Thursday, February 23, 2017

What did you see?

The viral video going around:

This is an interesting case study in perceptions. I think part of this is generational and part of it is purely one of political leanings. Either way there seems to be two ways of seeing this situation. One is to view it through the lens of the events that took place. The other is to view this as a matter of identity.

Second kid takes a swing at cop, prompting gun to be pulled

Events: So it starts with a young teenage boy taking the backpack of another teenage girl, who asks for it back. The boy refuses. An off duty police officer steps in. The boy still refuses. The police officer grabs the boy (who struggles) and girl pulls the back pack away while they are engaged. The police officer and the boy continue to struggle (cop obviously wants to arrest the boy.  The boy threatens to kill him in return) and within a minute or two other members of the group start to push towards the police officer.  The scene culminates with the larger teen taking a swing at the cop (as depicted in the screen shot from the second video). The cop then pulls out the gun, shoots the gun into the ground, and the teens all scatter.

Identity: Many of you will only see teenage minorities and a white cop. In your mind, those are the only facts that matter and in all cases. young minorities are the victims and white cops are the bad guys.

When I grew up, first and foremost you never took anything that wasn't yours. We left our bikes, skateboards, etc around the neighborhood and nobody took our shit. If someone did, they would get a visit from the elder boys who sort of unofficially policed things. You didn't want to see them coming at you. Not only that, but once your parents found out you took something that wasn't yours, you got an ass whipping on top of it.

If a Parent (or any adult) told you do to something you did it. You treated other people's parents as if they were your own.  Never in a million years would I get into a physical altercation with an adult, much less a police officer. If any kid ever took a swing at an officer, they would be sent away to a juvenile detention school so fast it would make their heads spin. Period.

Different time, and a different place.

In my opinion, the fact that people see the problem here as the actions of the police officer is what is wrong with society today. When a police officer (on or off duty) cannot step into a situation where someone has taken someone else's property and refuses to give it back... because the person in question is a young minority and it will look bad... then we deserve all the crime, poverty, and disrespect we have in this country.


opie said...

Too bad he missed the kid......another wise ass who needs a good beating.......The parents should be brought in and punished for their shitty job raising the little brat....

C.H. Truth said...

Did Rat hijack Opie's account... or is Opie just being sarcastic?

Indy Voter said...

You mean this wasn't the video with a guy in a gorilla suit?

rrb said...

there's no way i could hack into that level of stupid.

opie said...

C.H. Truth said...
Did Rat hijack Opie's account... or is Opie just being sarcastic?

You're the brainiac, CH....I'm sure you'll figure out someday. BTW...they should shot the parents also. LOLOL

opie said...

BTW, achieve levels of stupidity that only you can be proud of, but are broadcast for all to see.

opie said...

Very interesting weather we are having in the mid-west. Saw that over 3500 record highs

YTD have been recorded against 27 record lows. Rather obvious even to a denier. LOL

Wisconsin’s largest cities saw the highest temperatures observed on any December, January, or February day in more than a century of recordkeeping. Milwaukee’s 71°F smashed its winter record of 68°F (Dec. 5, 2001 and Feb. 11, 1999). Madison’s 68°F beat out 65°F from Dec. 3, 2012, as well as the monthly record of 64°F from Feb. 25, 2000. Meanwhile, Green Bay’s 65°F eclipsed the previous winter record of 64°F (Dec. 5, 2001) and the monthly record of 61°F (Feb. 26, 2000).

Wednesday’s warmth was a fitting coda to a remarkably warm stretch across most of the Midwest. In some ways, the ultra-mild period is reminiscent of the Great Warm Wave of March 2012, if not quite as spectacular as that summerlike spell was. Duration is one of the most impressive aspects of the past week’s Midwestern mildness. St. Cloud, Minnesota, saw its sixth consecutive day above 50°F on Wednesday, the longest such streak on record for any February, while Chicago, Illinois, set a similar record for its first six-day streak of 60°F readings in any February (or in any winter month, for that matter). Rockford, Illinois, set six daily record highs in a row on February 17-22. Each of these new records was between 66°F and 70°F, beating out previous records that ranged from 58°F to 64°F.

opie said...

The current state of science in the's a hoax....I'm sure CH agrees with the right's tactic.

Mann said climate scientists “fear an era of McCarthyist attacks on our work and our integrity”. The odd unfulfilled threat may be perturbing but a more morale-sapping fear is that the White House and Congress will dig up and parade seemingly unflattering emails, sideline or scrap research and attempt to hush the scientific community.

“I faced all of those things a decade ago, the last time Republicans had full control of our government,” said Mann, who has been pursued on and off since 2010 when Virginia’s then attorney general, Ken Cuccinelli, unsuccessfully demanded that the University of Virginia hand over all of Mann’s correspondence to see if he had obtained grants fraudulently. The American Tradition Institute, a free-market thinktank, followed up with a records request for the same correspondence.

After several years fending off these claims, Mann decided to wade into a fight with the National Review, a conservative publication, and the Competitive Enterprise Institute, another free-market group. Mann’s lawsuit states that “false and defamatory statements” accused him of academic dishonesty and compared him to a convicted child molester, the former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky.

“I don’t think Michael is doing this happily, but he views it as vital to stand up to those who undertake personal attacks,” said Peter Fontaine, Mann’s lawyer.

Fontaine expects climate scientists will have to deal with attacks from a range of powerful foes in the coming years. “If you believe climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese, as Donald Trump does, you will go after anything that opposes that view,” he said. “A lot of people will be hung out to dry.”

The Climate Science Legal Defense Fund, which was set up in 2011 and has assisted Mann and o

opie said...

From a WX blog.....probably the guy is making this up, right CH?????

87 °F in Stillwater, OK this afternoon. We had to turn on the air conditioning here at work.

My fruit trees are starting to bud. I have a redbud that is days from blooming. Dianthus, jasmine, and quince are blooming happily, and I'll have tulips and daffodils blooming together next week.

This is hard on agriculture. No local peaches again this year, I'd guess.

I saw Turkey Vultures migrating north this weekend. They usually don't arrive until late March or April. I've seen Sulphur butterflies in my yard. Too early for them, too.

Robins have already passed us by 2 weeks ago....swamp maples putting out leaves....pine pollen showing up in the pool.....way too early......just sayin.....

KD said...

I saw a cop being Fired from his job and swiftly.

KD, Trump makes it Rain in CA said...

Al Gore and others have become millionaires running this scam on the weak of mind.

President Trump Ended the CA Drought. Love it.

Commonsense said...

Mann said climate scientists “fear an era of McCarthyist attacks on our work and our integrity”.

That's very funny coming from someone who sued to have a parody video of him taken down and wanted global warming skeptics jailed for being global warming skeptics.

Commonsense said...

Really, how did the Guardian published this with a straight face?

opie said...

Commonsense said...
Really, how did the Guardian published this with a straight face?

and how can you post something so stupid again?????? Is that the best you can offer??? It's an opinion piece based on his experience being hunted by idiots like you. !!!!! I am never disappointed by the depth of your ignorance.

Commonsense said...

Pointing out hypocrisy is never stupid.

Certainly not as stupid as descending into pointless name-calling when you don't have a legitimate argument.

KD, President Trump EPA Pick is Spot on said...

"it is an opinion piece"

Yep just like the whole Get Al Gore Rich scheme of global warming.

Just left to wonder aloud how HB and Opium came to the understanding that abandoning their children was the right thing to do?

Commonsense said...

Seems Mars is to blame for Global Warming:

From rocks in Colorado, evidence of a ‘chaotic solar system’

Using evidence from alternating layers of limestone and shale laid down over millions of years in a shallow North American seaway at the time dinosaurs held sway on Earth, the team led by UW–Madison Professor of Geoscience Stephen Meyers and Northwestern University Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences Brad Sageman discovered the 87 million-year-old signature of a “resonance transition” between Mars and Earth. A resonance transition is the consequence of the “butterfly effect” in chaos theory. It plays on the idea that small changes in the initial conditions of a nonlinear system can have large effects over time.

In the context of the solar system, the phenomenon occurs when two orbiting bodies periodically tug at one another, as occurs when a planet in its track around the sun passes in relative proximity to another planet in its own orbit. These small but regular ticks in a planet’s orbit can exert big changes on the location and orientation of a planet on its axis relative to the sun and, accordingly, change the amount of solar radiation a planet receives over a given area. Where and how much solar radiation a planet gets is a key driver of climate.

KD said...

Hope you all got to watch the DNC dog and pig show as they "debated" who was the biggest American Hating Leftist to head the Hate America First Party.

Yes, they hated repeatedly upon the US Voters, repeatedly.

Wait, you did not know that the 8 Pussyfaces were having a "debate"?

Well , a overwhelming number of Adults did not know.

The crayon suckers knew and it was a hot mess.

Top Two Google returns:

"Whose Idea Was that Shitshow of a DNC Leadership Debate?

21 hours ago - Whoever thought putting the DNC Leadership Debate on CNN in that format should be drummed out of the party...."

Democratic divisions on display at DNC debate -

21 hours ago - Perez and Ellison, recently spotted dining together, said they didn't cut any deals ahead of the 447 DNC members' vote for chair Saturday in Atlanta and pledged to confront Trump with a unified party. ... Buttigieg said Democrats don't want to make the mistake of reliving the 2016"

KD, CA numbnuts it rains said...

I see MOONBEAM and others in CA Government after mis-managing Rain run off and the water system of CA are now blaming GoreBale warming for their failures.

Seems that rain came a shock to them and their professional hydrologists . When does the firing start?

opie said...

Commonsense said...
Seems Mars is to blame for Global Warming:

Of course it's true.....LOL.

I see MOONBEAM and others in CA Government after mis-managing

I'm sure you can provide how that occurred, goat breath.

opie said...

Certainly not as stupid as descending into pointless name-calling when you don't have a legitimate argument.

And in the mean time, all you offer is a jaded, cultist opinion. Yeah that's sure legitimate. LOLOL

KD, Can NOT blame trump for this Fuck UP said...

DailyKos sounds off against the DNC Canidates,,, funny shit

Commonsense said...

And in the mean time, all you offer is a jaded, cultist opinion. Yeah that's sure legitimate. LOLOL

Doubling down on stupid.

KD said...

Good Morning Opie, hope you are doing Well.

The nation is Healing and jobs are coming back, looks like the Trump Effect will take us to a gdp past what Obama never saw during the "Lost Years" 3 percent for a year.

I really enjoyed our debate where you and HB told all of us you have given zero financial support to your own children and will not in the future.

again ty

opie said...

What numbnutz of atlanta failed to read......LOLOL Idiot

And here’s the kicker. “Most of the framework of the Affordable Care Act … that’s going to be there,” Boehner said. He went on to say that he thought everyone covered by Medicaid now would keep their Medicaid coverage.

Thanx for your BS prediction.

caliphate4vr said...

Fatty are you too stupid to post to the correct thread?

smoke another bowl and eat another pie


fat retard

Roger Amick said...

I'm making a bet.

CH will support the Trump White House banning CNN, The New York Times, the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times, from the press room. There will be a 400 word rant in the support of this attempt to censor the free press.

Kasich just said he thought it was wrong.

C.H. Truth said...

Roger -

Trump took over 40 questions from 24 different reporters at his last Press Conference. Obama generally took 6-8 questions and generally took them from the same outlets over and over and over again.

So which do you feel is more "American" Roger. Providing more reporters from more media outlets access to the President, or limiting access to the President to a preset number of outlets you can count on to ask the right questions?

Just because Obama catered to CNN, NYT, and WP (while ignoring FOX, and other conservative outlets) doesn't obligate Trump to do the same. I see no reason why he shouldn't just as well call on a reporter from the American Spectator, the Federalist, or the Weekly Standard... as someone from CNN, or the New York Times.

The days of those liberal media outlets controlling the narrative is gone.

Roger Amick said...

Censorship is now ok with the Coldheartedtruth.

I predicted that you would find a way to justify this. About 120 words to support an assault on the first amendment.

President Donald Trump,’s [70] CPAC speech on the morning of Feb. 24, he called “fake news” media the “enemy of the people.” — Many have assumed that those “fake news” media outlets he was referring to were CNN, The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Politico and BuzzFeed.

The media outlets listed above are the names that were blocked from a White House briefing, held by White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. The briefing, otherwise known as a “gaggle,” was held shortly after Trump’s outspoken speech. A “gaggle” is a less formal meeting than a televised Q&A session in the White House briefing room. CNN announced in a breaking news brief that they were barred from the briefing, as well as the other outlets mentioned.

When CNN and The New York Times inquired why they were blocked from the briefing, Sean Spicer said, “Because we had it as pool, and then we expanded it, and we added some folks to come cover it. It was my decision to expand the pool.”

To be clear: All credentialed reporters who arrive at the White House regularly to cover news are welcome into a press briefing. A gaggle is only open to the press “pool” as mentioned by Spicer — a group that is specifically selected to travel with the president wherever he goes. However, like Spicer said, he decided to expand the pool to other media outlets, including pro-Trump outlets.

He is excluding the media outlets that report true stories about Trump. I just can't believe that you are supporting this blatant disregard of the Constitution of the United States Of America. The truth is no longer accepted here.

Roger Amick said...

The narrative is the fucking truth.

KD, LOL @ HB Daily said...

HB, you want so to believe, so we allow you your head to explode her.

Thank you so much. really you are pure entertainment.

PNC said...

I normally side with the police and adults in general acting within their legal rights against juvenile delinquents.

However, in this case, the so-called cop is the much bigger delinquent. No uniform, no badge, no proof that he even IS a law enforcement officer, but he grabs the kid, and as far the boy and the spectators are concerned, it's assault on a minor and an attempt at false imprisonment.

He's arguing with bystanders and telling them to "shut the fuck up." What kind of professionalism is that?

I work with police officers every day. I have also had to restrain minors to break up physical altercations and I have been trained in the proper (and legal) way to do so. Real cops and other trained adults are WAY the hell more professional than this guy. This hamfisted bullshit is NOT how legitimate police officers make an arrest.

By the way, the "stolen backpack" excuse is worth dick-all. The girl is seen on video trying to get the backpack back from the ADULT MALE, and when she tries to pull it away he refuses to let go. The boy then grabs it and puts it over his shoulder during the struggle and the girl is pulling at the backpack in an attempt to free the boy.

When the bystanders intervene, adult male pulls gun and fires it. The one thing the man could legitimately claim in his defense is that the other boy in the red sweater had his hand behind his back near his pocket and might have been preparing to pull a weapon.

This is the point where, if I was an adult in that neighborhood, I would have went out with my shotgun, pointed it at the man, and told him to drop the goddamned gun and calm the fuck down. If he then appeared to be redirect his firearm in my direction, I would have shot him and put him permanently off-duty.