Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Liberal media writes about the self destructive Donald Trump

So pretty much every member of the liberal media believes that the Trump meltdown is "just around the corner". They believe in their heart of hearts that it's only a matter of time until he "self-destructs". Many believe that the "only" available outcome of all of this is that Trump will be removed from office.

Take this example:
However, never underestimate Trump’s capacity for self-destruction. I don’t have a crystal ball. But given all of the items in play, I think the odds are that sometime between now and the end of 2017, a delegation of senior Republicans will pay a call on Trump and suggest that he either resign or face a formal removal process.
Or the more blatant:
There is also the fact that Trump is plainly insane. We can argue about the diagnosis—serious people have proposed everything from dementia to neurosyphilis—but this is clearly not a man in his right mind. Trump will go sooner or later—either his obstruction of justice, corruption, and plain treason will become so flagrant that some of your Republican colleagues will begin breaking ranks.
The main point that seems to be forgotten here is that Donald Trump has only been president for about six months. He is quite literally only one eighth of the way through his first term as President. There isn't enough history here to make any "judgement" regarding any sort of "pattern of behavior" when it comes to President Trump. He simply hasn't been around long enough to establish that.

So they must see Trump's inevitable self destruction from his previous life examples. Like when he self destructed when he came up against Hillary Clinton and the Clinton political machine in the general election? Like when he self destructed when he went up against probably the most stacked field ever assembled in a GOP Presidential primary? Or how he self destructed as star and producer of one the most successful and longest running reality television shows? Or perhaps how he self destructed his way to being worth 1.4 billions dollars?

I hate to break this to the liberal media, but there is actually no pattern of Trump self destruction other than what has been concocted in your heads. Perhaps there will come a day when Trump finally gives in the excessive, non-stop, pounding by everyone from the Democrats, to the deep state, to the media. But until that day comes, I would fully expect Donald Trump to behave as Donald Trump always has in real life, not how the left portrays him to be.


James said...

Even my NC father, formerly a Trump supporter, now thinks he is crazy.

C.H. Truth said...

Well I guess I stand corrected James. Your fictional story proves everything I just stated to be wrong. You certainly showed me. I am humbled and embarrassed. If you had told me this sooner, it would have changed my mind.

I should just delete the entire post.

KD, Alky bilks Medicaid for $750,000 that amount is sure to rize said...

James said...
Even my NC father, formerly a Trump supporter, now thinks he is crazy.

Jane the faggot and never has been a man of the cloth, the bible or of any real faith, just lied.

It is very common of him and his butt buddy oDopie.

The common thyem of those two, what ever the subject, they have a friend, relative or aquatance that did something counter to what they did before.

In this Lying Jane the Faggot, said he has (_______ fill in the blank) that voted Trump but now thinks he is ass bat crazy, what a lie from the liar.


Well clearly you are biased CHT and have caused injury to my client by posting his passport picture, the photographic proof you have posted again yourself:

It is very apparent you have made little jimmy the laughing stock of this blog and further damaged his weakened mental state where he is forced to continue to cut-n-paste from the same old tired source without any ability to contribute to any discussion. Very sad.

Having said that I am receiving much input reading the instability of my client and the need for an intervention. It would be improper for me to set that up but I would suggest a gofundme campaign be started to raise money for James's institutionalization. This will require significant capital given the lengthy therapy needed and 24 hour monitoring. This can't happen soon enough and would terminate my dubious legal proceedings on his behalf.

James's lawyer
Dewey, Cheatem & Howe

Loretta said...


KD, Media Investes 10's of Millions in free Ads for Dem in GA 6 said...


I have yet to see James Letter that he is / has/ might/ send to the ACLU and post on this blog for all of us to read.

Jane, what is up with the delay, is it because you got nutt'n.

James's Dad said...


How can I contribute ?

rrb said...

Anonymous James's Dad said...

How can I contribute ?

it's never too late to perform a post-partum abortion.

KD, Keep chasing rabbits Liberals, President Trump has your back said...

After the election and trump won, we know the US Military voted for him. He repaid them with respect. He had a meeting with his top Generals and asked them one simple question.

What needs to change in the field.

The answer was equally as simple, "Mr President we need to have command authority in the field, not , in DC.

This President listened and heard them and gave them what they needed, results speak for themselves, we are WINNING in the Field again, taking the fight to the dirt bags again and Making our Military Great Again, as the Generals lead, with the Authorization and Backing of this Real President.

KD, US Army, Prior Active Duty.

KD, Alky Recovers on OPM said...

Roger Amirck told us on the Hospice Blog that IF Obamacare is done away with that 23 million Americans will die.

A question to those that think like that human piece of sit off the bottom of a pigs ass.

Does it not stand to reason that IF, prior to the passing of ObamaCare, the USA must have been seeing 23 million people dying, right?

rrb said...

House Democrats are continuing to block testimony from about a dozen witnesses who sought to appear before the intelligence oversight panel investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Congressional officials said one of the key witnesses, former informal adviser to the Trump campaign Carter Page, was scheduled to testify at a closed hearing of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

But Democrats on the committee blocked the testimony, asserting they needed more time to prepare.

needed more time to prepare.

uh huh.

James said...

Be prepared.
--Boy Scouts

Commonsense said...

Speaking of boys.....

Loretta said...


rrb said...

Blogger James said...
Be prepared.
--Boy Scouts

salivating at the thought, eh pederast?

KD said...

House Democrats are continuing to block testimony" Rat

See the Democraps are blocking, stalling , delaying , running out the clock, on those witnesses because they are the wrong kind, they don't believe in beheading the US President.

Jane, you know restraining orders don't you when it comes to little boys and the boy scouts?

KD, Obama go live in Illinois they need your money said...

Illinois the state of Obama, yep, what a sewer, let's get out in front of this. NOT ONE PUBLIC DIME FROM THE US TAX PAYER.

So the state is going to default, leaving millions of bond holders, many retired or in YUGE Retirement State run funds holding an empty bag.

So mismanaged is the larger cities in that sewer that have been sucking money from the state that the whole shit ship is going down.

So again, not a dime to assist them. CA was bailed out twice by Trump, a bad move in my opinion. This has to end.

Roger Amick said...

I'm not going to comment on why you can't look at Trump objectively.

He has alienated almost every nation that stood with us to contain and eventually destroy the Soviet Union.

His and let's be honest, impulsive behavior and decisions are making most Republicans, distancing themselves from him.

He has hundreds of positions are left to be filled. Many have of highly qualified have said no thanks.

A Republican President should be getting big time support from CEO'S.
He is struggling to get any.

It isn't just a Fake News, it is his wildly erratic behaviour.

His popularity is at record lows.

No my friend, he is not succeeding, and he never will.