Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Liberal Logic...

We should have the FBI investigate, hold two congressional investigations, and call for a special prosecutor to look into unfounded allegations of collusion between Russia and Trump in regards to possible election meddling. Meddling that has not been proven to have altered the vote count, corrupted the voting process, prevented one person from voting, allowed one ineligible person to vote, or directly changed the results of the election.

Even after  spending over a year investigating these allegations (between the FBI, the House, the Senate, and Special Counsel) without coming up with any proof or evidence of any such collusion what-so-ever.

and keeping in mind that this has "always" been a conspiracy theory with no evidence backing it...

liberals feel it necessary to "expand" said investigation into prior business dealings of the President and his associates... some of which is going back 10 years... in order to try to find "something".

Al of this is done under the mantra surrounding the critical importance of election integrity.

However, even as there is resounding evidence of thousands of dead people voting, thousands of ineligible felons voting, people voting in multiple locations, improper registrations, empirical evidence of people able to walk in and vote illegally....

These same people who demand election integrity is of critical importance argue that even an initial analysis of election data should be ended at "all cost" because such a study is "scam".  They are so against "any look" into this, that they demand States refuse to turn over any of the data that would be needed for just the initial analysis.

These same people argue (ironically) that the federal government having this information would be an invasion of privacy... even though anyone who files a tax return, has a driver's license or state ID, or basically lives a real life as an American citizen already provides the Federal Government with access to 99% of that information and more (the only thing that this information would reveal is voting patterns).

There is simply no cognitive argument "against" someone looking into possible voter fraud, unless of course election integrity is of "no" importance to you what-so-ever.

Bottom line:  Liberals should "pick a side". Either election integrity is so important that we need to follow every rumor, every conspiracy theory, and every allegation and throw everything but the kitchen sink at it... or we need to let it all go because all of it is unnecessary and an invasion of privacy.

But you can't have it both ways. You cannot logically argue that unfounded conspiracy theories should investigated till the end of time (because it involves allegations against Trump), while proven election fraud should be ignored because your personal opinion is that it's probably not relevant enough to have changed anything in past elections and probably won't change anything in future elections.

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