Friday, February 24, 2017

Should GOP worry about Town Hall Protests?

There are two separate trains of thought on the issue of Town Hall Meeting protests:
  • That this is an organic movement, similar to the Tea Party movement that propelled the GOP to massive mid-term gains. 
  • That this is a top down organized set of planned events, possibly including out of town or even paid protesters. 
My sense of the truth here is that it's a little bit of both. These protests are made up of truly angry liberals being organized by top down planning that likely includes out of town (but not paid) protesters. 

It's like the Tea Party in terms of the fact that it seems driven by the same sort of anger you saw with the Tea Party followers. It's different in the sense that the current anger from the left seems more abrupt and personal, whereas the Tea Party movement seemed as if it slowly grew as an overall reaction to events and policy. In other words, I don't believe that different actions from Donald Trump and the GOP would have avoided any of this, whereas different actions from Obama and the Democrats could have avoided the Tea Party revolution. 

But either way, the question becomes: are these "protests" actually doing more good than harm?

The Tea Party had a message and a reasonable manner in which they expressed it. Largely it was a tangible reaction to both the Obamacare plan, and the means in which it was passed. More philosophically, it was about scaling back an overbearing Government that obviously wanted to take more ownership over the individual's rights to live their lives.

The current movement basically stems from the fact that Donald Trump actually won the election, and is pushed further by the obsessive claims that the "Russians hacked" our election in order to garner a Trump win.  

To me, I see a stronger correlation between the current anger and the similar anger after the 2000 elections than I do between the current anger and the Tea Party movement. Both Clinton and Gore seemingly had the rug pulled out from underneath their prospective Presidencies. Both Trump and Bush were accused of "stealing" the election. The "not my President" mantra of 2017 is much like it was in 2001. In both situations we endured the excessive moaning from the liberal elitist that much better qualified liberal Democratic candidates were unfairly caste aside in favor of horribly unqualified Republicans. 

There is a long ways to go between now and the 2018 election, which strategically sets up about as poorly as it could for the Democrats. If we take the lessons from the 2002 election (where the GOP won seats in both the House and the Senate)... it would be that anything can happen, and post election anger is not a good indication that you will have a successful midterm election. 


Myballs said...

The tea party began as a disorganized , sporadic series of groups.

Now, we see libs all ovef the country doing the same things the same ways at the same times with tge same message. Clearly they're organized and scripted. Jusy my opinion, but we've got thd nation's best community organizer now used to doing things on a national scale. I do think obana is behind much of this organizationally and soros financially.

Roger Amick said...

Yes, if you don't love King Adolph Trump, you can't be taken seriously.

The attempt to stop the FBI from checking on the Russians investigation.

Loretta Russo said...

"The official said Priebus' request came after the FBI told the White House it believed a New York Times report last week describing those contacts was not accurate."

opie said...

Priebus meddling like clinton and the AG meeting...lWhere the right went ape shit!!!!

opie said...


C.H. Truth said...


If the 2016 election is what the liberals would call "ignoring" Trump... i'd hate to see what happened if they were paying attention to him!

Myballs said...

Dems didn't ignore Trump. They ignored the traditional Democrat voting block, working class whites.

KD, HB and Opium failed to financially support thier children said...

The attempt to stop the FBI from checking on the Russians investigation."

IF it is fake new we can be sure HB will bring it to this the Adult blog.

KD, said...

"ignore Trump"


Opium is the poster child for the hate the voter leftist.

What was it the FBI took to the White House, oh yeah, the Russian stole the election story is BS.

PNC said...

All the protesters have to do is start handing out Russian flags with "Trump" printed on them and the ignorant mentally-challenged Trumptards would think they're one of them.

PNC said...

PNC said...

I just saw an old "Walker: Texas Ranger" episode where Walker goes up against a group of neo-Nazis called the "Sons of the Reich" who are threatening a black pastor and committing crimes such as murder, attempted kidnapping, and arson in an attempt to intimidate him.

Early in the episode, the group's leader makes a speech.

Sounded EXACTLY like Trump.