Thursday, April 20, 2017

Summing up the Democratic's performance in Special Elections so far!

O-3 so far in real life... but undefeated in moral victories!


Commonsense said...

Loved how the liberal media kept moving the goalposts in the GA-6 special election.

This was a bad defeat for Democrats.

KD, said...

It was a bad defeat, poured in 8.3 million so far into a guy that sole voice is I HATE TRUMP.

That was the loser Hillary Campaign, like the self admitted Three Liberal Stooges of CHT, todays Dramacrat is incapable of doing adult things, like admitting defeat, figuring out why and re-tooling.

I think the biggest defeat that the Liberals suffered in 2016 was they lost the wealth envy card.

We know The Trump Family is Fabulously Wealthy, and we just don't really care, other then they worked and earned it.

I know the Three Liberal Stooges tell me that what I inherited was a very bad thing, but, I have taken that money and land and invested both to leverage it to 5 times what I inherited, using the rules of investing my Parents taught me, buy what you know a lot about and sell when it hits a set target.

I have asked this question of the wealth envy liberals here and not one has answered.
So I will ask it of all that are here.

Q, IF you have children is part of your estate planning to pass on financial wealth to them when you die (that would include when your spouse dies).

I do, other then passing on the wealth to allow both of my children to go to College, get a four year degree and leave college debt free. DO you know how unusual that is today.

KD, Boo Hoo Fucking GM said...

There are times that reading the news of the day gives me such pleasure. Remember when Obama seized GM, took away the bond holders rights and left them with nothing, including those State Pension plans and other private holders of old GM stock, left them with Zero.

GM still owes the US Tax payers 18 Billion dollars, so when I read this I was reminded that pay back is a bitch.

"GM says Venezuela has seized its car plant

by Alanna Petroff @AlannaPetroff
April 20, 2017: 7:25 AM ET "

Filed under karma.

wphamilton said...

More than doubling the runner-up's votes is not a bad defeat.

caliphate4vr said...

WP it ain't nothing to brag about when the runner up had 10 competitors

KD, said...

WP, Good to see you are all in for the Dramacrats.

When did this tranny take place for you?

SO the big move on President Trump promised by the left, did not happen in KS, nor has it happened in GA, maybe it can happen in a special election in Montana?

Huffpo said it is going to be Yuge victory for , yep , you got it Democrats.

C.H. Truth said...

WP - I don't think many people are calling it a "bad defeat". But it wasn't the outright win many people on the left were hoping for, which realistically makes it a loss.

The President just framed the race in a single sentence:

"It is now Hollywood vs. Georgia on June 20th."

Between being funded by Hollywood and living outside the district, there will be an "us vs them" directive pushed by the right. If that sentiment catches on, then Handel will likely win with a bit of a cushion.

Commonsense said...

More than doubling the runner-up's votes is not a bad defeat.

After eight million dollars invested and all the media hype calling Ossof the great Democrat hope, and actually setting expectations for an outright win, falling short is a bad defeat indeed.

Calling it anything else is just moving the goalposts.

wphamilton said...

WP - I don't think many people are calling it a "bad defeat".

Half the responders in THIS thread are.

However you want to spin it as "not all that was hoped for", I'll take a 30 point margin over a divided opposition as a better situation than "at least we weren't knocked out yet."

This has literally nothing to do with political leanings by the way. In fact I haven't paid much attention to the campaigns in this special election other than an egalitarian refusal to take ANY calls about it. It just seems silly to me expect much better chances at 51% in the 2-way race when the party was divided, and even contentious, in the first round. Easier to get more than 20%, of course! Easier to get the majority, not at all.