Monday, July 24, 2017

Democrats struggle for a message...

There was literal mocking when the Democrats came up with their most recent "better message" for 2018.  I doubt it will be the last attempt at a "better message".  But to a large degree, the quest for a "better message" has been an ongoing issue for the Party who always believes that their ideas (and ideals) are big winners, but that they never have the correct messaging or messenger to sell it.

Here is a  clue... when you are a Party in search of a message, that would suggest that you are a Party in search of direction. If you knew exactly what you stood for, then the message should be pretty simple.

Believe it or not, the whole "Make America Great Again" was not just a clever piece of semantics. Neither was "Hope and Change".  Not to say that those were not clever generic statements that allowed individuals to sort of create their own definition. But both attached themselves to something that many were "longing" to hear.

Even if you do not agree with the core direction of Donald Trump of putting America first, restoring staple values, and putting a halt on the sort of "change" that was offered by Barack Obama... it's very difficult to pretend you don't see it. Pushing back against globalism, making tangible efforts to revamp and restore core American industries, while re-cultivating our relationships with our traditional allies is all part of "making America great again".  Attacking it as racism misses the entire point, while dismissing it as somehow being afraid of the future is simply the cause and effect of unbridled arrogance. This is a byproduct of people who simply cannot believe that it's possible for liberalism to "ever" take a wrong turn.

The question you have to ask yourself is simple. What (good or bad) does a "better deal" really bring to mind as it pertains to politics? Is it little more than a backhanded swipe at the GOP's apparent inability to get things done? If so, it seems highly specific and still focuses on the GOP and Trump.

Either way, if there is some underlying message out there that tells me where Democrats would like to take us moving forward, I am not hearing it. Perhaps because at this point in time, the loudest voices are all screaming about impeachment, Russia, and focusing on the semantics of questions and meetings that took place months ago. That's not a message. That's an obsession.

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Myballs seeing America become great again said...

They do have a message:

We dems are the party of vulgar, obnoxious profanity laced bullshit that will oppose everything Trump says and does and we don't give a f*ck who is offended by it.

Saflh, that is the message.