Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Winners of 2016

Honorable Mention:

Kellyanne Conway
The first woman to run a successful Presidential Campaign. Would Trump have won the election without Conway? No way to know for sure, but things sure did turn around once she was given the helm.

Vladimir Putin
There still may be questions as to whether or not Putin single-handedly outsmarted the entire DNC and Clinton campaigns with the tricky use of remedial online malware and fake emails asking prominent Democrats to follow a link and change their passwords. But there really isn't any question that Russia has become an influential super power in spite of being the ninth largest in terms of population and the sixth largest in terms of GDP? Putin has outmaneuvered Obama at every turn, with the parting shot of taking the high road in the most recent spat over election hacking. He's still large and in charge, while Obama rides off into the sunset.

The Republican Party
The Presidency, the Senate, the House, 33 Governors, and 68 out of 98 State Legislatures. This is the biggest political influence for the Grand Old Party in nearly a century.

First Runner Up:

The Heartland
Oh  how the people on the coasts hated the 2016 election and the fact that Clinton won the popular vote, but lost the electoral college. The hand wringing started out as amusing, but has moved into full scale absurdity. The reality is that there are simply more states and more electoral college votes in the rest of the country than there are in California, New York, and the coastal states. They are going to have to convince more people across the country that their liberal antics are good for the country if they want to regain any semblance of power. Meanwhile, the people of the Heartland had their collective voices heard, and have brought a new order to the national political landscape!

2016 Winner of the Year:

President Elect Donald Trump
nuff said


KD, President Trump said...

I hope you don't mind if I add a few of mine.

1, Tax payers, less going to government is always a good thing
2, Land Owners, the restoring of property/mineral/water rights to those that own the land.

3, Unions, they will see their ranks grow as more jobs are created.

4, Minorities may be the biggest winners, now they have a voice that reflects their faith, their work ethic and their love of the USA.

Roger Amick said...

The world's best liar.

rrb said...

Blogger Roger Amick said...
The world's best liar.

oh, i don't know if you're the world's best, but you sure do try.

got russian hacking?

caliphate4vr said...

It’s Still a Mad, Mad California

Coastal elites set rules for others, exempt themselves, and tolerate rampant lawlessness from illegal aliens.

One reason for the emergence of outsider Donald Trump is the old outrage that elites seldom experience the consequences of their own ideologically driven agendas.

Hypocrisy, when coupled with sanctimoniousness, grates people like few other human transgressions: Barack Obama opposing charter schools for the inner city as he puts his own children in Washington’s toniest prep schools, or Bay Area greens suing to stop contracted irrigation water from Sierra reservoirs, even as they count on the Yosemite’s Hetch Hetchy project to deliver crystal-clear mountain water to their San Francisco taps.

Roger Amick said...

Schumer ripped the Twitter President.

Loretta Russo said...

LOL. Schumer? Big deal..

Obama's been tweeting for years, along with the hildebeast.

Loretta Russo said...

LOL. While Chuckles tweets.

rrb said...

Roger Amick said...
Schumer ripped the Twitter President.

LOL. ya think?

i just listened to chuckles' comments. any leftist asshat - even you - could've written them.

Commonsense said...

Now Megyn Kelly who purloined he on-air feud with Trump into a small fortune with NBC.

20 million + for a daytime talk show. Not bad work if you can get it.

Indy Voter said...

Chicago Cubs.

opie said...

Now Megan Kelly

The darling of right wing extremists, now shows her true colors.....lots of green, just like kellyanne and her defense of congress gutting the ethics committee. Money buys all kinds of loyalty. LOL