not to have a grasp on the big picture

Big picture. If you're a business and you keep spending more money than you take in, you'll eventually go bankrupt.

You don't need a macroeconomics class to figure that out.

Remedial math will do.

rrb said...

The Washington Post reports that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is under pressure over the poor record of congressional Democrats with regard to minority hiring. In response, Schumer reportedly will urge his fellow Democrats to adopt the Rooney Rule, which requires NFL teams to interview at least one minority applicant for top positions.

Thus, whereas Sessions years ago hired an African-American as his top counsel, Schumer is now trying to get Democrats to interview African-American candidates.

and now, corey "T-BONE" booker is scheduled to testify against sessions.

it looks like c-span will be the channel to watch this week.

rrb said...

site visits on the alky blog; 342

opie said...

Just in case Loretta can actually read, here is more of her debunked theory. Still waiting for the name of the debunker she claims to have..

It happened at a speech in 2015 in South Carolina. Mr. Trump’s target was Serge Kovaleski, of The Times, who has arthrogryposis, a condition that leaves his right arm and hand bent and rigid. “You ought to see this guy,” Mr. Trump told his audience, flailing his own right arm and hand in the air, making spastic movements, disgracing himself. The act was contemptible, and in a way unbelievable: a future president showing the maturity and schoolyard viciousness of an 8-year-old.

opie said...

You don't need a macroeconomics class to figure that out.

Our GED cultist speaks, we all ignore......LOL

opie said...

According to trumps chief propagandist, donnie's words should be ignored, and we should search for his heart, if he has one!!!!

KD, I Did Build it said...


Trump Effect , Pro American President going to be a lot of fun making a lot of money.

KD said...

i'm old enough to remember when it was the content of character and not the color of skin that mattered."

Rev. Jackson, Rev Wright, Rex FaraCON and Obama threw that idea out with AG Holder and AG Lynch.

KD said...

Liberals logic on Spending.

It is better to spend twice as much for a wiget that is broken

then it is to spend half as much for a wiget that Works.

Loretta Russo said...

"spending more money than you take in, you'll eventually go bankrupt"

It ain't rocket science.

KD, Do you sign the FRONT of the Check said...

It ain't rocket science." Ette

No it is not. We have to continue to educate HB and Opium on the finer points of all things, this time on financial and economics.

Opuim, look at it like this.
I pay to the federal government $3,000 in estimated quarterly taxes, with a Trump Tax Cut, say after it I pay $2,500 a qrt. I can take that money not paid to the black hole and put it into say, my kids college fund, or my retirement fund or plow it back into the business.

Anyway, I have more freedom over the money my company earns.

opie said...

I can take that money not paid to the black hole and put it into say, my kids college fund, or my retirement fund or plow it back into the business.

Or plough it up your rear. I guess I should feel sorry for you, having kids extends your gene pool to everyones detriment.

opie said...

Loretta Russo said...
It ain't rocket science.

The peanut gallery chimes in. If you had any brains at all, and the rest of you idiots, the original subject was campaign spending, not business. CH in his usual way, changed the subject to business while I was discussing govmt spending with my comment about macro economics. Oh well, fixing stupid is not in my skill set, especially for people like you Loretta.

opie said...

Still no source of your debunked claim. Once again, Loretta gets caught lying. LOL

KD, said...

campaign spending, not business"

IF for a minute you don't think Politics is not a YUGE Business then we have more to educate you about.

Opium, what business did you start, is it still in operations and how many people are on your payroll?

opie said...

Opium, what business did you start,

FU and the goat you rode in on.