Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hundreds of thousands
Tens of thousands
Hundreds Protest

"Not My President's Day" rallies were staged in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Philadelphia and more than two dozen other cities across the nation in a spirited display of defiance against a president who has been in power for just one month. 
A mile from the White House, hundreds packed into DuPont Circle singing "This Land Is Your Land." Many took aim at Trump's alleged cozying-up to Russian strongman Vladimir Putin with signs that read "Happy President's Day President Putin" and "My President? Nyet." 
Outside Los Angeles City Hall, hundreds more demonstrators rallying against Trump chanted: "Resist! Resist! Resist!"
Reality here folks: Trump's been President about a month, and the protesters (once in the hundreds of thousands) are now starting to look more like a typical Saturday morning crowd at the local Wallmart.

Now I am sure that the hardcore will continue to act out on their displeasure of being on the losing end of an election, but the air seems to be coming out of this balloon in a hurry. In fact, the size of the President's day protests (or lack thereof) sort of even surprised me. I certainly expected more.


opie said...

Just thinking, how many protests were staged after Obama won????? Maybe the people are onto something with all these paid protestors marching... BTW....there is no objective evidence that being true. About time the country woke up. LOL

KD, Trump Wins every time they protest said...

"Resist we Much"

The media is already writing stories of protest fatigue, my question is how is it these protestors get so much time off from their jobs.

KD said...

Opie, how are you doing today?

Well I hope.

C.H. Truth said...

Just thinking, how many protests were staged after Obama won?

As a general rule, conservative adults do not find it necessary to protest because they lost an election. No temper tantrums or pity parties.

Less mature people are easily 'triggered' into childish actions (like wearing pussy hats and listening to speeches about "nasty women" and demanding that our legally elected executive is "not my President").

So I consider this a major difference between the maturity, attitudes, and actions of conservatives when they lose and liberals when they lose. So glad you are proud of your ilk's behavior!

rrb said...

roger, with the help of snopes and occupy democrats!!!11!, is working on getting these folks organized enough to stage a military coup.

i for one think it's a masterful stroke of political sabotage.

never underestimate roger. his political genius is simply epic.

he may just cut and paste his way to president fauxcohantas.

you heard it here first.

KD, 1st Amendment backed by the 2nd Amendment are just fine said...

I turned on my tv after reading the pearl clutching pussyface wearing rants of the left here fully expecting that all the news channels would be off the air, but what I found was they are all up and running.

So I went to the huffpo, blacklivesmatter, dailyKos and other left wing nut case sites and found they too are up and operational.

So which news org is out of business?

Commonsense said...

Morning Joe was going gaga over it. They're trying to promote it as the second coming of the Tea Party.

Not!!! It use to be the most intelligent left of center program on MSNBC.

It may still be, but it has fallen into hopeless hackery.

KD, said...

Not!!! It use to be the most intelligent left of center program on MSNBC.

It may still be, but it has fallen into hopeless hackery. "

and yet, they are still on the air, so I went to the radio and dialed over to NPR , yep, they are still there.

HB, which US News Corp is no longer with us because Trump Shut them Down?

Go ahead , name them, we will wait for ya.

opie said...

KD said...
Okie, how are you doing today?

ESAD, Goat breath.
Blogger C.H. Truth said..
As a general rule, conservative adults do not find it necessary to protest because they lost an election. No temper tantrums or pity parties.

Yeah right. Another made up opinion proffered by our host. I guess all the tea party BS was a very adult way of doing things.

I really suggest you refresh your memory on the civility of those R's......LOLOL

Thanx for the belly laugh.

opie said...

I really am enjoying the silence of CH.....Suggest you google tea party protest videos.....there are tons of them again showing the hypocrisy of our esteemed host. LOL

C.H. Truth said...

Reality Opie...

The Tea Party was a movement that was a response to specific events and policies, not a reaction to losing an election. The Tea Party also applied for and received permits, held peaceful rallies, and were respectful for their surroundings.

They followed that up by become a very real political force with a tangible agenda, and made a tangible difference at the polling stations. They even led to the creation of a Tea Party caucus in Congress.

Let me know when the Democratic Party offers a "pussy hat caucus" then you compare the two.

opie said...

The Tea Party was a movement that was a response to specific events and policies, not a reaction to losing an election

What a crock of horseshit, CH!!!!!! I guess all those monkey signs depicting obama was just for fun. Once again, you can't even be honest with yourself and admit the tea party was reacting to the POTUS and other topics. There tangible agenda was to impede everything obama did and the R's bent over and embraced them as their own. Go pound salt with your abject BS. WTF does permits have to do with anything. Most of the shit going on now have permits which means they are OK with your sick logic!!!

The visual evidence and history does not support your BS, CH.

View our B-Roll from this event here:
Produced and edited by Chase Whiteside (interviews) and Erick Stoll (camera). On 9.12 ...

C.H. Truth said...

I guess all those monkey signs

Were not at "Tea Party Rallies"

I watched the entire video you provided ( - not one Monkey sign. Nobody burning anything. Nobody looting anything. Just people peacefully holding a rally.

opie said...

Horse crap....CH.....They certainly were. Did you look at the first one I posted? I know the answer, no. But I know I can't fix lazy hypocrites into opening their eyes. Sorry.I'm sure you will say none of these were at rallies also. BTW, would the tea party have survived past 2010 if obama was not POTUS? i bet not. LOL Funny how blind you are CH. There are many racist tea party signs....just do an image search and I'm sure you will ignore them. Try watching what I originally posted..

Or This....

KD, Opie did you post the wrong YouTube said...

Hmmmm, no monkey signs.

That was the claim, right?

First Lady, hanging out with her child, wow, that is shocking footage.

KD , Thanks HB you hated HD Stock said...

Home Depot a fine American Company that Worked against Obama and ObamaCare is killing it in the home Improvement space.

Stock price is at all time highs, buying back 1.2 Billion dollars of stock and paying out bigger dividends to people like me the risk takers that own a lot of their stock.

opie said...

Sign in A NY Deli window

The Trump Sandwich

White bread
full of bologna
russian dressing

Slice of congress pickle

opie said...

Hmmmm, no monkey signs. I have trouble discerning who the bigger ass is. Is your picture next to the word dumb fuck in the dictionary????

KD, said...

Darn it , Hate it when you "self-Inflict" like you just did Opium.

Nothing new, but, damn funny.

Keep going. Really, 1st alive and well in Trumps USA.

C.H. Truth said...

A video that starts off with a confederate flag held by some guy by a building and a sign that doesn't even show anyone holding it.

Sorry Opie. Didn't watch anything past that. No doubt it was just more of the same.


That being said, there are always going to be bad apples in every situation. There will always be hate, racism, bigotry and whatever. I am sure you find them in every place and at most every rally (liberal or conservative). That doesn't mean you can define entire movements or events by the actions of a few who may or may not be associated with them.

On the flip side, there is no question that the pussy hat protest was the collective will of a bunch of people who were upset by the fact that their candidate lost. There is no political movement. There is no political message (other than blow up the White House and be a Nasty woman). There was just a bunch of people looking like fools marching down the street because Donald Trump is now President (and it makes them mad).

Again, Opie... let me know when the pussy hat caucus is a real thing in the Democratic Party, and you can then compare and contrast that with an actual political movement that garnered very real political results.

Commonsense said...

Women's March ✔ @womensmarch
"We cannot stop until we reach real menstrual equity for women and girls everywhere." —@RepGraceMeng

Yeah that's a real hot button issue there Roger.

KD< PussyHead HB said...


Really they all want to be bleeding at the same time.

old joke, never trust anything that bleeds for 5 days and does not die.


Is the number one issue, after the failed economy of the last 8 years, it remains the number one issue.

Wealth is being created for those that took the risk and did not bet against the US Worker, like HB and Paul Krugman did.

"Tuesday’s Close:
Dow +118.95

Nasdaq +27.37

S&P +14.22


opie said...

Sorry Opie. Didn't watch anything past that.

Sorry and lazy, typical of loudmouths. LOL You again prove your mind is closed, as usual and never are wrong when presented with alternate views. Can't fix stupid conservatives. LOL;_ylt=AwrB8piVsKxYeUkAbbCJzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTBsZ29xY3ZzBHNlYwNzZWFyY2gEc2xrA2J1dHRvbg--;_ylc=X1MDOTYwNjI4NTcEX3IDMgRhY3RuA2NsawRiY2sDNTJzcWxmcGJsOTlvcCUyNmIlM0QzJTI2cyUzRHRmBGNzcmNwdmlkAzgxa1JJRFk1TGpGUmMxVi5WMVNuR1EuYU56RXVOQUFBQUFBSmVoRngEZnIDeWZwLXQEZnIyA3NhLWdwBGdwcmlkA0pYUkJaYWRjUnpXS2pjUDN5NEJ1MUEEbXRlc3RpZANudWxsBG5fc3VnZwMxMARvcmlnaW4DaW1hZ2VzLnNlYXJjaC55YWhvby5jb20EcG9zAzQEcHFzdHIDdGVhIHBhcnR5ICBwcm8EcHFzdHJsAzE0BHFzdHJsAzMyBHF1ZXJ5A3RlYSBwYXJ0eSBwcm90ZXN0cyBhZ2FpbnN0IG9iYW1hBHRfc3RtcAMxNDg3NzEyNDU0BHZ0ZXN0aWQDbnVsbA--?gprid=JXRBZadcRzWKjcP3y4Bu1A&pvid=81kRIDY5LjFRc1V.V1SnGQ.aNzEuNAAAAAAJehFx&p=tea+party+protests+against+obama&fr=yfp-t&