Monday, July 24, 2017

Kid Rock Leads

Okay - technically they both trail "undecided/refused to answer" - but it sort of tells you just exactly how weak Stabenow is in Michigan.

Kid Rock - 30%
Debbie Stabenow - 26%
Undecided - 44%


rrb said...

kid rock can win.

Commonsense said...

If you're an incumbent senator and you are third behind "undecided" and an entertainer then you're in deep trouble.

And if a Democrat is in deep trouble in Michigan then they are in trouble everywhere.

opie said...

And if kid idiot can win in Mi, there is no hope for those voters....don't think he'll prevail as his bigotry and rock star life gets exposed. Too funny....

PNC said...

Clearly Donald Trump has opened the floodgates celebrity trash running for offices they're not fit for.